Sunday, March 2, 2014

For all the "new mama's" out there...

* This was a guest post from last week. It was on Caitlin's blog but I didn't have a chance to post it on my blog until today. I hope you enjoy!

I am so excited to be guest posting for Caitlin today. She is super sweet and is a new mama herself. Baby A is so precious! I loved following her pregnancy and seeing all the new pictures of Baby girl as well.

I know everyone has their own advise and tips for new mama's out there and AS SOON AS you have the "baby bump" everyone and their mother wants to give you THEIR advice and tips. Am I right? (the nerve of some, ha!) As I was brainstorming MY tips and advice I decided it would be most helpful to break it up into categories: #1 Pregnancy - #2 Baby Shower/Registry - #3 Hospital - #4 Coming home and beyond...

I am by NO MEANS a professional. I am just another mom who is going to tell you what worked for me. ;) I hope you enjoy because I had a great time writing this post!

I am a Mama to 3 babies...2 are here on Earth with us and 1 is in Heaven. Wyatt (3) is an identical twin. Him and Ryder were both born at 36 weeks. After a perfect twin pregnancy Ryder was born with the cord around his neck. You can read their birth story HERE. Thirteen months after having the twins we found out I was pregnant again...In March of 2012 Sloane was born. You can read her birth story HERE.
 ( Wyatt - May 2010 )

( Sloane - March 2012 )

These babies helped mold me into the mama I am today...they truly change your heart the first time you lay eyes on your without any more rambling...a few tips and advice I came up to help you with:

- Everyone has a difference pregnancy. There aren't 2 alike, the sooner you realize and accept that the easier it will be. Even after being pregnant twice my 2 pregnancies weren't the same. 

- Listen to your body...when you are tired rest and even when you think you have been drinking lots of water...drink more. 

- Buy maternity clothes, you can thank me later. Splurge on a few staple items. You will feel so much better about yourself and most importantly be more comfortable. COMFORT IS KEY because when pregnant lady isn't happy NO ONE is happy! 

- Understand everyone (including doctors) have their own lists of "to-do's" and "not to-do's." Be sure to do your own research and to understand sometimes just because it was fine 20 years ago research has been done it's no longer good...;) 

- Enjoy your belly. Rub it, stop and just feel the baby move...BELIEVE ME no matter how ready you are to have that baby you WILL MISS that feeling!!! 

(a few of these might sound vain or even ungrateful but I am just being honest so you might hate me now but believe me you will thank me later) 

- Have your baby shower early enough you aren't worried you might go into labor before the party! Also this will ensure you have enough time to exchange and/or return items from the shower as well. 

- Register for 1 of every brand of pacifiers, the baby will decide which they like then return the leftovers for the brand they picked....

- DO NOT register for clothes or blankets...believe me you will still get more than any baby should have. 

-Speaking of clothes, don't hesitate to return them. Babies are all different sizes. Have the "coming home" outfit and a few sleepers washed and ready. Save everything else WITH tags so you can return/exchange if you don't use them. 

-Name brand isn't always the best...aka diapers. 

- Just because something is the most expensive DOES NOT make it the best choice. Do you research and always save your receipt and box...don't be afraid to test something out and return if you don't like it.

- When making decisions on the "bigger" items (stroller, car seat, etc.) ask others that have just had a baby. These items change and new things come out so quickly make sure to get advice from mom's in the same timing as you. (P.S. If you want suggestions on stroller or carseat our #1 go to is BRITAX, almost 4 years into motherhood we have the same stroller and have had nothing but AMAZING things to say about it!) 

- Oh the hospital...whatever you want goes while you are there! Ha ha!! If you want family there then invite them...if you want them to stay at home then ask them to stay at home. This is all what makes you feel most comfortable. If there is ever a time that you don't need to worry about what others think it's when YOU ARE HAVING A BABY!!! 
-The hospital bag is important but it's not the end of the world if you forget something. You will be there for a little while so relax, I am sure you will find someone willing to bring you anything you might forget. 

-Speaking of the bag...pack a small hand held mirror. My SIL let me in on that little secret. I never carry one but it was great to have at the bedside when you are too lazy, tired, or sore to get up and people are flooding in to visit. ;) 

- Bring clothes to change into after you shower so you don't have to wear the hospital gown the entire time you are sure you can easily access the needed parts to nurse will be needed them a lot. ;) 

- You will not go home from the hospital the size you were before you got pregnant. Just because the baby is no longer in your belly you will still appear to be about 4-5 months pregnant. There is nothing wrong with that...don't worry, you will feel better sooner than later....

- If you plan to nurse BE SURE to meet with a lactation consultant. Don't think you know it all...even if it's not your first time. I could have saved myself a lot of pain and suffering if I had met with someone with Sloane. ;/ (i.e. tongue tied baby) 

- If you have a c-section...WALK WALK will not feel good HURT REALLY BAD in the beginning but you will feel SO MUCH better in the end. 

-Be nice to the nurses...they control your meds. Haha!! But seriously...

#4 Coming home...and beyond!
- Sit down and ENJOY YOUR BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is something I didn't do very well. It's my #1 regret. I can't really remember a time where I just sat and stared at my babies. There will be so many people wanting to help, LET THEM. If you don't have people helping well, the chores can wait. Enjoy the BABY BABY stage it last about 2 weeks then they wake up! Haha!! 
- Hopefully someone/people will offer to bring you meals..take advantage of that. If you don't have people offering try to make a few freezer meals in advance so you don't have to stand and prepare or worry about making yourself food. 

-You can read all the books in the world to prepare you for the baby...but the best way to learn is to actually do figure out what works for your baby. It will be trial and error, within reason of course. ;) 

-We have all heard  "when the baby sleeps, you sleep." That is true if you want to sleep...if you don't mind never sleeping then go ahead and do all the things you THINK have to be done while the baby sleeps. That's another one of those wonderful do as I say not as I did suggestions. ;)  

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and find it helpful! Afterall, kids are one of the greatest gifts that Lord gives us!  

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  1. What a great post. I have 2 littles, but I would have SO appreciated having something like this when I was a new mama and had no idea what I was doing {well... I STILL don't know what I'm doing :) }. It's full of practical advise, but also grace, which all mamas need.


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