Friday, August 31, 2012

Huge Milestone, New Chapter

Last weekend Mark graduated from Chiropractic School. I have many pictures from the weekend full of festivities. I plan to post soon about each event-graduation, awards breakfast, family time, graduation party, etc. It's so surreal that he is finished. I know it hasn't actually "set in." He has a few days of family time and a vacation to the beach before he starts working. His brother is a Chiropractor with an already established practice so he will be joining him!

We are filled with so many emotions about what the future holds for us. I pray for us as we both seek the Lord during this time of transition.

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Lion King

Last night Mark and I were given the opportunity to see The Lion King at the Fox Theater. It was amazing!!! (Thanks Mrs.Rene and Mr. Dale for the tickets!) It been over 10 years since I had been to the theater.
We got to go with my parents...

My dad was super excited about getting a picture. Ha! The Fox is such an amazing building to. We had wonderful seats...

It was a late night for us but even later for my parents who had to drive 2 hrs. home. :(

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Old Friends

Sunday afternoon a long time friend was in town. Kelley and I were able to eat lunch with Liz and her fiancé.

We met at 54th Street...the food never disappoints! It was great catching up and hearing about wedding plans. ;)

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Monday, August 27, 2012


Phew, all the graduation festivities are over. We made it! Together we completed this journey. I know I personally wasn't the person attending school each day but I was the one Mark came home to each night. Together-better or for worse-it's a journey that we completed. We each played a role. Sometimes we weren't the best at it but we made it. Together, we made it!

Together we made life-long friends throughout this journey.
Together we had the support of many family members and friends.
(Words can't explain how much they all mean to us.)
Together we experienced gains.
Together we experienced loss.
Together we had a family.
Together we worried about finances, God ALWAYS provided.  (and still does)
Together we had a place to call home.
Together we laughed and cried about crazy stuff.
Together we attended fun events at Logan.
Together we showed our children what it means to give something your ALL.

Together we will begin the new chapter of our lives.
We can't do it-TOGETHER!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Check it out and enter to win!

I have a little sponsor action going on over at "A Complete Waste of Make-up" today! A friend of mine 

has her own Etsy shop. Kayleigh and I met through our husbands as they attended Chiropractic School 


She creates handmade stationery using vintage book pages and botanical prints on cards, invitations, 

postcards, and more. You can personalize her stationery, or create a custom 

design from scratch for your special gift or event. Today I am giving away a set of 4-one of a kind 

beach themed postcards. They are precious! Head over to Neely's and enter to win today. Happy 

Sunday everyone. ;) 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Today is the day...

Today is the marks the day Mark becomes a Dr. This is a day he has been working toward for over 4 years. I could not be more proud of my husband! He has truly put everything he has in these years spent at Logan. Mark isn't a man who does anything halfway. He takes pride in EVERYTHING he does! I envy his passion for things he loves-it's one of the many amazing qualities I love about him. He has shed blood, sweat, and even some tears while in attendance.

When Mark started Logan College of Chiropractic we had no idea what the future would hold for us. As a couple we had "heard" about the journey others had taken. If there is one thing I have learned these past few years is no persons journey is the same. Many cross the same finish line but the path to get there isn't the same for everyone. This is not to say one path is better or worse than the other...just NOT the same. I feel being in school while married is not something many couples experience. It's usually 1. finish school then 2. get married. Well, this wasn't the case for us. We experienced marriage while we were BOTH in undergrad. After graduation I went to work and Mark began "professional school." While in school Mark carried a load more than any man should ever carry in a lifetime.

He did it so well! He was a not only a husband through these years but he became a dad to 3 children. He lost a son. This adventure is a part of our lives we will never "get over" or "move on" from. He carried a job in addition to a 40+ school week. He stayed up late to study because he wanted to eat dinner and help put the kids to bed first. He loves his school.  He is proud of what he does. He is the BEST!

I look forward to "looking back" and sharing these times with our children.  I am so excited and nervous for today. I think I am more anxious about it then him. He is so humble...I am proud to call him my husband. Way to go Mr. You did are officially Dr. Mark Schmitz!!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Sloane's 1st Cardinals Game

Around this same age with Wyatt he went to his first Cardinals game. We had the opportunity to take the kids this week. We were so excited...the situation was perfect. It was a day game and the tickets were in the "Red Bird Club." We had a.c. and our own concessions. We didn't have to wait in line for bathroom, food, or anything for that matter. ;) Thanks Paw Paw!!! Wyatt was so excited....

I love that Mark and him matched. He kept saying "ball, ball, ball." Ha ha!

Sloane was perfect. I wore her most of the game. ;) She loves being close to her Mama!

We tried having the usher take a family photo...

Not the greatest :/ We attempted again outside and the only thing i have to show for that picture is the elderly lady's finger that was in front of the lens. :(

Wyatt really enjoyed watching the players hit the ball. He is huge into baseball right now and is actually getting really good at hitting a ball off of a tee.

We had a great family time together and both kids took a long nap when we got home!

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Annual shopping trip

Yesterday was the 17th annual birthday shopping trip with my mom and aunts. When I turned 10 we started a birthday shopping trip to St. Louis. Since moving here my sister has joined my birthday trip to make for a crazy fun time! Yesterday didn't disappoint!! We always start the day with pedicures. We had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory and we were able to eat outside. It was a beautiful day. We shopped till we dropped! My sister made her first clothing purchase for baby girl! We had to do it up right so matching outfits from Janie and Jack were a must!!

I can't wait to see them wearing them together!! Yahoo for cousins!
It's so awesome to have a tradition like this. I pray it's something that continues forever. We joked yesterday about what we would do when I turned 30?!?! Big out-of-town trip? One can only hope!! I am so glad this is a priority for my aunt's, sister, mom, and cousin! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Taking a walk...

Earlier this week Caroline spent the day with us. It was a beautiful day too! We have been spending more time outside since it has
cooled off a bit. Wyatt loves being outside-I don't think he would ever come inside if we didn't make him. Mark was home for the afternoon so we loaded up the wagon..

And I strapped Sloane to me...

and we were off! We walked and walked and walked. LOL! At one point Wyatt decided he wanted to pull Lolo himself.

The hat is hilarious! He thinks he is Woody when he wears it. As you can see he wears it for long periods of time. :/ Ha! By the end we were trying everything to get him to walk toward the house without having to carry him kicking and screaming. He wanted to give this stick to the dogs. He looks like a mini Tom Sawyer. LOL!

Days like that make me even more excited for Fall weather!

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

What a day!

Phew! What a day...this morning I ran in the Color Run with 15,000 other people in downtown STL. It was such a great time. I am so happy my parent's there with me. They supported me since I haven't ran in over 3 years-no joke!?!? Since I ran so slow they "re-ran" it after we crossed the finish line. Before the race...

Like I said...thank goodness my parents ran with me. ;) We had a great time together! There were multiple color sections of the race.

After the race we all looked so good...

This is my father in law's head, as an example of the (safe) powder:

After the race, as we were walking to the car we got an awesome picture. This is one of my favorite pictures in a long is truly something that you shouldn't take for granted!

A big thanks to my sister, Aunt Erin! She came up with my parents and stayed with Wyatt and Sloane while we ran! Mornings aren't the easiest around our house and she survived with flying colors. Ha!

This afternoon after showers my parents headed home. The littles took a nap and I prepared us for a first birthday party for our sweet Caroline!

Kelley has been setting up for a few days! It was so cute...I didn't expect anything less. She made the cake...

Cool huh?!? Caroline opened lots of fun gifts too...

Kelley made cute party hats for the can see by the picture Wyatt was super excited to wear his!

It was a busy day but we had fun! Memories were made together with friends and family. ;)

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Baskets, bins, and buckets

I recently posted about a few small things I do around the house to make our daily life easier. Since then I have realized I have a few more-I enjoying posting about these because I love to look back and read what I was doing regarding my organization as a mom. I me nerdy! Ha! Also I also like to read what other mom's are doing too:

1. I have always kept a bag in the car with "in case of emergency" things inside (thanks Dad) but since having children there are "new" emergencies that can happen. I started using a small 31 organizer in the car between the captain seats, where the littles sit. Inside the bag I keep a few extra diapers for both, a pack of wipes, extra pacifiers, maybe a few snacks (that can't melt), an extra pair of shorts for Wyatt and a onesie for Sloane. I have also started putting a few toys in there for them. I try to rotate them out every week or so so they don't get bored of them.

2. Another thing I have been doing to help keep my car clean is to keep a few extra bags inside. This helps when we have been running errands all day and we finally make it home but seems to have so much stuff! I just throw it all in one bag and carry it inside. I hate getting back in the car later and it being messy and cluttered. By doing this I have a clean car each time I get in. ;)

3. We don't live in a very big house but it does seem we have baby gates everywhere. Between dogs and children it's annoying going back and forth from the living room to the bedrooms. :/ I decided to keep a basket of NEEDS in the living room (again another 31) I just keep it stocked with wet wipes, diapers, rash cream, and most recently the reusable wipes and spray (that's for a whole post in itself). This has been so helpful!

4. The small tote on the right is the living room needs. The taller one on the left is toys. I hate clutter. It also bothers me when the Little People are mixed with Legos, the super heros with Toy Story and so on...maybe someday I will let it go but I haven't yet. So...anyway, most of Wyatt's toys are in his room or downstairs. (organized and labeled in bins of course) We spend lots of time downstairs so I try to rotate toys a lot. Like I said earlier the bedrooms are close to the living room so Wyatt can run (he doesn't walk anywhere) to his room when he wants a different toy that's not out in the living room. I usually let him bring out whatever he wants throughout the day. I have learned to limit the times I clean/pick up-nap time and bedtime.

5. That leads to last and final basket of the day. ;) Each room has a basket. Once they go to sleep I don't dare go into their rooms. Each room has a basket where I put the items that belong in that room. Same for the basement, anything that goes downstairs goes in one spot. This makes putting away a lot easier! :)

Phew, this became a pretty lengthy post. Oops! Happy Friday y'all! Color Run STL for me tomorrow!!

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Just a few cute ones...

I have been taking pictures on my phone a lot lately! I try to stay on top of deleting the not so good ones to be sure to have space but I getting pretty close o max storage. :/ I have a few random cute pictures from the past week or so and I want to me sure they make it into this year's blog book. ;)

I know I am a little bias but wow-can we say cutest kids ever?!?!

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Yesterday I turned 27! It was I one of the best b-days on the record. :) The kids woke up early. (5:45 to be exact) Somehow we were still rushing out the door to try to make it on time for 9am church. Why does that always seem to happen?!?! As we were leaving Wyatt had an epic meltdown which lead to him cried/screaming in his room for over 30 mins. Church had started by then-we weren't going to make it. Grrrrr We decided to let Wyatt calm down and packed up anyway. I wanted to go to the zoo and see the sea lion show. We had been earlier in the week but I wanted Mark to see Wyatt there too! It was a great time. The weather was perfect and the kids were very well behaved...

After the zoo we headed home but not without Wyatt getting super upset he had to leave. He sure loves the zoo! They both fell asleep on our way home. We made the "transfers" and then I went and ran a few errands. It was kinda nice being by myself...even if it was just a quick errand. ;) As soon as they woke up we headed to dinner. We wanted to try a new restaurant that we hadn't been to before. We decided on "Hu Hot." It's sort of like a Mongolian BBQ?!?! It was amazing-my new favorite restaurant for sure!!!

After dinner we headed home for a fun game night. Mark played this game with friends the other day and insisted we buy it. We searched/called almost 10 places before we found it. Kelley and Tyler came over to join the fun! It's fun because Kelley and I share a b-day. (Back story: our moms were in the same labor and delivery room. We are mins. apart. After leaving the hospital they met again as parents with girls in the same 1st grade class. We have been friends ever since.) It was an awesome ending to another b-day!

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Beautiful Saturday

We had such a great Friday evening and Saturday. (so far) Last night we watched Caroline for a little while...

It's always so great having her here. I love that she is so comfortable. Such great friends-While she was here we had dinner so she joined the typical Schmitz dinner. Ha!

This morning we were up early. By 8am I was ready to take a! Mark had to work so I loaded up the kids and headed to the park. The weather has been super nice so we have been trying to enjoy every min. we can outside. There is a park near our house that has a playground specifically for "littles." Wyatt loves it!

It was the first time we have gone that I thought maybe Sloane could swing. ;) She loved it!

Look at them...

The only way to get Wyatt back in the car was to promise a donut. (Mom of the year award right?!?) We went to Krispy Kreme that's really close to home...sometimes to close, right mom?!?!?

We finished our donuts and took a few to Daddy at work. ;) Wyatt loves visiting him-he ran in the door yelling "dada dada-." He acts like he owns the place. After visiting Mark we had to make a quick stop at Caroline's. She got an early b-day gift so Wyatt had to test it out.

It's been a great weekend so far. It can only get better because...tomorrow is my b-day!!!! Yahooooooooo!!!!!

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