Wyatt's *REAL* Birthday

The past 2 years we have celebrated Wyatt's birthday together as a family. Mark and I decided we will do this every year until he tells us he wants it to be different. It really is just nice knowing we will be spending time together as a family. I think it's comforting to Mark and I knowing the only stress that day is the stress we create ourselves. We don't even give an opportunity for other/anything else to raise the stress level. It is and always will be an emotional day for us.

The BIG 2!!! Mark had class in the morning. Wyatt, Sloane, and I went to the party store and got balloons for Wyatt. He picked out 2 balloons and the sweet lady who worked there gave them to him for free. ;) When we got home I let Wyatt run around the yard for a bit...I tied the balloons to his back belt loops...ha!

Once Mark got home we loaded up and headed to First Watch.  Wyatt gets a free kids meal on his b-day and it's one of the few places he will actually sit and eat to we thought it would be a fun treat.
Near First Watch there is a car wash called "celebrity car wash." They put fun events on their sign each day. It's a big deal and a family member always puts Wyatt's b-day and our anniversary on it. ; ) *LOVE* I mean...we are kinda a big deal ya know!??!

*The car wash did spell his name wrong this year though. ;(*

We headed to the Zoo after our lunch....

I didn't really take a lot of pictures at the zoo. We go there so much I just forget. Also we just really were enjoying time together as a family too! 
Since it was his b-day and it's the perfect day for a sugar high after the zoo we went to Orange Leaf. It's a fun new ice cream place. We have been going so much this summer Wyatt knows just what he wants. LOL! 

After ice cream we went to see Ryder...
It was a long but fun day! We headed home for a quick nap. We didn't let Wyatt sleep to long because it was already to late in the day. I cooked dinner while Mark "did baths" and we then sang Happy Birthday and let him blow out candles. He thought he was SO cool!

We had a great day together...celebrating 2 special years with our Buddy! 


  1. Happy birthday Wyatt!! Such a cutie and growing up so fast!

  2. Aw, sounds like you had a great day together! Happy birthday to Wyatt (such a great name . . .*wink*)!


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