Wednesday, April 27, 2016

What's Up Wednesday?

I am linking up with Shay, Mel, and Scheaffer today. This link up is the last Wednesday of each month...
* What we are eating this week...
During the week we follow a pretty strict routine lately. We have tacos (lettuce shells), turkey burgers, BBQ chicken, shrimp, and CARDINALS game on the menu this week

* What I am reminiscing about...
Those SUMMMMMEEEEERRRRRR NIIIIIIGHTSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!...said in true GREASE fashion... (and days FULL of  pool, sun, and time together with NOTHING to do)

*What I am loving...
This weather! It's been AMAZING!!! The sun and the breeze has been GREAT!!!

*What we have been up to...
Busy, busy, busy...we have been spending time with friends and REALLY enjoying our Friday Fundays. ;) I can't wait to create our summer list of things we want to do together!!!

*What I am dreading...
This kid turning SIX #cuethetears #stopgrowing #ican'tstandit

*What I am working on...
We are working on the yard, garage, and screened in porch to prepare for the summer months. We LOVE spending time on the back porch...nothing beats being outside on the porch with a FAN and SCREENS blocking the bugs during those summer nights!!

*What I am excited about...
(Last year's recital) 
Sis has her dance recital next month. She LOVES dance so much. She has really been working hard on her dances and can't wait to get on the stage with family and friends watching!!

*What I am watching/reading...
Unfortunately my reading is slacking. ;( I am REALLY going to work in my reading this summer. I plan to schedule "reading" into our daily routine for summer, something I am really looking forward to. Watching though....LOTS!!! Mark and I have lots of shows we watch. You can read about our shows HERE

*What I am listening to... sounds a little weird even to myself. I have been using the time 2 times a week for the 3 hours I am alone to just work in silence. I love me some good music but I have been praying aloud and just enjoying the peace and quite alone. I don't like to have too much but this has been the perfect amount.

*What I am wearing...
I am loving my shorts, tanks, and flip flops in all colors ;)

*What I am doing this weekend...
It seems we are SO BUSY the next few weekends. It's all fun stuff but we have something everyday of the weekend. This weekend I have a baby shower to attend. We have a "fancy feast," which is an all day event, Cardinals game, a friend staying at the house, and I am sure Mark will squeeze golf in there as well.

What I am looking forward to next month...

SUMMER BREAK!!!!! (and swimming)


  1. What beautiful weather you're having. Still so cold in Canada! And how cute are the littles?!

  2. I live in StL and teach Kindergarten. Would you mind telling me the location of the field trip? It looks interesting and fun.

    1. The recent field trip was Powder Valley ;)


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