Monday, February 29, 2016

Weekend Recap

Phew, this weekend was a busy one for sure! It was all fun stuff but crammed into one weekend. It seems that always happens!?!?

Friday morning at school drop off our friends brought their new puppy...#toocute #butIdontwantit

After school we came home for lunch before deciding what our Friday funday was going to consist of...we all decided on The Magic House!!! We are members so it's nice to be able to just go for a few hours on random days like this. We had a blast! It wasn't too crowded and they have had a major overhaul since the last time we were there so it was so fun!

Friday night was a crazy one...LOL!!  Wyatt and Sloane love making up their own games, usually some form of a carnival game that already exists but tweaked a little so it's theirs...;) Thankfully Mark was home so he got to be the contestant instead of me. I think this game consisted of hitting some target with one of the 1,000 Disney tsum tsum's - you got to try until the bucket was empty.

Mark's uncle also came over and so graciously helped put the thresholds to the 4 rooms remaining from the floor update. Now 2 of the doors don't close. #insertmademojihere #theprojectthatneverends

Saturday morning Mark and I had plans to meet some friends we don't get to see very often for brunch. One of them was celebrating a birthday and it's always an excuse to get together. Some of the people meeting went to Chiropractic school with Mark. I love that we all stay in touch...not only using social media. We actually still chat face to face. LOL!

While we were at brunch Wyatt and Sloane got to hang with their cousins! Sloane woke a little before 7 and was READY to leave. This was her at 7:15. We didn't need to leave the house until 9:00 a.m. #didntendwell

Brunch crew:

After brunch we went back to get the kids. Without a question they wanted to stay longer...after a few details got worked out I ended up with a few kidless hours. I got SO MUCH finished during that time! I love being with them but I also don't like to have haul them all around running errands so this made everyone happy! I had to take a picture, WHILE STOPPED AT A STOP LIGHT #thankyouverymuch #mysistertriedtocallmeout to document the moment. ;)

I was bust with cookies this week and so the weekend also consisted of pick ups and/or deliveries as well...

Like I said before we had a lot crammed into one weekend but all fun stuff. Saturday night we met friends for dinner. I see and talk to Juli quite a bit the boys don't get to spend as much time together. It's nice to have a double date with friends every once in a while. Time well spent for sure!!

We were lucky enough that the kids got to hang with cousins again..and this is just one of the pictures I received...and if you look closely...yes, Wyatt has shrimp with butter because my SIL can't say no...LOL!

Sunday we got up and got ready for church. After church we met Mark's family for lunch. It was his sister's b-day so it was fun to get to grab lunch together.

After lunch we dropped Mark off at home to change for golf and we went to visit some friends. I took some stuff over to embroider while the kids ran around crazy outside enjoying the sunshine.

Around dinner time we left and ran home for a bit. I cleaned off the screened porch while Wyatt and Sloane continued to play outside. After finishing up a few things inside we went over the the Dumey's for dinner. It's been too long since we have enjoyed a #schumey Sunday dinner. It was short but sweet. Bedtime was calling EVERYONE's name...

Phew- what a weekend fun of FUN!! 11 days until Disney and we have a birthday party for Sis in 5 days...keep the crazy going!!!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Friday Favorites

I am linking up Erika, Andrea, and Narci with for another post of Friday Favorites. Is it Friday already? Really!?!? I don't know about you but this week flew by for me. I have quite a few items on my "to-do" list the next few weeks but they are all SUPER fun. Packing for Disney and preparing for Sis's FOURTH b-day party, yes-I said 4th ;(, are both on the list...I can't wait!!! We get back home just a few days before St. Patrick's Day. In my mommy brain I want to have a few fun things already planned to help us celebrate when we get home. I came up with a list of the festive projects to tackle with the kids...

So my Friday Favorites, "St. Patrick's Style"

1. Food:

This Mint Oreo Bark looks amazing and something fun Wyatt and Sloane would enjoy making and eating. ;)

Buying sugar cereal like this isn't something we do very often so they always love to bake with it when we get it...we LOVE rice krispie treats around here so I am sure this version using trix will be a HUGE hit as well! 

2. Craft:

Doesn't this look like so much fun!?!? Wyatt and Sloane are BIG into painting lately...they will love this leprechaun painting with a fork.

You can't go wrong with a good ol'coloring page either...I always use something like this as a craft but then we pick someone we don't see often and mail it to them. Who doesn't love to get a fun festive coloring page in the mail!?!? ;)

3. Funnies

I can't help but laugh about this one...and unfortunate I know Wyatt and Sis would think this is hilarious!!

4. Games:

BINGO is a fun game and something both kids love to play...

What a fun Friday favorite!! I have created a St. Patrick's board on Pinterest. I posted all these fun fins as well as a few more!  You can check it out HERE

Happy Friday and hope you all have a GREAT weekend!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

A day in the life...Thursday

Last Thursday I documented what a normal, if that is even an option, Thursday looks like around our household. These posts take a lot of time but I enjoy going back and reading them so it's worth it. ;) 

Sis wakes around 6am every morning. This creates some one on one time with  her and I...even if it is just snuggling on the couch watching the ipad or TV, still enjoy it. 

We take a few mins. to wake and then I begin to prepare for the day...Wyatt and Mark are still sleeping so I move laundry, brush my teeth, empty know, all the mom stuff. LOL!

A little before 7am Wyatt wakes up. He is on our bed with Mark and they start watching a little TV before getting up. Right after "good morning" the next words are Wyatt's request for his instant breakfast...this is his routine, mess with it and you will regret it. #nolie Sloane used to drink it as well but we have cut out most of her dairy due to her bad eczema. I prepare her strawberries with a little sugar instead.

Sloane is dressed pretty quick and she requests Mark to play their new board game with her. He says yes and they play 1,000 times before he has to get ready for work. On Thursday he leaves around 11:30 so he begins getting ready around 10:45 or so. I finish getting myself and the kids ready to go run a few errands before lunch.

We make it to the car....a little before 11.

No morning full of errands is complete without Starbucks. Black coffee for me with a few drops of Stevia today #ireallywantamocha 

We make it to the grocery...this is a typical grocery trip for me. One who wants to walk and look at everything and one who doesn't look up from his DS except to request we buy junk food. ;) I have been really trying not to hurry them along while we run errands like this...I don't want them to feel constantly rushed. We didn't have anywhere to be that afternoon so I wanted them to enjoy.

This display was literally screaming my name as I WALKED BY....#ididntbuyany

By the time we got back in the car from the grocery they were crazy kids?!!?! No rushing and we had a great time...even though going to the grocery is VERY high on the top of my HATED chores list.

While I was unloading the grocery and putting everything away Wyatt and Sloane were taking advantage of the sunshine! Scooters and bikes ;) I also did all the prep work for dinner that evening.

I had to beg them to come in for lunch...late lunch - Wyatt had shrimp with butter (his current favorite) and strawberries, Sloane had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a clementine They both also wanted pretzels. Sis got pizza goldfish at the store and couldn't wait to eat them...gross but she loved them!

After lunch we went over to a friends house...and played with the new AMAZING embroidery machine!! The projects are endless and we had some much fun. All the kids played outside for a few was perfect!

We made it home in time for showers and bed. They have school on Fridays so Thursday nights are shower nights. Blah! They finished their showers and Sloane had me braid her hair while it was wet so it would be wavy. Thursdays are late nights for Mark. The kids are asleep when he gets home so I make them their own dinner separate from Mark and I.

They enjoyed "long noodles," which is spaghetti noodles with sprinkle Parmesan cheese. They had more strawberries, their current fav if you can't tell, with whip cream. Wyatt watched a movie in his room while I laid with Sis. When I got up from her room he was already asleep. 7:02 BAM!

I began dinner for Mark and I...beef and broccoli with cauliflowers rice. It was AMAZING!!! Mark finally made it home...

We enjoyed dinner together. I cleaned up the dishes and we got ready to watch our Thursday evening TV lineup! THE BEST NIGHT OF THE WEEK!!!

 It was close to 9pm before we got to start but well worth the wait...

Thank goodness for DVR...and that Mark doesn't work on Fridays!! We went to bed pretty late but date night every Thursday is so fun for us! ;) Phew, what a day-

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

What's Up Wednesday

I can't believe it's already the last Wednesday of February! I am linking up with Mix and Match Mama, Pinterest Told Me To, and The Larson Lingo for What's Up Wednesday.

What we're eating this week... We are eating clean...BIG TIME! Last night we had turkey burgers with romaine lettuce as the buns. Some tomato, pickles, and a little mustard as garnish...tonight I am trying a new stuffed pepper recipe ;)

What I'm reminiscing about... Last weekend and warmer weather!!! We had record highs for Feb. here in STL last weekend. It really made me realize how ready I am for summer!!

What I am loving...I am enjoying all the stores with the spring and summer items out. It has taken major self control to not go crazy and buy all things spring but it's still fun to browse.

What we have been up to...We have been loving the weather and being outside. The kids have spent so many afternoons on the screened in porch just playing together or riding scooters in the driveway.

What I am dreading...packing for our trip. #firstworldproblems #iknow It's just tricky...we are outside from sunrise to well after dark but in FL My SIL and I also try to coordinate clothes for the kids so that adds a little more planning. It's all fun so I guess I am not dreading it but it is one of those things in the back of my mind I am ready to check off my list. Thankfully my routine allows the suitcase to be open "gathering items" in just a few days!

What I am working on...Our kitchen floors- we have finished 99% but that 1% seems to drag on FOREVER. We are so close to being finished! I can't wait to post about the finished product!

What I am excited about...We are having Sloane b-day party the weekend before her actual birthday because we will be at Disney over the actual day. I have been planning for a while but am excited to get to out the ideas into action soon!

What I am watching/reading...I recently posted about this- you can read it HERE

What I am listening to...currently as I type this post both kids are cuddled in on the couch watching hobby kids tv on you tube, do yourself a favor and take my word for's terrible...but they love it ;/

What I am wearing...I am really loving my skinny jeans and a comfortable long sleeved shirt with my Converse ;) Bring on SPRING!!

What I am doing this weekend...Dinner with friends and a fun birthday breakfast for a friend we haven't seen in a while!!

What I am looking forward to next month...DISNEY WORLD!!!!

What is your favorite Easter tradition? I love hunting eggs at my parents house. Growing up we always had a big hunt at my grandmas and this is something my mom has continued the tradition with her grandkids! So fun!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Weekend Recap

Last weekend was AMAZING! The weather was perfect, we had time to relax but had busy time as well. We had so much fun together. It really makes me excited for Spring and Summer...but mostly Summer because I am over this whole school thing. LOL!

Friday started off grand!!! Both Wyatt and Sloane wanted to wear their new Star Wars shirts (we are gearing up for another Disney trip so we are gathering our clothes;)) They were super excited to get to wear them to school. It was already warm and they didn't need jackets. Yahoo!!!

After school, because the weather was AMAZING, we decided to take the kids to the zoo. The get out at 11:00 so we ran home and ate lunch there before heading to the zoo. We haven't been since the Wild Lights display at Christmas so we were all excited! Mark and I had prepared ourselves for it to be super crowded but it actually wasn't bad at all. Phew!!! There were points throughout the afternoon the kids were sweating. Yahoo for warm weather!!!

After the zoo we went back and home rested a little before going to Mark's parents house. We were celebrating his sister and dad's birthdays. The kids always have fun because they get to have an evening with cousins! ;)

Saturday morning we woke to more great weather! We had a few errands we needed to run so we loaded up and took care of those. We also made a stop at Toys R US to reward Wyatt for some improving sleeping habits. #thestruggleisstillrealatfive #donotjudgeplease

Mark is trying to take Wyatt to the driving range more so we headed there after errands...

The picture of Sloane looks like she is all about it and super interested but this is actually how she spent most of the time at the range...playing with the pooping Barbie dog. ;/

Saturday evening Mark and I met some friends for an adult dinner. It was so nice to catch up with old friends and enjoy dinner with no interruptions. Much needed every once in a while. We got back home and both kids were fast asleep for the win!

Sunday morning was like usual- get ready for church...for some reason it doesn't matter what time I get up on Sunday's we are always rushing to get out the door.

We came home for lunch after church and Mark got ready for golf. Sloane was upset to leave Maw Maw and Paw Paw's Friday night so we had arranged for her to go back over there on Sunday. Maw Maw came and picked Sis up and Wyatt and I spent some time at the house. I prepared for the week and finished the ironing. We ran to Target together and made a stop at Starbucks. We sat down together and enjoyed our treats. It was so fun to get some one on one time with him. So special ;)

We ended the weekend with some time at Maw Maw and Paw Paw's house watching the end of the golf tournament on TV. Perfect! 

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Marshmallow Fun- Valentine Style

 I totally can't take credit for the planning of this SUPER fun Valentine's evening we had over the weekend. Andrea over @ Momfessionals created this fun "marshmallow day" with her kids and was sweet enough to share these printables on her blog! We all had so much fun!

I started by printing these fun sheets and grabbing a few bags of marshmallows from the grocery store. I was lucky enough to find a bag of heart shaped ones this late in the game. ;) The kids were SUPER excited! The cups had different images, numbers, and math problems on them. Instead of just grabbing with their fingers I had them use different utensils to get the marshmallows from the bowls.

We made this a fun evening so they didn't get to color the cup papers that night. We colored the next afternoon after church. Then we actually used them as placements during our fun Valentine's dinner. After the papers we used toothpicks and editable markers to create fun designs...

We finished up with fun get up and move activity. It was already dark so we had to make due with our limited amount of space inside...but they still had fun!!! Marshmallow relays!!!!!
We all had such a fun family evening celebrating Valentine's weekend!!!
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