Sunday, November 9, 2014

Field Trip to Powder Valley

One of the fun parts of not being from STL is I get to go to places I haven't ever been on field trips. Wyatt and I had a blast together last week on his field trip. Sis and Daddy had a fun "date" as well! LOL!

We visited many animals, made a craft, and even had a chance to pet a snake! 

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Halloween 2014

A little family selfie before heading out to Trick or Treat. The kids really wanted us to dress up...we had to scramble a bit on the actual day of Halloween but it was totally worth it! We all had a blast.

The kids were "all about it" this year! The were very careful in picking their costumes. They were counting down the days to trick or treat...then the hours. Ha ha! We last about 20 mins (Sis and Dad maybe 10 min. ) but it was so fun! It was so cute to see them get excited each time they arrived at a door, as if it was going to be something different. 

After we finished we loaded the car and headed to the Dumey's party! It was a usual! 

I love comparing pictures...;) 

Friday, November 7, 2014

*Duck* Park

Meeting friends in the park is one of my favorite play dates! The kids love the park, especially when they get to look at the animals too! We enjoyed an awesome day with beautiful weather!

It's so crazy to see these kids walking together, hand in hand. *LOVE* Before I blinked they were only babies...

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Friday Fun

*Another post I found left in drafts. ;( 

It's only been a few months since this "Friday fun day" but I can't get over how much younger the kids look. It's crazy! We took the kids to a fun place with go-karts and putt-putt! Sis isn't much of a putter but Wyatt is really catching on, naturally. ;)

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Because we can...pumpkins ;)

We have this small little strip mall down the street from our house. There has been a nursery that rented one of the spots since Spring. They had awesome flowers but now they have mums and pumpkins. Every time we drive by the kids kept asking to stop and get a pumpkin. Finally one day we did....they LOVED their $1 choices. ;) We had fun!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Instagram Dump #5

I can't believe I am just now finding these pictures in a draft. ;( I am thankful for Sunday afternoons on the couch...playing on the computer as my family hangs out together in the living room. This past Sunday I was able to "start" catching back up with pictures and posts...and I may have started planning/preparing our Christmas cards and letter.

During the "clean up" I found a few posts that I never hit publish....I have to have these pictures in our blog book so here we go! 

This was Sis as we were about 2 mins. from home after a week long vacation at the beach, not to mention 11 hours in the car. 

Mark's cousin got a new puppy...little Penny is SO cute! I am a bit bias but I think this could be a postcard...

I had to document my 1st salted caramel of the season...who wouldn't right!?!?

Wyatt and I discovered the Starbucks secret menu...LOVE the cotton candy drink!!! 

Even though it's not ideal and we haven't found the money tree it's nice to still have our "side business" that allows me to work from home. This was my view from my desk chair...haha! 

We LOVE Tuesday's with Eesie!!!! 

Mark and I have enjoyed Friday mornings with this little princess. Since Wyatt has school but Mark is off on Friday's we have been able to have a little 1 on 1 time with her. *PRICELESS*

"Things that go" with Maw Maw

Aunt Shelly surprised the kids and let them "Build a Bear." They had a blast and we enjoyed special time with her! 

Just a picture in her Sunday's best...those boots?!!?!? 

Monday, November 3, 2014

A day in the life...Daddy turns 30!!!!

I think it's been a few years since I have completed a "day in the life" post. They are always so fun to go back and read. Since Mark turns 30 today I thought it would be fun to document the day as well complete a post. Ha ha! (Queen of multitasking!?!?) Our Monday and Wednesdays are pretty much the same each week...

1:03am Wyatt yells from his room for me to come lay with him. I walk in and rub his head. I try to discuss what's wrong but that's a lost cause. I fall asleep in his bed.

2:20am I hear Sis whining because she can't breath well. ;( Cough and runny nose make it hard for her to breath the past few days. I go in and give her a drink of water, and fall asleep with her as I am rubbing her belly-per her request.

4:20am Wyatt yells (and I mean YELLS) again. He is asking why I got up and tells me he is scared...this is a whole post for another time...

6:03am I wake and try to sneak back into my OWN bed for the last 30 mins of doesn't work.

6:22am I hear little feet running into our room. As soon as there is light outside he isn't scared to get out of bed. Thanks to day light savings Wyatt climbs in our bed and asks to watch T.V.

*this night is totally normal just FYI*

6:30am Alarm goes off and I get out of bed...throw on some clothes and brush my teeth.

6:40am Wyatt asks for instant breakfast (his normal school morning breakfast) and I make that for him. While doing so Sis wakes up. I get them both dressed and ask them to brush their teeth. I fix their hair while they are brushing.

6:50am The head out to the living room to park it in front of the tv, their usual spot before school. Sis asks for a banana and I get that for her. She eats about 3 bites and sets it on the counter.

6:50 They watched tv while I unloaded dishwasher, let the dogs out, move/start a load of laundry, got bags together for school, finished Sis's bananna ;), made their beds, started the car...

7:13 We turned off tv, I sent both kids in to tell Daddy "Happy Birthday" and bye...*made time for a selfie ;) then we loaded the car and headed to school.

7:30 We get to Wyatt's school. We are earlier than normal but it's ok. The earlier the better for him...he needs time to get settled in before the day starts. Who knew right?!?! Ha ha!

7:50 Sis and I get back home. Mark is eating breakfast. She runs to him like it's been days since she has seen him. She sits with him for a bit while he eats and asks for some of his cereal. He gets some in a baggie for her as I get dressed to run.

8:00am We say our goodbyes and Happy Birthdays again as we bundle up to run...

We get back from running a little after 8:30am and we start baking Mark's cake. He couldn't decide which cake (yellow cake w/choc. icing or Tom Selleck cake) he wanted for his b-day so I am making both. Crazy I know, you only turn 30 once right?!?!?! Sis was a great helper, as usual.

9:30 I put the cake in the oven and got in the shower. Sis watched cartoons while I got ready. I worked on ExpediteSTL stuff for a while, moved laundry, and had a small snack.

10:40 I brought the dogs inside and we headed out the door to pick up Wyatt. We got there a little early. My sister called while we were on our way so I finished chatting with her. Sis and I walked into school and picked up Buddy.

By 11:08 we were back in the car and headed to pick up candles for Daddy's cake at dinner. Also they wanted to get him something to share at work for his birthday treat. Ha!

11:15 We pulled into the grocery and Wyatt told me his belly hurt. ;( He was sick on Saturday but seemed fine by the end of yesterday. I was a bit concerned. I really didn't want to have to clean a mess up in his car seat...and more importantly I didn't want him sick again. We sat there for a bit and chatted about his belly. We decided he probably was hungry since he hasn't eaten much recently.
-We bought the candles but decided to get cupcakes from a little store in the same plaza. We loaded up the car and drove around the parking lot. With our luck the place is closed on Mondays...soooo back to Dierbergs we went. ;) We unloaded the car and went straight to the bakery. The happy lady wrote "Happy 30th Birthday Daddy" and we headed to check out.

11:38 Now we were running a little behind as we were supposed to meet Daddy at 11:45 am. We got to the office a little before noon. The kids gave Daddy his cake and we visited with Uncle Kyle a little bit. Sloane got stickers from Aunt Lele too! Once Daddy was finished with his last patient we drove to lunch together.

12:15 Mark wanted to eat lunch at Scotties. A fun place near the office. They have tv's at the table so the kids think it's super cool. He has a b-day coupon for the win as well! Ha ha!

1:00 pm After eating there are a few coin games in the back the kids like to play with Daddy. They head back there and I finish up at the table.

1:15 pm Mark got a little longer lunch since it was his b-day, LOL! I insist we pause for a selfie outside the restaurant. Thanks to Mr. Sunshine you can tell no one is feeling it...;)

We dropped Mark off at the office. The kids got Target gift cards from Maw Maw and Paw Paw for Halloween and they have been burning a hole in their pockets. ;) We had to make a delivery for ExpediteSTL but I told them we could stop at Target first. (To be honest I needed caffeine.I have been REALLY cutting back on the Diet Coke so I had only had water for the day. Terrible, I know.)

1:23 pm We get to Target...we make a pit stop to the bathroom because I know the delivery is far away and I won't want to stop in an area I don't know well. They both have their hearts set on a board game. We get them with almost no discussion because once the know what they want they aren't kids who waver much.

1:37 checking this time I can tell Wyatt isn't really feeling well again. I ask him if anything hurts and he says no. He says he is fine and wants to play his game. ;/

1:40 Due to my awesome planning we are at a Target with a Starbucks. Wyatt declines a cake pop, I know this isn't good. Sis and I get our regulars and we all head to the car.

1:45 I type the address for the delivery in my google maps and see it's 38 mins away. Yuck! I am hoping the kids rest a little in the car.

2:13 pm I have to pull over because my dumb phone died WHILE it was on the charger. Grrrrr!!! I have to have it to know where I am going so I wait until it turns back on. It takes what feels like forever but it was only like 5 mins. The kids are both asleep by this time so it was a little forced quite time. ;)

2:29 pm I finally arrive at the delivery. We usually don't make ones this far away but this was an exception. It was easy and small so I leave the item on the front porch per customers instructions. Next stop...pick up Daddy's b-day gift.

2:45 We get to Logan. Both of the kids are asleep but at this point I think it's fine to wake them both. Neither really take naps anymore so this cat nap to catch up from the weekend plus Wyatt sickness I think we are good. I ask them if they want to walk or want me to get out the stroller. Since both were still half asleep they both wanted to the stroller. We walk to the bookstore and get the Mark a new Logan camel back he has been wanting.

2:57 It was a quick in and out. We head straight home from Logan.

3:19 home, let dogs out, unload the car

3:27 Open the games and begin playing...long story short both of them were TERRIFIED of the dinosaur that was part of Wyatt's game. They wanted it back in the box and in the car to return. I have to admit is was sort of funny but I was kinda sad for him as he has been begging for this game. Oh well, we played Sis's Frozen game together. It was so fun! After the game we cleaned up and I got a snack for them. OJ and frosted mini wheats...weird I know!?!?! ;)

4:40 I began checking work e-mails again and both kids wanted on my lap. Wyatt asked for his school folder and saw he had homework. We all moved to the table and he completed his packet. Sis did her own "school work" and I finished a few things I had started earlier for ExpediteSTL. They continue to color at the table and I went downstairs to check the laundry.

5:11 pm Kelley calls and we begin our daily "catch-upchat." I bake the other b-day cake for Mark and started dinner. We had Gerber's per his request. I am pretty sure it's a STL thing. Garlic bread with ham and provolone cheese plus a little paprika sprinkled on top, broil for 5 mins. AMAZING! It's so good, I can't imagine how NOT good for you it is. It's a b-day, who cares right!?!?

5:28 I hang up with Kel and the cake goes in the refrigerator to cool and I wait to finish the Gerber's until he calls to say he is on his way home. I take this time to pick up all the odds and ends that are left out from our day. I Lysol the door knobs and high traffic areas, sweep kitchen floor, clean the bathroom (random I know), and move the laundry for the final load today. Wyatt has made his way to the couch and really doesn't look good. Sloane is playing dress up in her room. I take Wyatt's temp. FEVER ;( YUCK! I give him some meds. and have him continue to lay on couch.

6:21 Mark calls and says he is on his way home. I put the Gerbers in the oven and ask Sloane to help me set the table. She happily comes running to help.

6:33 Mark walks in the door. Dinner is on the table. Wyatt stays on couch but the rest of us eat at the table. Wyatt declines food again. ;(

6:52 Dinner is finished so we get out the cakes! Mark opens his gift and the kids enjoy watching him. I get all the dinner plates cleared and get out cake plates. We sing happy birthday (Sissy and Daddy blow out candles, we won't let Wyatt open his mouth near the cake. We hate sick germs. ha!)  to Daddy and eat cake, all but Buddy. Wyatt laughs at a joke I told for the camera and has about 5 mins. of fun with Mark before moving back to couch.

7:13 Mark and Sloane start playing on the floor. They all 3 watch a little bit of Disney channel while I clean up the dishes and kitchen. I get the bed ready for night and give Mark Sloane's nightgown.

7:32 Wyatt and Sloane brush their teeth and say their good nights. Mark gets Wyatt set up in bed and I go lay with Sloane. This is usually the opposite but for some reason we switch tonight. I lay with Sloane for a few mins. listening to her bedtime song on itunes...before she asks for her Daddy, go figure.

7:43 I get up and Mark lays down. Ya, we know...she plays us. I go in and check on Wyatt. He is almost asleep. He tells me he is scared and we go through the normal conversation that he is safe. I take out the trash, feed the dogs, I start washing my face and my sister's a facetime request. ;)

7:50 I talk to Erin and Zetta. They ask for Wyatt and Sloane. I take the phone in and let Wyatt talk for a second. Sloane is asleep so she can't talk. I chat for a min. with Baby Zetta and then get off the phone. I finish washing my face and head for the my comfy clothes and no makeup!

8:07 Kids are asleep...we turn on Monday night football and relax! What a day!

*We will make our way to bed around 10:30pm...when I will be awakened by someone before 1am ;) to do it all over again! Whew, and that's only ONE day!
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