Saturday, April 27, 2013

Spontaneous Fun

Earlier last week Kelley had an unexpected day off so we were able to spend some "day time" together with the little's. It was super fun! It was a beautiful day so we had lunch and then headed to the zoo for the afternoon. I love how often we are able to frequent the zoo...I don't want to ever take for granted the fun stuff today where we live. ;)

The monkey's were all out and walking was lovely. 

Oh sister girl....

Look at that girl...she is amazing! LOVE LOVE LOVE her like my own!!!
P.S. Yes, her pants are amazing
     yes, her mama made them
yes, Sloane has a 1,000 pairs pair coming

This kid was really wanting to brush the goats but wasn't quite sure...

We don't usually get anything while we are at the zoo but...Kelley and I saw this and HAD TO HAVE it! I mean seriously, who could resist that?!!?!? 

The zoo hasn't started having the summer hours yet so they closed at 5pm. Wyatt had his first mini meltdown when it was time to leave. (We are hoping it doesn't happen every time we leave the zoo like last year. He loves that place so much!) Wyatt was asleep within mins. of getting in the car and I was a bit nervous about how the evening would my surprise the kid slept thru the night. read that right 5pm-7am WOW WOW WOW! Bring on the summer fun!!! 

Friday, April 26, 2013

"Workin' with what you got"

Yesterday I guest posted over at Simply Clarke:

I am super excited to guest post today! It took me a while to think of a topic and to be completely honest my BFF, Kelley, actually threw out a few ideas to me and I took this one and ran with it. ;) I hope you enjoy it and will hop over to "They Call Me Mama" and take a look around! Ok, enough business, moving on: 

Mark and I live in a starter home. There is no way around it, it is what it is...right?!?!? We purchased the home about 6 months after we got married so we have lived here about 4.5 years. Our plan was always 5-8 years here then to move to something bigger once he was out of school (he was in Chiropractic school for the newbies) and a little more established as far as office/having patients goes. Then I got pregnant with Wyatt a little before "our plan," funny how that works right?!?!?  From the word positive on THAT pregnancy test our lives really haven't gone according to OUR plan at all. We plan and God laughs (a really good book BTW), right!!?!? With that said for the time being we are staying put and "workin with what we got." (I can't believe I just typed that, LOL) 

I like to call myself an organized person. Since having children, who are now one and two to be exact, I have had to make a conscious effort to not worry so much about the clean house, laundry piles, etc but it's hard for SUPER hard. Where some need that extra kick in the bottom to get started on household chores because they can't stop playing I am just the opposite I need an extra kick to STOP cleaning and organizing and start playing. Sad, I know...something I am currently working on.
I am sure everyone has read this little quote somewhere, especially if you spend anytime at Cracker Barrel. Ha! I have mixed emotions about it and know understand it's not to be taken literally, well for me anyway but I recently set encouraging reminders, quotes, and verses to go off throughout the day on my phone (post coming soon) and this is one of them that comes up. ;)

Liking everything organized carries over into my decorating style as well. For example:

More RIBBA shelves used to display our photo books. I like this because they don't take up space on a shelf, table, or even a drawer. They are are eye level for guests to see as well. I love that we can look at them whenever we want too! Wyatt has recently become obsessed with looking at them and it's so fun!

Something else that I do 99.9% of the time is put something away AS SOON AS I am finished with it. I am sure some of you are rolling your eyes or even laughing but it's true. It just seems easier and makes way more sense to me. There isn't ever a huge mess to clean if you clean as you go. (Don't get me wrong...this DOES NOT mean my house is always clean. Let's be real folks...) The picture below is what my pantry looked like when I opened the door. I was going to "clean it up a bit" but I am keepin' it real ladies! Another place that's small in this house is the pantry. Actually to be quite honest it isn't even a supposed to be a pantry. Pretty sure this is the linen closet, ha...but who cares!?!?! We made it a pantry...

The inside has been painted multiple times. Currently it's black, don't ask me why. I have an organizer on the door and then different ones on the shelves  I love having all matching containers and their labels. This is something that takes more time when you get home from the grocery store BUT it keeps the mess down and usually takes care of the crowded pantry issues. Everything has a place so if everything is where it should be then...taaa-daaa...a clean, tidy pantry! ;)

A few weeks ago did a post about Wyatt's room, well it was actually about him sleeping in his bed but there are pictures of his room. ;) You can read about it HERE. As you can see in there we have to be wise with our space as well. We have furniture that all has a purpose. Nothing bulky and everything has a purpose. 

The living room furniture is another example of nothing bulky and everything has a purpose furniture. The furniture is clean, tight, as well as easy to maintain. We love it! It's perfect to people who love changing pillows/decor too! I use the pillows and a few accent pieces to add the "homey" (sp?) room. 

Sissy's room is another example of using correct furniture when in small places. Niether of the little's have a dresser. A few months ago we splurged and purchased an ELFA organizer system for her closet (we plan to complete each closet in the house someday) This has been a 
lifesaver as far as space goes. That container store, they will get you every time. ;) 

Another use of the RIBBA Sloane's room...bookshelves. They are small and don't take up any floor space. PERFECT! 
 I hope this fun post encouraged you to choose an area and make the best sue of the space that you have. It's fun and always so rewarding when it's finished! ;) Thanks for reading!

Thursday, April 25, 2013


*I was not compensated for this post...she is just THAT GOOD. ;) 

A few weeks ago some friends of ours came and stayed at the house. They had a wedding nearby (kind of, LOL) and needed a place to stay. I am so happy they were able to hang out a bit as well. Sweet Emily recently started a business... O'Doodles (that's the link to her ETSY shop). She was so thoughtful and painted this for baby girl's room as a "thank you" gift for us opening our home. She is so sweet and talented!

You can head over to her FB page (by clicking HERE) and see some of the other AMAZING things she has created! Here are a few of my favs...

I would suggest if you are looking for a gift for a wedding, baby shower, or even looking for a finishing touch to a room in your house to check out Emily's work! Thanks again Emily for the gift! ;) 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spring Fun

This was a post written for Married Filing sure to head over and enter to win a Starbucks gift card! 

It's finally Spring, it seemed like it would never get here! I will be the first to say I love some snow but...we were more than ready for Spring this year! As everyone knows though with Spring comes a bit of rain. Thanks so much to Pinterest I have created a little "to-do" craft list for myself and the little's. 

I love this little bee so much! I usually am not a fan of crating crafts that I may want to throw away within minutes but this one is so cute. Wyatt is really into bugs lately so I think he would really like to make this "bzzzzz." 

If you have followed for any length of time you know our special love for pinwheels. Mark and I have "adopted" the pinwheel as our reminder/symbol of Ryder. When I was saw this picture of Pinwheels I knew I had to make it. This one below is created for Spring but I think I am going to use colors that match our homes decor and leave it up year round. SUPER EXCITING! 

We live in the mid-west...I am planning for rainy days. The teacher in me comes out a bit when I saw this. I love it! I wish I would have thought of something like this when I was teaching. Anyway, I have the Melissa and Doug letters all I need now is a cheap cookie sheet. ;)

I love this! I can't wait to create it for our family. Wyatt and Sloane love painting their hands and doing crafts with their prints. ;) 

Trips to the zoo during the Spring and Summer. Wyatt has many favorite animals but I know he will love making one he sees. We recently watched the giraffe's eat and he really loved the little baby one! He has continued to talk about it since we left so this will be so cute! 
About a month ago I bought all the supplies for this...cookie cutter bird feeders. We haven't made them yet but I am really looking forward to it. This picture is so cute! 

I hope this inspired you'll to create a few Spring "to-do's" that you will enjoy. Find a few activities you will enjoy and write them down. Check them off as you complete will be FUN! ;) 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A bit about me...a guest post ;)

I am so excited to be guest posting for Chelsea today! I started blogging a few years ago when Mark and I were just a newly married couple. ;) I had a few friends who had a blog and I really enjoyed reading them. I love scrap booking and enjoy journaling as well. After being a failthful reader for a while I decided to take the plunge and become a "blogger" as well. ;) 

I live a few hours from my family so when I first started this blog I called it "Just to Keep in Touch." It stayed this way for a while. As it grew and we welcomed children into our family I decided to change the name. I have printed the blog several times into books for us to have to sit and enjoy as a family and so I knew I needed something that had to do with my family when renaming the blog. That's where..."They Call Me Mama" came....I have a friend who helped change the URL (actually her hubby was SO GENEROUS and helped) and there you have it.."They Call Me Mama." 

When asked to write a guest post I wasn't sure what to write about...I decided to do a post full of randoms. Sounds fun huh!?!!?!? LOL! So without further adieu...

3 random facts about me-
1. I prefer a beach by the ocean more than actual sitting on the beach...not a sand girl. ;) 
2.  Over the past few months have I really grown to love people that are "REAL" more than people that strive to be someone they aren't. This has also changed my heart as well. (I have a post coming soon to my blog about this.) 
3. Growing up and even for the first few years of marriage I wanted LOTS of children. After having Wyatt and Sloane we have a peaceful heart when talking about how our family is complete. 

My favorite place to shop-
Thanks an easy one...even the 2 yr. old could tell you Mama's favorite place to shop is: 

My favorite place to eat-
My favorite place changes all the time but currently this is what I am lovin'. ;) Mark and I enjoy date nights here so it's always special when we get to go. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Playful Planet: Storyland Yoga

Recently Playful Planet graciously sent us a DVD to watch with the kids! To say it was a blast would be an understatement. On the front cover it states for ago 3-8....Wyatt will be 3 REALLY soon so I was a little nervous about how it might go. It went AMAZING! He LOVED it so much. No lie we watched it 5 times in. a. row. 

It was a perfect rainy day activity! The images did a great hob of keeping the children's attention. The wording was right on level with the comprehension and the story line was perfect for the age group. You can even follow Playful Planet on Twitter and Facebook as well!
This was as we were getting started...they were soooo interested in watching the screen.
Little Sloane even wanted in on the action...
 We used towels as our Yoga mats.

 This is when it got serious folks...

Look at that form...;)

This was a great DVD and I would recommend it for a rainy day!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Duck Park

Last weekend Mark took advantage of the nice weather and somehow managed to play golf  TWICE in one weekend! ;) Sunday afternoon while Daddy was playing we grabbed a Happy Meal and headed to the "Duck Park." We don't usually play on this playground because it's so big and it's always super crowded but I decided just for a few mins....LOL!!!

Wyatt loves to climb and has NO FEAR...

He was so proud to be up so high! He went down the "biiig weeee" (big slide).

This park has farm animals out so we walked thru to take a look...the pigs were enjoying the nice weather as well.
 Wyatt has asked to wear a hat about every day for the past week. He has figured out if he wears a hat we don't have to fix his hair. He HATES the hairspray because it's "foggy and makes me choke." Whatever!?!?!?

We were walking around the pond and Wyatt saw an older boy with his hat backwards. I didn't think anything about it until I looked down and saw this...ya....I let him wear it like this for a bit but then we had the talk about wearing our hat backwards. ;)

 The tongue is out...that means business folks! 

And for the record...Sissy was there too! ;) 

We had a great day and the kids were worn out by the time we got back to the car! We had a blast together and I can't wait for many more Spring/Summer days like this one! 
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