Thursday, February 2, 2017

They Call HER Mama - Ashley

I am so excited to have another guest blogger. (I started a fun new series where I have guest mom's write a post for me. Tracy was the first mama and I can't wait to continue this fun series!) This time it's a dear friend from long ago. Ashley and I became friends at church while we were in elementary school. He dad was/is the pastor of the church where I grew up. It's crazy how time flies. Ash homeschools her 3 littles and I knew I wanted her to do a guest post about her day because duh...I love hearing how other mom's survive each day as well! ;) She didn't disappoint. Thanks again Ash for taking the time to share a little about your day to day life.


Hello! My name is Ashley and I have known Emily since we were in elementary school! I can’t believe that we are now wives and moms! When Emily asked me to write a post for her blog, I had no idea what to write about, which is ironic because I used to blog very regularly as a hobby (for about 8 years). Emily suggested that I do a “day in the life” post, and I was happy to document! 

I am married to a wonderful man named Kurt, and we live in Southeast Missouri. I have four children: three are here with us (Evy (almost 8), Liam (6) and Lynley (3) and one is waiting for us in Heaven with the Lord (Samuel, who lived for 12 weeks until I experienced a miscarriage this past November). My husband and children are my greatest blessings and I cherish them! 

I homeschool our kids and stay at home full time. I am also a retailer with Lularoe clothing, which has been SO much fun! I’ve been in the business for about 6 months and it’s been such a wonderful experience. You can find my shopping group here! We are very involved in our church. I write the scripts and do puppets/acting for our preschool worship each Sunday morning, and I coordinate our women’s ministry events. I also help lead worship on occasion. We are so thankful to serve in such a warm and loving church alongside many dear family and friends! 

I documented my day on January 31, 2017. Here’s what we were up to!

I started my day like I do every morning: drinking my Advocare Spark and taking my JuicePlus chews!

The kids and I usually start our mornings slowly - what can I say, we aren’t morning people! ;) I read my daily Bible reading while the kids watched one of their current favorite shows: Kids Baking Championship!

I got dressed and ready, which isn’t my usual routine in the morning - I usually stay in lounge-y clothes for awhile! But we had somewhere to go so I went ahead and got myself pulled together. This is random, but I am a HUGE Lipsense fan! I put it on in the morning and it lasts all day - I’m serious! 

Here was my outfit today! All of it is Lularoe, of course! ;) Sarah cardigan, Irma tunic, and Valentine leggings! 

Here’s a closer look at my lip color - Sha-La-La! 

 We got started on school! Evy is in 2nd grade and Liam is in Kindergarten. We use My Father’s World curriculum and love it! 

Today Kurt was post-call (he had worked at the hospital overnight the night before), so we was able to be home with us!! I love those days!! He played with Lynley and got things put away in the kitchen while I helped Evy and Liam with their work. 

Another random part of my day but worth documenting: one of my best friends, Grace, grew up about 3 hours from here. She and her family are currently living in Washington while her husband finishes residency. LONG story short, I’ve been able to visit her at her parents’ home when she has come home for holidays, summer, etc. I LOVE her parents’ house. LOVE it. Her mom uses a certain Bath and Body Works wall flower, “Sun Drenched Vineyard,” and I associate that smell with really happy visits there. Mrs. Jenny gave me a wall flower the last time I was there and I am super intense so I found a listing on eBay (because the scent is discontinued). Totally worth documenting that I stalked wall flowers on eBay. And bought them. 

Kurt was so sweet and made us lunch! He is always so helpful and he’s a really good cook ;) 

We were taking the kids to a movie and all of a sudden I was running late, so I had to take my sandwich to go in the car. Total #momlife moment, eating my sandwich on an Elsa and Anna paper plate. 

We took separate cars to the movie because I had to go to work afterward! Because of this, I was able to crank up the volume and rap along to this modern musical about one of our founding fathers. Because only in America. (In all seriousness, I am a HUGE Hamilton fan! We got to see the show in NYC and it totally lived up to the hype!)

 We saw the movie “Sing!” and it was so cute! I even downloaded the soundtrack afterward!

After the movie, I went to my showroom where I keep all of my Lularoe inventory. I love this space! It allows me to have a place to run my business and I really enjoy seeing women discover Lularoe! One of my assistants (and friends!!), Iliana, helped me get things ready for our pop up. 

Part of my business is doing live sales on Facebook! I went live to show my Valentine collection before the showroom opened. I love interacting with my customers!

Displaying image1.JPG

I had so many fun guests come shop, but this little doll was a highlight! :) And yes, she’s wearing her new Lularoe outfit!

I sold 56 pieces of clothing, which was really exciting! I closed up the shop and got home in time for Bible time, which we do as a family every night. We read a Bible story, sing hymns and pray together. It’s a really, really good way to end the day everyday. My parents did this with me and my siblings growing up and I’m thankful to carry it on! 

I said goodnight and prayed with each of my littles! 

This is to show you the power of Lipsense - it’s still on!!! 

I went to our room to say goodnight to Kurt (he always goes to bed before I do because I’m a chronic night owl), and found Leona. She’s our own personal Grumpy Cat. 

I ended the day with my usual routine - sitting in peace and quiet! I don’t drink coffee so this is my time to drink my hot beverage of choice: wassail! From 9pm on, I always let my mind be still and enjoy just being the only one awake. I often get things done on the computer during this time, but I don’t do any housework. It’s my rule ;) I headed to bed way too late (as usual)!

Thank you for following me along today! I always love seeing what other people are up to, so hopefully this was fun to read. Emily, thank you for asking me to be a guest! xoxo!!!

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