Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Let's Talk...FALL

It's time for "let's talk...fall edition." I do love summer but I don't complain as fall rolls around. I am usually ready for crisp air, fall clothes, and some apple pickin'. ;) We have love our family traditions but it seems we have so many in the fall. We are looking forward to them for sure!!!

Sam A Baker state park:
My parent's have been going sine they were 18...I can't remember ever missing a year. It's so much fun! We spend time with cousins, fire, good food, and lots of laughs!!!

With living in STL we have so many opportunities to go pickin'. Wyatt and Sloane both love these traditions. It's so fun to do these special things as a family!
Pumpkin Picking ;)  and more Pumpkins

Peach pickin'  and apples...

One of my favorite fall traditions is Boo at the Zoo. Mark and I have gone for at least 6 years now. Some family joins the's always such a blast!

I can't list my fall favorites without mentioning my love for fall clothes...a pair of jeans and a comfy sweater is a must! Bring on the crisp air and pretty landscape.....

Monday, August 29, 2016


We made it to the back next week!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Baby Shower

Last weekend I spent Saturday in Jackson. I attended a baby shower in the morning and then had a fun event in the evening. The shower was so cute! The decorations and ideas were so sweet. Baby girl is totally spoiled already. ;)

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Back to School

Last Monday Wyatt and Sloane started back to school. It was a crazy week! It was tough on all of us. 6 am is pretty early to wake sleeping children ;( I was really rainy the first 2 days. Thankfully the little overhang saved us while we were snapping pictures! LOL

Wyatt was a little nervous but he held in his tears..until we were in the car. ;( Thankfully we aren't super far from school. Ha ha! The first day of school is always overwhelming. There are so many parent's and just people in general. It was crazy!! Mark took off so it was nice to have him there as well.

Sloane started Pre-K with the same teacher Wyatt had last year. She was VERY excited. I am pretty sure she wasn't nervous at all. We had to call her back from the class to get a hug and kiss. Isn't the difference in children so interesting!?!?!

I am glad the first week is over and routine is underway...

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Gentle reminders...

I don't believe I am typing these words: Wyatt is officially a Kindergartner. He goes to school 5 days a week. I understand to some this may not be a big deal but to me/us it is huge. Wyatt has been with my since he was born. We have spent our days together...those are days I will never forget. There were and still are so many emotions. (It's only his 3rd day) I have been told it gets easier. I don't know if I believe it...I think like most changes I will learn to cope better, making it "easier." Change isn't bad. Change isn't bad. Change isn't bad. LOL! ;)

As we walked into school on Sunday during the open house this is the FIRST thing we saw:

If you have been following my blog for any amount of time you have learned the significance of the pinwheel. If not, as a family it's our little Ryder reminder. Mark and I both have a pinwheel tattoo. We take family pictures with a pinwheel. We have small ones used as decor around the house. can imagine the feeling when we all walked into his classroom and saw this rug. Wyatt says "It's just like Ryder is in Kindergarten with me." *insert lots of tears from me*

God is good...ALL. THE. TIME. even when you least expect it he will never leave nor forsake us. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Dear Summer 2016

Dear Summer 2016,

   Oh summer of ' were so good to us! I can't believe you have come and gone. I am very thankful we still have a beach trip look forward's a perfect way to say farewell. We kicked off the summer with the school picnic...we lived it up...BIG TIME this year. Without a doubt School Picnic 2017 will be the best one yet!

Preschool and Pre-K ended...Wyatt didn't know what Kindergarten really meant yet. Sloane was READY to be in Wyatt's old class and pretty much take on the world. LOL!!! 

And then this happened....Wyatt turned 6...what the heck!?!?! How did he turn SIX!?!?!?

We partied Scooby Doo style with friends and family...

When June came we hit the pool HARD...

We also started checking things off our summer bucket list. Bowling was the one of the first things on the list! They had so much fun! I am pretty sure Sloane beat us all. ;)

And making smore's the non-camping way...;)

Sloane finished the dance year with her recital. She loves dancing so much and can't wait to get started again. She performed so well and loved having family there to watch her!!! She is excited to be able to dance in a "big girl" class this year.

We closed out June with an engagement party for Mark's cousin. They have asked Wyatt and Sloane to be in the wedding party. They are both REALLY excited too!! We had so much fun celebrating with friends and family.

Mark and I went on a triple date. We had so much fun with friends on an adult night. A long dinner and an escape room was a BLAST!!!
The pool dates continued...

We also "found" the library this summer. We couldn't stay away. I think we made a trip about every week! Each week it was like a brand new place...LOL! We had our first book club day at home together. We even went to a magic show one morning at the library.

We have themed dinners around these parts and Shark Week is just one example. The kids loved helping plan and setting up for these dinners. They actually have been helping with the menu and to prepare the food as well.

I thought June kept us really busy but then July came!!! We had so much fun! We started the month by celebrating America's b-day. #merica

We kept swimming and moved the party to J-town for a few days. We had fun with cousins and family that we don't see nearly enough! My mom had a b-day in June and we celebrated a few weeks late with a fun family dinner at my sisters house. 

Wyatt and Sloane really love to help in the kitchen. I had been to a fun dinner place that lets you make frozen dinners without the mess at home. I knew they would love to go with me sometime so we made sure to squeeze that in this summer as well. Time for Dinner was a hit and they are already asking to go back! We made a few dinners for us to try but also made a few for my sister and her family since she was due to have a baby at any point. ;)

While we were in the cooking mood I tried these mason jar salads...they were a hit for sure!! #pinterest

July continued and we went to our church picnic, discovered snap chat, and swam with more cousins...#takemeback

Since we don't go on our family vacation until the last weekend in Aug. we took a little weekend getaway to the lake with friends. We had so much fun!!

Baby Willa entered the world and I got to be in the room (thanks again Sista) to witness the entire was truly an amazing experience. There is nothing like it!!! She is perfect!!!

Mark's cousin and her family came in from AZ. She stayed a few weeks. One of the evenings we all got together for ice cream...

We went back to Jackson to celebrate my brother and him graduating from college! It was a super fun weekend with a fish fry, swimming, and lots of outdoor fun.

At the end of July Mark and I went on the 2nd annual float trip...and just like last year had so much fun!!!

We continued to mark things off our bucket list as we entered August. We saw movies at the theater and even in 3D. ;) We made a few trips to IKEA as well. Sloane was a model for a friends Etsy shop as she was sewing a costume for an order placed by Diane Sawyer!!!!

Even though things seemed super busy we did enjoy some down time. Mornings and even late afternoons were reserved for snuggles and iPad time. That's what summer is all about right?!!?

 We rounded out the summer with me getting to visit a friend that had a new baby, Cardinals game date night, Jammin at the Zoo, and Wild West Murder Mystery party.

The last weekend before school started we celebrated my b-day, swam a lot, and enjoyed time with friends and family!! This summer was one for the books for sure! I didn't want it to end. It went by WAY TO FAST!!! Only 10 days until the beach!!!!

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