Thursday, March 31, 2016

Pancakes and Pajamas

My niece, Nora, celebrated her 2nd b-day a few weeks ago. They had a PJ's and pancakes party and it was so sweet! My sister did an amazing job throwing the party! We all had a blast!! 

There was a little kid table and they all had a fun coloring sheet at their place. She got them all little cups with their names on them to take home as favors. This isn't all the kids but the most sitting at one time. ;) 

My favortie part was the display of the food! It was so fun! I just saw a fun wedding shower done this way with cheese and wine and then she sent me the picture of her set stinkin' cute is this?!!?!? I took the picture from above...

We all had so much fun! Wyatt and Sloane both thought it was so funny to get to wear their PJ's to the party. LOL! Happy 2nd B-day to Nora K ;) We love you!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Spring Break 2016

Last week was Spring Break for Wyatt and Sloane. The had the entire week before Easter off school as well as the following Monday. It was so nice to get to spend time together relaxing and doing fun special things they wanted to do while on Spring Break! The last day before break they made fun little bags for their teachers. They love carrying treats into school and handing them out. ;)

 We started Spring Break with a date night, LOL! We had so much fun on a double date....we started dinner at 5pm and had a blast! We can't wait to do it again. One 19 North Tapas was AMAZING! We all enjoyed the appetizers so much...if only we would have stopped there!  Ha ha!!

First thing Monday morning we met friends at Yucandu Art Studio. It is such a neat place in downtown Webster Groves. The kids had a blast all creating their own projects. I have to say it was nice to not have to do the clean up after this craft session. We walked over to a fun pizza place while the sealed and dried all our projects.

Monday evening the Dumey's came over for dinner and to dye Easter eggs. It's always a fun time with them and the kids really enjoyed dying the eggs together. They get more and more creative each year.

Sis and I are baking from Mix and Match Mama's cook book and I can't wait to post about it! We baked 2 of the cakes while on break. She loves to bake and can crack an egg better than any 4 year around. LOL!!!

Another morning we met more friends at a nearby park. It was one we don't go to often and it has recently be updated so they had so much fun!! The weather was GREAT! The played for almost 2 hours while Erin and I got to chat. ;)

Another item on the list of activities was to go swimming. They got to swim at Disney World so now they have the itch...what can I say?!!? They are little fish. ;) Since it's  not warm enough here to swim outside yet we found an indoor one for them. The open swim time didn't start until 4pm so it was pretty tricky for kids that are preparing for bed around 6pm....they swam until about 6 and we headed home. We all had so much fun!!

We have been enjoying our themed dinners...Easter was no exception. I even found this fun pasta to serve them! They loved it!

We had so much fun over Spring Break! I think by having Wyatt and Sloane help create the list it made them love all our activities even more!! Yahoo for a being another week closer to summer break!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter 2016

We had a busy weekend celebrating Jesus!! We got to spend lots of time with fun!!! We started our weekend Friday morning as we headed to Jackson to be with my family. Friday night we celebrate March b-days together. My mom always does an amazing job of decorating with a theme and it always has a little something for everyone. LOL! Sloane and Nora were all about Tinkerbell and my brother's b-day is actually on St. Patrick's day so thank goodness Tinkerbell is green.  Ha ha! 

We spent a lot of Friday parent's have a BIG yard so no one ever wants to come inside.;)

We woke up Saturday morning with Easter in full swing. LOL! My mom, sister, and I ran out really quick together and got our nails done. It was nice to get a little time together, even if it was short lived. After nails the Mark and I took the kids to visit my g-ma. We don't get to see her much since we don't live in the same town but we do try to make it over there when we are in town. It was nice to get to visit.

 We got back to my parent's to see the Easter bunny had come and gone...eggs EVERY where and baskets were FILLED!!! My mom got these green mustaches for the party Friday night but we didn't get a picture so we had to set a timer and get one on Saturday.

After the hunt was over the best part got started...opening ALL. THE. EGGS!!!! It's not just candy at Eesie and Poppie's so they always love going through the eggs!! 

and always being silly...

and speaking of being silly...good ol'Uncle Billy ;)

and always a Family Photo ;)

Saturday evening around bedtime we loaded the car back up and headed back to STL. Sloane started not feeling well Sat. afternoon. We got home and put both kids in bed...we woke up Easter morning....and Sis seemed a little better. 

We grabbed an early lunch after church, visited Ryder at the cemetery, let out the Dumey's dog, baked a cake, and then got to get the Easter baskets at home. Around 2pm we went over to Mark's Aunt and Uncle's house for more Easter fun...

Sis fell asleep with my holding her right after the egg hunt. We spent time with Mark's extended family before going to Mark's parents. We spent a little time over there and headed home a little before bedtime. Sis wasn't feeling well by this point and was really tired. ;( My arms are sore from holding her all day. LOL! And I don't have many pictures either....;(

It was such a good weekend spent with family celebrating our risen Lord!! 

Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Easter

I hope everyone enjoyed Easter yesterday. We spent a great long weekend with was GREAT! Today is the last day before Wyatt and Sloane head back to school from Spring break. We are going to soak it up. ;) Just for fun you can read about some of our past Easters below:

Easter 2013 pt 1  pt 2  pt 3 
Easter 2012 pt 1 pt 2 pt 3

Friday, March 25, 2016

Friday Favorites & Disney World Day 5

It's FINALLY Friday...this week has been super fun but it seemed to drag for sure! Doesn't every full week after vacation do that to ya?? The kids were on Spring break this week and we made a check list of everything they wanted to I am finishing up my vacation posts as well as posting my Friday Favs ;) Hope you enjoy!! I have had a few questions regarding our trip...I am planning to post next week and answer those questions. So, if you have any more questions be sure to post them in the comments of this post. Also if you missed the other days recaps you can read them:

Our last was sort of a free for all...we had enough time to ask everyone..."is there anything you want to do before we leave?" It's always nice to end on a smooth and steady note. That's when you know you have conquer Disney. #justkidding #whenarewegoingback #notsoonenough

We got to the parks pretty early since it was our last day. Magical express was picking us up at 6:30 since our flight was 9:50. (last flight to STL for the night ;)) Some rode Tower of Terror again...some when to Starbucks. LOL!

We revisited the Star Wars area in search of a plush BB-8 (which we ended up having to buy at the Disney store when we got home because he was NO WHERE to be found at DW) The boys also built light-sabers. While they held their light sabers the girls felt the force for the picture...LOL

The first day not everyone rode Figment so they had to repeat that one as well...

We got back to the resort and gathered all our stuff that was bag checked. (all our carry on stuff) All our other items were already sent off the be checked at the airport. #amazingservice We love Magical Express! As we were in the gift shop trying to use up our last few snack credits and all crying as we said our goodbyes, we got the notification our flight had been delayed. ;( We didn't change the bus pick up time because we decided it was better to be at the airport in case anything changed again....well....

It was pushed from 9:30 to 10:50 by the time all was worked out and this was Sis before boarding the plane. Ya---that cat nap around 8pm does a body good!?!?!? Once on the plane all 4 of us closed our eyes and pretty much slept until we landed. HOME SWEET HOME!!! 

We had another amazing Disney vacation and couldn't be more thankful for Kyle and Shelly!!! We had such an awesome time!! Hope to See ya real soon Mickey #insertheartemojis #andlotsoftears

Now onto some Friday Favorites...I love linking up with Erika, Narci, and Andrea on Fridays. ;) I always have some great weekend reading material.

Friday Favorites Easter basket edition :)
We are usually at my parent's Easter morning so I haven't ever really done baskets because it's would be pretty hard to EVER top my mom (and dad)'s Easter baskets. I didn't attempt that at all this year but I did want the kids to have a few fun things in their baskets and I even filled a basket for Mark this year! #wifeoftheyear #justkidding #itwasfun

I added images of a few items in each basket...I tried to keep the kids baskets "even."

So here are a few of my boy favorite basket goodies...


A few of girl favorite basket goodies...

And lastly...for the Mr. ;)

Happy we celebrate with candy and bunnies let us remember the real reason we celebrate this special holiday.

HE IS RISEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Disney World Day 4

Day 4...Sloane's 4th Birthday!!!! If you missed the previous days you can click below to read them:

Sloane had been waiting for her actual b-day since the day we left...well actually the weekend before we left because that's when we had her party. Oh, to in the mind of a 4 yr. old! ;) She woke to us singing Happy Birthday to her. We got ready and met everyone else for the character Cape May Cafe breakfast. While we were waiting I was able to snap a few pictures of the birthday girl! 

Even though it was breakfast they still celebrated the right way...with a cupcake!! 

After breakfast we thought it would be fun to take the 2 story ferry across the lake. We hadn't even rode this particular boat so Wyatt and Sloane thought it was so neat! You could see the castle the entire ride...we just kept getting closer and closer to her castle.

I am pretty sure this is my favorite picture from the trip! It's the 8 of us...#schmitzpartyof8furdisney We totally created our own #. This ride, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, is the ride Sis was waiting to ride since last year. She was told she was tall enough 2 of the 3 check points last year and was then devistarted when she was told no...;( She patiently waited an entire year and was SOOOO ready!! This was our first stop when walking into the park! Mark videoed her the entire ride and it's priceless. It actually makes me cry...Disney Magic = nothing like it!

 After the ride the girls headed to the Pirate Lair to get dressed as mermaids. We opted out of Bippity Boppity Boutique this time. They enjoyed it last year but wanted something different this time. The boys wanted nothing to do with face paint and dressing they watched Jack Sparrow outside. ;)

As good as we could get them to dress up...LOL! 

Believe it or not after all my times at Disney I still had never tried a Dole Whip...Ariel introduced me since she loves them! ;) It was SOOO good. I totally need to find how to create one at home. #everyonesaysthatiamsure

Splash Mountain- sidenote: since my BIL knows where all the cameras are he loves to pose #hencetheselfietakingman Sloane on the other hand is NOT posing...this is how she rides coasters. She is fearless and has her hands up the ENTIRE time. Mark and Wyatt are sitting in front of them and as you can tell not as fearless. *LOVE IT*

After rides and snacks we took the obligatory castle pictures ;) and enjoyed lunch at Tomorrowland Terrace Restaurant.

The birthday girl wanted a selfie with her and Ariel #selfierequestbythe4yearold #wehavetrouble 

We visited Ariel's Grotto so the girls could get their pictures with Ariel...

We rode Dumbo, Big Thunder Mt. Railroad, Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger...

Mad Tea Party, Monsters Inc. Pirates of the Caribbean, Space Mt., The Barnstormer, and PeopleMover...

We ended the evening with dinner at the ESPN Zone with Wyatt asleep in my lap and Sloane asleep in the stroller. I would call it another successful birthday at Disney!! ;) 
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