Annual Christmas Dinner

Every year we have a Christmas dinner with close friends. These friends are closer than some family-like the be with you through everything kind. It's alway so much fun to get together even though we don't all live close. My parents alway host this dinner and my mom plans for weeks! She always has a theme and goes all out in decorations!

We hang out, play, chat, catch up...

Before dinner my mom usually has a reading prepared and my dad blesses the food.
This year the kids were moved to the "adult table" because we have kids of our own and need more room. We felt so cool! Ha!

Sister was really into the tree that night too!

At the end of the evening always take a group photo. This requires a self timer. It can be pretty crazy and! My mom has been displaying the past years pictures. It's so fun to look back at past photos. We only had to take the picture twice this year. Sloane's face was covered in the first! (Thanks Ryan!)

Another successful Christmas tradition!
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