Saturday, August 29, 2015

Ending our Summer...

The last few weeks before school started were super busy! We enjoyed a few days by the pool, even though the weather did get cooler, went to an AMAZING wedding, and the boys enjoyed a Cardinals game as well!! 

Mark's parent's had the pool lights makes for a great night swim atmosphere. We didn't get to check that off our summer bucket list this year but there is always next year! LOL!

The wedding was so beautiful and was so fun to attend with was a GREAT date night celebrating great friends!

Mark's dad has season tickets to the Cardinal games. This particular game he had 6 tickets...all the boys got to go together!! Yahoo for Paw Paw being so AWESOME!!! We were getting pictures throughout the game (they know how we roll) and I know they all had a blast! Such fun memories...

Friday, August 28, 2015

Family time! J-town ;)

Last weekend the kids and I spent Saturday with my parent's. We got up and headed down there in the morning and came home at bedtime. It was such a great day!! 

My dad changed the brakes on Mark's Jeep (Yes, I know we are lucky to have him!) and he had a little helper. ;) Dad doesn't do anything halfway so after changing the brakes, rotating the tires, he had to give them a quick clean. Wyatt LOVED it!! 

While hanging out downstairs Wyatt couldn't resist hopping on Uncle Billy's bike. ;) He thought he was on Poppies but was corrected really quick....

The precious girl is growing up so quickly...her face couldn't be more perfect!!! *LOVE*

I love this picture so much! I know that my parent's have pictures of my brother and sister sleeping in their food at the dinner table as well. I doubt they have one of me since I have always thought naps were just a waste of time. ;) Neither Wyatt or Sloane have EVER done this and I have watched Zetta do this quite a bit lately. I guess cousin time wears her out!!! LOL

Then my favorite picture of the day...we had all finished dinner and were just sitting around the table and I snapped this photo. This sums up my family. It's a real photo of an evening at the Curtis house. If you know me well you too have had the privilege to be apart of a Curtis dinner. ;) We gather around the dinner table TOGETHER, eat GREAT food (thanks to mom), and have awesome conversation. We love being together! I have always cherished this time...growing up my parent's always made dinner time a priority. We gather together and enjoy each other...memories and conversations that can never be taken away. The family has grown and instead of the kitchen table we get to all gather around the dining room table. For some the dining table is only used on holidays and special the Curtis house we use it on a random week night to be able to ALL SIT TOGETHER! It's so awesome!

This picture is awesome but the reflection in the mirror makes is AMAZING!!! Love days with the family!!!

Monday, August 24, 2015

First Day of School 2015

Last Monday Wyatt and Sloane both started back to's big time around here!!! Pre-K and preschool M,W, and F. Phew, it makes me teary eyed just typing it out. I can't believe our summer is over. It's CRAZY! It was SUCH A FUN SUMMER!!! Like really fun!!! 

These pictures make them look so grown up. I pray these summer memories will last a life time. I made some I will never forget, even as their Mama! I know I am so bias but these are some CUTE KIDS...

Dear Sis,
    I can't believe it's your first day of preschool. You have been waiting 2 years for this. At the age of 18 months you were told you could one day go to school if you would start to go potty on the potty...3 days later you were potty trained. Then poor girl had to wait 2 school years before it was your turn. You have watched your little brother attend the class where you would go...getting more and more excited everyday.

  We are so excited to watch you grow! You are excited to be in the are going to learn so much this year.  I can't wait to see you write your name.
It's going to be so fun for you and Wyatt to get to see each other throughout the day and even play together at recess.

Loaney Lou-I can't wait to see what this little year of preschool brings to you!!!

Oh Wyatt, my little Mr. you are starting Pre-K...I can't believe it! It's our last year to enjoy NOT HAVING school 5 days a week!!! You are so intelligent. You don't forget ANYTHING! Your memory is unlike anything I have ever seen before.

We are excited you have some friends from last year in your class. It's different this year as you have a new teacher. I pray you handle this change well, I know you can!

As I type these words- I have to mention it was also my first day back as a teacher, on the first day of school, in almost 5 years. The school where I held my first teaching job had a vacancy and needed a "long term"sub until they filled the position. Mark and I have decided it is not time for me to go back to teaching full time but this was a great opportunity for our family and also helped out the school.

I started last Monday...I am teaching until Friday. I am SOO excited to begin creating a "school year" routine at home. I am sure I will post more about this situation soon! Yahoo for just being a consistent face who wants to help students become better versions of themselves every day!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

What a weekend!!!

Last weekend we visited some friends in TN. Mark and Jake met at Logan and have remained friends even after school and moving states. It was such a great weekend as a family! 

We left mid-morning on Friday. It's a 4 hr drive but we were able to stop at Lambert's ;) about halfway for lunch!  "Home of the throwed rolls," the kids had a BLAST! 

We arrived Friday afternoon. It was in time for us to visit Jake's office. We relaxed for a little bit then headed to dinner. Friday night was low key. We went to a local pizza place and enjoyed dinner then all went back to hang out together. *I am pretty sure we played the longest game of UNO EVER! Ha! 

Saturday morning we were up early thanks to all the littles. The boys cleaned and packed up the boat and we all headed out on the water. It was an amazing day on the water! Growing up we spent almost every weekend at the lake. Those are some of my best childhood memories. It was so fun to be doing it with my family! The kids HAD A BLAST! I knew they enjoyed the water but I wasn't sure how they would be since this was a clear and clean pool. LOL! They LOVED it!! 

The tube was big enough for us to ride as a family! They kept yelling "faster, faster!" We laughed so hard together. It's a "snapshot" I will NEVER forget!! 

Wyatt wanted to knee board SO BAD! We coached him and let him give it a try. He didn't get up but we were so happy he wanted to try something new and tough!! 

Sunday morning we all got ready and attended church. It's so great to be spending a weekend with friends but still attending church as a family. (That's when you know you have great friends!) After church we drove about an hour to Discovery Park of America. It was such an AWESOME place! There was something for everyone. It was such a HUGE place!! 

It was a much needed weekend getaway as a family to visit great friends! Weekends like that are gentle reminders to me God always knows what I need....

Monday, August 3, 2015

Summer Photo Dump

It's been a few months since I dumped the photo's from my phone. I try to do this every 8 weeks or so to have them together in once spot that will be printed! ;) So skip this post or scroll through and enjoy pictures of our summer. 

 *cherished moments*

 *"Time for Dinner" LOVED IT!*

 *game night with Maw Maw and Paw Paw*

*A little fossil digging*

*All the boys...watching an imovie*
*Baby Shower for cousin Rachel*

 *Soaking up some rays...inside*

 *bedtime with cousins*

 *cool treats on hott days*

 *lunch after church*

 *Back to School haircut*

*Silly faces at the pool*

*Eesie Target*

 *We can't get enough*

 *the boys celebrating Uncle Kurt's b-day*


*Schumey summer nights...past bedtime*

*girl playdate*

 *Sunday's Best*

 *Mini Fraps ;) *

 *STL Zoo got polar bears*

 *special ice cream place, the boy sharing with his mama*


 *Jammin at the Zoo*

*Summer days*

*I can't keep from posting this awesome picture that downloaded on the computer with the rest of my pictures. I shared it...
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