Saturday, June 30, 2012

Earlier this week I went to a "sprinkle" for a friend who is having another boy! ;) It was so cute...since she is about to "pop" all the food and such had to do with "pop."

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Happy Father's Day

We got home late Saturday night from visiting my parent's. Wyatt had been really sick over the weekend with croup so we didn't want to take him to church and have him be around other kids. Mark wanted to go to breakfast so we picked somewhere we thought would be a quick and easy breakfast. Ha, we were wrong. We had to wait 45 mins. for our food at Steak N' Shake! Oh well, Buddy was well behaved (for a change) so it wasn't that bad. After breakfast we came back home and gave Mark his gifts.
 A Cars card and a STL Cardinals jersey just like Wyatt's!!!! 
 Over the weekend we celebrated Poppie...
 Then Sunday afternoon Paw Paw hung out with us and watched the final round of the U.S. Open. Maw Maw was out of town so we had dinner together too. I know I already posted a bit about Mark on Father's Day but I am SUPER lucky to have such AMAZING men in my life! 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Graduate Dinner

A few weeks ago Logan hosted a dinner for the Tri-10's that are preparing to graduate. It was held at a super nice location and we were served an amazing dinner. Mark's class is pretty small so it was an intimate dinner with some of his closest friends from the past few years. We got to get all dressed up...

A group of close friends met at our house and we all rode together. Windows off Washington is located close to our house so it made things easier. After the dinner they all came back to our house to continue the fun! Ha!! The other couples live a pretty far distance from us so it was nice for them not to have to head home super late. We had a blast just playing games and hanging out.

 It was such a fun night! And a toast to the last 6 weeks before they are called Dr.'s....

Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Eesie!

Last Thursday was my mom's birthday. Thursday's are Mark's long days so I decided to load up and head to Jackson so we could spend the day with my mom. It was one of the best days I have had in a long time! We left super early and got there around 9am. Wyatt loves playing at Eesie and Poppie's house. We played hard all day. Wyatt even spent a few hours in the pool too! 

My sister and I had planned a little cooking lesson with mom. I was so fun being in the kitchen with them! We cooked/boiled the "Charlestown Supper." (that's what we call it) Green beans, red potatoes, corn, shrimp, and sausage in big boil. Mmmmm, my mouth is watering just thinking about it again. 

 Mom got to eat on the "special plate." *LOVE family traditions*
 We sang Happy Birthday and Wyatt helped her blow out the candles. 
 Family Photo :) 

It was a great day for us! I am so blessed to have such a great mama. She is an amazing example of everything a mom should be. I pray I can be half as good as she is to us...WE LOVE YOU EESIE!!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

It's a...GIRL!

Last weekend my sister and her husband hosted their gender reveal party. It was a blast! I think it's a super cute idea. They had the ultrasound on Thursday and took the envelope to the lady who baked a cupcake with the correct color. (blue/pink) The party was Saturday night. They are also working on moving into their house so it was kind of a housewarming party too! It was a blast! Everyone was supposed to wear blue or pink clothing depending on their own personal gender guess. 

They tried to get Wyatt to take the bite but he wasn't feeling it....
So they just cut it with a knife...

It's a GIRL!!!
(about 95% of the guests were wearing blue...oops!) 
Pink filling!!! 

The Family 

kind of a housewarming party too!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Wyatt's "friend" Birthday Party

*FYI: This is the last birthday post! Wyatt celebrated his birthday more than just one day. Ha! 

I didn't want to have a huge birthday party like we did for Wyatt's 1st so we decided to have 2 instead. I am not sure if this was any less stressful but we still had fun. I used the same decor but just changed up the "fun" a bit! 

It started at 10:30am so we served donuts and then everyone had a little travel cupcake holder to take the rest of the sugar "to-go." 
 I was fun having them all sit at the same table together. 
 We sang Happy Birthday and Wyatt blew out his candles. 
 He opened presents...
We all played a little dino dress up...
It was a great party! Wyatt had a blast with all his friends. He loved having them come to his house to celebrate his big day! 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Wyatt's *REAL* Birthday

The past 2 years we have celebrated Wyatt's birthday together as a family. Mark and I decided we will do this every year until he tells us he wants it to be different. It really is just nice knowing we will be spending time together as a family. I think it's comforting to Mark and I knowing the only stress that day is the stress we create ourselves. We don't even give an opportunity for other/anything else to raise the stress level. It is and always will be an emotional day for us.

The BIG 2!!! Mark had class in the morning. Wyatt, Sloane, and I went to the party store and got balloons for Wyatt. He picked out 2 balloons and the sweet lady who worked there gave them to him for free. ;) When we got home I let Wyatt run around the yard for a bit...I tied the balloons to his back belt loops...ha!

Once Mark got home we loaded up and headed to First Watch.  Wyatt gets a free kids meal on his b-day and it's one of the few places he will actually sit and eat to we thought it would be a fun treat.
Near First Watch there is a car wash called "celebrity car wash." They put fun events on their sign each day. It's a big deal and a family member always puts Wyatt's b-day and our anniversary on it. ; ) *LOVE* I mean...we are kinda a big deal ya know!??!

*The car wash did spell his name wrong this year though. ;(*

We headed to the Zoo after our lunch....

I didn't really take a lot of pictures at the zoo. We go there so much I just forget. Also we just really were enjoying time together as a family too! 
Since it was his b-day and it's the perfect day for a sugar high after the zoo we went to Orange Leaf. It's a fun new ice cream place. We have been going so much this summer Wyatt knows just what he wants. LOL! 

After ice cream we went to see Ryder...
It was a long but fun day! We headed home for a quick nap. We didn't let Wyatt sleep to long because it was already to late in the day. I cooked dinner while Mark "did baths" and we then sang Happy Birthday and let him blow out candles. He thought he was SO cool!

We had a great day together...celebrating 2 special years with our Buddy! 

Monday, June 18, 2012

May-Project 365

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

(This morning at Steak'N Shake...)

Happy Father's Day! I will post later this week more in detail about our Father's Day weekend but for now I couldn't go without saying...I am so privileged to have spent the last few days in Jackson with my family and celebrating my dad! We are back home and are laying low today with Mark's dad (and sister) at our house watching a little golf. It means SO much to me that Mark makes it such a priority to spend time with his own dad even though he is a dad now. The example he is setting for Wyatt is so important to me. I feel "Father's Day" is all about what he wants to do today...if he wants to sleep, golf, hang out with's all his decision...NOT mine-it's not Mother's Day. :) He chose to spend HIS day, the real Father's Day with his dad and family. MELT. MY. HEART. 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Little Gym Graduation

 The attempt at getting a group picture...

Wyatt has been going to The Little Gym since he was 4 months old. He loves his classes so much! We go once a week and there is a graduation once a year. He is currently a "beast." Ha ha! They make the graduation so cute. On graduation day classes continue as usual but at the very end each child gets a medal and gets to climb :) up on a little stage. I love it! Wyatt wanted to be the first one this year.

He was all about getting the medal until it was around his neck. Then he wanted it off. Ha! Maw Maw, Aunt Shelly, Uncle Kyle, Cruz and Ariel were all able to see the graduation. 

And you know how much I like to "look back..."

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