Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Beauty Rest...

This post has been a long time coming, I can't believe I am actually writing this out in words. LOL! Backing up a bit...

Around 11 months Wyatt had multiple ear infections, we went on vacation (and stayed in a single bed room), and he started going thru MAJOR separation anxiety. Mark was in school and MANY nights Wyatt and I would just lay down in our bed and fall asleep. Starting at 11 months this became a pretty "healthy" habit. It was only 6 weeks after Wyatt turned one that we found out we were expecting Sissy. ;) Him turning 1 was an emotional time by himself as we also dealt with a one year marking the loss of Ryder. Then you'll all know the crazy tiredness the first trimester brings and add a fresh 1 year old with that and I was one tired Mama! Anything to make them sleep right!?!?!?

Now fast forward to him at almost 3 years old, he was STILL sleeping in our bed, BETWEEN us. He would fall asleep in our bed, sleep in our bed, and wake up in our bed. It was a mess! It wasn't healthy and I am fully aware of how wrong Biblically it is. Mark and I should have a "place." A place to call ours...we we were aware but it was so hard. *I know there are many readers who this might be a sensitive subject for so please remember this is MY daily life and my blog, not yours. Thanks!* My mom always warned me to never sleep with the baby. It's so sweet and precious but at some point it gets out of control, takes over, and can begin to "mess up" a marriage. Believe me it will happen at age 3 or age 10 I am a full believer that mama and Daddy's bedroom/bed is NOT a place for a child.

Right after Sloane was born Wyatt began climbing in and out of his crib. We had to make the switch to a toddler bed and thought this would be it. The bed would make him want to sleep in his room. WRONG! We purchased the pillows, bedspread, and even fun sheets for him. NOT HAPPENING....I added fun pictures of airplanes and ordered a fun wire airplane from PBK. STILL NOTHING, LOL!

Wyatt will be 3 in May and we I haven't slept thru the night but MAYBE 5 times since he was 11 months. (Months 4-10 were amazing, thanks to BabyWise.) He was a terrible sleeper, wouldn't stay asleep, etc. We needed a change, BIG TIME! Sloane has all the medical ear conditions and wasn't sleep in any longer than in 3 hour stretches since 6 months so we knew we needed a major intervention with Buddy.

A random Sunday night (March 24th to be exact) about 2 weeks ago I made the decision to fight the fight and not allow him back in our bed. I can't believe we actually did it. LOL! I would be lying if I said I didn't miss him in there, but I know it's what is best for everyone. ;) The first few nights he woke up and tried to crawl in with us. He cried a little when we walked him back to his bed but nothing crazy like I thought it would be. He was practically asleep when he would try to come in. Then...last Friday night we spent the night at my parent's, he slept in the other room in a daybed. He slept thru the night WITHOUT waking one time! It was nothing short of a miracle! I woke at 7am and had a quick panic because he wasn't there. LOL! Saturday night we left my parent's at bedtime and the kids slept the entire way home. We transferred them to their beds and he slept thru the entire night again. 2 in a row?!?!?! Could we be so lucky....then Sunday night it was the same. *I am aware after this post to be prepared to endure a hardship but such is life right?!?!* He has had a few minor wake ups that required a little pat on the back but for the most part he is doing amazing!

Some may be wondering what we said or the reward for sleeping in his bed...well, we offered him 5 pennies if he stayed in his bed all night. 5 pennies folks, that a lot of mula for a 2 1/2 year old...funny thing is, he doesn't care or even know it's money. He likes to have the treasure to put into his prized piggy bank. Let me tell you, putting money in this bank is an ordeal...thanks to his Daddy! The pig has all sorts of noises (most only a Daddy can make, if you catch my drift) and even has his name painted on the side. It's not a normal pig. So all for 5 pennies...


  1. Love that you posted this! My son will be 1 on the 24th of this month and has never and I repeat never slept in his own bed! He has always slept with us. Well he is fixing to be 1 and I think its time to be a big boy and sleep in his own bed. Do you think putting him in a crib in our room would be best to begin with or just move him to his own room? Thanks for the advice in advance (:

  2. It always shocks me how parents can be so cruel about others parenting choices. I think you are headed in the right direction. We had a hard time getting our kids in their own rooms at first. And still now they will slip in during the night and sleep at the foot of our bed. lol

  3. We have been in the same boat! Aiden is 2 1/2 and has been in our bed off and on since about 7 months (after he had toe surgery and was literally casted to his knees on both legs and would get his casts stuck in between his crib rails!)...but anyway, we did the toddler bed too since he always slept better in a bed. It was helped and he usually doesn't wind up walking into our room until 4 or so. Some nights, we do have the energy to walk him back to his room and sometimes not and some nights are better than others. Don't let anyone comments put you down. I have been a follower since you were pregnant with the boys (I was pregnant at the same time) and have loved hearing your journey and your conviction in life and God!

  4. I totally get it. With my oldest we NEVER co-slept. I guess I tried to do it all by the book. Once in a while we had to let him cry, but he would always lay back down and sleep very quickly. My second son hardly slept as a young baby and we co-slept briefly as a way to survive. Around 9 months I made him go back to the crib. It was HARD, but we finally succeeded. Then I had my third. We sold our house just after she arrived and moved in with my parents temporarily. She ended up sleeping with me during the chaos. Then we got to our own home and since my husband was away for a few months and we were in a new place I let her still sleep in my bed. She's approaching 10 months and has never slept in her own room here. I know I'm going to have major problems transitioning her. Part of me doesn't want to, but I know it would be best for me and hubby. In June we are going on a family vacation where she'll be in our bed, so I'm going to move her after that. I dread how hard it will be though...I wish 5 pennies would work with her ;)


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