Friday, August 30, 2013

Letting go...

Since we are nearing the month of October I find myself thinking about Ryder more often. I know it sounds weird and even though there isn't a day that goes by as October 15 is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Day I guess it's just a little closer to the surface. There are quite a few reminders around for people who have lost a child around this time. 

Before losing Ryder I found myself wondering why a person would want a "constant reminder" of something so terrible. Yes, I am pretty sure those words came out of my mouth. I am ashamed....
I have read so many wonderful testimony's and have slowly found some comforting to read the growth and amazing healing the Lord has done in their lives after losing a child. 

Ryder is a part of this family. As he isn't here physically everyday with us I know some of my hard feelings or even hesitation to do certain things comes with the fear that I am leaving him out or forgetting about him. I recently read about Jess at The Macs Blog and she says it so perfect: 

"You guys, the Lord has done a mighty healing work in my life. As I look back to that day when I let go of my Cora for the first time I am just in awe of God’s sustaining and sufficient grace in my life over the past four years. He truly has brought me out of a pit, set my feet on a rock, and given me a firm place to stand. He’s put a new song in my mouth and I praise Him for His redeeming work in my life (Psalm 40:1-3). But grief is a funny thing. It is a constant letting go and handing the “what ifs” back over to God. I’m not sure how it has been for other grieving mamas, but as Cora’s birthday approaches each year it seems like I have to struggle through letting go again. I let go of a longing to know Cora as a three year old or four year old or now five year old. And today just seems like another step of letting go. Letting go of knowing what it would have been like to send my baby off to school for the first time. Letting go of wondering if she would be running into the classroom or hiding behind my legs, if she would be a leader or a follower, who her little friends would be, and seeing her precious name written around the classroom instead of on a gravestone.

It is hard for me to let go. I just want to cry and kick and scream and hang on…and I can’t.

Letting go is not easy. But it has been such a good reminder for me to cling to the One who never lets go of me. The One who is always with me no matter what is happening in my life. It is so easy to find comfort and security in the things of this world, even in our families. I find myself trying to cling to those unstable and changing securities instead of clinging to Jesus at all times. Our plans and dreams don’t always turn out quite like we had planned. And often we have to let go of our plans and dreams all together and trust God with His good and perfect plan for our lives.

I find great comfort in the One secure thing in my life, Jesus.

Knowing Jesus as my Refuge, my Shelter, my Rock, and my Anchor has given me the freedom to slowly let go of gripping grief, hand my heartache and fears over to Him, allow Him to meet me in the midst of my sorrow and sing the new song He has given to me."

After reading this and thinking about it there are many different situations that come to mind. The "letting go" part can really be anything in a person's life. It doesn't have to be just the loss of someone. Change isn't fun...well, most change isn't fun. When someone likes where they are or what they have letting go is soooo hard. I find myself like Jess "wanting to cry and kick and scream and hang on" to whatever "it" is.

Is there something YOU are hanging onto and don't want to let go? Is the Lord calling you asking you to let go? Do you need to trust God with HIS plan for your life....?

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fall food kick off....

Last week after baking chicken in my oven, cutting potatoes for french fries, a making another salad I posted a status on fb that got a lot of attention...

"Starting Sept. 1st I don't care if its 1000 degrees I will be using my crock pot and cooking fall food. I am sooo ready for some "fall meals.""

Since there were a few asking about what "fall meals" I make I decided to just post about my love for all recipes that involve the word CROCK POT. ;)

I can't take credit for these...instead I have Pinterest to thank. (Seriously, what did we ever do before.) First are a few of our family favorites, ones we have already tried and loved! 

Slow Cooker Chicken and Dumplings via Polish the Stars 

Pesto Ranch Crock Pot Chicken- this one didn't have a link these are the directions given:
"chicken, pesto, ranch mix, chicken stock" ;) When I made this I don't remember measuring...just use your best judgement on the amounts. LOL! 

And a few I would like to try this fall....

I hope these few recipes are enough to get your started on your Fall menu items. I love being about to spend less than 20 mins. in the am, smell the food cooking all day, and when Mark walks in the door all I have to do is get out the serving utensils. (Well, that may be a little exageration...but....) Happy Fall Cooking!!! 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

1,000 Post.... & *Lots of tidbits* Wednesday


- First and foremost...this post marks the 1,000 post I have created in Blogger! I can't believe I am still blogging...honestly I never thought this would be something I would enjoy as much as I do. I love having a daily journal for my family, I love reading and sharing ideas (etc.) with other bloggers, and even the community of friends I have made while blogging! Yahoo for post # 1000!!!! 

-I posted about this blog sale yesterday but really want to get the word out. Leslie over at Lambert's Lately is hosting a blog sale on Sept. 6th. I will post my items on my blog that day but will also link about with her as well! Be sure to check in for some great deals! 

- I know I have already blogged about this but I plan to continue until the event is over. The Share Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support group hosts a Remembrance Walk once a year. Last year was our first year to participate and it was perfect. We are looking forward to another great time! If you feel lead please head over to the donation page and sign up. If you can't participate in the walk there is also a place to make a donation. If neither are something you can do your prayers are always appreciated as well.  

- In other news I have been home with sick kids since Sunday. ;( Wyatt started running a fever and it got pretty high Sunday night. We headed to the Dr. on Monday to find Wyatt was positive for strep and Sloane had chest x-rays and blood work. We are still waiting on her results and he is getting better slowly and surely. As I write this I pray he is ready for school on Thursday but I doubt it will happen. Oh
 well, darn those yucky school germs! Trying to stay positive...I am thankful this is not something that happens often and I am not "missing" work to stay home. 

- I moved the master bedroom furniture around yesterday. I haven't done something like that since before I was pregnant the first time. I am not sure if we are going to like it so I haven't moved pictures and such yet...just a test run. ;) 

- I am not usually one to wish the Summer away but for some reason I am ready to say "goodbye Summer 2013." It wasn't really nice to our little family so I am ready to just turn to the next chapter. We shall see...

- We go to IKEA this weekend for our once a month business trip. ;) We are so blessed to have friends stepping up and going with us again this month. Praise the Lord!!! With the trip only 3 days away I have my face buried in Excel for the next few days. ;( 

-Lastly, happy hump day ya'll! Enjoy your Wednesday! 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


It's that time again...Leslie over at Lambert's Lately is hosting another blog sale. I love when she does this, it's so fun to have all the sales linked in one place! Don't miss out...this will be great. Feel free to link up yourself or be sure to check in early on Sept. 6th to find some great deals. Also if you just can't wait follow @wyattandsloane on Instagram to get in on some great deals as well. I post items on there almost daily...;)

Friday, August 23, 2013

Happy Birthday to Lolo

Last weekend we celebrated Lolo's 2nd Birthday! We "sailed away" and enjoyed a GREAT party! It was a nautical theme and super cute! There were lots of littles and the weather was perfect. Chicken salad, fruit kabobs, and even a make-your-own trail mix was the menu for the big day! The cupcake's were perfect as well with matching anchors on the top! Kelley really knows how to add the perfect finishing touches. 

Nautical attire was of course we showed up ready to party! I love a good excuse to all match. ;) Pretty sure that came from my Mama...

Since the weather was so nice we spent most of the time outside...the kids LOVED every second of playing in the backyard. 

This picture melts my heart! The girls are really starting to enjoy being together and we can see a little friendship forming. I love every second of it. We love Lolo as if she was one of ours and I pray her and Sis grow up and have a friendship like their Mama's have. 

Present time...
Lolo received lots of gifts but she also got a special one from her Daddy. Tyler made her a baby crib for all her little dolls. It was so cute. She wanted to get in and cover up all her little Minnie's she got for her b-day.

The present opening continued and both Wyatt and Sloane were "those kids" as Caroline opened her gifts. They really wanted to help...ha! 

And last I will leave you with this precious little picture of our baby girl and I...her smile is AMAZING!!!! 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mama Homemaker #2

I have been a little Pinterest happy lately when it comes to recipes. Mark made a comment about wanting a few new "go-to" recipes which is his way of nicely saying he is getting tired of the dinners I have currently making. Since it's almost school/fall time I usually try to get a few new dinner's anyway so it was all perfect timing

We aren't really big red meat eaters at our house but so when I found this recipe I adjusted it a bit to what we like...

They were super easy too! I used the fully cooked turkey meatballs from Trader Joe's and warmed them for about 30 mins. in the crock pot with sauce. Once they were pretty warm (aka bubbling) I put 8 meatballs on a loaf of Italian bread, so 4 per sandwich and then loaded it with mozzarella cheese. Yes, there are meatballs under than cheese. ;) I wrapped them individually in case we had extra it was easier to keep and then put them in the oven on 325 for 30 mins. It was a success!! I served it with a small spinach salad and I had a new fall meal just like that. LOL! The link had a recipe for homemade meatballs but I would be lying if I said I wanted to make them from scratch...just keepin' it real! ;) 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


So...I have jumped on the bandwagon and set up an Instagram account where I will be selling Wyatt and Sloane's clothes. Some have been worn, some have not...randomly there may be other items (such as purses, clothes, and household items) but the majority will be children's stuff. If you ask me it's some pretty good deals. ;) I will be using PayPal as the form of payment. Check frequently as I will post randomly...

Follow @wyattandsloane HERE

Wyatt's 1st Day of Preschool


My dear little buddy, my mini Mr., my little sunshine, our little stinker, today (8-20-13) was your first day of preschool. Looking back I am we will laugh about how big of a deal your Daddy and I made today but in the moment it was all worth it! That warms even the hearts of even strangers! 

This morning around 5am you woke up yelling for me to come lay in your room. I brought you into our bed (which we don't allow very often anymore) and you smiled from ear to ear. We snuggled close and you fell back to sleep in my arms with your Daddy's hand on yours. I had a flashback to the hospital bed where we, you, your daddy, and I, all slept those first 5 nights in the hospital bed. We held our brand new little baby boy and never wanted to let you go. We had no clue what our new life with you was going to look like but we were in for the amazing ride. The Lord did mighty things in that hospital room over those few days we spent are who made us parents. 

Now, a little more than 3 years later when I look deep into your eyes I see nothing but pure joy. I will be honest when I say as I watched you walk into preschool today I imagined what it would look like if Ryder was holding Daddy's other hand as we walked into the building this morning but I am quickly reminded that was not God's plan. You being with us is his plan...

I let Sis wake you this morning as you were still sleeping peacefully when it was time to wake. Praise the Lord you woke with a smile on your face. The sun was shining and you said "look Mommy, Jesus made it another beautiful day." We got ready and headed outside for pictures. The only time you got a little upset was when you found out you couldn't wear a hat and you had to let Daddy fix your hair. You claim you "not like the foggy stuff," aka hairspray. ;) 

We took you into school and you didn't even look back...straight to the rug with boys and blocks...

Daddy and I missed you while you were at school but I am pretty sure Sis missed you more. She said your name over 1,000 times! She asked where you were each time we got back into the car. When we asked her if she was ready to pick up she nodded and was out the door! She adores you SO MUCH! 

We arrived 30 mins. early to pick you up. I don't think I have ever been that early somewhere...we were so excited! There were lots of other Mommy and Daddy's ready to pick up your friends as well. Sis was yelling for you as soon as the door opened. You can running with a HUGE smile on your face. We started asking you so many questions! You loved the playground and reminded us the slide was for going down not up...that's what your teacher said. You also told us you were only allowed to use the stairs to get up to the slide on the playground. Luke was the friend's name you mentioned and you said he was the only friend you made today. You were a little concerned when you realized you left your painting of flip flops at school but we quickly reminded you the teacher will keep all your special things in your binder until we meet with your teacher later in the year. The other thing that was "cool" was the potty. What a boy! 

After we picked you up we made a special stop to pick up a treat Eesie and Poppie got you! You were so excited...

Wyatt, I am so proud of you! It makes my heart so happy to see you smile at school. It's supposed to be a place to enjoy, grow, and learn and I pray it continues to be fun! Keep smiling and be kind to others...Daddy and I love you so so much! 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The day Mama turned 28...

On my actual b-day we woke up and headed to the park for a play group. It was fun and lots of kids and mama's! We met at a fun small park and had snacks/lunch under the pavilion. The kids were great and Catherine was so sweet to make me one of her AMAZING cakes and give me a card and balloon. Krista, another friend, brought me a sweet gift as well. They sure do know how to make a Mama feel special!

After playing at the park we headed to meet Daddy and cousins for lunch. Aunt Shelly snapped a picture of these 2 boys...they sure do love spending time together! Never a dull moment for sure...;)

After lunch we made a quick b-day trip to Target and I enjoyed my Starbucks b-day drink on the house ;) I had to "go big" since it was free...pretty sure I couldn't stop shaking for 3 hours after drinking that much caffeine. Ha! Sis took a small nap and Wyatt and I just hung out and played until Daddy got home from work. 

Daddy came home early and surprised us! He had flowers and a special card. ;) We enjoyed a family dinner and then all got to eat some cake...thanks to Catherine I didn't have to make my own...

(back to smile school he goes...)

It was a GREAT birthday with lots of great memories made! Here's to another year closer to the big 3-0!!!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Day of Hope

You can read about today HERE

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Birthday dinner...

Last week my MIL and SIL were so sweet and took Kelley and I out for our birthday! (Kelley and I share b-day's) We went to a fun restaurant with flat bread pizza and chopped salads. It was GREAT! We had a wonderful time with no children and were able to just chat over dinner. I am so blessed to have people who make time for me...and my BFF! ;) Thanks Denise and Kirsten for a great evening full of fun! 

Saturday, August 17, 2013

*Early* Birthday

A few weekends ago we celebrated my b-day with Mark's side of the family. It was a beautiful day and even a little warm so we were able to swim as well. It's been somewhat of a mild summer so I feel we didn't get to swim as much as we usually do. Thanks to Paw Paw who turned the heat on for was perfect!

We all swan until we couldn't swim anymore and Maw Maw had dinner ready. We finished up with some cake too! Wyatt and Sloane love hanging out with their cousins. It's always so fun to watch them all play together and just enjoy being together. 

They all sang Happy Birthday, which is currently Wyatt's favorite song to sing...

(Please excuse my weird face...if you have ever been around when Mark's family 
sings Happy Birthday you would understand my face.) 

This girl loved cake and as you can see didn't want her picture taken while eating...

After she had cake she crashed...Ariel and Aunt Shelly got a little snuggle time. It's hard to come by these days from the little lady! 

It was a great evening with family...we don't all get to get together often so it's always so sweet when we do...perfect way to end the summer!

Whiskers and Tales

I have mentioned recently about our new love for the library and we have continued to take full advantage of it! We have been back to check out more books and we also signed up/participated in a fun event last week. It was the "Whiskers and Tales" event. It was so cute. Animals, mostly dogs and cats, were brought in and each child (and their parent) took turns reading to them. Wyatt picked Max to read to first...

(excuse the clothes as I came straight from the gym) 


Maw Maw came with us. She loves dogs so much. Sis was glued to her lap since she is still pretty "unsure" about dogs. After we read to Max we headed out to the main part of the library and checked out our new books. 

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