Sloane is already 6 months as I finally put her day of birth into words. Mark and I had so many expectations for this day. We had so many emotions including fear and excitement. Even though this was our "2nd baby" this was a completely new experience from the boys birth.
We has some tests run on Feb. 28th to see if she was developed enough to have a c-section at 36 weeks. This was done for many different reasons but reasons I am choosing not to list. I was checked in, I.V. hooked up(after 2 sticks and a terrible painful job), we waited for hours, we had bags in room, and were all settled in when we got the news. She wasn't ready. Actually the nurse's words were "She isn't just not ready she is REALLY not ready." We were so bummed. They unhooked me and we checked out and drove home that day super bummed. Talk about an emotional roller coaster. We knew this was a possibility and tried to be as prepared as possible but it was still hard to swallow. We thought we were going to meet our baby girl that day. All family was in place, Wyatt was taken care of, Mark had all his patients properly schedule, we had even had our "last night" with JUST Wyatt...but the Lord had a different plan.
After that day my Dr. wanted to see me every 3 days for a non-stress test and he wanted another ultrasound just to check on everything. At this point they had been also checking cord blood flow to make sure her cord was NO WHERE NEAR any part of her upper body. On March 13th, 38.3 weeks I had an appointment. After an ultrasound and talking to my Dr. he felt it was time for the c-section. Thank goodness Mark was at this appointment because they sent me straight to Labor and Delivery from the office. (For the record though he hardly EVER misses an appointment with me! He is so involved. ;)) We were checked in and added to the list of c-sections that night. It was 3:30pm...we waited, we waited, and we waited. We made our phone calls, Mark went home and got our bags, and we got all settled into the room. I had eaten a fast food fish ;) sandwich about noon so we had to wait at least 6 hours before surgery. ;/ About 9:30pm they began the surgery prep and such.
When the boys were born I had an emergency c-section. I know the term "emergency c-section" is thrown around lots but mine was MAJOR, like as in I was put to sleep and was cut and sewn back together within 6 mins. I hardly even have an i.v. started when they ran me back...Mark wasn't allowed in the room, I wasn't awake, I didn't have any prep...blah blah blah. So this "repeat c-section" as some would call it was a FAR CRY from a repeat for Mark and I.
They gave me the epidural and Mark was able to sit in the room with me. Having him there really helped a lot. At this point I was pretty emotional, I am glad he was able to stay with me. I started getting nauseated. This feeling was only for a short time. Pretty quickly after that was over I was being wheeled back to the O.R. My Dr. asked if I had a certain choice in music. LOL! I love him so much!! The nurses were all smiling and so sweet. Mark was able to sit right next to me. It seems like an etunirty before that first cry. I can't even begin to write words that will come close to describing the feelings I had at that moment. During the actual moments Dr. was "pulling her out" he had Mark stand and look over the curtain. I loved watching his face. It was a moment I WILL NEVER FORGET. The song "How sweet it is to be loved by you" was playing on the music. So appropriate...

She SCREAMED-I mean SCREAMED so loud and for so long! It was truly amazing. Mark and I both held her, the nurses took pictures, Mark even got to actually get to see her and stand next to the little bed while they cleaned her up. It was perfect. ;)
Mark brought Buddy in the room to see her. I nursed her for the first time. She did amazing! Family was able to take turns coming in. It went just how it's "supposed to go." We were so BLESSED!!


Our baby are a newborn and we are enjoying every minute of it. It's been fun so far! You were a great baby in the hospital. Nursing was a little tough while we were there due to some pain you caused me but we will get through. When you were born you weighed 6.13 lbs and were 20 inches long. The day we went home you weighed 6.4 lbs. Just PERFECT!

1 month

Oh baby girl! I can honestly say this is the fastest 4 weeks of my life. I thought time flew by when your brother was a baby...I was WRONG. It's crazy to me that you have been a part of our family for a month now. It's so fun being a family of 4. We are slowly learning what we have to do to get places on time and how to look presentable. I am almost in the habit of not leaving the house without a bow on your head. Ha! This is new for me but you look so cute with it I just can't imagine anyone seeing you without it. (Don't get me wrong you are pretty cute without it too!)
You have the best big brother in the entire world. I can't believe your Daddy and I ever even worried about him. Well, I can believe it but still...he loves you so much. There isn't a day that goes by where he doesn't ask to hold you. He gets the biggest smile every morning when he hears your first little scream fuss from your bedroom. He loves putting your pacifier back in your mouth and he enjoys feeding you a bottle.

Speaking of aren't a very good eater yet. You love food you just struggle getting it in your tummy. We had to go to 3 weight checks the first few weeks of your life. ;( Nursing was pretty painful for a while but we hung in there (after many tears and sleepless nights) and are doing pretty well now. You prefer to breastfeed over the bottle which doesn't bother me a bit. I am trying to enjoy these special moments with you because I know how fast it goes.  You also HAVE to be burped and you do it so ladylike that's for sure! ;) There have been a few times you have eaten so fast you spit up the entire amount you just times!
You are a paci baby FOR SURE. Your brother loves his too but didn't for the first few weeks of life. You came out sucking on your hands and were sucking on your fingers pretty much every picture we ever had of you in the womb. You love the paci they gave us in the hospital and won't take anything else. I guess this is a good thing because you and your brother won't get yours mixed up. GERMS...yuk! LOL!
We haven't really started much of a schedule yet, due to the lack of weight gain and the eating issues we are still just working on getting your belly full. You LOVE being held! You have spent lots of time in the Moby wrap and I love it. This is something I wish I would have done more with your brother so because of that you are getting double the dose. Ha! Also until today if I go somewhere with you and your brother alone I haven't really had a choice. We have a double stroller but your brother doesn't want to give up "his seat" so we are waiting on a special piece to be able to attach your seat on the stroller. ;) Oh well...I am sure it's just the beginning of many wonderful selfish things your brother will do.

Sloane-we love you so much. No one can get over how much you "look like your brother but just a little more petite and girly." I look forward to watching you grow.

At your 1 month check up your stats were:
7.12 lbs (12%)
21 inches long (47%)
-healthy growing girl

2 months old

Sloane-baby have already been in our life for 8 weeks! 8 weeks, phew and we have survived. LOL! Your brother still loves you so much, just like your Daddy and I. You are still just a little thing though we know you are growing because if you are awake you are either eating or crying. Ha! You still wear NB clothes but you have started wearing 0-3 month sleepers because I think your toes were getting squished since you are so long. I would guess you are a little under 9 lbs. right now but we haven't had your check up yet. You LOVE being held!! You are doing an awesome job holding your head up and actually seem to like tummy time more than laying on your back. It was the opposite with your brother. We have been to Eesie and Poppie's house only once, Easter, but we are getting ready to go and stay for 4 days. You have already been to the zoo and have spent lots of time at Maw maw and Paw Paw's pool. (You usually sleep inside but we call it "swimming" since everyone else is in the water and you wear your CUTE suit.) We go to the Dr. June 2nd and we will have your real growth stats then...

 4 months

Sloane...oh sister girl! You are such a beautiful little baby. This month you have grown so much. You rolled over when you were only 3 months but this month you accomplished the belly to back roll while also perfecting the back to belly roll. You are a master now! Eesie was lucky enough to be the first one to witness the roll while Mama and Daddy where are IKEA. I weighed you last week and you weighed 11 WHOLE POUNDS!!! LOL! This month we started using the small cloth diapers. They fit perfect. I am so glad I bought all new after Buddy moved up a size. I love the sized diapers so much and they don't make them anymore. Good thing your mama thinks ahead. You are still wearing a size 1 diaper if we use disposable. You still are wearing 0-3 month clothes. The newborn onesies are just to short. The outfit in the picture is 0-3 and seems to fit pretty well. You are SUCH A DROOLER! I don't think your brother was ever this bad. So lady like right?!!?? Ha! We constantly are changing your bibs and clothes. I would hate to have a wet shirt on so I don't like to leave you in one either. I just bought a big pack of bibs and plan to have them monogrammed this week so you can be cute even with the bibs on. You still have your hands in your mouth ALL THE TIME! You will take the paci but prefer your fingers. You eat about every 3 hours and have been a great nurser this month. Your brother was gone for almost a week and you only took a bottle a few times. I think you enjoyed having all the attention on you. You prefer to nurse over taking a bottle and don't like taking a bottle from me at all! You also LOVE to smile. It's been fun to watch Wyatt try to make you laugh this month. So cute!!! Your giggle is contagious!!! We love you "Sloaney Bologna!"

Sloane-5 months

Yes, I am slacking. :( I just realized I still haven't posted Sloane's 5 month post. Also in the process I realized I don't even have a 3 month one. Grrrr, I vowed to myself I was going to try to do better with hers than I did with Wyatt. I guess I am trying...:/
We had her 4 month check up when she was 5 months old. So at 5 months:  13 lbs and 25 inches long
She is just now beginning to wear 3-6 month clothes. She can wear things that are labeled 3 months but not usually if it's a 0-3 month outfit. Sloane is rolling over from back to belly and belly to back without any hesitation. This milestone was reached so much earlier than Buddy did. I blame it on the fact that she wants to already keep up with and be able to see Wyatt's every move. Ha! We even caught her on all fours the other day.
She has started smiling more than crying which is something we were so ready for. ;) She is turning into quite the mama's girl which is fine with me...for the most part but she sure gives her Daddy a huge smile! Sloane absolutely loves Wyatt. I know she is only 5 months but you can see the enjoyment on her face when he walks into the room. She has started laughing at things he precious!
Sister girl- we love you so much! You have brought so much joy into our family. Muah!!!

6 Months

Sloane is 6 months old today!! AHHH!!! She is turning into such a beautiful little baby. ;) She no longer has the "newborn" cry. It seriously happened overnight. She finally is fitting into the 3-6 month clothing! Each time she moves to the next clothes size I get more excited. They just keep getting cuter...ha! (I know that will stop soon.)

Sloane and Wyatt already have the cutest relationship. She has started laughing so much and at many different things. If Wyatt notices she thinks something is funny he repeats it....over and over! When he is in the room she watches him very closely. Sloane can now roll across an entire room to get something or to someone she wants. He legs are also super strong as she can support her own weight for mins. at a time.

She loves anything that makes noise, her bouncer, and her MAMA!!! Ha, I had to say it. She is a Mama baby for sure. She prefers me over the bottle which is fine with me...most of the time. ;) I am praying she remains this way. This is about the time where Wyatt lost interest in me and wanted a bottle more. Which resulting in just pumping for me...MAJOR ANNOYING and super time consuming! We have introduced rice cereal and are still working on the whole swallowing thing. Once she has this down we will attempt other foods. We are in no rush though. Sloane is drinking about 6oz-7oz when she does take a pumped bottle.

She isn't a great napper but I take some a the blame that this one. We go a lot during the day and I am not so "strict" as I was with Wyatt. There are some days I know it's a MUST and I watch for her signs. Until about a week ago she liked to be wrapped up and held tight as she fell asleep all of a sudden she wants to be laid down and given her own space as she falls asleep. I am not gonna lie, this kinda hurt my heart....maybe it's just a phase right?!?!? (I can't believe I just said that)

Sloane is truly a blessing to us. She completes our family. I can't wait to continue to watch her grow!!


Ashley said...

Sloane is my most favorite baby girl name...and your little Sloane is simply precious.

The Mrs. said...

SO SO SO precious! I am 40 weeks, expecting my 4th child and 1st girl any day now.

runningmomentum said...

Thank you for sharing your journey! What a journey it has been for you, and you have an encouraging faith! I miscarried my first baby whose due date was 3-13-12 (Sloane's birthday!), and we now have an amazing 14-month-old boy as well.