Monday, March 30, 2015

Disney World pt. 3

Thursday we were up bright and early! We headed to Epcot. I loved this day so much. The clothes were just icing on the cake! ;) Since Mark's brother's family are regulars they knew exactly where we were heading first. We had FastPasses out for other rides so we had to head straight to "Soarin" so we didn't have a long wait.

Sis wasn't tall enough for this ride so we took advantage of the rider swap...Lou and I rode a smaller boat ride while we waited. Then Mark, Wyatt, and I had a turn to ride Soarin together.

We walked around and visited different countries. The kids all had their passports stamped. The weather was AMAZING and the crowds were minimal. It was so nice!

Her last day as a 2 year old was really tough...

Another FastPass was for Test Track so after lunch we headed there. As you can tell they had a blast...#unclemarkselfies ;) Since Sis and I were hanging back they liked to send us pictures of them on the ride and waiting in line. It was so cute!

Before heading to dinner we check in for our last FastPass. Our last FastPass of the day was the Character Spot...the kids were SUPER excited! We had reservations at Coral Reef for dinner. The food is so good there and the atmosphere is nice as well. The HUGE aquarium is fun to watch during dinner too!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Disney World pt.2

We landed and got the stroller from baggage claim. We headed to the Magical Express bus. For those who don't's the bus that takes guests headed to Disney that are not renting a car to their resort. Our luggage is waiting in our room so we don't have to worry about it on the bus. ;)

Looking back I can see Sis's red cheeks...she was running a fever by the time we got to our room...and so was I. ;( We had been traveling a bit and were all ready to get to our room at this point.
A fun crazy bus picture...

It's about a 45 min drive to the resort. It didn't take long for everyone to start falling asleep...

Once at the resort we checked in and headed to our room...which is way easier said than done considering it was RAINING! ;( Thankfully it was the only rain we saw our entire trip. We stayed in an "Ariel" room at the Art of Animation. It was so cute! The kids LOVED it. Our room was adjoining with Kyle and Shelly so it was super nice for us all. To be continued...

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Disney World pt. 1

In the middle of March we spent 4 days at Disney World! It was a blast and a perfect little getaway. This was the picture to family saying only ONE more day until we left. We were all SO EXCITED!

The kids have flown quite a bit by now so they have their certain snacks and items they like to bring. Thanks to Pinterest this is one of them...the tackle boxes full of sugar. ;) It's great and stays organized the entire trip. The box is somewhat flat so it fits nice in our carry on back packs as well. 

The picture in front of our countdown the day of departure...

The guys worked 1/2 of the day then we followed each other to the airport. Once we finally made it to the terminal it was nice to take a minute to breath before loading the place. The kids settled in pretty quick. 

Everyone had perfect spots on the plane. It was a little bumpy but everyone seems to manage. ;) It was a quick trip and later in the evening so the kids were super relaxed.

We landed way after bedtime. Unfortunately the airline had checked one of the strollers so we had to wait in baggage claim before heading to our Magical Express bus. To be continued...

Friday, March 27, 2015


About a month ago we had family pictures taken...we try to do it once a year about the same time. I feel I take enough pictures on a daily basis but enjoy a full family picture every now and then. ;) We love Angie is amazing! If you are local and looking for a professional Simpli Photography is amazing! (FYI I am saying this all on my own experiences. ;)

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Dear Sloane

Dear Sloane Michelle,
Our Loaney, Lou, Sloaney girl, Baby, Sis, and the list goes are FINALLY THREE! A few months before your birthday we told you and Wyatt we were going on a Disney vacation. The trip was with your cousins too! From that day forward you told everyone you were "going to Disney for your burfday." It also didn't take long before you were calling the castle "my castle." It was a very serious statement, you weren't joking around.

 You are full a spunk but yet still have such a tender heart. There are never just a few tears. It's either full on alligator tears or nothing. The smile on your face is still contagious...we still, three years  later, get stopped at every where we go for someone to tell you that you are beautiful. You are baby girl!

Your hair is very fine but is getting longer. You want a bow everyday but don't mind to take it out at bedtime now. ;) Dresses with your monogram (you ask if your name is on it), leggings, and your boots are your "everyday look." Jeans are "coldy" so you don't prefer to wear them. You are just now starting to wear 3T but most of your winter clothes are 2T and fit fine. The 3T will be needed for length this summer. If we put leggings on you can still wear some 18 month dresses. You wear a size 7 shoe. You are 27 lbs and 37 (almost 38) inches tall.

You have been potty trained since 18 months, paci free since a few weeks after your turned 2, and your vocabulary is crazy amazing! Wyatt and you play together so well...for the most part. The "make believe" play and games you both come up with are so cute. I find you watching him all. the. time.

When saying certain words you put an "er" on the end...for example:
"seater" a foam piece to your car seat you place with
"breather" your inhaler
"buyer" your play cash register
"squeezer" toothpaste
and the list goes on...

Your dad gets home late 4 nights a VERY close to your bedtime. You are asking to get to go to bed by about 7pm each night. If he isn't home and you are ready for bed you ask me to lay with you until Daddy gets home but then ask me to get up so he can lay with you...You no longer nap so we are pretty go with the flow...he reads you a story from your "Jesus book" (a story book Bible from Eesie and Poppie) and also reads Wikipedia about Disney Princess...nerd alert! ;) The conversations that I overhear in those 20 mins are priceless. It makes me fall in love with your Daddy over and over each night. You are a daddy's girl for sure!

Sloane, you keep us on our toes for sure! Dance is totally your thing! You love it so much and remind me each week about your class. The teacher talks about how well you listen and learn each week. We are so happy you have something to enjoy. Just like dance class your also enjoy your "church class" as well. Each Sunday you can't wait to join all your little friends.

We love you so much! As we look at pictures of you we keep saying how there is almost no baby left...I love the little girl you are becoming. Keep being you! We love you so much...keep your tender heart but continue to make your own path. "You are my favorite little girl Lou!!!!"

Saturday, March 21, 2015

London turns 5

London celebrated her 5th b-day at a jump house place! The kids all had a blast playing together. She opened presents, we all ate pizza and snacks! They were super sweaty and tired by the end of the party!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Wedding Showers

We have been in full wedding mode around here! Kirsten gets married in less than 30 days!!! Ahhh!! We have been celebrating her and Kurt and it's been a blast. She had 2 wedding showers since she has so many loving family members. ;) We took lots of pictures. Both showers were so fun...

 Sloane woke up the day after the shower so sick. ;( Hence the sick eyes/face in this picture! 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Frozen on Ice

A few weeks ago we took the kids to see Frozen on Ice. It was SO good. We have been to a few of the Disney on Ice shows now and this was by far the best one yet! We purchased the tickets over 6 months ago and didn't tell the kids until we walked in. So fun! It was a nice way to "get excited" for the real Disney since the trip marked a week until we left. 

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