Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring Cooking...

Thanks to Pinterest I didn't have to worry about what dessert to bring to a friend's house for dinner last night...

It doesn't look just like the picture as I didn't add "grass" but added my cookies instead. ;) It was a HUGE hit and the kids LOVED it so much! They really thought all the colors were fun. It's super easy since you can buy boxed cake in different colors now. What was a little tricky was finding bunny peeps. I could find the little chicks no problem but the peeps were a bit tough....

And because the inside was super fun...I had to take a picture! I am pretty sure I will be making this again for out April playdate! ;) Yahoo for Spring!!!!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Spring Surprise

Gotta love a good Pinterest craft. I try to take Wyatt's 2 preschool teachers and the director fun surprises on random. As soon as I saw this fun printable I knew I would use it for their "Spring surprise." Thanks My Sister's Suitcase for the FREE printable!

I couldn't decide on a fun Spring flower but I was roaming Lowe's the other day (ya, exciting I know!?!?) and found these fun little potted flowers. For only $2.98 I knew they were the ones...

I printed them on card stock and then had Wyatt sign the back. I used a little string and the label that was already in the flower to tie the card. I left the curly string for an extra cute touch. I cut and wrapped a colored piece of card stock around the plastic container the flowers came in, I thought about purchasing a pot but then thought again...It was way easier and cheaper to cover it. You could have your children color it if they were willing ;) also this makes it easier for the person to plant it later if they wish.

 And there you have it...a fun easy (like took 20 mins.) Spring craft! Thanks again Sister's Suitcase. You are amazing!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

She's HERE!!!

Here we are...all walking running down the hall headed to see the NEW BABY! I love this picture so much! ;) Far ahead you can see Pete (the new Daddy), my dad, mom, and then close up 2 little cousins who couldn't contain their excitement!

Here she is: Nora Katherine;) 

1st family of FOUR picture 

Proud g-parent's to their 4th grandchild...

Getting a little snuggle time with my new niece...

The kids love her so much already! It's so cute to see how much they love that baby girl! They wanted to hold her SO BAD! ;) 

I love this picture SO MUCH! I can't wait to see how these 3 little ladies grow. They already have so much love for each other it will only get bigger! Even with 2 hours between us they don't miss a beat. (thanks to Z's love for facetime. Ha!) Praise the Lord everyone is here safe and sound, settled in at home creating a new little life as a family of 4. Love ya Sis!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

WIWW- Pleated Poppy Style

Once wonderful selfies for the Pleated Poppy WIWW link-up...

 H&M sweater / Vanity long sleeved undershirt / famous Vera leggings / Jennifer Lopez boots

Old Navy cardigan / H & M leopard top  as well as the black tank underneath / mossimo jeans / Coach flats

 H & M top (I didn't realize I had so many shirts from there, ha!) / mossimo jeans / Coach black flats

xhileration sweater / old navy shirt / BKE jeans / coach flats

I am proud to say I didn't wear leggings every. single. day. LOL! What did you wear last week? Want to link up?

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

St. Patrick's Day

I can't believe it's been this long since I last's been CRAZY around here for sure! Last week/weekend was the monthly trip to IKEA so that always  makes for drama. Ha! Mark also was at the office by himself so he was super tired as well. Such is life right?!!?!?! ;)

Monday was St. Patrick's Day and as much as I would love to say we did all sorts of crazy fun green Pinteresty stuff...we didn't! LOL!Sis had dance first thing Monday morning which always makes for an interesting morning. Wyatt and I took a few selfies while we waited...

Sis and Wyatt both wore their green to church Sunday morning and I wish I would have taken a picture of them together...and of Sis's pants but I didn't. ;( We enjoyed lunch with Mark's parent's (and Kirsten and Kurt too) Sunday after church. We enjoyed time together!

Monday evening we went to dinner with Kelley and Tyler. We didn't celebrate like the ol'days with green beer but we did enjoy a kid-less dinner together at our new favorite place Stacked Burger Bar. 

I also can't post about St. Patrick's Day without posting this gem. ;) Two years ago today we were bringing Sis home from the hospital on this day. She was crying in this picture and I don't think she stopped for at least 5 months. LOL! 

Most importantly I forgot to mention this kids brother!!! He was at the beach with friends to celebrate his day but goodness he is handsome! We celebrated him the weekend before at my parent's as a family (post coming soon) and had a great time together! 
Happy Birthday brother! We love you!!!  

Hope you'll had a great GREEN Day and didn't get pinched too hard!

Friday, March 21, 2014

*UNDONE* pt.2

Yesterday I posted a little about the women's conf. I attended last weekend. I ended asking you what mask were you wearing?  Did you think about it? Keri also talked about how we, as women, mothers, wives, try to remain strong. We think by remaining strong we can allow others to be weak. We can be there for them in their time of need...then when it's our time of need we feel we can't show it...let others in...take off that mask!?!?!

Keri said "I can see him BIG but sometimes I don't see him small enough." Isn't that so true...we see God in the BIG things that happen in our lives. We come to him with big issues, problems, etc. but when it's something small we don't find oursleves always turning right to God. Well, being honest...I don't. I want to, I pray that EVERY action, thought, and situation my first reaction is to talk to God, pray, give it to him.

We have to stop holding on to the "stuff" so that we have freedom. In our weakness he is strong...sharing our weakness will not only set you free but could free so many others as well.

One thing to remember for sure is we aren't ever alone...NEVER! Isn't that awesome. God promises us he will never leave nor never forsake us. You have to find peace in that!!!

As  the weekend went on so many thoughts went through my head. The Lord spoke to me in a special way last weekend. He helped me see so many things I always knew in my head but I didn't allow my heart to truly feel it.

As I mentioned before the title of the conf. was "undone." Anna spoke about the different meanings for the word of them being "unravelling." I liked that example the best because in "ing" means it's still happening. It's not a finished product. It's a continuous process, not one to be completed overnight.

 As I walked out the doors of the church and rushed off to being set up for Sloane's birthday party I had so many thoughts running through my mind.  I have felt once her birthday is over and we clean up...we begin preparing for the next birthday. Isn't that what every family does!?!? (Please just say "yes." Ha!) With that means we celebrate Wyatt....but also means I am flooded with so many memories. I know if you have been pregnant is seems as if those last 10 weeks just drag on, and on, and on. Well those are the ones I remember the most but also the ones that hurt the most.

For 3 years about this time my mask goes on...I just want to make it through the day. I ache inside but NOT THIS YEAR. I will not allow myself to deal with it how I have in the past...I WILL NOT. I wrap up another heartfelt post please take a second and say a prayer for us as a family during this time. Thanks in advance, from the bottom of my heart! Happy weekend!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2014


A few weeks ago I attended a women's conference. It was know the kind where The Lord is talking to you the ENTIRE weekend!?!?! Ya, that kind! There is something SO SWEET being with other women, mom's, and person you call "friends" and worshipping the Lord TOGETHER! I tear up just thinking about it!

I took so many things away from the conference that weekend. The entire weekend was about becoming "undone." You know...something that all women like to do...NOT!!!! I don't know anyone who enjoys appearing to be "undone." This is something that has been so heavy on my heart lately. Especially having a blog and enjoying social media I have always strived to be a "real" person. When I close my front door and I am just with my family I am that same person I am when I am speaking to you face to face...

As women we all have those certain areas that we feel are "undone." We even feel sometimes in those specific areas we have even "let God down." Well, it's really hard to let someone down when you weren't holding them up in the first place, right?!!?!? Last time I checked none of "us" were holding God up...he holds us up.

We talked about how we think it's safer to just hold it just keep it to ourselves. Keep it to ourselves so others can't see it, so we can try to fix it on our own, because there are "bigger problems" out there...well it was a slap in the face to hear but SO holding it all in we are ultimately telling God that we don't believe he is big enough for our problems. One of the speaking said something that really stuck with me, "we all try to earn this love that he has already paid the price for." There isn't "earning" love with Jesus!

I don't know about you but when I decide I am ready for something I want it yesterday. I know it doesn't work like that but I still have those feelings. Sometimes we have to be ok with a little trouble, dissatisfaction, uncomfortableness before we get to actually get that "full feeling." The feeling of satisfaction. Then during that time where we feel like we are getting no where...where are we turning? Your children? Your husband? Another DIY project? And we have all said it...that sentence, the "if only fill in the blank then I will fill in the blank."

There have been many times where I try to just put up a front because I don't want others to see something I am dealing with or know about something that's going on. It usually doesn't happen though because I am one of those people who wears my emotions and feelings on my face sleeve. But through certain situations I have learned masking ourselves disables us from helping others. You aren't doing anyone a favor by not allowing yourself to be YOU. Trying to maintain that "good front" is not good soil. Tori said "you can't see God clearly with a mask." I am pretty sure you could have heard a pin drop in the's such a true statement. Those masks you put on and take off DO NOT allow us to see see God like we need to see him, how he wants us to see him.

God didn't make us perfect. There is no need to act like we need to act like we have it all together. God made us to need him, if we were perfect we wouldn't need HIM. The beautiful thing is God doesn't give up on broken what's tying you up? Do wear a mask all the time? Do you wear a mask around certain people? Are you afraid to be "undone?"

To be continued...

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

SLOANE's *real* B-day

On Sloane's actual birthday we celebrated her as a family! Wyatt had school that morning so Mark and I spent time with her at the house. We kept singing to her and asking her how old she ways...:) She was so cute!!! 

We picked Wyatt up and headed to lunch. My mom, sister, and niece came up for the day so they were able to join in on the celebration. We had a great lunch with family. Mark's mom and sister came as was SO FUN! 

Maw Maw and Aunt Kiki brought cupcakes for everyone so we sang and celebrated Sloaney!!! She loved every minute of being the center of attention!

I have tried to take the kid's pictures in our yard with a number balloon on their b-day. Sis's b-day was super windy and by the time I tried to take her picture she was over pictures for the day...I have no clue why!!! Ha!! This is the best I pipe and all. ;( 

And to keep the party going Daddy was late getting home from work but Sis WOULD NOT celebrate without Daddy so at almost 9pm (when she heads to bed about 7:30) we sang to our little loaney lou. She was still all smiles....
 We had a GREAT day and I think it's safe to say Sis did too!!


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sloane's celebrates again...

Last weekend we celebrated Sloane's 2nd birthday in Jackson! We had a blast!! It was at a local bounce place as well, thanks to my sister. ;) Sis loved it so well as Wyatt! Ha! 

My sister taught me this fun cake decorating technique. It was so fun and I think it turned out pretty cute!

My parent's got her this new 3-wheel. She thinks she it a big if we can just teach her how to pedal so we don't have to push her. ;)

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Another photo dump...

It's time to "dump" the photo's off my phone again. I feel like this is one of the many benefits to having a blog! There are so many everyday pictures I would never print out or that would make it into our family photo book but I want the little's to I enjoying these random photo dumps with mostly just daily pictures. ;)

Above is one of my new favorite's my grandma and Sis. It makes my heart so happy to see them interact. This particular visit was a memorable one and I love that I have such a special picture from it.

We took the kids bowling the other day...we had a BLAST!!! The kids did awesome and Wyatt was bowling without the guide by the end. We can't wait to go again! 

There are no words for this picture...this kids has an imagination for sure!!!

Squinkies...really!?!?!? Wyatt jumped on the bandwagon with these little crazy toys as the are being discontinued but never fear...Aunt Shelly came through and found us LOTS!!!! The kids spend hours playing with these little things!

I love when they play well melts my heart!

Wyatt loves this "gone fishin" game and we played it together for a LONG TIME during Sis's nap one day...

Being silly in Maw Maw's glasses...

We hit up a Steak N Shake happy hour one day and let the kids split a chocolate was a success for sure!!!

Handsome boy with a new haircut...

I know I overlook sweet things Mark does or even things I take for granted...but something that won't ever get old is how much he loves making breakfast, like really making breakfast. ;)

We were at my parent's and my mom made chocolate chip cookies. Mark taught Sloane how to dip her cookie in milk...notice there is no part of the cookie visible. Ha!

Last weekend the weather was amazing!!! We played over at the Dumey's and enjoyed the swingset and stayed for dinner. Perfect ending to a great weekend. I pray these little remain friends forever....

Birthday lunch for Aunt Kiki...

Since the weather has been a bit nicer we were able to go to the "duck" park last week. All the animals aren't out yet but there were a few enjoying the sunshine. Wyatt LOVED this pony!!

Isn't the sign of a good sleep the degree of messy hair?!?!? If so, she slept well. ;)

A fen evening at Maw Maw and Paw Paw's for dinner...always a crazy fun time!

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