Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Aliens Love Underpants - Book Club

I love Andrea's Book Club days and when she posted about this book I knew it would be a big hit with Wyatt and Sloane. We had so much fun completing some of the activities she shared for this book club day. 

Since they are in school now we split up the activities into different days. It's easier than trying to cram it all into one evening. Plus we enjoy it more too! It is the book that keeps on giving. ;) LOL! 

Andrea shared some print offs of underwear for everyone to color. They had so much fun doing these one night while I was cooking dinner. I love seeing their patterns and what colors they use where. Then they cut them out as well. After bedtime I hung them up in the living room. They thought it was so funny the next morning...and so did the 1,000 people that had to come and go through the house during inspections, bid, etc. ;/ #oops 

Another activity we did was create aliens with play-doh. Wyatt and Sloane love play-doh. They can play with it forever!! I haven't ever been one to not let them play with it so at this point they are actually really good about the mess. It stays at the table and it's an easy clean up. ;) "Letting them be little" pays off. We used google eyes and pipe cleaners to make fun aliens. 

Lastly we completed some really fun math worksheets. Wyatt LOVES math and Sloane loves to do what Wyatt is doing so this was perfect. I did need to sit with them during some of this so it wasn't a dinner making craft ;) but it was so good! Andrea has all the printable's on her blog. There are ones for multiples ages/levels. 

 There were more activities to do with the book but these are a few we completed. We had so much fun doing them together! I hope to continue these fun book themed days even when they get older. Such fun memories together!! 

Monday, January 30, 2017

Sick day...

We had big plans for the weekend...all were put to a hault when mama got sick. ;( It was just too much! I couldn't be more thankful for a husband who doesn't skip a beat and steps in to help in EVERY way possible. Thankfully I am on the mend but taking one more day to get caught back up.

Happy Monday!!! 

Friday, January 27, 2017

Friday Favorites

It's Friday again. This week seemed to drag on for me but yet I feel like I just posted my Friday Favorites!?!!? Crazy right?? Thanks to Erika, Narci, and Andrea I have a fun link up to share my current favorites.

Yesterday I posted about Wyatt's 100 day at school. It was such a fun day and we had fun prepping for it at home as well!

Another one of my favorite posts this week was THIS ONE. I shared all about our linen closet and how we keep it organized.

We love Andrea's book club days! It took us a few days to complete but I can't wait to share how we completed Aliens wear Underpants. Wyatt and Sloane really had fun with this one!

We have really been restricting the screen time lately. While I am prepping for dinner it seemed as if I was always giving them the ipads then when it was time for dinner or for them to help prepare their part they were sucked in....the past few weeks I pulled out the colors and some paper for them to color while I prepared dinner. It's been perfect! They draw together, color, and even write lists. It's so peaceful and a great way to begin calming down for the evening.

Coffee with a friend this week was another favorite. I love our monthly coffee dates...it's good for the soul. It means so much she makes time to be with me. ;) 

Yesterday after school I surprised the kids and took them to a movie, just the 3 of us. It was so perfect! We were the only ones in the theatre. It was such a special time together...

My mom shared this on Instagram this week. Saturday is the annual family dinner...this dinner holds a special place. (Family dinner 2016, 2015, 2014, 2012, 2011 ) I can't even begin to type the value of these friendships. It's not everyday this amount of people make friends such a priority.  Actual true friendship, people who would be there in one second for you, ones you may not see every day or even talk to every month but when you are together it's like you talked yesterday...I can't wait!!! 

Happy Weekend!!!! 

Thursday, January 26, 2017

100 Day

I shared that this Monday was Wyatt's 100th day of school. It's always such a fun day to celebrate. In Kindergarten it's a BIG deal! I was so excited for Wyatt and all the fun things they had planned for the day. We had fun gathering all the items he needed and making his shirt for the fashion show too!

We entered the Kindergarten hallway and saw this! It was so fun to walk under it to drop him off! ;) 

They were asked to bring 100 items to glue on a poster. He decided to bring glow in the dark stars with the planets. I drew the planets but he colored and cut them out. He is really loving space right now so this was perfect!

They were asked to create a poster using the numbers 1,0, and 0. There were common things created like glasses, keys, snowman, etc. but not Wyatt....he created an ocean scene. He made the whale tail coming out of the water. I loved how creative he is!!!

He came home with a bag full of snacks. Sloane and Wyatt completed the tens frames with all the different types of snacks. They really had fun doing it but I think they had way more fun dividing up the snacks to eat. 


The teachers used an app and took picture of all the students and turned them into what they will look like when they "get old." Ha ha! It really creeped Wyatt out...and me too! 

Happy 100 day of school!! We are 100 days closer to summer!!! Yahoo!!! 

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

What's Up Wednesday

It seems like it's a week full of link-ups. LOL! I love reading the other entries. Today Mel, Shay, and Sheaffer host What's Up Wednesday. There is a list of fun questions to answer once a month...

What we are eating this week: We are all over the place with what we are eating this week. I have the essentials but goodness each night is super crazy right now. It's pretty routine lately as we are just surviving...meat, salad, and LOTS of roasted veggies. Guys, I have to say lately I could live off roasted veggies!!! SO GOOD!!! I am usually way better about planning our meals. I have even posted a few meal planning Mondays.

What I am reminiscing about: Our closing is set for 30 days from yesterday. Until about 48 hrs. ago EVERYTHING had been chaos...right now is a little calm before the storm. I was looking through old pictures of our house, the day we moved in, and even some of the remodels that we have done. Reminiscing gave me all the feels as this chapter comes to a close for our family.

moving day -Aug 2008

What I am loving: Monday was 100 day for Wyatt. Celebrating 100 days of school is a BIG deal in Kindergarten. ;) It was such a fun day for him and I am loving seeing all the fun activities and art he completed for the celebration. I mean...check out the picture below?!!?!? Really?!!?!? Gotta love great teachers with awesome iphone apps. ;) #insertlaughtingemoji

What we have been up to: House stuff, house stuff, and more house stuff - Selling a house isn't for the faint of heart. I have been even posting a little about our house and how we have made it work for our family of 4. 

What I am dreading: nothing currently

What I am working on: Packing, packing, and more packing...I am trying to be organized and strategic in my packing but I have a feeling as the move actually gets closer I won't feel the same way. 

What I am excited about: CLOSING DAY!!!!

What I am watching/reading: Mark and I are totally binge watching Homeland. I have no clue how we missed this show. We love it!! They are hour long episodes so we are only able to 2-3 in an evening before I fall asleep. Ha!

I just finished The Magnolia Story and loved it! It was an easy read and so cute! I love some Gaines family. ;) I got Megyn Kelly's Settle for More for Christmas and couldn't wait to get started. I am only a few chapters in but it's been really interesting so far.

What I am listening to:  I am loving "classical goes pop" Pandora station lately. It's so fun but yet calming at the same moment.

What I am wearing: I am wearing lots of leggings and comfortable baggy sweaters more than I care to admit. ;/

What I am doing this weekend: We have a busy weekend ahead! We are headed to Jackson to spend some time with my family. We can't wait!!

What I am looking forward to next month: MOVING DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't wait to read some other What's Up Wednesday link ups. ;) Happy hump day!!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Show and Tell Tuesday

It's the first Show and Tell Tuesday of 2017. I am super excited to link up with Andrea today and share Steal & Splurge. It's all about how my family saves and what we feel is worth the splurge! Below I added the image for the 2017 topics...just in case you are a fellow blogger and want to join in on the fun! ;)

Steal vs. Splurge: The first thing that comes to my mind is groceries. We eat at home a lot. During the week it's very rare that we eat out anywhere. Within my grocery shopping there are lots of things I feel I have found the steal but then there are a few items where one would say we/I splurge...

It wasn't until last summer when I discovered Aldi, I mean really discovered it. ;) I can't do all my shopping there so it isn't the easiest grocery shopping week but it does help the budget. Shopping at Aldi is a steal for sure...and the best part is we aren't giving up any quality while getting better prices. (That totally sounds like a commercial. They didn't pay me to say that. Ha ha!)

Splurge as far as grocery goes...when I say I cook at home I really cook. I make full meals...not from a box. I had never had a boxed lasagna, anything with the word "helper," or a dinner without a dessert before I met Mark. I guess I come by the wanting to cook a full meal naturally.  (Thanks mom! ) So I splurge when it comes to trying new meals and the fun ingredients that comes with that...

When I think splurge I think about our fun stuff we do with the kids. I also have to mention I don't think it has to all do with money. We spend lots of time together as a family. Mark works Monday-Thursday so we really make it a point to spend lots of time together throughout the weekend. We have "Friday Fundays." It doesn't always cost a money but we do try to do something special each Friday together. With days like this I think we include our kids in a lot. This is just a way I think we splurge as a family.

I can't wait to read others Steal vs. Splurge...either link up or comment ways you steal and splurge. Yahoo for link-ups!

Monday, January 23, 2017

Maximizing our space...

If you have been following along for pretty much any amount of time you know we are currently in the middle of selling our house. Currently we only have about 40 days left to pack. I have packed a lot of the items we don't use every day or items that we won't need in the next month or so...

Here is what our hall closet looks like on a day to day basis....


The door organizer has wire shelves. I have containers in them to keep the items organized and keep them from sliding through the cracks/sides. The containers separate the ointments, the medicine cups, the oil, etc. from each other. TIP #1: The separate container inside of the shelf is a super big help! TIP #2: The items that are ok for the kids to reach are also closer to the bottom within reach for them.

I took a picture of each shelf for closer detail. The top shelf has our extra paper towels and toilet paper. We just TIP #3: keep one of each in that spot but then all the rest is downstairs. (right mom?!?!? ;) This is because there is limited storage space upstairs and so we don't have to go all the way downstairs when we realized we need tp. ;) I also have our travel sized items in a box as well as all our nail stuff.


The next shelf has a TIP #4canned good organizer on it. This is looking pretty bare right now...there are times it's fuller but as of now we are pretty minimal.This makes things easy to get to and easy to see. We don't have to move anything around to get something else out.


This shelf is one of my main requests in our next house...please have a drawer in the bathroom for my toothbrush and make-up. TIP #5: We live out of our travel bags. ;(  This way you don't have to store the travel bags somewhere else. This also keeps you from thinking you need lots more make up too! LOL! The kids have a cup with their brushes and paste and then we have a cup with face lotions. The back of the basket is all of Sloane's hair rubber bands.

Next has what one would call their junk drawer!?!? This brown basket is TIP #6: miscellaneous items. We have the pens and pencils in the container. Then we have this drawer from IKEA. I should have taken a picture of the inside but I forgot. It holds our extra chargers/cords, and other misc. items. TIP #7: I use binder clips to hold each charger cord separate. 

TIP #8: Lastly we have the school supply shelf. This is within reach for Wyatt and Sloane. There is paper. Then TIP:#9 the drawer with all the crayons, markers, colored pencils, etc. I also keep our extra hand towels and bath rug on that shelf.

I hope this helps with a little organization in a small space. The 10th and final tip: only keep what you ACTUALLY USE. We you are buying items don't buy a HUGE amount because you don't have a place to store them. 

If you missed my first post about how we best use the space in our bedrooms you can read it HERE

Friday, January 20, 2017

Friday Favorites

FriYAY!!!!! I thought this day would NEVER come. This week has been soooo slow. We have SO MUCH going on the "selling our house" side of things I am going crazy!!! I am so much better than I was at the beginning of the week. Selling a house isn't for the faint of heart...especially when this SAHM is in charge of organizing all the little "to-do's" that go along with selling. #inserteyerollemoji
I can't complain though...it could be WAY worse. I am just taking it a day at a time and even sometimes an hour at a time. We have so much to be thankful already through this process. I have said it before but we know the Lord has completely gone before and paved the way for this...we pray we continue to follow his will.

Since I felt like I was on the phone all week I didn't take many pictures. ;( Never fear though I am posting the usual and linking up with Erika, Andrea, and Narci to share some of my favorites from this week...

Monday we started off with Upward Cheer camp. She last 1 hour before they called me and said she was upset. It seems totally out of character for her but I think it's just because so much has been going on...she just says she "misses me." We were proud of her for trying and next camp day I will just hang out for a bit and watch. ;) She is still so excited to cheer!!

One of my FB friends shared this and I literally laughed out loud. I mean this couldn't be more true! I still laugh every time I read it. LOL!!!

Tuesday I linked up for my first Tuesday Talk of 2017. I talked about some fun tips on how we live in our current house and not feel like we can't move. I can't wait to continue this series!! If you missed it you can read that post HERE.

100 day is fast approaching for Wyatt and he is so excited. We finished his shirt this week for the K fashion show. He worked on creating an picture using the numbers 1,0, and 0.  He also turned in is 100 items for his poster he will creating at school. (100 glow in the dark starts-and he included the planets as well)

Andrea posted about a book club day she did with her kids in 2016. I love doing book clubs with my kids as well. We have had so much fun! I knew Wyatt and Sloane would both LOVE this book. We have been working through some fun activities and I can't wait to share next week!

This week I started my fun series "They Call HER Mama." Tracy shared all about a typical day for her. It totally includes children...and lots of them. ;) If you missed the post you can read it HERE.

I can't help but share this picture. #insertallthehearteyes This girl and her baby dolls. Santa brought her a car seat for her baby doll and so it now goes every where with us...as well as the diaper bag. ;/ It rained all day yesterday but as we walked into the store my heart was so full as she held my hand but yet was being so sweet, loving, and motherly to her little baby.

We have a fun weekend ahead!! Lots of fun plans between lots of crazy house stuff...I can't believe we only have 5 more weekends in this house!!! 

Thursday, January 19, 2017

They Call HER Mama...Tracy

It's 2017 and I have so much planned for this blog! One thing being is including guest posts. I have my list of regular blogs I read but it's fun every once in a while when they have someone guest post. I have a few mom's lined up and couldn't be more excited about it!


Today is my first guest post! So fun! I met Tracy when her oldest was in the same preschool class as Wyatt...we hit it off and have been friends ever since. Tracy used to be a teacher before staying at home. She now watches children in her home. She is super creative and fun each day! Take a peek at her daily life with the ones who Call HER Mama...


Ive been reading Emilys blog since we became Facebook friends a few years ago when Wyatt and my daughter (Emma) started preschool together.  Weve become friends through a mutual friend since, and just recently four of us families traveled to the Lake of the Ozarks together for a few days.  We got to know each other even better that weekend, and realized we have a lot in common.  Weve been talking since about things going on in both of our lives, so when she asked me to write a guest post on her blog last week, I was excited to be a part of something I have been reading all these years  I have never done anything like this before, but anyone that knows me or follows me on Facebook and/or Instagram knows that I like to take pictures, like a whole LOT of pictures, and tell my familys story through them.  So, this way of sharing my life really makes a lot of sense.

Emily suggested I write a bit about motherhood and what a normal day looks like for me  So, here goes!  Here is a (not so) quick intro to my crazy family of six, followed by just a typical Tuesday from start to finish.


Emma is 6 1/2 going on 16, wise and mature beyond her years at times.  She truly embraces her role as our first child and only daughter, and shares her sparkle with the world.  A mother hen and the boss of her three little brothers.  A sweet and innocent granddaughter and niece to her grandparents and uncles.  A sharing and caring friend to her peers and teammates.  A cooperative, honest, smart, easy-going student to her first grade teachers.  A loving, sensitive, stubborn, light to her parents.  An organized planner and busy body with a sassy attitude, just like Mommy.

Ethan is 5 1/2, and is the second child and oldest brother.  He is typically the more serious, deep thinking, literal, inquisitive, temperamental one of the four, although he has a fun-loving, bubbly, funny, strong-willed, and crazy boy side as well with those he is closest with.  He is a hoarder by nature, and his room is lined with collections of money, tickets, papers, Star Wars toys, Legos, and his three red pillows that go everywhere in the house with him.  He worries about the well-being of his family and friends, and his pre-k teachers agree that he has a huge heart of gold.   

Evan is 3 next week and is the third child and middle brother.  His smile and laugh are contagious to everyone he meets.  He is unpredictable and rambunctious and silly and gross and hilarious and stinky and defiant.  He farts and burps and spills milk on purpose and steals his brothers binkies.  But he is so sweet and says things like, Mommy/Daddy, cuddle me! at 3am so we do.  He will probably always sleep with us and carry around his binkie/blankie (as he refers to his two favorite things) and wear diapers but for now we are okay with that.  He is a true character and definitely fits the term threenager at the moment. 

Elliott is 16 months old and is the fourth child and baby brother.  All that we were told about how the fourth child is easy peasy and goes with the flow is so not true with this determined kid.  He has always wanted to be heard and seen, and his way of doing this as of lately is to climb EVERYTHING in site.  He has dangled and fallen and bled more than any of the others combined.  His interests lie only in what his older siblings and friends are doing.  He is so much work, but  So.  Freaking.  Adorable.  And cuddly.  And loving.  He completes our family in the best way possible.     

Tim is my husband of 7 1/2 years and partner of 13 years.  A true partner in every sense of the word.  He cooks (more than me), does the nightly dishes, separates and runs the laundry on the weekends, and bathes the kids (a lot).  He complains none (or maybe a little or some), but he does these things and much more and understands that I cant do it all when I am working too.  He is an elementary school teacher by day and a caregiver to all of us by night.  We could not function without his presence and are so grateful that he is so intentional with his time with us. 

I (Tracy) am a work-at-home Mommy (Monday-Thursday) and am just Mommy (Friday-Sunday).  I was an elementary school teacher prior to staying home, and now I am fortunate to be able to teach children (not yet school aged) at my kitchen table.  As difficult as it is sometimes to work from home, I cant imagine a life where I had to leave my kids with someone else and am so blessed to have this opportunity when they are young.  I dont want to miss anything.  

As a family, we love to travel (especially to Disney) and explore our own city, and much of our time and money is spent this way.  We are on the go a lot on the weekends especially, and prefer to be out and about together.  We sort of live by the motto, Spend money on life experiences, not material things.  So, in our pictures, you may see outdated floors and cabinets, but in our faces and in our story, I hope you see happiness. 


3:11am- Evan sneaks his way into our bed, stealing the covers as usual, and falls back asleep.

5:24am- Elliott wakes up crying, comes and cuddles with Mommy, and falls back asleep.

6:38am- After a couple snoozes (its been a looong four-day weekend), Tim takes Elliott off of me and puts him in his bed, and I get in the shower.  Tim gets in the shower after me.  Evan wakes up and joins the bathroom party and uses Tims toothbrush to brush his teeth and scrub the sink.  Gross.     

7:00am- Like clockwork, as soon as I open the gate to go downstairs, Emma pops up and wants to get ready for the day.  This morning, she wants to watch a new movie she got yesterday before school.  I put the movie in for Emma, and Evan is already in the refrigerator with scissors, trying to open a cheese stick.  I change his diaper and clothes and Emma gets dressed before the movie begins.

7:08am- I begin preparing breakfast: muffins, blueberries, and yogurt.  Tim comes down for the day, lets Tessy (the dog) out, and is already playing damage control over the tantrum Evan is having about how he wants Daddy to help him open the cheese (that is already eaten) and get him dressed (even though his clothes are already on).  

7:10am- Our friends, Easton and Henry, arrive for the day.

7:14am- The kids that are awake or have arrived begin eating breakfast.  I finish packing Emmas lunch and snack (always packing what I can the night before to save time).  I feed Tessy and Vader (the fish), empty the dishwasher, and talk with the kids as Tim makes our coffees, packs his lunch, and gets pork chops out of the freezer for dinner. 

7:28am- Tim goes upstairs to wake up Ethan and Elliott as I clean up the breakfast mess that has already been made.  Evan is (purposely) spilling milk again so I have to be proactive instead of reactive.  Tim changes Elliotts diaper and Ethan gets dressed reluctantly (because he doesn't want to take off his checkmark i.e. Nike shirt and shorts, his current favorite jammies), and they both begin eating their breakfast.  The boys play with toy cars and tracks after they finish their breakfast.   

7:30am- Tim leaves for work.  (Please send help!  Ha!)

7:36am- Emma brushes her teeth, gets socks and shoes on, and I do her hair.

7:40am- Another friend, Oliver, arrives for the day.  He joins the others who are still eating breakfast. 

7:50am- Emma gets her coat and book bag on (20 minutes early, always) and is ready to go to school.  The boys all play with this new caterpillar toy that they are following around the house lately, and Emma walks around and supervises (with the coat and book bag on).  I clean up the rest of the breakfast mess.

8:09am- I realize my coffee is still sitting there untouched, and start chugging.

8:10am- We all leave for the bus stop, which is luckily really close to our house.  Its still so difficult to say goodbye to Emma each day because I prefer my kids close, but I know she is in good hands and feels at home at school too.   

8:24am- We arrive back at the house from the bus stop.  Evan has yet another tantrum that he wants to stay in the car all day and watch movies.  I am just the meanest mom for not allowing it.  All of my boys brush their teeth when they get inside and play with an assortment of puzzles until around 9:00am when start our learning time.

8:42am- As I help Oliver in the bathroom, Evan and Elliott pour half of the dishwasher soap on the counter, floor, and in the sink. 

8:46am- I quickly realize a broader description of our day will be necessary to complete this post.

9:00am (ish)- 10:00am (ish)- Today, we began our Valentines Day unit.  I am a sucker for all things holiday and get really excited to open old holiday boxes to assess what I need and head to the Dollar Tree to buy more.  (Dont tell my husband, but I spent $72 there last week!  How does that even happen there?!?)  I try to do a sensory bin and some kind of fine motor letter, number, color, and shape related activity daily (Monday-Thursday) during this hour.  They also  eat a snack during this time.

Pictures of the very simple activities we completed are as follows:

-flower pedals/heart shaped containers/salad tongs/spoons/spatulas as a sensory bin, with focus on sorting colors

-wrote their names on hearts with glitter glue, with focus on identifying letters (for the younger few boys) and letter sounds (for the older couple boys)

-homemade heart shaped puzzles with two sides: one-to-one correspondence on one and numbers on the other (for the younger few boys) and heart links with numbers written on them for ordering numbers (for the older couple boys), with focus on numbers

-hearts drawn on paint samples in Valentines Day colors that they cut, with focus on identifying and discussing shapes

9:30am- Elliott goes down for morning nap. 

9:57am- I remember that I havent eaten breakfast so heat up some oatmeal.

10:00am (ish)- The boys pick up the main level playroom as I clean up the kitchen.  We take potty and diaper breaks before heading to the basement playroom.

10:10am (ish)- 11:00am (ish)- We cant go outside today because the yard is a mushy messy from the ice/rain storms this weekend, so the basement playroom is a good substitute for days like this because it is a more open space where they can run and play with toys that get them moving.  I play a Valentines Day playlist on YouTube in the background.  Some dance and sing along. 

*I have spared you of the many redirects I have given these energetic boys in the last couple hours, but overall there have only been a couple minor time-outs and everyone is playing well together and following directions.

11:00am (ish)- We pick up the basement, then head upstairs.   

11:10am (ish)- I wake Elliott up from nap.  (If I dont, he won't nap in the afternoon and will want to go to bed for the evening at 5:00pm.  So we are at that weird stage right now of needing to transition to one afternoon nap only, but he's just not ready.  And neither am I!  Ha!)  The boys have some down time, with Valentines Day themed books and Paw Patrol on the TV as I prepare lunch. 

11:27am- Lunch (ravioli, cheese, broccoli, and apples) is served.  I load back up the dishwasher as they eat and clean up the lunch mess after they eat their cookie for dessert.  

12:00pm-12:30pm- The boys play with Superheroes and different kinds of building toys. 

12:30pm- 12:45pm- Story time: Pete the Cat: Valentines Day is Cool

12:45pm-1:00pm- We take potty and diaper breaks and head upstairs for nap.  (Hallelujah!!!  Even Ethan, who only naps once or twice a week at most, is taking one today because its been a looong weekend for him without one.  He has always been very dependent on sleep.) 

1:02pm- Ethan has to poop and yells downstairs for me to wipe him.

1:04pm- I pick up the rest of the main floor, register Emma for tee ball, make some phone calls, send some emails and texts, update my calendar with some new dates, scroll through Facebook and Instagram briefly, make myself lunch (bunless burger, green beans, some sesame garlic herb chips and avocado dip), start folding the 8 loads of laundry I have sitting in my family room staring at me, and update this post.  I also check on ALL the kids sleeping a couple times.  Woo hoo!

3:00pm (ish)- As per usual, the same kids start waking on their own, and I have to wake the deeper sleepers to start preparing to get Emma from the bus stop.  The kids take potty and diaper breaks, get shoes and socks on, and eat snack. 

3:35pm- We head to the bus stop to get our favorite girl that we miss all day! 

3:47pm- We arrive home from the bus stop.  Emma had a great day  Her highlights were telling her teacher that she cried at the end of Free Willy this weekend and getting an emoji eraser from a school fundraiser.  (Dont you wish as an adult that things like these excited us so?)  She has gymnastics at 5:00, so she eats snack and quickly runs upstairs to take a shower and dress herself.  The boys all choose some kind of bin of building toys to play with in the main floor playroom.  They love this kind of play and learn so much, as we have many options for them here. 

4:10pm- Tim gets home from work.  Typically I do a crockpot meal or make dinner at nap time on days like these when we have an activity so early, but the long weekend has got me kind of off so Tim quickly prepares pork chops, rice, green beans, and strawberries for dinner so that Emma can eat before she leaves.  In the meantime, I study with Emma for her math test tomorrow while all the boys play around us. 

4:20pm- Easton and Henry leave for the day.

4:40pm- Oliver leaves for the day.

4:45pm- Tim takes Emma to gymnastics.  Typically I do because I love to watch her and its not ideal to take our entire family there.  Plus I love the break and chatting with my Mommy friends.  Emma wants Tim to come tonight though, so they head off.  The boys and I finish an early dinner.  I clean up the kitchen mess  And the family room mess  And the downstairs playroom mess.  I sweep, mop, and vacuum as quickly as possible with three boys helping me.  I feed Vader.  (Tessy doesnt need to be fed at night as her bowl is still half full because she eats table scraps all day.)  I then put up Evans soccer birthday banner because his birthday is next week and these days are a big deal around here.  He loves soccer and wanted this as his party theme, even though he runs to the candy machines and games or wants me to hold him each Friday when we go play with his buddies..  I guess were going with the belief that true athletes are born on the sidelines, right? 

5:15pm- I give the boys a bath.  Do your kids flood your bathroom every time they bathe?  Mine do.  No matter how calm the bath starts, it always ends in everything, including me, getting soaked. 

5:45pm- Everyone is in fresh jammies.  Evan chose Ethans old ones that are three sizes too big.  So, hes running around, so proud of himself with this huge sleeper on, entertaining  everyone.  I sneak away to use the bathroom and quickly clean it up when I'm in there from the hurricane we just had, and I hear Ethan scream, Evan is painting the carpet!  I run out, and sure enough, teal nail polish.  On the carpet.  And on the stairwell.  And on Elliotts forehead and hair.  NEVER, in my 7 years of raising kids has this happened, but of course it happens on the one day EVER that I write about our typical day, and if Im being honest about our day, I have to include this!  So then I have yet another, very impossible, mess to clean up.  And I cant even be mad at him, because it was Emma who left the secret cabinet of her nail polish and make up open as a tempting invitation for Evan.  And it was Tim who didn't think it necessary to childproof every singe cabinet even though I asked 19 times.  And it was me who thought that I had the right to use the bathroom for the first time since this morning.  Go figure!

6:15pm- Tim and Emma get home from gymnastics and I am still trying to clean up the nail polish that will never come out of the carpet.  Tim just laughs.  Everyone settles in and Emma shows us some balance beam moves, reads the boys a few Valentines Day books, and studies more for her math test.  They all sing and dance to Taylor Swift songs Emma, and thus all of them, are loving at the moment.  

7:00pm- Time for Elliott to go to bed!  He just cant hang any longer than that  None of our other babies were early to go to bed but he wants it.  The routine is read book(s), brush teeth, talk about the day, and pray with all the kids.  He puts himself down really quickly by humming, which is a fair trade for him not sleeping through the night until a couple short months ago.  Tim works on the carpet cleaning more afterward.

7:15pm- I pack Emmas snack and the majority of Ethans lunch for tomorrow.  Ethan goes to pre-k three days per week and likes to stay one day for lunch.  Emma is buying lunch tomorrow, which is something that excites me each time because it is far less work for me!  Emma and I then escape to my bedroom to fold more of those eight loads of laundry that I started with earlier and to prepare to watch the season finale of Outdaughtered, which we love watching together.  The boys wrestle around and watch the Blues game in the family room.    

8:00pm- Time for Evan to go to bed!  Typically Emma and Ethan would go down now as well, but Emma is really excited about the season finale of Outdaughtered so I told her she could stay up until 9:00 and watch half of it tonight (not over until 10:00pm) and the other half on Thursday night, as she has soccer practice later tomorrow night.  When Ethan naps, he goes to bed late around 9:30, but I have to weigh the pros and cons and today the nap won!  Emma and I snuggle up and watch our favorite quintuplets!  I think we love it so much because it is like five girl Elliotts running around on TV!  They are the same age on the show as he is, so its so fun to relate (in a small way) to their everyday life.  We hear lots of random cheers (or maybe constructive criticism?) from the boys downstairs as we are watching  Hmmmmm?

9:00pm- Time for Emma to go to bed! 

9:30pm- Time for Ethan to go to bed! 

9:32pm- Ethan needs water.  He always needs water two minutes after going to bed no matter how much we prepare him.  It has to be fresh water from the faucet too, as weve tried the cup next to his bed thing. 

9:34pm- I finish up writing this, and Tim runs the dishwasher, lets Tessy out, locks up the house, and turns on the alarm  Its been really fun doing this today, but really time consuming.  I guess because I dont talk to many adults during the day I just dont shut up in the writing department either!  Ha!  And I know there are so many little things that I left out that are just so routine to me that I dont even think to share them with you.  

10:00pm (ish)- We will start a new episode of Homeland, and then start another and both fall asleep during sometime in the 11:00 hour.  (So predictable, we are!  Ha!)  We just started this series a few nights ago and I cant decide if I like it.  It probably doesnt help that I like to browse Facebook and Instagram, check emails, and update my always ongoing to-do list on my phone while watching. 

11:00pm (ish)- At some point during this hour we will fall asleep.  And then start over again bright and early tomorrow morning  This life of ours is so crazy, but so beautiful.  I really wouldnt trade it for anything, even though I feel as though Im losing my mind on a daily basis! 

Good bye for now!  Maybe, just maybe, I will come across some of you in my dream life as a stay at home mom/professional organizer/Disney travel agent!  Thanks for inviting me to do this, Emily!  :) 

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