Friday, December 30, 2016

Friday Favorites 2016 Edition

It's Friday again and it's the last one of 2016!!! I can't believe it!! I am linking up with Erika, Narci, and Andrea to share my favorites from 2016. I thought it would be fun to share my favorite post from each month. ;) So bare with me...


I recently talked about our trip to CA with Mark's family. The posts about that trip were by far my favorite from January. 
Pt. 1
I loved this day!!! We had so much fun with marshmallows as a family. ;) 

Then hands down my favorite posts in March were all about our trip to Disney World. You can read those posts...

In April I shared "my story," something that was heavy on my heart. I struggled posting it but listened to what the Lord told me to say. I feel like it was actually one of my favorite posts from 2016. 


In May I wrote my b-day letter to Wyatt...always a great read. ;) 


In June Angie asked us to participate in a Lifestyle photo shoot for her. She takes all our pictures in STL and it amazing!! Her work is GREAT and she is so patient. I shared some of the pictures from that day on THIS post. 


In July I shared the entire process of our kitchen remodel. It was a long post and felt like the remodel took a while to complete but it was worth it in the end. I think THIS POST was up in the top 5 for 2016. 

In August we had another fun book club day. This time is was Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Caroline joined in on the fun too! They are still talking about that day!! 

We went as a family of 4 to Daytona Beach in September. I can't say it was the best vacation we have ever been on but it was fun to get away and be together. ;) It took 2 posts to share about our trip.
Pt. 1
Pt. 2


In October we spent a weekend at Sam A Baker start park. This is a yearly tradition with my mom's side of the family. As the year pass by this is becoming more and more special to me.


In November I shared a some of our Christmas traditions. It was a Let's Chat link up that I had fun writing.


L:astly...December, over Thanksgiving break we had family pictures taken while at my parent's house. This is the 6th year we have done this and I love how they turned out this year. I shared some of the pictures in THIS post.

Phew, what a post!!! Thanks for reading until the end.
Happy New Year!!!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Hot Chocolate Bar

We had Mark's family over for dessert and hot chocolate. Wyatt and Sloane love hot chocolate so I thought it would be fun to do something cute for the evening. I looked around online to find a few ideas that I liked and started with that...

I set up some serving dishes for the display. It helps to use different jars and containers to get the difference in height and texture. I placed chocolate Hershey holiday bells, York peppermint patties, candy cane, and some sprinkles on a tray as toppings. I also had holiday creamer as well as Reddi Whip.

We all enjoyed hot chocolate and each others company!! 

Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Card & Letter 2016

I would love to send everyone out there in blog world a Christmas card but that just isn't possible so...I am doing the next best thing...sharing it on my blog! I hope you enjoy!! 

Dear Family and Friends,            

I can’t even believe I am writing our Christmas letter already. It just seems like yesterday we were celebrating the ending of 2015. Whoever said “the days are long and the years are short,” wasn’t lying. We had so many ups and downs this year but are still so very thankful for the blessings we have been given.
We rang in the New Year while vacationing in Southern California with Mark’s family. It was a trip of a lifetime for sure! Disney Land, Lego Land, Sea World, and much more made the trip one to remember! Mark and I celebrated 8 years of marriage in January as well.
In February we had a few days of unusually nice weather. We took bike rides, went to the driving range, and even had a fun filled day with a marshmallow theme! Sloane attended her 1st Daddy/Daughter dance at school and LOVED every second of it. We also spent a few weekends trying to finish a DIY Kitchen remodel. ;)
The month of March is to celebrate Sloane…at least that’s what she thinks. Ha! Sloane turned 4 this year! I know, it’s still hard to type. We were in Disney World over her birthday again this year. Sloane pretty much thinks she is real princess. Once again we vacationed hard with Mark’s brother and his family!  We made so many awesome memories that we will cherish FOREVER! Easter was also in March this year.  We enjoyed this time with friends and family as we celebrated our risen King.
In April my grandpa from CA came to visit my parents. We took a trip to Jackson and enjoyed his visit! As a family we continued to take bike rides, go the driving range, and were even able to take a few trips to the STL Zoo. The school year was coming to a close as well. Busy, busy, busy!
May = school is out for Summer!! Our plan was to soak up every minute since Wyatt was to start Kindergarten in August. The school picnic is a highlight of the month as well as to CELEBRATE Wyatt. He turned 6 years old. He is such a sweet boy. He has a gentle spirit and is always thinking of others.
Our summer (June/July) was a busy one! We soaked up every possible ray of sunshine by the pool. Wyatt and Sloane both are officially fish. ;) Both of them can swim with no help and by the end of the summer were doing “tricks” off the diving board. Wyatt even touched the bottom of the deep end this year! In June, Sloane finished another year of dance and shined on stage at the recital. July 4th was spend with friends again and we had a BLAST! As July came to a close we spent a long weekend at the Lake of the Ozarks with friends. I think it’s safe to say we enjoy the water!!
August came *cue all the tears* and school started back.  Wyatt started Kindergarten…it was a transition for all of us but it didn’t take long to get used to our new schedule. Sloane is in Pre-K and attends the same school as Wyatt. Both Wyatt and Sloane have such great teachers who not only love them but also love The Lord. It’s so awesome to witness such a great education system. Such a blessing!!
We started September in at the beach. The four of us took a beach vacation to Daytona Beach, FL! We had some great family time…in the condo since Hurricane Hermine decided to hit the shore while we were there. ;( Memories were still made and we were thankful for the few days we had our toes in the sand.
October marks the beginning of Fall in STL. We always enjoy a special weekend with my family at Sam A. Baker state park. It’s so fun to still be friends with your cousins even as an adult. ;) October also marked the 4th Annual Ryder Cup Memorial. The golf tournament in memory of Ryder is an event that continues to grow in number as well as fun times.  Mark and I ended October Trick or Treating with Indiana Jones and Cinderella and a fire bit with cousins!
November and December are such busy months. Fun, but busy.  With a 6 and 4 year this year the magic is greater than it’s even been at our house. Mark and I are LOVING it! Even with the presents, activates, and other holiday activates I love to hear Wyatt and Sloane talk about the true meaning of Christmas…Christ.
                                                                Mark, Emily, Wyatt, and Sloane (

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas

Friday, December 23, 2016

Friday Favorites

I am taking a step away from all things "Christmasy" and sharing 3 of my not only current favorites but 3 of my ALL TIME FAVORITES....

#1....this guy:

I can't even being to list all the reasons he is my favorite but my number one reason is because he LOVES ME. He tells me he loves me by not only his words but by his actions too! Another reason is because of the strong Christian example he is to Wyatt and Sloane. He is an AMAZING dad!

#2....and this kid:

His heart is SOOO big. He is kind, caring, and so polite. I have many favorites about him but how much he loves to cuddle is close to the top. He won't ever pass up an opportunity to sit on the couch and snuggle me. ;) He has a memory like an elephant too! Nothing is forgotten when he is around. 

#3...and our baby girl:

This little peanut...oh I love her so!!! She is full of life and is almost always wearing a smile. She loves life and loves her big brother even more. She is a little mother to all of those around her. ;) There isn't much baby left in her but she too loves to cuddle...I don't complain one bit!!

Happy Friday and Merry Christmas blog friends!! 

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Fun buns ;)

A friend of mine posted a super cute holiday bun she did with her daughters hair. As soon as Sloane saw it she fell in love! I may have created a monster. She loved it and is already trying to come up with another "fun bun." 

I was super easy to put together too! For ballet each week Sloane usually wants a bun. Over the summer it was a "go-to" hair style for her as well. I found a sock bun at Target so it makes the bun a SUPER easy hair style for me to do pretty quick...which is always a bonus! The antlers I found at Target in the jewelry section. (where they have the holiday jewelry) I couldn't find the link to them but I found THESE and they look the same. 

We love to craft around here so I already had a mason jar full of google eyes...I grabbed 2 girl ones and hot glued them to bobby pins. 

I glue a felt pom pom to a bobby pin as well. I think it would be super cute to have a BIG red nose but this was as big as we had in our craft supplies. Sloane also doesn't have a huge bun so the size was perfect...for a bigger bun you would probably need a bigger pom. 

And there she all her glory! She loved posing for pictures all day at school!! ;) If I was to do it again I will be sure to glue something "pretty" on the other side of the eyeballs. They stick up and can be seen from the front. I just put a big bow  in front of the bun to hide the backside of the eye balls. (I hope that makes sense.) I can't wait to created some more "fun buns" for Sis. 

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

What's Up Wednesday

Once a month I link up with Shay, Mel, and Sheaffer and post about some fun stuff that's happening in our neck of the woods. ;) Every month I answer these questions...

What we are eating this week: 

If you have followed along for any amount of time you know I love all of Shay's recipes. We have yet to find one we don't LOVE!!! This week is full of Mix and Match Mama. ;) 
Friday: Christmas celebration @ Mark's parents
Saturday: Christmas celebration @ Mark's Aunt and Uncles 

What I am reminiscing about:

This trip to CA with Mark's family. We left Christmas Day last year. It was a trip full of memories for sure!! I can't believe it's already been a year. We can't wait for our next trip to Disney Land!!! I posted about our trip and it took 7 posts. ;) 

What I am loving: 

These people!!! I am loving these people!!! Erika captured this picture during our photo session while we were home for Thanksgiving...I love it!!! 

What we have been up to:
Christmas, Christmas, and more Christmas stuff!!!! 

What I am dreading: 

I am dreading the fact that within a week Christmas will be over. ;( I am fine with the cold weather during Christmas and New Year's but as soon as it's all over I am all about the weather to change to SUMMER TIME!!! 

What I am excited about:

As soon as the new year starts we begin our countdown to March....DISNEY WORLD baby!!! It will be our 3rd year to go with Kyle and Shelly....we can't wait!!! 

What I am watching/reading:

It seems lots of our shows are on a winter thank goodness for Christmas movies. If the T.V. is on during the day more than likely it's Christmas themed for sure!

What I am listening to:
Christmas music is my jam...since Oct. 1st....duh!!!

What I am wearing:
Well, lots of leggings and big sweatshirts....;) and my Uggs. I mean you can't go wrong there right!?!? Oh and you can't forget my puff white vest. LOL!

What I am doing this weekend:

What I am looking forward to:
EVERYTHING 2017 has to bring!!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Show and Tell Tuesday - Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...

I am linking up with Andrea today to share some of my Christmas favorites. It's somewhat of a broad topic so I decided to share just one thing I love to do at Christmas time...and all year round too! BE IN THE KITCHEN!!!! My mom is an excellent cook and baker! Being in the kitchen is fun for me and I love it even more now that Sloane loves it too! I have so many memories of my mom cooking dinner and I hope that Wyatt and Sloane will as well. 

Holiday baking is REALLY high up on my favorite's list. Last weekend Sloane and I attempted a fun Christmas dessert...

We watched a fun baking show where they created a cupcake Christmas tree. Sis loves to bake...she never wants me to bake alone. ;) I think she is the only 4 year old I know that has my sugar cookie recipe memorized and can crack an egg better than me. We knew we wanted to make the tree for one of the family Christmas party's we would attend.

Saturday while the boys went to a movie we got our "bake on." *insert a mama who is super happy to be making memories in the kitchen with my girl* We started with 2 boxes of cake mix. I wasn't sure how many cupcakes we would need. We used 50 and could have probably used about 5 more...just FYI.

I knew I needed to use buttercream icing so it was a little harder than normal icing but not as hard as royal icing. I bought 3 containers and if I would have had anymore cupcakes I wouldn't have had enough. So, note to self....when making this you will need 3 boxes of cake mix and 4 icings. We used food coloring for to turn the icing green. We used the stronger sticks for the cupcakes and then toothpicks for the ornaments (chocolate bells). 

If I was to do this again I would be sure to swirl the icing really close to the edges. It would make for a prettier tree. The less cupcake showing the better. ;) I used a large Wilton star tip in and an icing bag to ice the cupcakes.

I used glitter card stock, a stick, and some hot glue to make the star. Sis was such a great helper. She even iced some of the cupcakes!! 

I went back and added a little icing to some the cupcakes once they were in place on the tree form. The tree form was styrofoam. ( Hobby Lobby folks ;) The chocolate actually helped the cupcakes stay on a little better. Originally I didn't want to use the green wrapped chocolate but I purchased 2 bags and that wasn't enough. Next time...I would get 3 bags. We might have eaten a few ;) but...I think 3 bags would have been perfect amount. 

Here we are...posing in front of our tree...*picture to save forever!!!*

You can read a few other Show and Tell Tuesdays below:

Worst School Pictures
Things we can't live without
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Christmas Home Tour

Monday, December 19, 2016

Weekend Recap

We started another Christmas filled weekend with Sis's Pre-K Christmas program. There is NOTHING but laughs and smiles had by EVERYONE who watches. I don't know if there are many things cuter than 3-4 year old on a stage singing Christmas songs. She was super excited to get dressed up and even more excited about her hair being curled. ;) 

Friday night we had plans to walk through Wild Lights at the STL zoo but Mother Nature had other plans. Due to the weather we all stayed in...Mark's family all came over for pizza and a fun hot chocolate bar. ;) We all had fun while staying warm and cozy inside. 

Our elf has been up to some pretty funny things lately. He brought Wyatt and Sloane some crayons and asked them to color a picture for Santa's office. They were very excited and didn't take the task lightly AT ALL! Silly ol'Elf!! (Thanks Jacque for the fun idea!) 

Saturday was a busy day! We had a b-day party in the a.m. and then a family Christmas in the evening. After the party the boys went to see Rogue One: A Star Wars Story while Sis and I got our bake on. ;) We made a super fun cupcake Christmas tree. (post coming tomorrow) Due to the weather, again, the Christmas party was moved to Mark's parent's house. The kids loved their gifts and were SUPER tired when we finally made it home. 

Sunday morning we all slept in a little late so we slid in the back row of church just in time. ;) After church we enjoyed our usual lunch with Kyle and Shelly before heading home to relax. Well, I had a few cookie orders to bake and the boys played a little Lego Dimensions downstairs.

We ended the weekend with our traditional Schumey (a mix between Schmitz and Dumey) Christmas. Instead of exchanging gifts we get together and celebrate a special way. ;) We try to change it up each year. You can read about past years... 2015 2013 2012 Thanks, once again to the FREEZING cold we stayed in and enjoyed a cozy dinner with hot chocolate for dessert.

We enjoyed another weekend of fun for sure!! I can't a week from today it will all be over...;( Don't get me wrong...I love snow! I enjoy a little bit of Winter so we will be living it up for the next 7 days because once next Monday rolls around I will be all....

Friday, December 16, 2016

Friday Favorites

It's Friday again!! Yahoo!! We are ready for another fun filled holiday weekend.  Does anyone else feel like they are just going through the motions!??!!? Are you just completing all these holiday tasks because they somehow made it onto your "to-do" list? I have really tried to be INTENTIONAL in the things we have done this holiday season. More intentional things and less just going through the motions....and I will say IT FEELS GOOD!!! ( Being honest, I have had my moments but giving myself gracing and knowing where my heart really is. ;))

This might go down as one of my favorite pictures of this holiday season...PURE JOY! We had so much fun making Mix and Match Mama's holiday bark. We also found out Sis isn't a fan of white chocolate either. LOL!!! *Note: No, I didn't dress them alike to bake. It was a Monday and during the advent they can wear green shirts to school. *

Our elf has returned...Mark and I are having so much fun with him. The magic is in full force this year which really helps get the creative juices going. ;)

Something that we have never done before are the lights at AB. My parent's took Mark and I last weekend. It was so fun! We rarely get time just the 4 of us so that was so fun as well!!

Gingerbread house building...I have no shame in my game...this year we built ONE as a family and we totally used a hot glue gun! It's been the best year yet. We had so much fun deciding what to put where and the hot glue gun made it so easy! *WIN*

This past week was CRAZY busy with Christmas stuff at school. Wyatt and Sloane both had their programs at school. Wyatt was a Shepard and even memorized a line for his program!! The cutest Shepard ever!!?!?!? YES!!!! 

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