Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thanks Leslie!!!

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If you have been a follower for any length of time you have noticed my NEW design!!! I love it!!! Leslie over at Sweetie Baby Designs created it for me. She was so great to work with and very helpful. Thanks are the best!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hasta la vista Target! (A Schmey weekend)

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Kelley got a new job and we don't ever need to big of a reason to celebrate with a party! Saturday night they had friends over, all dressed in red and khaki ;), to celebrate saying "goodbye to Target and hello to her new job!" It was a blast, as always! We had lots of yummy food and I even had a fun cake made...
We enjoyed spending time with friends and eating great food! We had a rough night with the kids Sat. night so we didn't make it to church Sunday morning. I HATE when that happens but Sissy went down for her first nap at 8:15 and we leave for church at 8:30...I couldn't wake her. Anyway, we did a few things around the house and then ran errands. Mark's aunt and uncle came over and Mark got a haircut from his aunt. Uncle Ken installed 2 new light fixtures for us! They have been a long time coming and it's so nice to complete a project! They stayed and played with the kids for a while. Wyatt was loving his Uncle Keen and Aunt was precious! After they left we headed over to Kelley and Tyler's for a breakfast dinner. I say it a lot but it's so nice having such a great friends that live so close, we can go over in our pj's, the kids feel like they are at home, and just hangout. It was a perfect relaxing ending to a weekend full of fun!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A typical Monday...

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I don't know if I have ever actually posted a post of what my typical day looks like since becoming a family of 4 and Mark actually working. It's a post that's fun for me to go back and read so if these kind of posts bore you...skip it! ;)
Our schedule looks very different every day because Mark has different hours than a normal 8am-5pm job. Mondays and Wednesdays are a lot alike because he has the same hours (9am-6pm). So if you care continue we go:

We are usually up and going pretty early on Mondays. Mark has to set his alarm so that means everyone starts to "stir" around 7am (give or take 45 mins.) I get up and start my morning routine. Feed the kids breakfast, (yogurt, fruit, cereal) they watch a little Disney Channel, and have a little playtime (play dough, blocks, whatever they can find).
 While they are playing Mark finishing up getting ready and heading to work. I am going to behind him and picking up. (Just keeping real folks!) I empty the dishwashing, make the beds, wipe down bathroom, move the know all the fun stuff.
 About 9:30-10am Sloane starts to get fussy. She has to be rocked to sleep so I put on a show I know will keep Buddy interested and go put her down. Once she is asleep I usually sweep the upstairs because the dogs sleep in the kitchen and since Sissy is still a crawler I HATE the hair! I try to also sit and snuggle with Wyatt a little bit while she is sleeping. This is usually the only 1on1 time I get with him during the day. We play or just sit and snuggle...he likes to drink his milk on the couch while I check e-mails, do work, etc.
 Sissy is only sleeping for about an hour in the mornings now so the quiet time is short lived. ;) Once she gets up make sure they are both in clothes by this time and have clean diapers. We get a small snack and get ready to leave the house.
 Until recently the small time from when Sloane wakes up until about 1pm is the only time I can run errands. Wyatt has been taking a nap only about 50% of the time now so my time frame simply goes on how he is doing/acting. Today we went to the grocery, Hobby Lobby, and the bank. (and it goes without mentioning...we pulled through McDonalds for a large Diet Coke.) I wish I would have thought about taking a picture as we were checking out at the grocery. It was our last stop and I knew Buddy would be napping. They were in the double cart and were both done being so close touching each other. I laughed and said something along the lines "keeping it real" to the employee.  
I called my mom and Mark for a quick chat on the way home. They both had snacks and some of "their milk" while we were grocery shopping. It's so nice now that they can share some foods. When I pulled into the driveway they were both asleep! I made a successful double transfer to their beds and then unloaded the groceries and the rest of the car. (I try REALLY hard to bring EVERYTHING in the house each time we get back home. The car stay WAY cleaner this way.)
 While the kids napped I moved laundry, let out/feed the dogs, and cleaned (swept, swiffered, dusted) the living room. The living room is too hard to clean while they are awake because I can't move the furniture without them thinking I am creating a jungle gem. It becomes quite the challenge to also wet Swiffer around little feet and bodies that are in my way messing with my dust pan. Like I said it's just easier when they are sleeping. After I finished those few chores I sat down with a snack and the computer for a bit. I returned EXPEDITEstl e-mails and try to do a little business "catch up" and then I blog/Pinterest until someone starts to fuss.
Sloane usually wakes first...I try to feed her some solids while I pump. After I am finished I give her a bottle. We are cutting back the bm and beginning to eat more solids slowly and surely. ;) Usually both of them are awake by about 3:30 or so. I try to do a fun craft or activity in the afternoon. It was beautiful outside so we decided to take a walk. We had a blast!
 After the walk we continued to play outside a bit. We played with sidewalk chalk and Wyatt enjoyed just playing in the landscape rocks. ;/ Boys! They both needed a bath by the time we came inside.
Wyatt didn't want to take a bath AT ALL so we had no time for pictures.  Sissy on the other hand...
 After baths they played together in Wyatt's room while I started dinner...
 Dinner prep before Mark got home...salad, salmon, and rice. I do my very best to have it sitting on the table as soon as he walks through the door. It's been a challenge getting used to this but it's working. It's late so the kids have usually already snacked but we still all sit together. It's important to us for this to happen each night.
 After dinner Mark usually takes Sissy and puts her to sleep. It's turned into "their special time" since he isn't home during the day to get to rock her at all. I clean up the dishes, get the dishwasher started, begin getting Buddy prepared for bed. (this is a long process in itself. Grrrr!!!) Mark plays with Wyatt while I finish picking up and then I take Buddy to bed.
After this I have no more pictures...I usually lay down with Wyatt until he falls asleep and then Mark and I get some time to visit. This particular evening I fell asleep. ;( I HATE it when it happens! If I don't fall asleep we enjoy each other. We watch TV sometimes but there are many nights the TV doesn't even come on and we just chat! I look forward to this time every day!

Well-there it is...a "normal" Monday! Hope everyone had a great one!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Girls Night!

Once a month I get together with a group of moms. There is only 5 including me but it's such a sweet time. The kids stay with their Daddies while we have breakfast, do coffee, or even recently we changed it up and painted pottery.

Whatever it is we always have a great time! We got there about 7pm (so kids were pretty much in bed when we left...ha!) and got our paint on. We picked different items and had some fun ideas too. We had such a great time just being together.
I can't wait to see how all our items turned out. I joked that I don't think I will be picking mine up...j/k/ I made a special plate for the "birthday person" to eat their dessert on during their Birthday/Birthday celebration. We shall see how it actually looks once it's fired.
It was a great way to spend my Friday night!
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Saturday, January 26, 2013


I know we all do...we "pin it" with hopes of someday following through. Lately the idea of some sort of structured educational time throughout Wyatt's  (and even Sloane's) day has been really on my mind. So what's a mom to do? I created a Pinterest board with all the age appropriate educational fun I could find. It's the teacher in me...the crazy ODC teacher that it. If I was still a teacher with the Pinterest resources I think I would have weekly anxiety attacks and I don't say that lightheartedly at all!
I started gathering some workbooks earlier this month but also wanted to create some hands on activities as well. I came across this fun idea from Tot Treasures and knew I had to create it ASAP!
After a quick to Hobby Lobby I had what I needed.
1 bag of popsicles sticks
2 packs (15 sets each) Hook & Loop Velcro dots
There were lots of options but I choose the large colored ones. I did this with intentions of creating not only shapes but patterns too!

This literally took 5 minutes to make.
I only had 2 dots (1 set) left so it almost worked perfect! 
 Before I even had them stored away Wyatt saw the bright colors sitting on the table. He wanted in on some fun immediately. He played for over 20 mins. with free-play time and had no instructions at all!
I think this will be something I stick in the diaper bag to take to resturants or any other places we may have to wait.
The best part...whole project was under $10! 
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Friday, January 25, 2013

Me...a to z

I have seen this post on a few blogs recently and I decided I would give it a try. Changing things up now and then and adding some info. for new followers! Enjoy!
age - 27
bed size - King, it's REALLY hard to sleep in anything smaller (call me a snob, it's the truth)
chore you hate - folding laundry
dogs - yes, 2
essential start to your day - Mark's kiss goodbye and telling me he is headed to work
favorite color - currently NAVY
gold or silver - silver but I am starting to like gold a little more ;)
height - 5 feet 5 inches
instruments you play - I played clarinet in high school
job title - Stay at home mom/business owner
kids - 2, Wyatt (2.5) and Sloane (10 months)
live - laugh love?
married - for FIVE years
nicknames - Mark calls me babe, bub, bubbles, wrink, wrinkle, schmack (Don't judge, we have no clue where we/he comes up with these names)
overnight hospital stays - car accident at 16, gall bladder surgery, both children births
pet peeve - liars,
righty or lefty - lefty
siblings - 2 a younger sister and a younger brother
time you wake up - whenever the kids wake up, anywhere from 6-8am
university attended - Southeast Missouri State University
vegetables you dislike - none
what makes you run late - I really try hard to not be late (since it's a pet peeve) but the Mr. (and his mini me) move VERY slow
x-rays you’ve had - yikes, really?!!?! dentist, wrist (2), leg/ankle(2), ribs, umm....fingers and toes...neck? I am stopping for the sake of radiation LOL
yummy food - candy
zoo animal favorite - at STL zoo I love the penguins! ;)
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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Pinterest Inspired...

I have started to plan Sloane's 1st Birthday Party! I can't wait!! Wyatt's party was so fun and turned out so neat...we have some big shoes to fill. LOL! I found a few ideas on Pinterest and have been trying to keep up with my ideas so I don't have to much to do when it's "crunch time." ;)
Above is my inspiration photo...mine didn't quite turn out as good but it will do the job.
 I purchased a roll of burlap and wrapped a wreath form.
It only took one roll...
I purchased 4 bags of 72 balloons but ended up only using one bag of each color.
 (2 bags total, 144 balloons)
I used floral pins to attach the balloons to the wreath. It was easier when I pushed the pins through the balloons and then into the wreath. 
I used scrapbook paper and double stick tape to create the "Happy Birthday" banner...
I wrote the letters using puff paint...If I was to do it again I would have purchased scrapbook letters or something of that sort.
The final I said...the picture doesn't flatter it serves it's purpose! ;)
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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

She is Family...

My best has a little girl...I blog about them ALL. THE. TIME. We spend so much time with them! Kelley and her husband live VERY close to us and we love hanging out with them. It's so fun to be able to have friends that are willing to and want to hangout at the "drop of the hat." Caro!line (their daughter) is about 7 months older than's so fun to see them start to interact together. Kelley and I were born on the same day and our mom's were in the same delivery room. We met again in 1st grade, we have been friends ever since. She truly is the definition of a best friend. Growing up my there were special days my mom would pick her up from daycare and we would get to play together all day! Caroline (aka "lolo" as Wyatt has nicknamed her) has become part of us. I am referred to as Aunt Em and Mark Uncle Mark-she loves hanging out here and we LOVE having her. Wyatt and Sloane love her playing and it's almost "normal" as much as she is here. She has special moments with us and I LOVE IT!
I can't wait but I can wait to see and watch our children grow up together. They love each other and have memories together. We have started so many traditions and done so many things together...we LOVE IT!
Look at those kids! They love each other. At this point in their lives spending time together is so crucial! Wyatt loves his "lolo" so much!
Look at them! Lolo and Sissy looking at each other and Wyatt cheesing the camera. We have so many fun times together. I am so happy Kelley and Tyler live so close to us. They are like family to us. We are true when we say we would drop whatever and do whatever to be with them.... and we continue to love "living life together." It's nice to have (as cliché as it sounds) BFF's for LIFE!
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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

This dear Wyatt

Oh my mini are my sunshine! You are 2 1/2 years old and loving life....

Recently you have really been into Batman, Diego, Toy Story, Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Cars. Your Daddy is your best playmate and you love to snuggle with your Mama. We try to have play dates as much as possible but everyone does get pretty busy! We create crafts and do lots of projects at home. I love that I get to stay at home with you and spend so much time with you everyday!
(for the record this penguin you named "baba")
You love your Sissy so much! You'll have really started playing together. You are also in LOVE with your new cousin Zetta. You talk about her all the time and even recently added her in your bedtime prayer.
Your grandparent's get to spend lots of time with you and we LOVE it that way! It's good for everyone. We know how important "extended" family is and how important it is for you to spend time alone with them. Some of my very BEST childhood memories is time spent at my g-parent's with my cousins! Mama and Daddy miss you but KNOW with ALL OUR HEART you are having a great time and it's soooo good for you! They love it too! You are creating such a special bond with each of them and it's so fun to watch.
Aunt Kiki and "Keesh" have been able to hang out with you too! They LOVE it! You have a special place for "Uncle Keech." We also went to CO recently with family and you got to spend time with Baba, Uncle Pete, and Aunt Erin...such a special time with them while Mommy and Daddy "hit the slopes!"
 You are almost 37 inches tall and weigh 32 lbs. We have been trying to get rid of a nasty cough this Winter and feel like you just can't get 100%. It's no fun for sure! You have really started using your manners and we only have to tell you a few times before you actually learn to do something. (example: cover your mouth, say excuse me, thank you, etc.) You have a contagious smile for sure. There were a few days you used the potty but it didn't really turn into anything...we aren't forcing the issue until you are ready.
Wyatt Mark-you truly are a gift from the Lord! Your Daddy and I are so blessed to call you our little boy! We are loving watching you grow into such a sweet little boy we call our son.  
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Monday, January 21, 2013

Christmas Paper

I have been trying to post this from my phone but it keeps messing up so....I finally am posting from the computer. ;)

Wyatt loves to paint. He loves to actually do any crafts...LOL! Grandparent's crack me about the things they like and want to keep. He was super excited about making something for them...

We used the brown paper and finger paint. I let him go craaazzzyyy!!!! He had a blast and the end product was super cute. Sister girl was sleeping so she didn't get to take a turn but I am pretty sure it was for the better. ;)
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Friday, January 18, 2013

This is all I have...

Lately it's been the small stuff that's getting to the little constant reminders of Ryder.  Depending on the reminder and the day the outcome is so different. Sometimes I can smile, sometimes I cry, sometimes I push it away, but usually whatever I feel it ALWAYS stings. I read this quote the other day...there are so many things Mark and I talk about wanting to say but usually don't know how to say it to anyone but each other. This was spot on:

"The reality is we don't forget, move on, and have closure, but rather we honor, we remember, and incorporate our deceased into our lives in a new way. In fact, keeping memories of your loved one alive in your mind and heart is important part of your healing journey. "
                                                                                                                    -Harriet Schiff

Enjoy your weekend!
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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Sister

 Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Sister,
Happy Birthday to you!
We love you so much Aunt Erin...hope you had a great day!

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