Thursday, January 29, 2015

lolliebop - Just in time for Valentine's Day!

A fellow "mama" from my hometown opened up, lolliebop, an Etsy shop FULL of handmade goodies! She does an amazing job at creating super cute items for "you and your little lady." When she opened I knew I had to place an order!

When she posted her Valentine's items I couldn't resist! Cara has so many options to choose from. I love the knotted headbands too! I wish Sis would wear those as much as she wears the bows. ;)

I have more headbands on my wish list. I can't wait for Summer to get here...this pineapple knotted headband is SUPER CUTE! It's one of my favs for sure! The other knotted headband I love this THIS leopard print one. I can't wait to order it and have Sis wear it with her black dance leotard. ;) She also can customize to meet your own needs or match a certain outfit. So fun right?!?!

Lastly she even has items for the mama too! I don't think it new news that I have an obsession with grey and white...I love this grey and white head wrap for myself!

Don't wait...head over to lollibop today! You have to see all the cute items for yourself! She is kind enough to be offering  20% off your ENTIRE purchase from today until Saturday...all your have to do is use the code - MAMA20 -so don't wait, head over to her shop today and take advantage of this awesome offer!

*I didn't get paid to write this post or given any product. This was all my honest true opinion. 

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

February Bucket List

I am so excited to post a monthly bucket list again! It's been a while since Erika and I have teamed up to post our "Monthly Bucket List." February is so fun too! Things have calmed down a bit from the holidays but it still feels like the new year. I have quite a few things on my list this month. I split it up into categories...home, kids, and myself (which includes mom and wife items as well).


Thankfully it's not quite to move outside and start Spring cleaning. We still have a pretty long list of things to get finished inside the house. The beginning of January we began the dreaded kitchen remodel process so...

1. finished the kitchen backsplash
2. get a bid for new floor
3. get pricing for new oven top, to begin saving
4. order and finished trim in the basement 
5. finish the basement wall (where there was work done on the foundation) 

*phew, that sounds like a lot! ;/ 


1. make 3 fun snacks Valentine themed
2. go to the Magic house at least twice


1. Run 3 times a week
2. read The Power of a Praying Wife book again
3. continue to drink my correct amount of water at least 5/7 days a week
4. get all the kids clothes finished for our Disney trip

Looks like my February is pretty full. Do you have a bucket list this month? What are some items you really want to get checked off? I encourage you to write them down and link up with us. You can link up below! Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Bathroom Remodel

It's so fun to finally get to post this bathroom update! We have lived in our home since 2008. We are slowly but surly completing updates that require more than just a paint job. It's been quite the interesting journey....I am so happy I finally get to create this post!

Before we moved in and the bathroom looked like this...

(Yikes, I can't even believe this.) 

The tile on the plaster walls made it a bit tough to take the plunge and begin a remodel right away. We live in an older home and ALWAYS start with a small remodel and it ALWAYS ends up costing more because of "unforeseen" events that arise.

We did the easy updates such as shower curtain, paint, paint the vanity, change the organizer, fixtures, etc. but it still was just a temporary fix. Finally one day after a few too many DIY and HGTV shows I took a hammer to the tile. Ya, not the smartest idea I have ever had. ;/ Hey, it got the ball rolling though...

Thanks to my dad the tile from half the bathroom was removed. It had to be taken down the the studs because of the plaster walls. I HATE PLASTER! Then Mark's dad and uncle helped us remove the other side as well as the vanity to begin the complete remodel. I have no clue what we would do without family that's willing to not only help but has the knowledge to help.

We didn't want to have to re-plaster so we covered with wainscoting. The top was trimmed out so nice! We replaced the mirror (with something like this) and the organizer above the toilet as well. I used IKEA RIBBA picture ledges and loved the way it turned out. The plant and 2/3 frames are from IKEA as well. The vanity and floor came from Lowe's too! I think the floor is my favorite part.

Mark and I did a lot of finishing touches together. It was a learning process but we survived! (Thanks to YouTube.) We did have to hire the last few items such as the trim, edging, etc. to be finished so it was completed with a professional look but it was so worth the wait!

The bathroom is very hard to photograph because the size and the doorway. There is no natural light but from a window inside the shower so...Here you have it...the finished project:

Next up, THE KITCHEN!!!!! (That makes my skin crawl just thinking about it.)

Also I can't forget to mention tomorrow is a big day around here! Erika and I are hosting a Bucket List link-up!  Blog about your goals or bucket list for February or the new year and join us!

Monday, January 26, 2015

What a weekend...

It seemed this weekend flew by! It was so fun but I didn't seem to take many pictures. ;( Oh well, lots in my mind right?!?!? Friday was "Friday funday"...Wyatt wanted to eat at Taco Bell, classy right!?!?LOL! Sis wanted to get a cake pop but wanted to eat in INSIDE Starbucks. 2 pretty easy requests...;) We had dinner with the Dumey's. Breakfast to be specific...and to get even better omelettes using eggs from the chicks the little's picked out this Summer! YAHOOO!!!!! That's right they laid eggs. It was so fun for the kids to understand this...they thought it was so cool.

Saturday morning I hosted a Stella and Dot party. If you aren't familiar with their jewelry you have to check it out. There were so many friends and family that showed up to have fun and look at the awesome item. (Thanks again to all who were able to make it! I do appreciate you taking the time to come.) Also if you would like to place an order please let me party will be open until early Feb. so I can send the link. The theme was "Bubbles and Bling" and the party was brunch style. Even though out kitchen is 1/2 way through a renovation the party went on...Mimosa Bar and all.

Saturday Mark played golf as well. The kids hung and the party then we had some fun at home once everyone left. Mark and I had a dinner date planned with some friends of his ours from Chiropractic School Saturday night and Mark's parents offered to have the kids spend the night. *I can't and won't go into what it means to me for our children to have 2 sets of g-parent's that can watch our children overnight. It takes a lot from Mark and I to trust as well as them to be willing and it's amazing. Some of my BEST childhood memories were from spending time (without parent's) at my g-parent's. I am happy they have it!! Plus another bonus is the time Mark and I have together. It's pretty amazing to hear your 4 year old talk about how much he sees his Daddy want to have "a special date" with his Mommy. *Perfect*

Sunday morning we woke and headed to church. After church we picked up lunch and headed to Mark's parents. We all hung out together and enjoyed lunch. The guys watched golf, talked wedding (Mark's sister is getting married in April), played games, etc. Then as dinner time came we met his sister and fiance at a local Mexican restaurant to hear about their amazing ski trip they had just concluded. It was an awesome day with family!

Sis being silly with Maw Maw's glasses ;) 

Happy Monday...hope you all had an amazing weekend and feel refreshed ready to tackle this week!

Thursday, January 22, 2015


As soon as Christmas and New Year are over...we have lots of family birthdays in Jan-March. ;) We celebrated birthday's with Mark's family a few weeks ago. I don't have lots of pictures from the night but still want to have it in my book. LOL!

We enjoyed dinner and dessert together. Mark and I brought everyone's favorite dessert so they could all have their own cake. ;) It was a fun new thing. (I know we lead exciting lives right?!?!?) We played a few games together and headed home at bedtime.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Annual Curtis Christmas Dinner

We used to all get together right in the middle of the Christmas hustle. There were about 8 adults "back then...."

My parent's have been hosting the Curtis Christmas for I don't know how many's one of the best nights of the season. There are over 40 of us now, some came all the way from TX to not miss this night! ;) It was a blast! The past few years it has been right after the New Year, after things have died down "a little bit." ;)

My mom always has a theme. This year she tried kept it "simple." It was beautiful. Everyone has their special dish they bring and we just enjoy being together. The picture is always taken with a self timer and is always an event in itself. Ha ha!

My parent's are such great hosts! We love every minute we all have together! I can't wait for many more years to come...

Friday, January 16, 2015

Guest post- Convenient Travel With Baby- How To Choose The Right Stroller/Or Seat System

The post today was written by a guest blogger. 

There is no doubt that a new born baby is a wonderful addition to the family. It brings with it a lot of joy and happiness but at the same that there is also a lot of responsibility that has to be taken up by the parents. It is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that the baby grows up normally and is able to see the outside world without much of a difficulty. As the baby grows in age, it is quite likely that it should be taken out for more than one purpose. The first purpose could be to help it have a look at the outside world and secondly there could be many situations where the baby will have to be taken along with the parents because, the mother or father might be working. In such situation selecting the right baby stroller is very important but easier said than done.

This is especially true for new parents who are becoming mother and father for the first time. Since, there are hundreds of models choose from often parents would become confused when they are given the task of choosing the right strollers. So, it is very important to have in mind certain important facts which will help them to choose the right stroller. Over the next few lines we will try and find out what are the different points to be kept in mind when choosing the right stroller for your baby.

The first and most important point to be kept in mind while choosing the safest stroller is to have a clear look at the frame of the body of the stroller. This is extremely important because, this is the skeleton of the entire structure, and unless if it is strong it may not be very safe for the little one. The frame should not only be strong, but it should also be light weight because moving a heavy stroller could put lot of strain on the parents. These frames come in different types of materials including plastic or polymer frames, aluminum, steel just name a few. It would always be better to go in for polymer or aluminum frames because they are lighter but at the same time they are very tough. Next is choosing between three wheeled baby strollers and two wheeled baby strollers. While, the four wheeler stroller has a better stability the three wheelers are chosen because it provides a bigger space in the front which help the better gripping as far as the road is concerned.

The next important point to be taken into account is to plan a stroller keeping in mind if the baby is single baby or a twin. If twin is born, then you should have a stroller that can accommodate both the new born ones and choosing the right one of this kind could indeed be a very tough and challenging task.

The best way to get the right information for convenient travel with baby and choosing the right stroller stroke car seat system is to take the help and advantage of internet. There are a number of websites, which could provide the viewers with lot of knowledge and information on the above subject matter. It would always be better to choose those websites where information is posted by the parents or end users. This would give a right and correct picture rather than trying to lookup websites that are from the manufacturers.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Preschool Christmas Party

Wyatt's Christmas party at school was so precious! Mark was able to go with us since he is off on Fridays, that also meant Sis was along for the fun as well. I love that he is so involved. I know Wyatt loves it too! There were super cute snacks, crafts, and the games were so fun too!

Next year I will be hopping back and forth between the 2 classrooms so I am enjoying these last few party days for Wyatt. ;) Next up...Valentines!!!! ;)

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Wild Lights 2014

We love our zoo! We visit it a lot throughout the year. If you have followed for any length of time you know Mark proposed at the Wild Lights event at the zoo. Since then we have gone every year. Mark family has started going with us as has become a fun tradition!

The zoo added a lot more lights this year and even a few more displays. After walking around with our hot chocolate and visiting together we always head to dinner. It was a great night!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Grandma's Christmas

My Grandma went on a trip to Cancun with 2 of my Aunt's over Christmas. To be really honest it was bittersweet. I know she enjoyed her time but I did miss being with her during this time. We have all heard the "it's not about the actual day" it's about being together business but that's really hard for me. I am a pretty traditional person. I kinda actually thrive off tradition. But...with all that said...g-ma was leaving to enjoy some sunshine we we adapted. ;) *I can't post without mentioning the fact that even though this isn't something we "do every year" we still traveled, my siblings still managed to head over to my parent's, and my parent's prepared an amazing lunch to make this happen. It's just nice when everyone is so willing to "make it work."

The weekend before Christmas we had a small lunch with her. We drove down to Jackson and celebrated with her. The kids opened their gifts with her and we spent some time together. It was so sweet! It truly is a blessing to see Wyatt and Sloane actually KNOW their great-grandma.

We had lunch together and opened gifts as well. You can gather the personality of each child from these pictures for sure! ;) It was a wonderful afternoon spent with family...praying we have many more with Grandma.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

The new year-2015

It's been a few days since I have posted. I really enjoy keeping up with my blog. It's how I "unwind" at the end of the day. I enjoy writing. I have a lot of holiday posts waiting to be posted from my drafts. I just can't bring myself to do it...

It's like I am clinging to 2014...Mark and I were talking the other day but this "fresh start." It's interesting to me how I don't look forward to a "new year." I think with my personality I would enjoy the start over, fresh, new, etc. but I can't get through/over the fact another year has passed. I am sure once all women become mothers we say the same thing, "I can't believe how time flies." I truly don't think time can move any faster than the first 5 years of your child's life. Though I am sure others would differ...

2015 will mark 5 years...5 years of living on this Earth without Ryder. That's a tough sentence to swallow. 1 was tough, 2,3,4,...but 5....5 just seems like a "big one." There are still days just as bad as day #1. There are also days were I look at where we are today and feel encouraged that we have made it. We smile, cry, laugh, and STILL THINK ABOUT HIM EVERY DAY.

I have many goals for 2015 but am trying not to carry this terrible feeling of "year five" with my each day. Am I praying? Yes. Do I trust the Lord? Yes. Do I know to turn to Him? Yes. Do I know others remember him too? Yes. It. still. hurts.....yes. others are ready for a whole new fresh start....bear with me as I seem to be taking a little bit to get settled in this "new year."

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