Monday, February 27, 2017

Friday Favorites, Monday edition

This weekend was a busy one! I missed the Friday favorite's post so I am recapping the weekend as a favorite. ;) I will link up with Erika, Andrea, and Narci. Wyatt and Sloane both had school on Friday and Mark went golfing. I ran a some errands and got caught up on a few things. We met the Dumey's for dinner at one of our favorite sushi restaurants. Wyatt officially eats an entire roll himself! He loves seafood!!! After dinner we went back to their house and played games together.

My parent's sent Wyatt and Sloane the cutest gift earlier in the month. It was a e-gift card to Sugarwish. It is the neatest idea and it arrived this week. The package was so fun! They have gifts for all events and celebratory times. I can't wait for my first reason to send one!!! 

Saturday morning both Wyatt and Sloane had Upward (cheer and basketball) early. We spent the rest of Saturday hanging out until Mark and I attended a Trivia Night for their school. It was a blast!!! There were 4 couples at our table...we met before for dinner together then attended trivia then went back to the restaurant with lots of other couples from Trivia. It was a GREAT time had by all!!

We had some really nice days last week. The weather was was such a tease for Spring! One afternoon after school Wyatt and Sloane spent the ENTIRE afternoon outside together. *LOVE*

Sis and I also painted our nails together on Thursday. She insisted on drying hers while sitting on the deck. She is a lover of Vitamin D ;) a girl after my heart!!! 

Sunday was a RELAXING day!!! We did a whole lotta nothing!!! It was perfect. Mark golfed again but the kids and I enjoyed lots of snuggles!!! We also tried the rice krispie treats made with peeps instead of regular marshmallows. They were super fun. In case you are wondering they tasted just like regular treats but were WAY cuter!!!

This game is so much fun! We have loved playing and building our own cooties!! 

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Valentine Fun

Like I mentioned we closed on our house on Valentine's Day. Happy Valentine's Day to us right...LOL! We tried to keep life going as normal as possible for school and such. The weekend before V-day we attended a super fun "Pal-entine Party" with some friends. It was such a fun family time with friends!

Since Sis only attends school M, W, F she had her party on Monday. It is always so sweet to spend time with her in her class. The little Pre-K students are too precious! She had so much fun during her party!! It was even better for her because she left right after the party with me, which is earlier than a normal day. ;)

On Tuesday afternoon (after closing) Wyatt had his party. It's always fun but SO wild. Those K sure know how to party!! They had fun games, crafts, and snacks! Sis got to go with me to his party and she fits right in...and has a blast too!

And then the Valentine's that keeps on giving...since Mark works late on Tuesday's we didn't to celebrate as a family. We saved it for Friday. ;) Build a Bear is a fun Valentine treat we do for the kids. The past few weeks they have been "earning" different accessories and additions to their stuffed animals. It's been so cute to listen to each of them talk about what they want and why. No trip to the mall would be complete without going into the Lego store. We finished the evening with dinner at CA Pizza Kitchen as we a family. It was perfect!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

What's Up Wednesday

I can't beleive it's been a month since the last What's Up Wednesday! I am linking up with The Larson Lingo, Mix and Match Mama, and Sheaffer Told Me To and sharing what's up on this lovely Wednesday...

What are we eating.....Monday and Tuesday are crazy busy so it will be something quick. Then later in the week I am excited to make THESE meatballs and roast some sweet potato's as a side. Mmmmmm.....I also plan to

I am reminiscing about THESE TWO and their lovely little date. They were too cute together and she loved getting all dressed up.

What I am lovin' lately...preparing for our upcoming Disney trip! We are going mid-March and we can't wait!! We went in 2016 and 2015 and had SO MUCH FUN!

We have been "up to" moving, packing, settling lately. It's been amazing to see God work through this entire process with us. His favor upon us has been perfect!

I am not really dreading anything right now.

What I am working on...preparing/packing for our trip. We try to dress a certain theme each day and coordinate with cousins. This is somewhat tricky because their ages vary so much. It always turns out so cute though! Since our lives are pretty much in boxes I am also working on finding our travel essentials as well.

I am SUPER EXCITED for Saturday night. We are attending a Trivia Night at Wyatt and Sloane's school. We haven't attended this event before but have heard nothing but great things! We are going with friends for an adult night and are looking forward to this time with friends!

Mark and I are watching The Bachelor...can you even believe they spoiled some of the fun by announcing the next Bachlorette!?!?! Such a bummer!! We love our Monday night couch dates. ;)

I haven't been listening to much lately. Well, unless you count the endless hours from Mr. Talks A Lot Wyatt...LOL! My mom is probably saying I am paying for my raising right now. I didn't know a human could talk as long as he does...usually about not much important. Ha ha!!

This weekend we are having dinner with friends on Friday night, Upward Basketball and Cheer on Saturday morning and finishing off our Sat. with Trivia Night at the kids school. Sunday morning church and then lunch at our usual, McAllister's. We are hoping to have a little relax time Sunday afternoon....we shall see?!!?!?

I have already mentioned it a few times ;) this post but we are looking forward to DISNEY next month!!! We also celebrate a special little girl who turns FIVE in March too! She already has the parties planned. Ha!

I don't have much other new news...other than we are on the hunt for a house!!

The bonus question this month asks what beauty product can you NOT live without....if I am totally honest as long as I have a good moisturizer I am good to go. I am not a big make-up wearing person. I DO NOT wear make up more than I DO wear make-up. Though, if I had to pick a favorite product right now it would be Clinique Super City Block. I have used this stuff since high school. I love the way it feels and it comes tinted as well. The best part about it is the SPF is 40. That's a win win in my book! The price tag is great as well!

What a fun What's Up Wednesday! Now...bring on the weekend!!! 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Father Daughter Dance plus a date night

Sloane and Mark attended their 2nd Father Daughter dance this year. They had so much fun together.
I am sharing a little about their evening today as part of the Tuesday Talk with Ashley and Erika.

A group of dad's (and daughters) all meet for dinner together before the dance. It was so cute. After dinner they headed to the dance...

This year they had a luau theme. All of Sloane's little friends decided to go the less formal route this year and totally dressed them theme. I can day the dad's were happy to steer away from the suit and ties this year too! LOL!

After the dance Mark and Sloane grabbed some ice cream together before coming home. They had a perfect night...and while they were dancing the night away Wyatt and I had a date night as well. ;)

He requested Panda Express for dinner, Lego store, and the massage chairs for our date night. It was such a special time with him. I love that Mark and I both agree that it's important to have one on one time with each of our kids. #memories

Monday, February 20, 2017

Parent Appreciation Day

Phew, it's Monday again! I took a few days off blogging last week as we closed on our house and are "settled" as we begin the process of finding a new home. The process for us was 38 days from start to finish...from sign in yard to closing day. It was CRAZY! Mark and I moved pretty much everything ourselves into his parent's garage. We successfully put almost EVERYTHING we own on ONE side of the garage. It took both of our packing skills, which I have to say are have to say are pretty great to make that happen but it did....that's a post for a later date. ;)

With all that said we did our best to not add any stress or out of routine for Wyatt and Sloane...there was SO much going on at school the past few weeks. I can't wait to share. One of the events at school is "Parent Appreciation Day." It was so cute. Mark was able to be off for the morning and join the fun! We pretty much just follow the students around in a normal day but they added some fun activities that involved parent's in there as well. 

It was so cute to spend time with Wyatt with his friends. It's fun to see them interact in a setting where we aren't usually with him. They painted for us and we played a few fun games!

Each child had a puzzle piece that their parent's had written a special secret message to them on...They painted the puzzle piece and could read their message. After they were all dry everyone worked together on the puzzle...

Which created a giant heart.....;) 

Wyatt is a half day student so we ended our time with him playing a few minute to win it games...Valentine style! It was such a sweet morning with our boy. ;)

Thursday, February 16, 2017

They call HER mama- Erin

I am SUPER excited for my guest post today. It's the one and only SISTER!!! Her post is great. I am so happy she took the time to share some amazing mama tips because she KNOWS!!! Thanks again Sister. ;) You rock!!!


Hi all! My name is Erin and I am Emily’s younger sister. First off, I will give you the extra short version of our family timeline thus far: Pete and I married in October 2010. November 2012 we had our first precious baby girl, Zetta Mae. Shortly after our sweet surprise, Nora Katherine arrived in March 2014. God surprised us one more time with another baby girl, Willa Faye in July 2016. Needless to say, we are in the midst of toddler/baby chaos. I work full time as the office manager of a local non-profit. My husband, Pete, also works as the Finance Director at a local car dealership. We own and manage multiple rental properties together as a family. Pete and I have moved seven times together, and four since having children. Friends, let me tell you, we are BUSY. We aren’t the most organized people, but we get the job done. Today I am going to share a few things that I have learned in my (short) few years of being a full time working (outside of the home) parent household.

The truth is, I am still as crazy as ever. I feel like there aren’t enough hours in each day, and I’m ridden with mom guilt (although, three babies later and I have accepted it never goes away). My life has changed so much in the past 4 years and I still don’t feel like “myself”, but I think instead of getting back to who I was, I am becoming someone new. Life shapes us as we grow, so I am accepting this season of life for what it is, chaos and all. It’s beautiful, fun and I love it even if I feel like my head is spinning in million different directions on the daily. I like this new, mom-ified version of myself. Sure, I could really use a haircut and manicure, but that’s for another day.

Here are my tips to maintaining sanity with three kids age four and under:

It took me three kids to get here, but I have accepted it. I have accepted that I am not perfect. I use to want everything to be perfect. I wanted to make everything perfect for my girls. An organized, clean house, a home cooked meal 7x a week, play dates, my house decorated for all the holidays big and little, their outfits, hair..etc, etc. Once I let go of the guilt and accepted that I am doing my best, and it is okay if the dishes aren’t done and choose to head downstairs to play Barbie's for 30 minutes before bedtime instead. I want my girls to look back and see their mom being present in their life and not a mom who is always saying “just a second” as I am sweeping every last crumb and putting their shoes in the exact right place.

I hire someone to clean for me. Do you have a house cleaner? If your answer is no, stop reading and start searching for a cleaning lady right this instant. Worth. Every. Penny. Before I had someone else helping out I had a cleaning chart for myself and I completed one small task per day (vacuuming, bathrooms, kitchen, dusting, washing sheets, etc) rather than trying to get it all done in one day.

Meal prep. And I will repeat, meal prep. I know it is as annoying as trying to get a fitted sheet on the top bunk mattress, but the accomplished feeling is the same when it is completed. I cook about four nights a week. I have about the same thing each week. Some sort of Mexican on Tuesday, one pan chicken on Wednesday, seafood/pasta Thursday, and pizza Friday. I just turn on some music and knock it out. If you need more meal prep how to’s just comment below and maybe I will do another guest post on just that topic! I have a lot of info to share!

Finding some “me” time and not feeling guilty about it. I started a monthly supper club with a group of friends after having Willa and it has been good for my soul. Most of us are in the midst of toddlerhood and it is great to have a scheduled day each month that I know I get to have dinner with friends. I get to order what I want and don’t have to worry about sharing, wiping noses, 10 potty breaks, and at least one drink getting spilt all over the table. Okay, maybe drinks are being spilt but for totally different reasons! Ha. Find a group of friends that understand your current life and make them a priority, it is worth it!

Set a family day and stick to it. Since Sunday is the only day that Pete doesn’t officially go to work we have deemed it family day! The girls literally call it family day instead of Sunday. We wake up, go to church, and then knock the rest of our errands out as a family. Pete will drop me and two girls off at the grocery store and go do his errands with the other or we will work on a project around the house. Even if we aren’t doing fun things necessarily, we do it together, and that’s what makes it fun!

If I have learned anything in my four years of parenting it is to find what works for your family, and then do that. It is so easy to get caught up in whatever everyone else is doing via social media, but most people only post the good stuff. No one sees the behind the scene toddler fits or junk that is shoved in the oven for that picture-perfect kitchen photo. Once you can accept that every family is different, and you’re giving it all, then your life will get remarkably more fun and happy. At least mine did anyway!

Well thanks so much, sister, for having me today! It was fun! If you would like to follow my crazy family, you can find me on Instagram @erin.ressler

Have a fab day! 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Workin' It - Marriage Strong

It's the second Wednesday of February and that means Workin' It Wednesday with Erika and Shay. This month we are talking about how we work it to keep our marriage strong. Last month's topic was New Year's Goals and I had so much fun sharing!  This topic is so fitting with everything that's going on in our life right now. Selling your house and having to be out completely in about 35 days (and into your in-laws until you can find a home for yourself)  from start to finish will require some ways to keep your marriage strong. ;)

Mark and I just celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary. 2018 is the big TEN year mark. Obviously we don't have everything figured out but are so blessed to both come from parent's that are together and who love each other so much 30+ years of marriage. Mark and I were both raised in Christian homes which is a HUGE part of our life today. One of the MAIN reasons we work it together is because we have the same values and beliefs. When it comes to the "big" stuff we feel the same way. I am not saying we always agree but things such as church, discipline, what we expose our children to, etc. are things that we mostly agree on. This is something that REALLY helps us work it together!  

Again, I am totally not claiming to have marriage figured out I am simply sharing what works for us...but another way we work it is to create "us" time. This is super important! Not only for personal reasons but for kids to see their parent's loving each other. For kids to see their dad putting their mom first and their mom serving (in a biblical meaning of the word) their dad and both working together as a family. As kids come and schedules get busy sometimes we don't get a full date night but we make time to sit on the couch (the same couch;) when the kids go to bed and talk, watch our shows, and catch up from the days events.

Having fun in life helps too! LOL! This guy is just fun to be around...Mark is just that kind of guy. Other's enjoy being around him as well. He is kind, genuine, and totally a glass FULL kind of guy...that helps us work it day in and day out.

Mark and I have different roles as far as housework goes. It took us (well me)  a while to accept these roles but totally know to ask for help when we feel overwhelmed. Mark can cook, clean, and do laundry with the best of them and is always willing...I just have ask. We work it together as a team in this area and it just makes things go smoother.

Try new we know what makes each other comfortable!?!? Totally!!! Should we only do what makes US feel comfortable through life? NOPE!!!! Growing up Mark and I vacationed different, experienced different things, and even had different schooling. As we begin to travel and do new things together I love that he and I are both open to trying new things. He had never snow skied before he met me but now he can hang with the big guys. ;P  He is wiling to try new things as well as pushes me to try new things as well! This is a way we keep workin' it together! We make memories while trying NEW places and experiences together! 

Friend time...Mark and I haven't ever been a couple to keep tabs, tally, or even "allow" each other to do certain things. Thankfully trust hasn't been an issue and we desire each other to have fun. I want him to have time with friends...everyone needs that. He encourages me to do the same. Having friends, like really good friends, other than your spouse is another way we work it

Again, this post has been fun to think about Mark and I's relationship, by no means do we have it figured out. We have been through things most couples will never go through and I know without a doubt that the bond we share through the loss of a child is something that only made us stronger. We put Christ first and he will pave the way for us....

Thanks for reading how we are WORKIN' IT!!!! 

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