Sunday, February 23, 2014

Roots or Fruit...

I enjoy reading other blogs. It's usually how I "unwind." I follow many women who encourage me in my daily walk with the Lord, with my struggles with motherhood, or even just to read about someone's day who is so helps. I know I have mentioned Jen @ Lots of Scotts before but she is always so great! Jen is such a encouraging woman of God.

Jen recently published a post titled "Roots or Fruit?" It really hit home for most of her posts do. Please take a second to read the post HERE.

I will leave you with this nice little quote from the post..."As we all know outward appearances aren't everything. While personas can be appealing, they aren't what will keep our kids grounded in the inevitable storms of life."

This is so I feel Wyatt, more than Sis, is at such a critical time of learning and growing in his life. I know it will last for a while but we are entering the "actions speak louder than words stage." I want my children to see me, as their mother, as a GROUNDED woman of God. Someone who fears the Lord with all my heart. A woman who thinks of others before herself, someone who the know loves them with all their heart but knows the IMPORTANCE of not always thinking of what makes me comfortable but what the Lord wants me to do...I want them to know..."outward appearances aren't everything," and believe it with all of their heart!

I know I am that mother that is concerned about the actions of my children in public that sometimes I am overlooking the roots and trying to just look like they already "bear" the fruit. I pray, just like Jen, I focus begin to focus more on the roots and trust the Lord for the fruit.

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