Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday Sloane! (and tubes)

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Oh are 12 months old!!! That's finally an entire year. I can't believe it's been a year since you entered this world, a year since we met you, a year since our family was complete! You truly are a blessing. I don't think there is a cuter 1 year old around! (I know, I am just a bit bias.) You light up our lives and make everyone around you smile! Your little face is so happy, even when you don't feel well.  I am not going to lie...your birth was EXTREMELY stressful for your Daddy and I. After losing Ryder we were both experiencing different emotions. Most couples who go through a traumatic experience during giving birth don't have another child. (We went through trauma that resulted in the loss of your brother, not something we think ended well.) We chose to not be "like others." We knew God was bigger than what we experienced and that he would guide us through everything.

You are eating pretty well right now (compared to what we experienced with your brother).  If I had to pick some favorite foods of yours...they would be: yogurt and bananas. You have 6, almost 7, teeth. You love your bottle-which is formula, much against my will (for medical reasons I stopped producing milk) and are only taking about three 6 oz. bottles a day. You do take a few oz. before bed and we know that needs to come to an end but I love that snuggle time so I am not in a hurry.

This month has been a crazy one according to your health. You haven't slept through the night in about 5 months due to ONE double ear infection. You haven't been able to be "healed" or felt ANY relief since about 6 months old. We have tried many different strong antibiotics that haven't touched it. It has been a nightmare. I can't imagine the pain you have been in. You pull, itch, and do everything possible to your ears to make them feel better. We have to use numbing drops for you to get any sort of real rest. You have rested your head upon the dishwasher to feel relief due to vibration and warmth...

You also used the threshold as a cooling pad...

Those pictures break my heart. I have had many tears over the discussion of tubes. We have decided we have no other option. Your Daddy and I know we have tried everything we can to make you feel better and avoid a surgery. We researched a "conservative" Dr. someone who would be honest and be sure we had exhausted all options BEFORE suggesting going into surgery.
*We know "getting tubes" is written off as not a "big deal" to some, but to us it is. It's a surgery, you are put to sleep and it's something not all children have to go through. It's tough. We don't look at how many children have done it...we look at YOU and what is going on with YOU! We hate it for you. After experiencing everything we have with the birth of your brothers we know 1st hand on how it feels to be scared for a child/children. If there is ANYTHING your Daddy and I have learned from losing a child it is to NEVER tell anyone we "know how you feel." No one knows our pain...and we don't know theirs. So now we are faced with with the world/others saying is such a "small procedure" but it is scary to us. We know though that God is by our side...and yours. He will guide the Dr.'s hands and he will make sure everything goes according to his will. We have prayed that for you and firmly believe that for you, and us as a family.

Your Daddy had us take you "down front" at church a few weeks ago to pray with the pastors. The children's minister and his wife prayed with us as a family. We all laid hands on your and know you are in the Lord's hands...we are at peace about this decision. The surgery is scheduled in the next few weeks (can't get here soon enough).

You love your brother. You two play together SO MUCH! It's fun to watch you interact. He loves to tell you (or lead you in the direction) what he wants you to do. It's so cute and the belly laughs that come from the playtime you''ll have will forever be imprinted in my memory.

We have lots of play dates with friends but you have really started playing with "Lolo" like a sibling.

I am sure it has something to do with the amount of time we all spend together. The Dumey's are our BFF's and we are together a lot! We all love being together and make time and sacrifice time in our crazy schedule's for each other. (This is something your Daddy and I find important) I read this quote the other day I it really hit home. I know your brother is watching EVERY action of your Daddy and I. It feels like once you hit the year mark you grow up overnight. This little sentence says it ALL. It also made me realize why I am the way I am...thanks to the amazing EXAMPLE my parent's were to me. It wasn't just teaching us right from wrong, good and bad, it was actually acting it out.

This is a post in itself but you and your brother begin to observe and learn SO MUCH from your Daddy and I these days I can only pray the Lord guides me/us to act as the Lord wants us to. To be Godly examples to you both.

You are still wear a size 3 diaper and size 9 month clothing. There are a few 9 month pants that are a little short for you though. I have stopped buying 9 month clothing and am buying all 12 month at this point. You maxed the scale at 17.1 (I think) but since being sick you only weigh about 16.5 lbs. right now. ;( We are trying to get some meat on those bones for sure! ;) You are a little over 28 inches long. It's so hard for me to treat you like you are going to be 12 months old because you are so petite.

Our little Sloaney Bologna you can stand for a few seconds on your own and can walk as long as we are holding your hands. Honestly, I think you know you can crawl to your brother at mach speed so you don't have time to stop and learn to walk. LOL! It's will get there. We all know it. ;)

You wave "bye-bye" appropriately. You sometime's say "da-da" correctly. Clapping your hands is mastered and you can mimic to a tee. It cracks us up to fake cough, sneeze, or even laugh because you mimic us immediately and it's so cute!

We love you so much! You have changed our lives for the better. We pray you become a Godly woman who serves the Lord! Happy 1st B-day Sister!


  1. I love the one year old pictures! So cute. I'msorry she has to get tubes - that picture of her laying on the floor breaks my heart!


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