Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Weddin' (in Sloane's words)

April 18th...the day many of us had waited for...Kirsten the most! LOL! We all spent Friday night at the hotel so we could be ready to begin getting ready by 7am Sat. morning. It was so fun to all get hair and make up done together in the Bridal suite.

After all getting ready together we headed to the church...I don't have many pictures from the ceremony but after the wedding party loaded on the HUGE amazing bus! 

The reception was breathtaking...literally! Everything was perfect. Kirsten and her dad danced as soon as they arrived. It was so sweet. We all had a blast!! 

Congrats Kirsten and Kurt!!! 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Aunt Kiki's Rehearsal Dinner

April 17th was Mark's sister's rehearsal dinner...she finally got married April 18th! ;) Her and Uncle Kurt have been together so a very long time. He has been around long before our kids and was here for Mark's and I's wedding so we couldn't wait to officially call him family! It was a FULL family affair. Bridesmaid, groomsman, ring bearer, flower girl...busy, but crazy fun!!!

Friday morning Mark's mom and sister came to pick me up..we ran last min. errands and finished a few tasks. We met some of the other women in the wedding to get mani/pedi's.

Friday evening the rehearsal dinner was hosted by Kurt's parents at Norwood Hills Country Club. The weather was perfect and it's such a beautiful place!

Cousins ;) 

The wonderful gum showing in the pictures is due to a bribe to get them to walk the aisle. ;) 


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Disney World pt. 6

Sunday was our last day at the "Happiest Place on Earth."  We had to be ready for Magical Express by 4:30 so we didn't get to spend the entire day in Animal Kingdom. We did start the day early so we could get the most time as possible inside the park!

Sis was really not feeling well by the time we got back to the resort. We put both kids in their pj's since the flight wasn't until 7:40pm. She fell asleep while at Animal Kingdom and MIGHT have been awake a total of 1 hour that evening then slept through the night.

Talk about a rude awakening...falling asleep at Disney and waking back up in good ol'MO. ;/ You can imagine how well that went over Monday morning for the 3 year old. Thankfully Monday started Wyatt's Spring Break so we had all week to enjoy him being off school.

*Wyatt was asleep before take off as well...

We had a great time and can't wait for our next trip!! Great memories!!! 

Monday, April 27, 2015

Disney World pt. 5

I will finish our Disney trip...;) I wanted to post a few in between for the non-Disney (as if there is such a thing) people. Ha ha! I also didn't want to get too far behind on our every day events. 

Our 3rd morning at the parks we headed to Hollywood Studios. We had breakfast at Hollywood and Vine. We had never eaten at this character dining so it was all new to the kids, and us! ;) It's all the Disney Jr. characters so SUPER fun for sure. I don't know if Sloane is looking at the camera in any of the pictures...she LOVED these characters. *I can't find the group shot with Handy Manny 

After breakfast the boys headed one way and the girls the other...look what we found!!! The actual Cinderella coach that was used in the movie. It was so fun to have our picture by it. We each got to hold the glass slipper as well. So fun!

We rode Tower of Terror with Wyatt...I couldn't believe he rode it. Again, he had no fear when it came to the rides. Sometime he was a little uneasy but totally up for it...It was so fun!!! He was so proud of himself when we got off  the ride, we were so proud too! He wanted a picture with us in front of the ride. ;) 

We met back and couldn't wait to ride Midway Mania. This is one of Wyatt's favorite rides. It is my favorite ride, totally worth the *fastpass* wait! ;)

We had early dinner reservations at T-Rex restaurant in Downtown Disney. We took the long way there with a shuttle and "boardwalk" walk to kill some time. We showed Wyatt and Sloane where we have stayed's amazing what Wyatt remembers from his past trips even though he was so small. Just affirms just because he was small he remembers the fun times! To blah to waiting on fun family vacations until they are old...LOL! I love that there is still SO MUCH MAGIC for them at this age!

Last time we missed out on T-Rex due to a little uneasiness from Wyatt...he had Cruz with him this time and enjoyed it! They built their new Lego's at the table without a care in the world. ;0

Sunday, April 26, 2015


I can't believe it's been 10 days since I posted...WOW! It's been a crazy, but fun 10 days. I need to do an "Insta-dump" to the blog to be sure the random, but amazing, pictures make it to the blog book/journal.

This girl...I love my MWF mornings with just her. The 1 on 1 time is pretty awesome! As you can tell she loves the time too! 

 We still get some Tuesdays with Eesie and we LOVE them so much!!! I don't know who loves them or the kids!?!?!? 

 I let her paint her own "thumb toe." Ya, it didn't go over well for me. ;/ I left it and told her she did GREAT! That won't happen again for a while...LOL! 

This kid continues to amaze me! He loves his Taekwondo so much. Since this blue stripe promotion has now promoted to the red stripe. We are taking 8 weeks off to enjoy tee ball...and will start back next session! 

A little mid-kitchen remodel picture. ;) 

A random Monday off school and the 1st day back wearing Cards gear. (Since they have a Daddy that doesn't wear teams apparel if it's not "in season.') 

Tee ball started...and he LOVES it!!! He is playing for school this year. It's so fun to see him with his friends. 

No words... words....

Too big, too fast....

Another cavity free dentist appt. ;) 

The kids and I enjoyed an afternoon at the zoo before Aunt Kiki's wedding weekend...a few weeks ago. 
 This girl and her love for all things dance/gymnastics! I can't wait to see her blossom in her own little way! 

We are going to FL with my family in less than 24 days!!! Ya baby!!! 

"Mom, here is a flower for you. When you miss me you can just look at it and think of me." -Wyatt 

They get 3 pitches from the coach and if they don't get a him they get the tee....he jacked the 2nd pitch FROM THE COACH. I am pretty sure he was still smiling by the time he made it to home plate. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Pink Flamingo 3rd B-day

A few weeks ago we celebrated Sloane's birthday at Jolly Jumps. We had a party there last year and loved it. They are so helpful and kind! It's so easy and the kids have a BLAST. It didn't take much thought on where to have the party this year.

Sis wanted a "pink mingo" (pink flamingo) party. The party time was 10 am so we decided on a donuts and milk menu. It worked out perfect! The cute suckers were from Oriental Trading. I love that place! ;) I was able to order some really cute wrapping paper from Amazon to add some polka dots too!

I am so happy I was able to have a few local friends help me with the small details. The flamingo vinyls were so fun to have to add extra cuteness. GB Designs created those for me. ;)

Sloane's shirt is from my favorite lady Shawn at A Cute Little Gift!! She puts Sloane's "name" on everything for me. She is amazing. She comes up with the most fun designs too.

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