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Update to the "Our Home" tab

I hate that I am even uploading these pictures of Wyatt's room right now. We have been all occupied trying to get Sloane's ready his has become somewhat of a "collect all." Since our upstairs really isn't that big Wyatt spends lots of playtime in his room, therefore there are lots of toys out ALL THE TIME. Also since I don't think it will be too long until we get toddler furniture so I don't want to get something so temporary. So...enough justifying...
Wyatt's Room

The bathroom upstairs is changing all the time. ;) I don't know what my deal is but I sure do love shower curtains. LOL! You can change the entire look of a bathroom with just the curtain. (It doesn't help IKEA has some pretty cool ones.) Actually I do really like the decorations right now but I am just not sure I like the color of the room.
Upstairs Bathroom
I only added this picture below because I had to show off my latest Pinterest project. I love the shelf we got from IKEA! We used to keep all the bathroom "extras' on the spare bedroom closet. Obviously that's no longer a space room so we had to change things up. This isn't noticeable but easy to get to. So cool! I kinda want to do it in every room. (Don't worry, I wouldn't do that.) The weird thing on the back of the door is a towel holder/hanger from the container store, incase you were wondering.
Master Bedroom

Christmas Morning

When Mark and I got married we decided it was very important to us to celebrate Christmas morning at our home. (where ever that may be at the time) We knew traditions start quickly and this is something we knew we wanted to have as we began a family. 

After getting home from being with family and getting Wyatt to bed Mark and I tried to get a picture...LOL! We had to use the was pretty funny!

 (not the best picture but it will have to do...)

Santa came!!!!! 

Santa wraps all his paper in bright red paper...remember?!!?!? 

Christmas morning Wyatt didn't wake until 9:30!!! Seriously!??!! He was not feeling well at all by this time either. ;( Cough, runny nose, and a bit grouchy...just in time for Santa) 

 The aftermath...
 Daddy made pancakes...Mickey Mouse ones to be exact. (Thanks to Maw Maw for the fun cookie cutter!)
 This is the best picture I could get on my camera of Wyatt by there tree!
Christmas 2011

And just for fun...
Christmas 2010

After opening, eating breakfast, packing, and cleaning up a bit we loaded the car. We made a stop to visit Ryder before leaving town.

Show Us Your Life-Christmas Tour

This week is "Show Us Your Life-Christmas Tour." I took a few pictures when we first set up...we didn't do much this year. Between Mark being gone a lot, having a toddler who entered the TERRIBLE 2's WAY early, and being pregnant I just couldn't bring myself to go all out! I just keep telling myself it's not all about the decorations right?!?! We set up the tree in a new spot this year. I didn't have a choice. ;( Usually it's in the middle of the front window. This wasn't realistic...our furniture, dogs, and nice blinds just don't make this possible. LOL! (excuses excuses right!?!?!) We ended up putting it in a different corner of the living room...I like it way more than I thought!

We didn't hang our usual keepsake ornaments this year. I decided to go with a less is more...I love the tree. We got this tree skirt last year at the end of the season. I spiced it up a bit by getting it monogrammed. It's so fun and different! ;) I also love to wrap in matching paper, even Wyatt's children's paper matches. You can see the paper above and I used twine and felt as decorations on the presents.
Growing up the basket full of Christmas books was one of my favorite things my mom would set out! I have always done the same thing...even before we had Wyatt I always set the books out in a basket by the tree.
Someday I will have a mantle but until then...we will make due. I don't think our stockings have been in the same place any of the years. Oh well! This year I had stockings monogrammed and got some I really like. Hopefully I like them next year! ;) (I stocked up just in case we added to the family.) Above the stockings is the canvas Wyatt painted. I attempted to help but would like to say he did it all himself due to the outcome. Ha! Making memories right.....

And what would be a house full of Christmas decorations without the Elf on the Shelf....
That wraps up our decorations for this year. It's always fun to look back each year and see how we decorated...even using the same decorations. Merry Christmas ya'll!

"Breakin' in the Basement"

Last night, Sunday evening, we had some of our friends over. It is always so fun to hang out together. The guys are Mark's friends from Logan (Chiropractic School) and it worked out perfectly that all of the women get along so well. It's been so fun getting to know them all over the past months. We still have 2 1/2 years to go you'll. :) They all live really close to school so Mark and I don't get together as much as we would like but when we do it's always a BLAST! Last night I made homemade pizzas and everyone else brought the extras...great dinner it was! We were introduced to a new board game over Christmas break so we decided to play it with everyone last night. "Wits and Wagers," without to much are read that have to do with statistics (for example: the largest whale ever recorded in ft was...???). Every makes there own guess and then we all bet/wager on which person has the closest answer. It is really a great conversation game! It was a great way to welcome in the new week.

Before and After...well ALMOST after...

As soon as we found out I was pregnant the race was on. No, only kidding...kind of. One of the bedrooms upstairs in our house was being used for an office. We knew when we needed a nursery that would be the room we would use. Well, it happened sooner than WE planned. (God had other plans) We had a finished basement but it was finished 50 years ago when the house was built. Ha! It needed some major work. We are so blessed to have parents with skills to help this process along. :) The only before pictures I could find were when the previous owner was packing his things to move out, but they give you an idea. In less than 3 weeks we have gone from an...

old tile/floor, no paint, concrete walls, paneling, ugly ceiling, cold, and dark...

To a new carpet and tile, painted ceiling, painted walls, more/new lights, A NEW WALL (creating an office), complete with furniture, and a PLAY area...

Above is the bar area that is still collecting odds and ends that need to be put away or hung on the walls. (hints the HUGE tuna caught by Mark) This is looking inside the office, directly at Mr. Bones...(thanks to my soon to be Chiropractic Doctor husband) My dad is visiting this weekend and hanging the door, he built the wall...with Mark's help! :)

This is inside the office...what would we use this space for if we didn't have 2 HUGE dogs...?!?!!? I do not know.

View from coming down the stairs...can you see some play area!?!? :)

The living/TV area...the cool entertainment center is from Ikea (delivered by our amazing friends and their company) Thanks Expedite STL!!!!
Well...that's about it! There are a few things left but I would sy pretty good for a 3 week project. :) Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy your weekend.

Another productive weekend...

Wow, was our weekend a busy one! We have done so much since Friday afternoon. I came home Friday from teaching and Mark's Uncle and Aunt were at the house. His Uncle is an electrician and he was helping us out in our basement. (SIDENOTE: We have been working REALLY hard on the basement. My dad has built a wall/office. Mark and his mom painted all week last week. I will post pictures soon! It is going to be amazing!) After they left Mark and I went to a basketball game. The school where I teach has a boys basketball team and Friday night they had their first game. After the game we went to Babies R Us! Yes, I said it! We started a registry. I know it seems kind of early and I should not have to explain myself but I am going to anyway. Since we are having twins and I live 2 hours from home I will be having a baby shower in March. The Dr. said I have about 8-10 more weeks of "comfortability." We have so much going on the rest of January so we decided to just go ahead and check it off our list. We started it Friday night but didn't get finished. Saturday we ran some errands. Lowes and Home Depot to get some things for our basement! :) We had to make a stop at TJ Maxx and Target (is that ever NOT on my list of errands!?!?) for birthday presents. We celebrate my sister and grandma, Mark's brother, mom, and sister-in-law's birthdays all in the next week! WOW...and right after Christmas! We recieved a few gift cards for Christmas so we decided to eat dinner at Olive Garden and finish our registry. When we finally made it home we plopped on the couch and began playing the Wii!! Phew, what a day! That was a lot for a preganant woman, much less one carrying TWINS! ;) This morning we were able to go to church, it was so nice to be back. We have missed a few weeks because of the holidays and it's always so nice to be "home again." It's so comforting being welcomed by so many people that have truly been praying about you. After church Mark's uncle came back over and finished putting all the lights in our basement! While they worked I cleaned our living room, like REALLY cleaned...not picked up...and mopped all the floors upstairs. I made a quick trip to Target to pick up some last minute items for the week and got home just in time to leave again. We have dear friends, Joe and Leigh, moving at the end of this month and we were meeting them for dinner. We are going to miss them...bad. Joe is a friend of Mark's from elementary school and Leigh and I have become great friends. They have been such a blessing in our lives, we really are going to miss them.
Well, what a weekend...right? Now, I am finally sitting on the couch winding down and preparing for the week ahead!

This week is featuring BATHROOMS! Mark and I have 1 1/2 bathrooms in our house. We hope to one day make it 2 full baths, but that time will someday come. I put the 1/2 bath first. It is downstairs. Not only have we not touched this bathroom the people who lived here have not touched it since the decorated it the FIRST time! :0

Yes, the wallpaper is GREEN, grass green.

The light, oh the light. They left this here and I actually really like it. When we re-do this bathroom I am going to keep it for sure! (maybe in here, maybe not?!!?)

This is the upstaris bath. We have done quite a bit of work on this one. We have replaced the mirror and the lighting.

Our doors don't stay open well, especially when the attic fan is on. This is just a decor item from Hobby Lobby. Love it! We used it as a door stopper??!?!

Candle: Pier 1 "Oceans" Favorite smell ever!!!!

If you have been following any of my past home tour posts you will see we love Wylands! These are our newest! It's a set of 4 prints, we got an amazing deal off ebay!!!! They came double matted and everything!

You don't have to look to close to see all the white. Since we just got all the prints I had to move some shelves around in the bathroom. I haven't yet painted over my touch-ups. The top shelf has 2 sandcastles keepsakes from when I was a child. The bottom shelf has 2 Swarovski's that my sister-in-law got for me. She started me a collection, I get one every year from her for my b-day! I love them! They are the ocean ones!

Last, just a picture from the hallway!