Monday, June 19, 2017

Weekend Recap

We live for the weekends!!! We had such a great time. I can never believe when Monday actually comes...Mark played golf ALL day on Friday so we had a fun playdate with friends from school.

Friday night the party continued with friends. ;) We enjoyed a family evening swim. It was something the kids both wanted to do on their summer list...swim in the dark with the pool lights. They were happy to check it off!!!

Saturday was another busy day! We celebrated Wyatt's 7th b-day (again) with Mark's side of the family....I can't wait to share some more party pictures.

Sunda was a GREAT day! We celebrated Mark ALL day. We went to Six Flags with Mark's brothers family and stayed until dinner. Wyatt and Sloane slept all the way home and we rushed in for showers and regrouping before heading to Cars 3 that night. It was such an awesome movie. So cute!! Way better than #2. ;) 

We are so busy this week but we will survive...we are visiting old friends in TN this weekend and are super excited!! 

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Harry Potter party!!!

I am so excited to share Wyatt's 7th b-day party at my parent's house! We went down to Jackson earlier in the week to celebrate Wyatt and my dad's b-day. We had so much fun!! I have to mention a few months ago my mom had never even read a word about Harry Potter so when she asked Wyatt what the theme was for his party she didn't waste any time. (She lets the b-day person decide the theme and she goes ALL out!) Within a month she has read 3 of the books and watched 4 of the movies....she doesn't mess around.

I am super thankful her party was before the STL family party because I totally took the party home with me to set up this weekend. LOL!

Like always every detail was done...

The decor was PERFECT!!!

I am hoping I can recreate this party this weekend....the steaks are high?!?!? LOL!!!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Workin' it- Keeping the kids entertained

I am linking up with Erika and Shay on this awesome Wednesday morning! I can't wait to read how other mama's keep their kids entertained throughout the summer months.

We love to stay busy but I would be lying if I said we didn't enjoy days where we have NO PLANS.  I have to actually plan to have no plans or it just doesn't happen. I have actually failed at that so far this summer. ;( We haven't stopped since the last day of school...and there aren't plans of doing that until AFTER July 4th. ;(

We stay entertained throughout our summer by swimming, playdates, crafting, and traveling! --------~~Swimming~~Thankfully Mark and I have fish for children...they LOVE the water and are super great swimmers. Sloane just turned 5 and this is her 3rd summer without using any floatation device. Wyatt just taught himself how to dive and they LOVE every second of it. Don't get me wrong we still follow all the "rules of the water" but it's nice to have children who are comfortable swimming as well. Since we currently have access to a pool 24/7 it's been a nice way to spend an hour or so in the evenings together. *BLISS*

~~Playdates~~We enjoy getting together with friends throughout the summer too! We are totally into going places and exploring new things. Even if the kids are a little hesitant in the beginning it's good for them to try new things, spend time with friends outside of school, see new things!! I's not healthy to repeat the SAME THING over an over again for a child's mind. I am all about routine and keeping a child in their element but there is also something to be said for getting out of our comfort zone. I mean let's be real--you an't stay in that little bubble your entire life right?!?! We love to try new places and enjoy time with friends too! Interacting with others outside of school is healthy...true friendships are important. They are taught t a young age. Watch and learn....Mark and I spend time with friends and want our children to oil relationships as is amazing but having a core group of friends is VERY important as well.

~~Crafting~~ Wyatt and Sloane both enjoy crafts. When they were little it was east to whip something up. Now they are a little older it does take some thought but it's still fun! For all those non-craft mama's there is something called Pinterest. Use it. LOL!!! I have found even if it's not a craft that I want to keep laying around there could be someone who will be blessed by a little craft. It's fun and a way to spend some time in the afternoon. For us crafting means baking too! Always a fun time as well.

~~Traveling~~ We love to travel. Mark and I like to try new places and things. We want our kids to enjoy other things as well. We love the ocean (and the mountains )  but want them to see the mountains. They need to decide for themselves their likes and dislikes. How can they do that if we pave a path of ONLY things we like!?!?!? We decided a long time ago we want to travel more than have a fancy house and/or cars. Experiences over's our motto ;)

What do you do to keep your kids entertained throughout the summer? I can't wait to read!!!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Weekend Recap

Phew,  what a weekend! I feel like I start every Monday like that. I love it though! I love sitting down on the couch with Mark on Sunday evening and hearing him say he had a great weekend! It's those small things I don't take for granted...we enjoyed so much fun together this weekend.

Friday morning Mark headed to golf and the kids and I attended a morning B-day party for buddy Joshua. They had so much fun despite my mom fail and forgetting their suits. Thankfully Mark finished golf and came to the rescue! Slip n' slide, water balloons, water guns, and MUCH more fun was to be had!!!

Friday evening we all went and watched Ariel's dance recital. It was so much fun but I think Sis had the most fun! We were there at 4:30 for the pre-show and left a little after 9pm. Sloane's eyes hardly left the stage. She LOVED every second of it! It helps that her big cousin is the best dancer ever! ;)

Holy red eyes - blah! 

Saturday morning Mark golfed again before going to the Cardinals game with his dad, Kurt, and Wyatt. They had a blast together!!

After the game Kirsten and Kurt hung around for a while and we all swam. We ended our Saturday night with them at the Slider House for dinner. Like always...the food was amazing! We sat outside and the kids played and we enjoyed time together. 

Sunday equaled church and more family time...with a little dance thrown in the mix. ;) After church we had an early Father's Day celebration with Mark's family. Sis and I had to go to her dance dress rehearsal Sunday afternoon. 

It's Monday and the kids and I are excited to spend the next few days in Jackson!!!
 Bring on more fun!! 

Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Erika and Shay shared a some tips yesterday for packing for different vacations depending on destinations. It's a part of a series they have been posting. I recently shared a little about how I pack when we went to Disney World in March. It was a fun way for others to share their tips too!

Erika shared a few beach tips yesterday and I thought that was a GREAT idea! Mark and I have been to the beach before kids, with small children, without children, and as a family with young children as well. We love the beach! It's safe to say for all 4 of us give us sun, sand, and the ocean and we are set for days...

West Palm Beach, FL (2006)

Hawaii 2007

Honeymoon-Hawaii 2008 

Obviously these trips were taken pre-blogs so I don't have posts about the specific trip. I do remember packing for each other these trips though. I was packing only for myself. LOL! Before kids a trip to the beach...when flying to get there...pretty much only needed a towel, a few swimsuits, and a toothbrush. Kidding, but for real we didn't pack much. Our condo had a kitchen and we planned only a few things before we left knowing we wanted to just relax. It was perfect! When flying we had a car  to get us places so if we forgot something it was easy to pick up.

An all girls trip to
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (2008)

And then there were children...

Gulf Shores, AL 2012 
Wyatt: 2 
Sloane: 6 months 

Gulf Shores, AL 2014
Wyatt: 4
Sloane 2 

We are lucky enough to have friends, the Dumey's, who have a "connection" to an AWESOME place in Gulf Shores, AL. We love it!! It's RIGHT on the beach and it's close to everything. We don't pack many groceries but have a list ready to head to the grocery as soon as we arrive. Thankfully the condo usually already has some condiments ready but there have been times I have gone to the $1 store before a trip and load up on these types of things so we don't feel bad (or like we are wasting $$) when we leave them for the next people. 

As far as packing the suitcases I follow my same routine even if our destination is the beach. I have shared my suitcase packing before. I love some good ziplock bag action. We hang (plus iron) and put away as much as possible when we arrive. We pack a dirty clothes hamper to keep the dirty clothes in  one place. I don't keep dirty and clean separate when packing for the trip home because I am someone who washes everything that I packed. I know, weird and WAY MORE work than necessary but I just can't put clothes like that away. LOL! 

Couple's (Schumey) vacation 2015
New Orleans & Gulf Shores, AL 

When we fly I think I go overboard with baggies. I have had 1 too many things leak or bust in the air...though I do use appropriate bag size when using the baggies. LOL....for example: our vitamins are in the little snack size baggies not large one. ;) 

Picture clothes- This is another thing some would completely laugh at but it's important to me. I like us to coordinate. It's easy to do but I do plan picture clothes ahead of time. 

Just like I plan a trip to the $1 Tree for a few condiments I also take the kids to pick a few beach toys out as well. We DO NOT bring these back. Thanks to being able to walk out condo door onto the beach sand doesn't get in our car. So...we do our best to pick out fun stuff that we can "donate" when we lave. ) 

Daytona Beach, FL 2016
Wyatt: 6
Sloane: 4 

We have a family beach trip planned at the end of this summer and I am SURE it's going to be the BEST. ONE. YET!!! Yahoo for making memories as a family!!! 

Monday, June 5, 2017

7 years...

Dear Ryder,
   It's been 7 years today since we buried your little body in the ground. I am currently reading a "fun summer read" that so many others have suggested. It's been a great book but the timing couldn't be more perfect...the book has nothing to do with losing a baby, but it does deal with loss. A letter is written and I found myself nodding the entire way through...

"You have been gone for xxx years but there hasn't been a day that has gone by that I haven't thought of you. 
 The memory of you hurt so much at first. I don't know if there is a right or wrong way  to grieve.  I just know that losing you gutted me in a way I honestly didn't think was possible. I have felt pain I didn't think was human. There were times it nearly broke me. "

I have learned grief is cronic. It never goes away...and that's ok. There is a healthy way to grieve...

There are daily reminders of you. Some make me smile and some make me cry. It's all small steps. 7 years sometimes seems like forever other times it seems like it has flown by....

You are a part of our story and will be forever. We are thankful the Lord's blessings are new every morning and we KNOW he loves us BEYOND MEASURE.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Friday Favorites

June 2nd...I can't even believe it's June!! We have been soaking up summer already and LOVING it. We already have a list of favorites to share. ;) 

This kid turned 7 this week and we celebrated all week long! The party continues into the weekend as well. 

We had a GREAT Memorial Day weekend and are still trying to catch up on some sleep as well. 

We have been able to spend some time with cousins this week too! It helped that the sun was shining and there was a pool. ;) 

We can't forget Jackson...he is a new fav at our house.  
Some friends of ours had their 3rd child...but first BOY this week. We had to fight over who got to hold him first. 

We are ready for the weekend!!! Bring on some more pool, ice cream, b-day party, and family time!! 

Thursday, June 1, 2017

It was HIS day...

Yesterday we celebrated Wyatt turning 7. It's still even hard to type. I can't believe Mark and I have a SEVEN year old. We had such a fun day together! Mark had to head to work about 11 so we tried to cram in quite a bit in the morning.

We got up and gave him a Lego he has been asking for then headed straight to Dunkin Donuts. Wyatt wanted to drive thru so we didn't waste anytime. LOL! He wanted to pick his own presents out this year so first (well second stop) was Target. He has been asking for a super soaker so that was top on his list. I am pretty sure Mark let him get the biggest one Target sold. I don't know who wanted it more...Mark or Wyatt. After Target he wanted to get home to build a Lego with Mark before he had to go to work.

We spent some time relaxing at home and had large salads with rubber eggs (hard boiled) and Ranch per his request. After lunch we made a stop to pick up his balloons from my parent's. A b-day tradition that the kids look forward to EVERY year!

We visited Ryder and added a pinwheel...

We all need a Starbucks after that...

We made a stop at Toys R Us to make a return and pick out the last present. We had to hurry home to get Sis ready for dance...while she was at dance Wyatt and I snuck over for some chips and cheese together....

We finished the b-day with dinner together, Hibachi style!!! It was so much fun!!! What a day we had ended with fried ice cream and listening to Daddy read Harry Potter. 

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