Saturday, December 26, 2015

Schmitz Christmas

Last weekend we celebrated Christmas with Mark's immediate family. We are leaving Christmas Day on a trip with them so we planned a day a little before "actual" Christmas. (by the time this posts we will be on VACATION!) It was a Friday evening and the kids were all ready to be in their P.J.'s...too cute!!!

The past few years we have done a "silly family photo" contest. Each family submits a photo and Mark's parent's judge who is best. This year we actually took a group picture without them was HILARIOUS but so funny we don't share these photos on social media, for the sake of everyone involved. ;) The picture below was one of the more calm ones...ha ha!!! We have so much fun with this!!

Kirsten (Mark's sister) and her husband got Mark and Kyle awesome personalized coolers! 

There is always lots of opening, laughing, and playing I didn't get many pictures! We had a great evening together and can't wait for vacation!!

Then on Saturday evening we celebrated with some extended family of Mark's. There are always lots of people but that's what Christmas is all about...being together! ;) We had great food, opened gifts, and played games.

It was a fun night! One of Mark's cousins is moving from MO in a few days so they took a group "cousin, with extras" picture...

What a fun night together!! 

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

"Schumey" Christmas

When the Dumey's moved to STL we decided for our first Christmas celebration we wouldn't exchange gifts. We decided to schedule an evening around Christmas time each year to be together. We have painted pottery, had nice dinners (in the comfort of our homes), and enjoyed BEING TOGETHER...this year was no different. We had so much fun!! 

This summer when the 4 us of took an adult trip we talked about what we all wanted to do for "Schumey" (the named we have coined ourselves, it's a combo of our last names) Christmas. After a few lengthy discussions had set our plans! 

A "lower South boil..." AMAZING!!!! 

 Pictures in front of the tree...

Caroline gave Sloane her part of a BFF necklace. As you can tell they were SUPER excited about it!! What makes that so special is Kelley and I had our own necklaces once upon a long friends are hard to come by these days and we are so blessed to have some! ;)

We bundled up and headed to the park. Kelley and I have been wanting to take the kids on this carriage ride. They loved it and it was so fun to just be us...they kids LOVED all the lights - 1.3 million to be exact!!

 We started the "evening early" because that what you have to do with young kids so it wasn't too late when we finished up. Since it was chilly and we thought it wasn't a good idea to take hot chocolate on the carriage we made a stop on the way home. Starbucks baby!!! (I snuck in a few marshmallows to add to their kiddie cups. ;)) It was a perfect way to end another amazing Schumey Christmas.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Christmas Program and Gingerbread making...

They look too big...this was Sloane's first Christmas program at school and Wyatt was rocking his 3rd. ;) He was so sweet to her and encouraged her the entire practice in the car all the other days is another story. (At one point he declared to me "Mom, I don't even think she has a memory right now!"-YIKES!)

Because I can't even handle the cuteness...

Wyatt and Sloane both wanted to decorate a gingerbread house this year. It was on their "Christmas bucket list." Kelley and I had big hopes in baking our own for them to decorate. It did end that way but they weren't as amazing as we imagined in our heads. LOL!

We had fun though...Yahoo for Christmas fun!!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Want, Need, Wear, Read

Everyone has their own way their family "does presents." Andrea posted about the popular "Want, Need, Wear, Read" idea...In case you're unfamiliar with the idea, it's where you give gifts with the idea that one is something that the person wants, one is something that they need, one is something for them to wear and the last is something for them to read! 

She asked us to leave a comment about what her readers want, need, wear, read...I thought it would be fun to post about mine. ;) Mark and I aren't exchanging gifts this year so this is my imaginary list.  Ha ha!! 

Hands down this is my want for this Christmas. I have a few friends who have the silhouette! It's so fun and can do so much stuff! ;) 


Totally random I know but goodness, where do all our bath towels go? Do good bath towels become golf towels?  I love fluffy white towels! I am able to bleach them and they go with everything. We used to have so many and now I find myself without a towel often. ;/ 


I have wanted a pair of Hunter rain boots for a while which color would I purchase?!?!? ;) 


I could publish an entire post about what I want to read but I won't, LOL. I have a list saved in my phone and this one is near the top. I do enjoy readying and try to make time for it but it doesn't happen as often as I would like. 

What would be on your "Want, Read, Need, Wear" list? 

Friday, December 11, 2015

Friday Favorites- Christmas Style

I am joining in on the fun today with Erika, Andrea, and Narci. Friday favorites and today I am posting about 5 of my favorite Christmas traditions.

1. Christmas Cards- I love giving and receiving Christmas cards! Ever since we got married it is something I really look forward to each year. I write a letter about our family and stick that in as well. I mean the whole point is to mail a Christmas card to ones you love and the ones you don't see often too! It's fun for family and friends to get to read a little about us. ;) On the receiving end: I have been binding the cards we get long before pinterest told me too! LOL! They kids love to go through them, I admit-I do too! It's fun to watch families grow and change through the years. 

2. Wild Lights- This is a fun evening with Mark's family. Mark and I started going to this by ourselves 10 years ago. I recently posted about this event at the STL Zoo. The Wild Lights display is where Mark proposed so it's special to us. The whole family joins the fun now! 

3. Christmas Eve candlelight service- This favorite makes me tear up just thinking about it. Growing up we attended this service with my mom's side of the family. It was a part of the Christmas on that side of the family. It speaks volumes to be sitting/standing with not just your immediate family but with your aunts, grandparents, uncles, and cousins remembering the real reason for the season. LOVE! We switch each year so we only get to attend my "home church" service every other year but our church in STL has a service we attend when we are here. 

4. Schumey Christmas- Oh how I love this!!! When Kelley and Tyler moved to STL we wanted to start a special tradition in place of exchanging gifts. We have set aside a evening during each Christmas season to be together. We eat good food and do something fun! I can't wait to take the kids this's going to be a fun surprise. I will leave you in suspense as well! ;) 

5. Picking out a Christmas tree...this is a newish tradition for our family but one I have already grown to love so much. The kids have so much fun and take pride in the tree. It's so cute! 

-Happy Friday funday!!! 

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Elf on the Shelf

Our elf, Espi (short for espionage, a spy-totally the nerd husband idea;)) is back...dun dun dun!!! I kinda wish he would have stayed at the North Pole and used skpe or something. Just kidding, it really is fun watching the kids get so excited each morning.

Past years have really just consisted of him moving from place to place around our living room but with all this crazy hype he stepped it up a notch this year. (AKA Mr. decided to get serious about it) Mark has pretty much taken over the job of the elf. If it was up to me I think he would still be in spot #1...I just forget. I get lazy...once I sit down after bedtime, which is usually the FIRST time I sit since my feet hit the floor (NO LIE), the last thing I want to do is find Espi a new home. I mean, I have used the line, "I guess he just really loves sitting there. Don't you have a favorite chair at school? Mommy and Daddy have a favorite seat at church (que those Southern Baptist roots)." I said he has been quite the elf this year. He even brought them p.j's and matching ones for Sis and her doll! (thanks Kohls for that fun surprise, LOL)

There is even blogs and such out there supplying us with calendars of ideas!!! It is really cute and I love me a good Christmas tradition so off to move Espi I go...Merry Christmas!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Tiny Dancer

Last weekend was the children's Christmas performace at our church. The 3-5 year olds performed 2 songs before the elem. students put on a play. They have been practicing for this night. It was so cute!

Sloane was an angel dancer and LOVED every minute of it. She is a dancer! Wyatt decided to not participate about 10 mins. into the first practice. It wasn't an issue we wanted to force so he sat in the crowd and watched. ;)

A few family members came to watch and we all enjoyed ice cream together after the performance. Tis' the season!!!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Wild Lights 2015

Friday night we went to the Wild Lights display at the STL Zoo. Mark and I have been every year since we met...he actually proposed at this event. Since then we have started all going as a family each year. It's such a fun evening to just walk around, look at the lights, and be together.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Friday Favorites

I am linking up with Erika and Andrea today with some of my Friday Favorites. I am so excited to participate this week! This time of year it seems we all have so many "favorite" things. Mark and I decided we aren't giving gifts to each other this year. We are leaving Christmas day on vacation with his family and know the budget would allow for a better vacation if we sit this one out. LOL!

With that said...I do have a few favorite things right now that would be on "my Christmas list" if I had one. ;)

1. Silhouette Cameo- I have a few friends who have this amazing craft item and I love it! There are so many awesome things it can do. I have been playing around with one and it's SO COOL! The projects are endless.

2, Rain boots ;) I have been eyeing a pair of Hunter boots for a while now but just can't seem to buy them for myself. Every time I think I am ready something comes along that needs that $$ (darn adulthood)

3. Kitchenaid mixer bowl- I use my mixer ALL THE TIME, especially when I am baking cookies. I only have 1 bowl and I find myself constantly washing it out so I can move to the next part of the process. It would be so nice to have an extra bowl. 

4. I could only think of 3 items this evening....I know, so lame. But, on Thanksgiving day we had family pictures taken. It was actually really fun and no tears were shed this year. ;) I have to include one of the pictures from our sneak peek. I can't wait to see the rest! It's a total Friday Fav!!! 

Happy Weekend!! Ours is full of holiday fun...;) 

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


This is how I feel today...blah! I am not sure why but I don't like Wednesdays at all. I am alone in the mornings because the little's are at school. I have found Wednesday morning is a good day to keep to myself. Ha ha! Do you ever have those times? 

We have been really busy the past few weeks and it's only the beginning. Our calendar is jam packed but it's ok...we have time planned with family and friends. It's the holiday season and we wouldn't want to spend it any other way. 

A few weeks ago we celebrated Mark...his birthday was on a Tuesday so he was home in the morning. The kids wanted to serve him breakfast in bed and eat cake for dessert...we compromised and I was able to snap this picture of my 3 bedheads bright and early on his b-day! 
(candles in breakfast cassarole before 8am, isn't that how everyone rings in 31!?!?) 

Mark loves being a chiropractor. He is good at what he does...Sloane's teacher asked him to come speak to the class. They were studying the letter "U." U is for uniforms...different parent's in different careers came and spoke. It was so cute! Look carefully and you can see Sis right at Mark's feet...big black bow-you can't miss it! ;) 

Mark's side of the family celebrated Thanksgiving early this year. Lots of family, good food, games, and fun conversation...this year didn't disappoint! 

I was so nervous about making this shoe boxes with the kids. I don't really know why but I was. It took a little explaining with lots of questions but I think they understand. It was REALLY fun to show with them and turn the boxes in Sunday at church...we had to document it...duh!! 

We love to party!!! We went to a friends house for dinner last weekend. The kids had SO MUCH FUN!! I think they ran around for hours without stopping....the parent's had fun too! ;) 
 The dreaded Elf arrived on Dec. 1...we haven't really gotten into this trend but this year the kids are older and ALL ABOUT IT! It should be interesting...
Day 1 and Day 2 

Bring on December.....
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