Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A Day in the Life- Our Monday's

I can't remember the last time I did a "day in the life" post. Our days are pretty different due to Mark's work schedule and the kids being in school 3 half days a week. I always enjoy reading how others days go as well so I decided to write a post documenting our Mondays.

6:30am- The alarm went off for the 1st time. I get up. I brush my teeth and get dressed. I let the dogs out. I wake up Sloane and Wyatt. I move them to the couch. They do better to have 15 mins. of TV time instead of 15 mins. of extra sleep...to each his own right?!?!

6:45- Sloane is ready to start getting before Wyatt. I get her dressed and then make her and Wyatt's instant breakfast. (that's what they have EVERY morning) They get their breakfast and vitamins. We got a new fun "speed waver" and she wants her hair fixed with it today so I set that all up in the living room so she can continue to watch TV. ( Dumb, I know-judge away) While that's warming up I get Wyatt dressed.

7:00-Mark gets up and starts getting ready. I make his coffee and his instant breakfast. I gather what he needs to take to work. Then I finish getting Sloane and Wyatt ready and ask them to brush their teeth. I make all the beds and straighten up the living room and kitchen, as well as load and unload the dishwasher.

7:15- I finished getting myself ready. Let the dogs in and feed them. We all tell Mark "bye" and load the car.

7:20- drive to school

7:35- We arrive at school and take the kids inside for drop off.

7:40 We needed milk so I ran into the nearest grocery store and grabbed 2 gallons. The less I have to go back the better. ;) I had to also drop some stuff off at a friends house so I ran there after drop off and then went back home.

8:30 I am back at home..Monday's are my laundry days. Well, who am I kidding I do laundry every day. Monday's I get all caught up and also wash all the sheets. We had a guest this past weekend so this also includes the guest bedroom bed. 4 beds ;/ Oh the joys...

I also try to get all the bills/paperwork finished on Mondays as well. Blah! I got all caught up on that and then took a shower. I tried to get ready pretty quick so I could run a few errands before pick up time.

9:45- I left the house to run a few errands which included looking for a few t-shirts for an upcoming trip at Sports Authority. I finished those and grabbed a soda. ;)

10:45 Pick up time usually sneaks up on me...today was no exception. I do not mind this a bit...I am usually ready to get them! I really miss them while they are gone, it's too quite. I got back in the car and drove to their school.

11- pick up time

11:15 Monday's I also take the car to the car wash. We vacuum it and go through the car wash. The kids love it because I let them get out of their carseat as the car is moved through. LOL! The little joys right?!!?

11:30 We get back in our buckles and drive to meet Mark for lunch.

11:45 We get to the office. We all go in and wait for a few mins. while Mark finished up seeing patients. The kids always love seeing Mark at work.

12;15- We all go grab a quick lunch together. I can't believe I forgot to take a picture...I am sure the rest of the family is too! Ha ha! They have so much to tell their Daddy about school. I love to listen. It always seems they tell him so much more...hmmmm!!?!?? ;)

1pm- We dropped Mark back off at the office and headed back home.

1:15pm- The kids were at my parent's this weekend so they were excited to get to have the afternoon back at home. They had a BLAST at Eesie and Poppie's but are sure homebodies. ;) They played and played...don't be fooled she is in full "playing house" mode in this picture. This is anything but a rest time. Just FYI!

I had a few items of Fall clothing I needed them to try on before hanging them in their closets. I finished paperwork and kept up with the wonderful laundry. I swept the floors and also dusted the living room.

Wyatt wanted to watch a little TV which usually doesn't get turned on during the day but I let him today. I also had some "It Works" work to do and wanted to do some Bible work as well. It kept him occupied...;/ I sat on the couch with the computer but snuggled with him as well. BLISS!!!!

3pm- I fixed both kids a snack and by "fixed" they picked raw bell peppers and a cheese stick LOL! We also had some fun sprinkle boxed donuts left from Friday fun day so they finished those off too! I talked to my MIL on the phone about our upcoming trip to CA and got some more details. ;)

3:45pm- I begin to get Sloane ready for dance because we need to leave about 4pm. Wyatt is playing in his room. I ask him to get shoes on and grab a hat before we leave. His hair = YIKES!! Hair cut it needed!!

4pm- We load the car and head to dance.

4:20- We arrive at dance with enough time to get her tap shoes on and get prepared for class. She is in a class for 3-5 year olds ( Petite Dance 1 but maybe soon moving to #2, cuz she is a crazy dancer. LOL!)

4:30-5:15: Wyatt and I hang together. We watch Sis on the TV and play together on the iPad to pass the time. He also has a friend he has made during this time...he plays with her while a scroll through Facebook, Instagram, and chat with my sister as she drive home from work.

5:15- Sis finishes class with a HUGE smile! We get back in the car and stop to get a treat at Starbucks. They both want a cake pop but I just get an ice water. It's too late to get anything big. ;)

5:40- We pull in the driveway and Kelley and Caroline are waiting for us. They needed to drop off a few things. What would be ever do if we lived more than 3 mins. apart?!!?!? We chat for a few when the girls decide Caroline needs to stay to play. Kelley runs an errand and the kids play while I finished up the laundry and get dinner ready.

6:50 Mark is headed home and Kelley gets back. I am setting the table and finishing dinner..Thanks so much to Time for Dinner!!!

7:10- We eat together as a family...this is kinda later than usual but everyone seems to be in a good mood. We finish eating and Mark gets Sis ready for bed. Wyatt asks to watch a "big kids show" on the Disney channel, which means actual humans not cartoon. ;) While I clean up dinner, kitchen, and load the dishwasher he watches his show. Mark does "bedtime" with Sis and I get Wyatt ready for bed.

7:40pm- Both kids are asleep...and Mark and I turn on the good ol'Monday Night Football!!! We enjoy our time together. We catch up on the day and enjoy spending time together!

10pm- We head to bed together!!!

I know I will enjoy looking back and reading about a normal Monday. This is total a "normal" Monday...it's not made up or even made to look anything but what it is...I mean, that's what you get with this blog, and me, the real life! No sugar coating here...we are the real deal!!! Muah!

*And that's a wrap!!! What a great Monday!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Practice makes perfect

Every year when we are at my parent's for Thanksgiving we try to get a family photo...with everyone! The group text message regarding our outfits is always such a fun treat to keep up with each day, especially since my brother and dad are usually included. Ha ha!

I was having a hard time finding a bow to match the pants Sloane is going to wear...that's when I turned to The Tiny Co. Sarah was an amazing help and I had my bows in less than a week at my door.

We did a little practice run to make sure the outfits looked good together. (and that the bow matched) I think they had a good time together! These are literally just photos I snapped on my iphone in a matter of about 10 mins. before bribing no longer worked. They are still cute though!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

"Who said that again?"

I have been wanting to complete this "project" since Wyatt started talking...he is 5 now. Oops! I knew I would eventually get it it. When I finally did it took about 20 mins. total. ;)

Growing up my mom always wrote down things we said. It was funny, serious, and even a few "I will never..." quotes. I wanted to do the same for our children. It's so fun to look back and read some of the stuff I said. LOL!

I have been writing their stuff on a random piece of paper I keep in my wallet but I finally finished the books. I know there is some "professional real book" out there designed for this but I didn't want to spend lots of $$ on one...especially when I knew I could make cuter ones.

I am kinda a notebook snob. Well, not really. The price has nothing to do with it. I don't like spiral. I like it to open all the way flat. I like the paper to be lined. I love then there is a way to keep the notebook closed...etc. The yoobi notebook from Target was perfect! It had all those things and wasn't $$! WIN-WIN

If you know me you know I love to monogram EVERYTHING! ;) This was no exception. Thanks to the AMAZING, and I mean AMAZING, GB's Designs less than 24 hours later I had perfect vinyls cut to add to the front of the notebooks.  (She isn't paying me for this post...I just love them so much! If you have a second check out all their awesome stuff. I can't wait to decorate our pumpkins...because of them!! LOL!!! )

So there you have it...their quote books = finished. Such an easy fun way to record all the fun things your child says as a permanent memory!

*Excuse me while I get to writing- I have to copy all my chicken scratch from my random piece of paper into these amazing new books. ;)

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Family Baking

We came home with a bag full of apples from the orchard. Wyatt eats an apple in bed every night but is pretty particular. Unfortunately, I knew he wouldn't eat the apples we picked.  Really it was just a good excuse to bake!  I had never baked a pie from scratch before but it was added to my fall bucket list this year. It was perfect timing!

We made it a family affair! It was so much fun!! We broke out the good ol'Pampered Chef apple peeler. I received it from a wedding shower in 2007 that has yet to be used. It was PERFECT! We all took turns using it! ;)

 (before the "top")

I really enjoy baking! I had so much fun making the dough. Sis and I finished up the final touches together before putting it in the oven. It was a success!! We all enjoyed the finished pie...if only we would have had a little bit of vanilla ice cream to top it off!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Apple Pickin'

On Saturday we decided to take the kids apple picking. There are some REALLY fun apple orchard in STL. We have gone to different places before but had heard great things about the Millstadt Eckerts.  The weather was PERFECT so we decided it was a great opportunity!

There was so much to do. There were a few small carnival rides, GREAT food, putt putt, play ground areas, bouncing blob, pig races, corn maze, pumpkin launcher ;), and last but not least...apple picking!!!

I mean, these faces have to make you smile. They have so much fun together and I pray that NEVER stops! 

Watching the pumpkins being launched was interesting...Wyatt, Mark, and Sloane were picked to help load the first round. I was videoing so I don't have pictures from it. It was so fun to watch them! The picture on the right is not posed...Wyatt has his arm around her A LOT throughout the days but I caught this time on camera. Too sweet!!! 

After all the fun activities we climbed on the tractor that took us to the apple orchards. We had to ride in the top seat...;) They were SUPER excited! 

It was such a fun day as a family! Making memories together...

Thursday, September 17, 2015


My sister, Erin @ A Crazy Beautiful Mess, recently posted this and I thought it was so cute! I decided to give it a try...


Binge watching: Blacklist- Mark and I were caught up as far as possible from Netflix. Another season was recently added and none of "our shows" have started their Fall season yet so we needed something to watch. 

Craving: Sushi, always ;) 

Lunching:  For lunch I eat a lot of salads. It's easy and we almost always have it at home. Turkey and cheese roll ups are also a pretty frequent meal. (And of course this is when we aren't meeting friends at Chick-fil-a) 

Doing: daily routine in our little life ;) trying to be the best mama and wife I can be! 

Obsessing: Periscope!!!! I am loving so much!!! Follow me @MrsESchmitz

Loving: The $$$ I am making selling It Works!  Ya baby!!!! 

Reading: I have the YouVersion Bible App downloaded on my phone. There are tons of different "plans" you can read and follow. I am reading 2 right now and really enjoying them. 

Wanting: Oh I would love these...

Pinning: Lots of fun activities for the kids - I CAN NOT STOP 

Dreaming: Mark and I sitting on the beach with our besties-drink in hand and toes in sand!!! 

Writing:  I enjoy writing my random blog posts about life. 

Crafting: Cookies, cookies, and more cookies....in case you didn't know I bake/make cookies with royal icing. It's very time consuming but I do enjoy it. I consider it a craft! 

Listening: I already used it but am using it again...

but soon (Oct. 1) we will bring out the Christmas music around our house. I can't wait! 

Wearing: I wish I was wearing leggings and oversized sweaters but it's still 99 degrees :( 

Needing: some new Fall recipes

Planning: fun things to do while on vacation in less than a month!! 

Trying: I am TRYING to get back in the routine of running. This summer I did well but then the last few weeks of summer came and I struggled. I enjoy it and LOVE the way I feel when I am finished. Ha ha! 

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