Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ryder Schmitz's Fundraising Page

It's already been a year since we walked in honor of Ryder. We have set our fundraising goal again this year. Please take a moment to view our page. If you feel lead to donate or even walk with us as we, together, take the steps Ryder never got to take. 

Pickin' peaches...Eckerts

Last Saturday we had amazing weather! It was hard to believe it was even July. No complaining here, that's FOR SURE! We took advantage of it and headed to Eckert's family farm to pick peaches with the Dumey's. We had a blast. They kids LOVED it so much! Shhh, call me crazy...but it kinda got me in the mood for apples, pumpkins, and even maybe a little Christmas music. The picture above was taken out of the car window as we pulled in. It looks like a postcard, that's how crazy awesome the weather was. As I was snapping this picture the kids were screaming with excitement and there was a cool breeze in the air. We had the music blasting and our windows down...sweet moment I want to remember forever! It was such great family time!

Once we arrived to grabbed our box and headed to the line for the tractor. It's a short ride out to the fields where we get to "pick our own." We got pretty creative with the box while we were waiting in line...even thought it was only about 5 mins.

We tried several times to get decent family photos but...

Everything about these pictures makes me happy. I love the Daddy's walking with the little's through the field. They were almost running they were so excited! The kids loved the tractor too. On the way back we had the chance to ride on the top/front of the trailer. The driver was a sweet man and kept talking to the us.

The kids really enjoyed Mark helping them because he was so tall. His long arms could reach in the trees as well. Wyatt loved climbing the trees too! (I think my mom would say he got it from his Mama) It didn't take long for them to realize there were people eating the peaches right off the trees.

Sis LOVED it...I actually think she was eating with her nose and mouth. ;)

We filled our boxes to our liking and then waited for our ride back. Wyatt was so proud of all the peaches he picked. Everyone had a little snack...

We had a great day with great friends. It was wonderful weather and we can't wait to make some fun peach stuff! 

Monday, July 29, 2013

Jabber, jabber, jabber...

Ya, you got it right....a hott mess folks! Look close to see her gabbing away on my phone, to no one of course. She talked and walked for almost 30 mins. the other day during Wyatt's soccer camp. 

After looking at these pictures I am pretty sure if she knew what a paparazzi was she would start calling me one. ;) She was enjoying every second of it though...

We had a great relaxing weekend that was full of family fun! Posts coming soon...hope you'll enjoy your Monday. 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

British Soccer Camp

Last week Wyatt participated in British Soccer Camp. He had a blast and did awesome! To be honest he hasn't really been introduced to any sports, I know he is only 3 but some kids have already played a season. I was a bit nervous the first morning when he said he didn't want to go and refused to wear the correct clothes. I swallowed my OCD, let him choose what he wanted to wear and we were ready to go!

When we got their everyone got their own ball. The coaches wrote his name on the ball and he was LOVING every second of it! After they gave it to him he had to tell me the letters over and over again. ;)

The camp was only for an hour each morning for a week. Short and sweet but perfect for a 3 yr. old! One of the days before camp I tried to get a few posed pictures...ya, we really need to work on this kid's smile! ;/ 

My camera was in the shop until Friday so I was only able to take action shots one day...which was plenty!

The last day of camp there were only 2 campers in his group. The other little boy wasn't there on the last day. They had a blast together...Wyatt didn't stop talking about Jackson and Luke. ;) 

He shoots....he scores!!! 

On Friday the coach signed their balls and gave them a poster as well. He wrote a little message on the poster for each camper. It was super sweet and the boys thought they were super cool! 

We are so proud of Wyatt for completing camp. He stepped out of his comfort but stuck with it and completed his week of soccer camp! 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sister girl...15 month check up

Recently Sis has become a pretty big Mama's girl! I can't say that I mind much either. She is too sweet for words. Her little personality is REALLY starting shine everyday! 

She loves to sit in the sink while I get ready. She really is so cute as she thinks she is putting make-up on. Note: her little tanned lined feet ;) 

A few weeks ago Sis got her very own cake pop from Starbucks, up until then her and Wyatt had to share. This actually made them both VERY happy! 

"Aunt" Kelley is a sewing machine. ;) She is currently teaching me as well. I asked her to make Sis a pair of seersucker shorts and we had a little fashion show. She insisted on sitting down and posing. Ya, a mess...

We had to take the kids on an ExpediteSTL delivery the other day.  Sloane and I were making silly faces to the camera until Daddy finished...she thought it was SO funny! 

Sloane also just discovered her angry face...looks pretty mad doesn't she!!?!?!? 

Wyatt attended VBS at my parent's church and Sis missed him SO bad. One morning she woke up and went straight to his room. She came out looking like this. 

She is really into smiling for the camera phone...she walks around telling everyone to cheeessseeee. ;) 

The angry face again. I can't help but laugh when she does it,  which makes her more angry. LOL! 

Another selfie with the girl...

This is what happened when I asked her to say cheesseeee. She first ducked her head but when she turned back around I caught a smile! 

We had Sloane's 15 month check-up yesterday. Our big girl weighs 21 lbs. and is about 32 inches tall. She is continuing to bring a smile to almost everyone she encounters each day. Sloane is starting to really say words and even repeat somethings we say. Her little features and personality also keep us on our toes. We are so blessed to be parent's of this little sunshine! 

A little sneak peek of the Dr. (as an ENTIRE family) yesterday. ;) Plus a little ice cream treat on the way home...

Friday, July 26, 2013

For Sale- Instagram Love- wyattandsloane

I have been following a few people who created an instagram account to sell their children's clothing. I think it's a super great idea and have decided to give it a try as well. Sweet Leslie helped me get everything set up on my side bar so you can see the items for sale. Please also follow us on instagram:

Click on the link above and follow along for some great deals...I will ship to YOU! 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bachelorette Party Weekend

Early Friday morning Kelley and I loaded the car and headed to a fun filled weekend away. It was the Bachelorette party from one of our best friends from high school. We are still close and have the honor of being a bridesmaid in her wedding. We traveled to Table Rock Lake and had so much fun!

We were able to spend time at the lake, on the water. We also had time at the pool to soak up sun and just relax. It was a great weekend of  "recharging" for me! I haven't done this since Wyatt was born...take a major girls weekend. Honestly, it was a little fear of being away. I had full faith Mark could "handle it" but didn't know if I could. I have know most would just say they can't/won't and be done but I really wanted to be a part of this weekend! I knew it would be a blast and would be just what I needed!

 We had a limo for Sat. night and all the events...it was so fun to get all dressed up. We enjoyed being ladies and laughed until our bellies hurt! We made memories I will never forget as well!!

Most of the ladies are married and some have children as well...so it was also fun to share stories of the little's back home. We can't ever really be away....and we love it!!!

There are great ladies in the wedding too! Elizabeth has friends from all over and it was neat to all join together for one special person. And to make it even better we all feel in love with each other. :)
Make new friends but keep the old....

And just for fun....

Flashback to 2009

We had a blast and can't wait for the wedding weekend. Bring on September!!! 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

A little DIY-The best souvenir ever!

Back in Nov. 2012 we went to Disneyland as a family. It was an amazing trip and even better family time. I always get so wrapped up in emotional when we go on vacation as a family of 4. I don't know why...we just seem so careless. Duh, that's what vacation is all about right?!?!? If real life was like that why would a person need vacation. LOL! We always have such a struggle with buying souvenirs. I know it sounds so dumb but really...it seems a little of a waste of money sometimes. We put a lot of thought into what to get the kids since they are so little but it was a memorable vacation. After much discussion we decided to have their names painted with the character letters. (see pic. below) When we went to pick them up it we were so happy with our descion. We love them so much! Once we got home I realized they were a funny shape. It was going to be $$$ to have them framed and matted. ;( BIG BUMMER! So...there they sat...in my closet waiting to be framed. Hobby Lobby had their frames on 50% off sale this week so I decided to see if a little spray paint and DIY I could get the look I wanted for WAY less $$$. I am so happy I tried because I love the way it turned out and I saved SO MUCH money. ;)

Like I said I grabbed a frame I thought would work and was honestly only looking at the actual wood frame part of it...

After a little cutting, sanding, and spray painting...

I was able to achieve the look I was going for:

They only had one of those frames so Wyatt's name is going to have to wait...;( I will post it when I am finished because his name is equally as cute! 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I know I have talked about the relationship that has been developing with Wyatt and Sloane but it's recently being heart melting. (if that's a word) They love each other so much and it shows in their daily little people actions. *Don't get me wrong...they fight-like really fight but for the most part they have really started playing together and enjoying each other's company.

It's so neat to witness and see each day. *BLESSING* Sloane never takes or asks for just one of anything. She always asks for one for Wyatt as well. He has taught her the important things in like how to really hit, give great hugs and kisses!

I will always wonder what Wyatt would have been like with Ryder. I will always be sad he doesn't get to experience the Earthly identical twin bond he should have had but I will continue to see the positive side that he has Sis and she adores him. He is everything to her and she is already looking to him for so much! 

Right now there seems to be a large age gap. Each day that passes though they are becoming so much alike. With the way their b-days fall they will have no "grades" between them in school. It has always been my prayer that they would remain together and share a special bond with each other. 

Before getting pregnant with Wyatt and Ryder I always said I wanted 4 children...I thought I would have 4 boys. It's funny how we think one way and God thinks another isn't it!?!? I had also said aloud before that if I had a boy then a girl IN THAT ORDER then I would consider being "finished" having children. There is just something in my OCD mind that makes me think it's complete. Well, it wasn't just something I thought little did I know it was a feeling I would have. I love that our little Sloaney girl will grow up with a brother to protect her and *hopefully* guide her path. I also pray Sis is that little spunk that knows what's best for her older brother...isn't that how it should be?!?!? ;) 

But.....I know in the end it's not up to me. Right now I am doing my best to enjoy the little things day by day, I am attempting to not make a big deal out of little things, surround myself and our children with people that love us and want to be around us....and most of all be an example to my children of how a Godly mother and wife should be. 

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