Tuesday, September 30, 2014

PGA Championship

Mark and I had the chance to go to the PGA Championship this year! We had such a great weekend together. It was a much needed "time together" weekend. One of Mark's college teamates qualified to play so we loaded up and drove to the tournament. We were able to "follow" Brian some of the time and enjoyed catching up with old friends! 

Our tickets included the Wanamaker Club so we had a few extra perks. We spent 2 full days at the tournament together. We were able to see Tiger, Rory, Phil, along with MANY other awesome golfers!

It's always nice to spend time with just Mark but we do miss our littles!! I am so happy they know and understand the importance of  "mommy and daddy" time. They loved their prizes as well. ;)

Monday, September 29, 2014

Final Summer Instagram Dump #2

I know...the title with the words "final" then the #2 just doesn't make sense...oh well, good thing it's my blog! Ha!! I am pretty sure there will a part #3 as well. ;)

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Today's message

"You can't GO with God AND stay where you are..."

Saturday, September 27, 2014

JHS 2004- 10 Year class reunion

Myself, Kelley, and Tyler together planned our 10 year class reunion. We graduated with about 380 students. I know everyone has their own "feelings" regarding reunions but we had a great time! The whole "I see the people I want to see" business...blah! That's not what a reunion is for...it's to see the people you DON'T get to see on a regular basis. It was a blast! 

We started the weekend low key and joined the "All Class tailgate" at the high school before to the football game. Jackson LOVES football so we knew we needed to include a game. We took the kids and were able to stay until the halftime show. They loved it! It was neat to see how much was different but SO MUCH was the same...tradition dies hard in good ol'J-town. ;) 
 The huge blow up thing behind us in the picture wasn't there when I was in school. The player ran through a paper tepee that was made each Friday night by the cheerleaders. Ha! The coach let Wyatt inside...he thought he was Mr. Big stuff!! We sold t-shirts (using t-fund) to raise a little extra money for our class as well as have something fun to wear to the game.

Seriously in this picture above it makes my heart skip a little beat! These are our little's...sitting on the bleachers at a JACKSON FOOTBALL GAME. I know most of you are rolling your eyes but mostly because you wish you had this same feeling. ;) Ha!  There is just something special about a Friday night football game in Jackson!

Saturday morning we woke and headed back to the high school for a tour. There have been A LOT of changes since attended the school. We thought it would be neat to have an organized tour of all the buildings. It didn't disappoint! So cool! 

Saturday afternoon we had a family time in the city park! It was a bit chilly but there were still some who came. It was neat to play with new friends. There was a playground and everyone brought their own food. Good times! 

Saturday night was the PARRRRTTTTYYYY!!!! We held the event at a new winery in Jackson. There was dinner served, 50/50 raffle, and great conversations! 

Kelley, Tyler, and I working the front table at the entry of the winery! 

This guy...right here...WOW, he is amazing! Duh, he is my Mr. but I don't know many other husbands that would be as supportive as this guy. We was there along the ENTIRE way...over a year of planning as well as the entire weekend ALWAYS wearing a smile! He didn't have one negative thing to say about a class reunion or even attending one! He has no problem hanging out and chatting with everyone! He even snapped the group picture, while standing on a table.! ;) 

What a great weekend!!! Yahoo for Jackson Indians!!!! 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Sam A Baker 2014

Last weekend was the annual family weekend at Sam A. Baker state park. As usual, it didn't disappoint. There still isn't cell service unless you stand on your head in the right corner of the park but as time goes on I am actually enjoying these moments.

We had so much fun with my family as well as extended family. It's so awesome to still (as an almost 30 year old) spend time with MY aunts and uncles as well as MY cousins. And to make it even better it happens every year! As the family "grows" I love watching the people who join love it as well!

Yahoo for family!

Saturday afternoon we spent time around the campfire. We ate A LOT of food as well! ;0 Some went on a hike while others spent time at the creek catching tadpoles. 

As Saturday evening came to a close we all gathered around the campfire a roasted marshmallows and made smores. (as if we needed any more food) The kids LOVED it! 

As crazy as it sounds there is so much emotion when leaving another year of Sam A. behind. There are so many memories there for my family and I. I am so happy I married a man that values family the same way I do. I thank the Lord I am still able to spend time with aunt, uncles, g-parent's, and cousins who want to be with me and my family. It's not a "chore" or something we "have to" do...we do it because we choose to...because we truly love each other and make time to show them...even when we all lead CRAZY busy lives!!!! 

Yahoo for another AMAZING Sam A. Baker weekend!!! 
You can read about past weekends here:

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Cousin Day!

Earlier in the summer we spent some time in Jackson with my sister's kids. It's fun to see them all play together even though there is 100 miles between them day to day...when they are together you can't even tell! *LOVE*

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Final Summer Instagram Dump #1

I have been trying to stay on top of the organizing of my pictures. We take soooo many and having my pictures organized is just one way for me to feel a little "on top of it." Ha! I am clearing out and backing up my phone (preparing for an upgrade baby!!!) so it's time to dump all the random pictures left from summer fun!

We enjoyed our summer so much! (hence the reason for not much posting) We stayed busy but enjoyed each other as well as family and friends! I am pretty sure we all made lots of memories too!

I have quite a few so I am going to split it up into a few posts. I am sure ya'll can only handle so many cute photo's of my family! LOL!

Here is a memory for sure...my last picture with her "mimi." Not many days after she gave up her mimi's...moving on up to toddler hood. Ha!

We spent lots of time with these littles...just another picnic on the patio! 

We took the kids to Fitz's and enjoyed an afternoon in the loop. The kids had a great time! 

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