Sloane is already 6 months as I finally put her day of birth into words. Mark and I had so many expectations for this day. We had so many emotions including fear and excitement. Even though this was our "2nd baby" this was a completely new experience from the boys birth.
We has some tests run on Feb. 28th to see if she was developed enough to have a c-section at 36 weeks. This was done for many different reasons but reasons I am choosing not to list. I was checked in, I.V. hooked up(after 2 sticks and a terrible painful job), we waited for hours, we had bags in room, and were all settled in when we got the news. She wasn't ready. Actually the nurse's words were "She isn't just not ready she is REALLY not ready." We were so bummed. They unhooked me and we checked out and drove home that day super bummed. Talk about an emotional roller coaster. We knew this was a possibility and tried to be as prepared as possible but it was still hard to swallow. We thought we were going to meet our baby girl that day. All family was in place, Wyatt was taken care of, Mark had all his patients properly schedule, we had even had our "last night" with JUST Wyatt...but the Lord had a different plan.
After that day my Dr. wanted to see me every 3 days for a non-stress test and he wanted another ultrasound just to check on everything. At this point they had been also checking cord blood flow to make sure her cord was NO WHERE NEAR any part of her upper body. On March 13th, 38.3 weeks I had an appointment. After an ultrasound and talking to my Dr. he felt it was time for the c-section. Thank goodness Mark was at this appointment because they sent me straight to Labor and Delivery from the office. (For the record though he hardly EVER misses an appointment with me! He is so involved. ;)) We were checked in and added to the list of c-sections that night. It was 3:30pm...we waited, we waited, and we waited. We made our phone calls, Mark went home and got our bags, and we got all settled into the room. I had eaten a fast food fish ;) sandwich about noon so we had to wait at least 6 hours before surgery. ;/ About 9:30pm they began the surgery prep and such.
When the boys were born I had an emergency c-section. I know the term "emergency c-section" is thrown around lots but mine was MAJOR, like as in I was put to sleep and was cut and sewn back together within 6 mins. I hardly even have an i.v. started when they ran me back...Mark wasn't allowed in the room, I wasn't awake, I didn't have any prep...blah blah blah. So this "repeat c-section" as some would call it was a FAR CRY from a repeat for Mark and I.
They gave me the epidural and Mark was able to sit in the room with me. Having him there really helped a lot. At this point I was pretty emotional, I am glad he was able to stay with me. I started getting nauseated. This feeling was only for a short time. Pretty quickly after that was over I was being wheeled back to the O.R. My Dr. asked if I had a certain choice in music. LOL! I love him so much!! The nurses were all smiling and so sweet. Mark was able to sit right next to me. It seems like an etunirty before that first cry. I can't even begin to write words that will come close to describing the feelings I had at that moment. During the actual moments Dr. was "pulling her out" he had Mark stand and look over the curtain. I loved watching his face. It was a moment I WILL NEVER FORGET. The song "How sweet it is to be loved by you" was playing on the music. So appropriate...

She SCREAMED-I mean SCREAMED so loud and for so long! It was truly amazing. Mark and I both held her, the nurses took pictures, Mark even got to actually get to see her and stand next to the little bed while they cleaned her up. It was perfect. ;)
Mark brought Buddy in the room to see her. I nursed her for the first time. She did amazing! Family was able to take turns coming in. It went just how it's "supposed to go." We were so BLESSED!!


Our baby are a newborn and we are enjoying every minute of it. It's been fun so far! You were a great baby in the hospital. Nursing was a little tough while we were there due to some pain you caused me but we will get through. When you were born you weighed 6.13 lbs and were 20 inches long. The day we went home you weighed 6.4 lbs. Just PERFECT!

1 month

Oh baby girl! I can honestly say this is the fastest 4 weeks of my life. I thought time flew by when your brother was a baby...I was WRONG. It's crazy to me that you have been a part of our family for a month now. It's so fun being a family of 4. We are slowly learning what we have to do to get places on time and how to look presentable. I am almost in the habit of not leaving the house without a bow on your head. Ha! This is new for me but you look so cute with it I just can't imagine anyone seeing you without it. (Don't get me wrong you are pretty cute without it too!)
You have the best big brother in the entire world. I can't believe your Daddy and I ever even worried about him. Well, I can believe it but still...he loves you so much. There isn't a day that goes by where he doesn't ask to hold you. He gets the biggest smile every morning when he hears your first little scream fuss from your bedroom. He loves putting your pacifier back in your mouth and he enjoys feeding you a bottle.

Speaking of aren't a very good eater yet. You love food you just struggle getting it in your tummy. We had to go to 3 weight checks the first few weeks of your life. ;( Nursing was pretty painful for a while but we hung in there (after many tears and sleepless nights) and are doing pretty well now. You prefer to breastfeed over the bottle which doesn't bother me a bit. I am trying to enjoy these special moments with you because I know how fast it goes.  You also HAVE to be burped and you do it so ladylike that's for sure! ;) There have been a few times you have eaten so fast you spit up the entire amount you just times!
You are a paci baby FOR SURE. Your brother loves his too but didn't for the first few weeks of life. You came out sucking on your hands and were sucking on your fingers pretty much every picture we ever had of you in the womb. You love the paci they gave us in the hospital and won't take anything else. I guess this is a good thing because you and your brother won't get yours mixed up. GERMS...yuk! LOL!
We haven't really started much of a schedule yet, due to the lack of weight gain and the eating issues we are still just working on getting your belly full. You LOVE being held! You have spent lots of time in the Moby wrap and I love it. This is something I wish I would have done more with your brother so because of that you are getting double the dose. Ha! Also until today if I go somewhere with you and your brother alone I haven't really had a choice. We have a double stroller but your brother doesn't want to give up "his seat" so we are waiting on a special piece to be able to attach your seat on the stroller. ;) Oh well...I am sure it's just the beginning of many wonderful selfish things your brother will do.

Sloane-we love you so much. No one can get over how much you "look like your brother but just a little more petite and girly." I look forward to watching you grow.

At your 1 month check up your stats were:
7.12 lbs (12%)
21 inches long (47%)
-healthy growing girl

2 months old

Sloane-baby have already been in our life for 8 weeks! 8 weeks, phew and we have survived. LOL! Your brother still loves you so much, just like your Daddy and I. You are still just a little thing though we know you are growing because if you are awake you are either eating or crying. Ha! You still wear NB clothes but you have started wearing 0-3 month sleepers because I think your toes were getting squished since you are so long. I would guess you are a little under 9 lbs. right now but we haven't had your check up yet. You LOVE being held!! You are doing an awesome job holding your head up and actually seem to like tummy time more than laying on your back. It was the opposite with your brother. We have been to Eesie and Poppie's house only once, Easter, but we are getting ready to go and stay for 4 days. You have already been to the zoo and have spent lots of time at Maw maw and Paw Paw's pool. (You usually sleep inside but we call it "swimming" since everyone else is in the water and you wear your CUTE suit.) We go to the Dr. June 2nd and we will have your real growth stats then...

 4 months

Sloane...oh sister girl! You are such a beautiful little baby. This month you have grown so much. You rolled over when you were only 3 months but this month you accomplished the belly to back roll while also perfecting the back to belly roll. You are a master now! Eesie was lucky enough to be the first one to witness the roll while Mama and Daddy where are IKEA. I weighed you last week and you weighed 11 WHOLE POUNDS!!! LOL! This month we started using the small cloth diapers. They fit perfect. I am so glad I bought all new after Buddy moved up a size. I love the sized diapers so much and they don't make them anymore. Good thing your mama thinks ahead. You are still wearing a size 1 diaper if we use disposable. You still are wearing 0-3 month clothes. The newborn onesies are just to short. The outfit in the picture is 0-3 and seems to fit pretty well. You are SUCH A DROOLER! I don't think your brother was ever this bad. So lady like right?!!?? Ha! We constantly are changing your bibs and clothes. I would hate to have a wet shirt on so I don't like to leave you in one either. I just bought a big pack of bibs and plan to have them monogrammed this week so you can be cute even with the bibs on. You still have your hands in your mouth ALL THE TIME! You will take the paci but prefer your fingers. You eat about every 3 hours and have been a great nurser this month. Your brother was gone for almost a week and you only took a bottle a few times. I think you enjoyed having all the attention on you. You prefer to nurse over taking a bottle and don't like taking a bottle from me at all! You also LOVE to smile. It's been fun to watch Wyatt try to make you laugh this month. So cute!!! Your giggle is contagious!!! We love you "Sloaney Bologna!"

Sloane-5 months

Yes, I am slacking. :( I just realized I still haven't posted Sloane's 5 month post. Also in the process I realized I don't even have a 3 month one. Grrrr, I vowed to myself I was going to try to do better with hers than I did with Wyatt. I guess I am trying...:/
We had her 4 month check up when she was 5 months old. So at 5 months:  13 lbs and 25 inches long
She is just now beginning to wear 3-6 month clothes. She can wear things that are labeled 3 months but not usually if it's a 0-3 month outfit. Sloane is rolling over from back to belly and belly to back without any hesitation. This milestone was reached so much earlier than Buddy did. I blame it on the fact that she wants to already keep up with and be able to see Wyatt's every move. Ha! We even caught her on all fours the other day.
She has started smiling more than crying which is something we were so ready for. ;) She is turning into quite the mama's girl which is fine with me...for the most part but she sure gives her Daddy a huge smile! Sloane absolutely loves Wyatt. I know she is only 5 months but you can see the enjoyment on her face when he walks into the room. She has started laughing at things he precious!
Sister girl- we love you so much! You have brought so much joy into our family. Muah!!!

6 Months
Sloane is 6 months old today!! AHHH!!! She is turning into such a beautiful little baby. ;) She no longer has the "newborn" cry. It seriously happened overnight. She finally is fitting into the 3-6 month clothing! Each time she moves to the next clothes size I get more excited. They just keep getting cuter...ha! (I know that will stop soon.)

Sloane and Wyatt already have the cutest relationship. She has started laughing so much and at many different things. If Wyatt notices she thinks something is funny he repeats it....over and over! When he is in the room she watches him very closely. Sloane can now roll across an entire room to get something or to someone she wants. He legs are also super strong as she can support her own weight for mins. at a time.

She loves anything that makes noise, her bouncer, and her MAMA!!! Ha, I had to say it. She is a Mama baby for sure. She prefers me over the bottle which is fine with me...most of the time. ;) I am praying she remains this way. This is about the time where Wyatt lost interest in me and wanted a bottle more. Which resulting in just pumping for me...MAJOR ANNOYING and super time consuming! We have introduced rice cereal and are still working on the whole swallowing thing. Once she has this down we will attempt other foods. We are in no rush though. Sloane is drinking about 6oz-7oz when she does take a pumped bottle.

She isn't a great napper but I take some a the blame that this one. We go a lot during the day and I am not so "strict" as I was with Wyatt. There are some days I know it's a MUST and I watch for her signs. Until about a week ago she liked to be wrapped up and held tight as she fell asleep all of a sudden she wants to be laid down and given her own space as she falls asleep. I am not gonna lie, this kinda hurt my heart....maybe it's just a phase right?!?!? (I can't believe I just said that)

Sloane is truly a blessing to us. She completes our family. I can't wait to continue to watch her grow!!

7 months old
Seriously...I don't think know this child could not be any cuter. Sloane has a smile that is contagious! The Lord knew exactly what he was doing when he created her to be a part of our family. On a daily basis I hear the comment "you better watch out, she is going to cause you some trouble when she is older." Ha!
She has this new things she does with her hands. The picture kind of shows it...she just holds them so dainty. Weird, I know!?!?! Sloane is officially a crawler too! This age Wyatt had just started rolling over. It's fun to look back and see the difference between them. She just REALLY wants to be every where he is. He is loving it right now but I have a feeling it won't be much longer until he wants his space. (I hope not though!) It's so stinkin' cute! Half the time she is on all 4's the other half she army crawls. She gets from room to room just fine! She is great at sitting up and has gone from laying down to sitting up a few times. I have recently caught her trying to pull up on her crib side so it's time to lower the mattress. I can't believe I am saying that!
Each morning when Sloane and Wyatt see each other for the first time they smile SO big. I love it! I pray their relationship continues to grow in such a positive way. She is still breast milk only...we have continue to try food but she just really isn't a fan. It's not something I am going to force on her so we are just going with the flow.
Her sleeping is okay. She takes 2 good naps and 1 short nap a day. She is sleeping from about 7:30-4:00 am and wakes up hungry. I feed her and she usually falls back asleep until about 7. With Wyatt I was SUPER strict on eating and napping but I haven't been that way with her. It's really hard with a 2 year old and a baby. We make it work though. ;) We haven't had her 6 month check up. (I know, we are off a month or so-oh well) but I attempted to measure at home-she is 15 lbs and 27 inches long! Such a growing girl!
Sloane is either really happy or really mad. She doesn't really have an in between. It's obvious she is starting to learn what bothers Wyatt and there are some times she thinks it's really funny to make him mad. LOL!
We are enjoying this time so much! We are getting ready to travel to California and plan to "do" Disney, LegoLand, Sea World, Universal, etc. (that's a post in itself) in about a week. I can't wait to see the smiles from her and get to spend time together as a family!!!
Just for fun...

8 months old

November 13th Sloane turned 8 months! She is seriously such an amazing gift from The Lord. I have said it before but the smile she has is UNREAL!

We are stopped on a daily basis as people tell us how beautiful she is...

We have started baby food so she can begin to work on eating from a spoon. She isn't a fan but we are taking smells steps.
She is babbling a lot...screaming and yelling even more! She is a true show stopper as she LOVES to hear her own voice!
We (well, Aunt Shelly) cut/trimmed a little of your "rat tail" in the back of your hair. I want you to have hair so bad but I am not one to let it grow in all crazy just because its hair. ;)

Sloane is tipping the scale at 16 lbs!!! She is 27.5 inches long. Healthy growing girl ;) We had a little home photo shoot...

She is sleeping so-so through the night. We have cut out the last night feeding and all food is given during daytime hours. This has been pretty tough on her. She can stand in her crib and crawl crazy fast! She loves to chase her brothers and he thinks its super funny when she crawls in "high" mode. ;) Sloane has been pulling herself up on lots of things now...we are waiting for her to let go and take off chasing Wyatt. She still hasn't taken any steps holding on to anything yet so I think we are safe. Ha!

We are so blessed to have such a sweet girl. She completed our family!!!! We love you sister girl!!!

9 months old
 Nine months!! Sloane is such a beautiful little baby!!! She is like a living doll. ;)

She weighs 16.4 lbs and is 27 1/2 inches long. She still only has 2 bottom teeth but those top 2 are peeking through a little more each day. Sloane can pull up on everything and has started moving while holding into things. She repeats "ba ba ba" and Eesie recently started working on "uh oh" with her. She almost has it mastered. She loves to wave at everyone but can show some attitude big time. She is for sure beginning to show her little, or not so little, attitude!

Sloane and Wyatt have really started playing together this month too!
They also have their fare share of screaming and yelling. Ha!

She enjoys the time when Wyatt is napping or goes to sleep before him. She has started watching what Wyatt does so much! We are working on clapping a lot lately.

Sloane met Santa for the first time. (This is a post in itself)

We are still working on eating solid food but we are making progress. She has been eating table food just mashed up to her size.


This month has been another crazy one for sure! Month 10 was a big one for you Sister girl!
 We celebrated your first Christmas. You and your cousin Zetta wore matching dresses. We spent Christmas Eve in Jackson and Christmas Day in STL.

I wish I could say your were super excited about all the presents but I would be lying if I didn't mention your love for the paper and boxes too! Isn't' that how it usually goes?!?!
Your 2 front teeth officially made their appearance this month. PRAISE THE LORD!
You and Wyatt have really started playing together, like actually playing and laughing together. I pray this bond continues to only get stronger!
 You are still pretty much only eating breastmilk but we are working on introducing solids. We kinda skipped the whole baby food thing (just like your brother) and have moved on to you eating what we eat just in smaller pieces. Though this is tricky as we are VERY careful on the size of food you put in your mouth.
You have quite the smile. I know I am bias and a proud mama but we don't go ANYWHERE without being stopped for people to just look at you. You and I ran to the grocery to grab a gallon of mild and I counted 12 people talked to you, commented how cute you were, and such. What can I are pretty cute!
(the second time at Dr. and still looking good)
We had just about cut our your bedtime bottle when we found out you had a double ear infection, like the bacterial "require antibiotics to heal" kind. Your Dr. was pretty impressed this was your first sickness since you have a brother so close in age that could pass so many germs! We started the anti's but by day 6 I knew something wasn't right. We went back to the Dr. to find the type of meds. prescribed wasn't working for you. ;( Poor Baby girl!! The infection was so painful by this point you were prescribed numbing drops to help with the pain. You slept a total of 3 hrs. in a 48 hr. time span. That's hard on a little girl like you...and your mama too! Once the meds. started working it didn't take long for you to return to your happy little self!
 This month also marked your second time flying! We took a family trip to CO. Most of the family skied but your got to hang out with Eesie, Aunt Erin, and Zetta during the days.
You are about 28 inches long and 16.5 lbs...such a growing girl! We are a little behind in your Dr. appts. so I don't have the "percent's."

You are still wearing 6-9 month clothing but I don't think it will be long before we get to move up a size. You wear a size 3 diaper when we aren't using cloth. Sister girl, you truly light up a room when you enter. I pray this is a quality you never loose and always use it in a positive way.
We love you more and more each day! Happy 10 months Sissy!

11 months old

I can't believe in less than a month Sissy will be 1 year old! It bittersweet knowing our baby will no longer be a baby and will enter wonderful "toddlerhood" in such a short time. She is growing up so quickly. I know it's because she has an older sibling and is a girl...blah blah blah but I just feel she already does so much!
Today she said "bye bye" for the first time. Like said it appropriately...when someone was leaving our house. ;) She has had the waving down some time now but it's so cute to hear her voice in a sound other than a scream. Boy, does she like to scream. Wyatt and her will scream back and forth for at least 1/2 an hour and laugh hysterically about it.
We had her well visit last week and she weighed 16.8 lbs! (5%) Her length was 28 1/2 (47%) and I can't remember her head measurement but it was also around the 40% range. We just have a petite girl on our hands.

Her smile is still SUPER contagious and we are still stopped daily for people to stare and "gawk" at  her. *proud mama* Sloane and Wyatt play more and more each day. The interaction between them is usually fun to watch! They have really started playing together instead of just playing in the same room/space at the same time. This also has been the month of "mines" as well. They have also both had there turn with pretty good bite marks. Sibling fun right?!?! They do love each other with as much as their little hearts know to love. You can see the smile on their faces each morning or after nap-as if it has been years since they have played with each other. Wyatt gives unprovoked kissed throughout the day as well and she LOVES them! We had her first b-day pictures taken as we have started preparing for her huge 1st B-day party! Our photographer is AMAZING and once again Angie's pictures didn't disappoint!

*sneak preview*

Sloane waves, crawls faster than some can walk, and has started moving from furniture to furniture. We recently got out her little walker toys (that looks like a stroller, so stinkin' cute) and she loves it! I knew we were getting close to her being able to push it and I was right! We have only hardwood upstairs so I am always so nervous when it comes to pushing those toys. LOL!
Due to some medical issue (with me/my milk production) she has had to have a few formula bottles but we have been making the transition to whole milk and more food lately. By one we will no longer have bottles and she will eat food and drink milk like the rest of us. A milestone I can't wait until she reaches.

Sleeping has been a little rough the past few months. Her left ear has been infected since around 9 months. It's not that it keeps getting infected it's that no antibiotic we have tried has worked. Not cool-not cool at all! The Dr.'s words at the last appt. were "well, the ear drum hasn't ruptured yet..." a comment all mom's want to hear right?!?! We are on our last attempt before we are referred to an ENT. ;( With that said her other ear has had 2 infections in 2 months as well but there was a time it was clear. Grrrrr......With all that said sleeping hasn't been fun. We have spent many a nights with me sitting up on the couch with her in an elevated position. She has even started sleeping with one hand cupping the infected ear. Talk about break a mama's heart.
Sweet mama's girl, you are such a blessing to our family. I know I have said it before but you compete us more than we ever thought possible. We are so honored God gave you to us! We love you "Sloaney Bologney."

 (1 year old) Dear Sloane,

Oh are 12 months old!!! That's finally an entire year. I can't believe it's been a year since you entered this world, a year since we met you, a year since our family was complete! You truly are a blessing. I don't think there is a cuter 1 year old around! (I know, I am just a bit bias.) You light up our lives and make everyone around you smile! Your little face is so happy, even when you don't feel well.  I am not going to lie...your birth was EXTREMELY stressful for your Daddy and I. After losing Ryder we were both experiencing different emotions. Most couples who go through a traumatic experience during giving birth don't have another child. (We went through trauma that resulted in the loss of your brother, not something we think ended well.) We chose to not be "like others." We knew God was bigger than what we experienced and that he would guide us through everything.

You are eating pretty well right now (compared to what we experienced with your brother).  If I had to pick some favorite foods of yours...they would be: yogurt and bananas. You have 6, almost 7, teeth. You love your bottle-which is formula, much against my will (for medical reasons I stopped producing milk) and are only taking about three 6 oz. bottles a day. You do take a few oz. before bed and we know that needs to come to an end but I love that snuggle time so I am not in a hurry.

This month has been a crazy one according to your health. You haven't slept through the night in about 5 months due to ONE double ear infection. You haven't been able to be "healed" or felt ANY relief since about 6 months old. We have tried many different strong antibiotics that haven't touched it. It has been a nightmare. I can't imagine the pain you have been in. You pull, itch, and do everything possible to your ears to make them feel better. We have to use numbing drops for you to get any sort of real rest. You have rested your head upon the dishwasher to feel relief due to vibration and warmth...

You also used the threshold as a cooling pad...

Those pictures break my heart. I have had many tears over the discussion of tubes. We have decided we have no other option. Your Daddy and I know we have tried everything we can to make you feel better and avoid a surgery. We researched a "conservative" Dr. someone who would be honest and be sure we had exhausted all options BEFORE suggesting going into surgery.
*We know "getting tubes" is written off as not a "big deal" to some, but to us it is. It's a surgery, you are put to sleep and it's something not all children have to go through. It's tough. We don't look at how many children have done it...we look at YOU and what is going on with YOU! We hate it for you. After experiencing everything we have with the birth of your brothers we know 1st hand on how it feels to be scared for a child/children. If there is ANYTHING your Daddy and I have learned from losing a child it is to NEVER tell anyone we "know how you feel." No one knows our pain...and we don't know theirs. So now we are faced with with the world/others saying is such a "small procedure" but it is scary to us. We know though that God is by our side...and yours. He will guide the Dr.'s hands and he will make sure everything goes according to his will. We have prayed that for you and firmly believe that for you, and us as a family.

Your Daddy had us take you "down front" at church a few weeks ago to pray with the pastors. The children's minister and his wife prayed with us as a family. We all laid hands on your and know you are in the Lord's hands...we are at peace about this decision. The surgery is scheduled in the next few weeks (can't get here soon enough).

You love your brother. You two play together SO MUCH! It's fun to watch you interact. He loves to tell you (or lead you in the direction) what he wants you to do. It's so cute and the belly laughs that come from the playtime you''ll have will forever be imprinted in my memory.

We have lots of play dates with friends but you have really started playing with "Lolo" like a sibling.

I am sure it has something to do with the amount of time we all spend together. The Dumey's are our BFF's and we are together a lot! We all love being together and make time and sacrifice time in our crazy schedule's for each other. (This is something your Daddy and I find important) I read this quote the other day I it really hit home. I know your brother is watching EVERY action of your Daddy and I. It feels like once you hit the year mark you grow up overnight. This little sentence says it ALL. It also made me realize why I am the way I am...thanks to the amazing EXAMPLE my parent's were to me. It wasn't just teaching us right from wrong, good and bad, it was actually acting it out.

This is a post in itself but you and your brother begin to observe and learn SO MUCH from your Daddy and I these days I can only pray the Lord guides me/us to act as the Lord wants us to. To be Godly examples to you both.

You are still wear a size 3 diaper and size 9 month clothing. There are a few 9 month pants that are a little short for you though. I have stopped buying 9 month clothing and am buying all 12 month at this point. You maxed the scale at 17.1 (I think) but since being sick you only weigh about 16.5 lbs. right now. ;( We are trying to get some meat on those bones for sure! ;) You are a little over 28 inches long. It's so hard for me to treat you like you are going to be 12 months old because you are so petite.

Our little Sloaney Bologna you can stand for a few seconds on your own and can walk as long as we are holding your hands. Honestly, I think you know you can crawl to your brother at mach speed so you don't have time to stop and learn to walk. LOL! It's will get there. We all know it. ;)

You wave "bye-bye" appropriately. You sometime's say "da-da" correctly. Clapping your hands is mastered and you can mimic to a tee. It cracks us up to fake cough, sneeze, or even laugh because you mimic us immediately and it's so cute!

We love you so much! You have changed our lives for the better. We pray you become a Godly woman who serves the Lord! Happy 1st B-day Sister!

(2 years old) Dear Sloane,
     Oh Sloaney girl, Sister, Loney Lou, you are truly one of God's masterpieces. You complete this family! I know I say it all the time and unfortunately will continue to say it but...WOW, time flies!! I can't believe you are TWO...TWO years old! (You can read my letter to ONE year old Sloane HERE) Before we fell asleep last night I was talking to your dad about how this actually (sort of) makes me tear up a bit. I am REALLY loving this stage with's fun...I don't want you to grow up. ;)

   This day 2 years ago I was 38 weeks pregnant. We headed to the Dr. for an ultrasound about 1:30...only to find you had the "cord" around your neck. The Dr. knew I wasn't leaving the hospital that day without you in my outside my belly safe and sound. We headed over to Labor and Delivery and the rest  is history. Ha! (You can read Sloane's birth story HERE)

This past year has been so fun with you! You have grown up sooo much! We joke about the day will soon come when you pass your brother up with talking...but it's not really a joke. You LOVE to talk, I guess you come by it naturally. Ha! We don't "count words" much any more as you are putting together 4 word sentences. It's actually kinda night to be able to communicate with you at this age. The times of frustrations are still there when we can't understand you but they are getting less and less. I LOVE, absolutely LOVE sitting in the other room and hearing you and Wyatt talk.

Speaking of you and really do enjoy being together. You miss him and ask 1,000,000,000 times where he is when he is at preschool. You DO NOT like going anywhere in the car if he isn't in his car seat next to you. Don't get me wrong there are times I think you guys REALLY don't like each other but they pass pretty quickly. Wyatt calls you "sis" or "sissy" and you call him "yiatt."

This picture above makes me laugh EVERYTIME I see it. It's affirms that you may be tiny but you will be able to hold your own....we have your Dr. appt. on Friday but last time we checked (23 months) you were 23 lbs and 36 inches tall. You wear a size 4 diaper and mostly 2T clothes. The clothes situation is mostly because it's getting warm and I only have 2T warm clothes so that's what you are wearing. Ha! Yesterday you actually wore a 12-18 month jacket.  Overall you are on the "tiny" side but you always have been smaller so it's normal for us until we see someone your age and think they are a giant. Ha!

You are turning into a pretty "girly girl." I wasn't (and am not) but it will all be ok. ;) Ha! You love having your nails painted, you always have a bow, you even started a dance class a few weeks ago and LOVE IT! Sis, you enjoy singing to yourself and even to others. Just like LOTS of other girls right now you are really enjoying the Disney Frozen princess, songs, and movie. Lou, you are also such a little mommy. At your b-day party you got some baby dolls and accessories! A mini pack and play and high chair are some of your new favorites!
Sloane-you have a smile that will light up a room and that's something I pray you NEVER lose. Everyone can smile but you do it truly with SO MUCH JOY! You are only 2 but you are really BEAUTIFUL! Your Daddy and I get stopped on a daily basis as someone tells us how pretty you are...we are so blessed that the Lord gave you to US!

You love to have things in their places. Don't get me wrong you can sure make a mess REALLY fast but you don't mind helping clean up! You also like to tell others what to do...sometime you are nice about it....but other times you give a pretty mean "look."

Oh Sis, I know it goes without saying but we all love you so much! You light up our lives....we pray you continue to be sweet and never lose that precious smile!

I love you baby so are such a beautiful girl!!!

(3 years old) Dear Sloane Michelle,
Our Loaney, Lou, Sloaney girl, Baby, Sis, and the list goes are FINALLY THREE! A few months before your birthday we told you and Wyatt we were going on a Disney vacation. The trip was with your cousins too! From that day forward you told everyone you were "going to Disney for your burfday." It also didn't take long before you were calling the castle "my castle." It was a very serious statement, you weren't joking around.

 You are full a spunk but yet still have such a tender heart. There are never just a few tears. It's either full on alligator tears or nothing. The smile on your face is still contagious...we still, three years  later, get stopped at every where we go for someone to tell you that you are beautiful. You are baby girl!

Your hair is very fine but is getting longer. You want a bow everyday but don't mind to take it out at bedtime now. ;) Dresses with your monogram (you ask if your name is on it), leggings, and your boots are your "everyday look." Jeans are "coldy" so you don't prefer to wear them. You are just now starting to wear 3T but most of your winter clothes are 2T and fit fine. The 3T will be needed for length this summer. If we put leggings on you can still wear some 18 month dresses. You wear a size 7 shoe. You are 27 lbs and 37 (almost 38) inches tall.

You have been potty trained since 18 months, paci free since a few weeks after your turned 2, and your vocabulary is crazy amazing! Wyatt and you play together so well...for the most part. The "make believe" play and games you both come up with are so cute. I find you watching him all. the. time.

When saying certain words you put an "er" on the end...for example:
"seater" a foam piece to your car seat you place with
"breather" your inhaler
"buyer" your play cash register
"squeezer" toothpaste
and the list goes on...

Your dad gets home late 4 nights a VERY close to your bedtime. You are asking to get to go to bed by about 7pm each night. If he isn't home and you are ready for bed you ask me to lay with you until Daddy gets home but then ask me to get up so he can lay with you...You no longer nap so we are pretty go with the flow...he reads you a story from your "Jesus book" (a story book Bible from Eesie and Poppie) and also reads Wikipedia about Disney Princess...nerd alert! ;) The conversations that I overhear in those 20 mins are priceless. It makes me fall in love with your Daddy over and over each night. You are a daddy's girl for sure!

Sloane, you keep us on our toes for sure! Dance is totally your thing! You love it so much and remind me each week about your class. The teacher talks about how well you listen and learn each week. We are so happy you have something to enjoy. Just like dance class your also enjoy your "church class" as well. Each Sunday you can't wait to join all your little friends.

We love you so much! As we look at pictures of you we keep saying how there is almost no baby left...I love the little girl you are becoming. Keep being you! We love you so much...keep your tender heart but continue to make your own path. "You are my favorite little girl Lou!!!!"

(4 years old) Sloane Michelle,
     Four years old...I can't believe our baby is FOUR! You are such a sweet little girl. This year has been such a big one for you. You started preschool and love it! You have changed so much in the last 12 months. One of the changes is how tall you have grown...the baby in you is beginning to disappear. ;( You are 42 inches tall and weigh 30 lbs. You wear a size 7-8 shoe and 4T clothes. 
I think I mentioned this last year but not a day goes by where someone doesn't mention how beautiful you are...your smile is contagious and you can make others laugh with your sweetness. You are so very tenderhearted but pretty stubborn at the same time. There is quite a bit of sass in there as well but we wouldn't want you any other way. 

(pictured above: birth, 1st b-day, and 2nd b-day ) 

You and Wyatt have an amazing relationship and love to be together. I hope this NEVER changes. Don't get me wrong there are days you fight but for the most part you guys just want to be together. You play together at school and all of Wyatt's friend's even call you "Sis." Something else I hope never changes. I find you both snuggled on the couch together all the time. It's so sweet! You for sure keep us all on our toes! There isn't ever a dull moment with you! 

(3rd b-day) 

You can count to 20, sing your ABC's, sing your color in Spanish, and write your name. You LOVE to LOVE it! You have dance every Monday night and literally count down the days. You "practice" on your own time and even know the positions of ballet. You rock!! 
You want to play t-ball this summer so we have signed you up....because of how close you and Wyatt are in age you will be playing with the girls from his class as well as are VERY excited about this. We are a little nervous as you and sports that have balls haven't ever met. ;/ I am sure it will be GREAT! ;) 

You LOVE to bake with me and I love it too! You have our sugar cookie recipe memorized and it's so fun to quiz you as we bake on what goes in next...You are a HELPER to the max. You love to help fold laundry and even clean the bathrooms but ask you to clean up the mess YOU made and it's as if we are cutting off a leg. LOL! 

Oh currently have a new love for Barbie's and it's so sweet. You love baby dolls and got a new American Girl doll for your b-day. Her name is Lea Clark and she is from STL. It's so sweet to see you play with babies. God knew what he was doing when he put the "motherly instinct" in girls/women. You are a nurturer for sure! I don't think anything will top your love for Disney princesses though and Cinderella is still holding on as your favorite! 

You are a Daddy's girl as well! Daddy lays with you most nights AS soon as he gets home from work. It's so sweet! You both have a routine and I am so glad it's something you both hold onto something so special. I remember nights when you were an infant your Daddy rocking you...and rocking you...and rocking you. I pray it's something that lasts for a VERY LONG time! 

You got to spend birthday #3 at Disney and we kept asking how we were going to top that?!?!? Well Aunt Shelly and Uncle Kyle made it happen again. ;) YAHOO!!! Such a special treat! 

Words can't express our love for you, they just can't. You are our baby girl, peanut pie, loaney lou, sloaney girl, sloaney bologney, louis P, and most of all our Sloane Michelle Schmitz...the little girl that completes our family. We love you!!! 


  1. Sloane is my most favorite baby girl name...and your little Sloane is simply precious.

  2. SO SO SO precious! I am 40 weeks, expecting my 4th child and 1st girl any day now.

  3. Thank you for sharing your journey! What a journey it has been for you, and you have an encouraging faith! I miscarried my first baby whose due date was 3-13-12 (Sloane's birthday!), and we now have an amazing 14-month-old boy as well.


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