Up, up, and away we go...

We are currently in the air some where over Colorado! The flight really hasn't been bad...yet. We are staying positive! It's a 3 hr. 40 min. flight-that's a long time for 2 children under 2, a breast feeding mama, and a daddy. ;)
(*there are times when the thought "formula would be so much easier" enters my mind as I am sitting in a stall of a public restroom pumping before we board an almost 4 hr. flight but then I know it's not what's best for OUR children so I will continue to make the sacrifice for my child. Anyway-I digress...)
We left the house this morning around 7am and headed to the airport. Mark's mom rode with us so we wouldn't have to pay for a week of parking. ;)
We checked in, checked the luggage and car seats, and headed toward security. Security was a bit crazy just because of the amount of stuff we had. We finally arrived in our terminal...

Wyatt and Sloane were in great moods! Wyatt loved seeing all the airplanes out the window. He kept signing for more. Ha!

They both had matching shirts that read "I'm going to Disney Land!" So cute...I love Etsy! Sister was covered in Minne from head to toe and Wyatt had all his Cars gear and Diego. (We don't go anywhere without him these days.)
We boarded the plane...

Wyatt loved buckling his belt. He thought he was big stuff not sitting in a car seat and of course he got the window seat.


Pinterest inspired snack box...it was a great time killer! ;)
Then there was sister...

Wow...that's all I can say about her. She has a little bit of fussiness and then this.
Then this...

PTL for technology!!!

Well they just announced we have starting to descend...I would call the flight to CA pretty successful!!!
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