Friday, September 30, 2011

Suson Park

The weather has been so nice lately so wanted to take advantage of these nice days. My MIL and friend Kelley loaded up with the children (HA!) and headed to the park. Suson is a park with a few farm animals and a fun playground. It was a little windy but it was still great weather! The sun was shining bright! Kelley "wore" Caroline and I put my new double stroller to good use. I was watching a friends little girl today, I usually have her Mon-Wed, but we were needed an extra day. ;) Wyatt LOVED all the farm animals and it was so cute listening to all his animal sounds. 

First we fed the ducks...
 Looked at the pigs...
 Kelley, Caroline, Wyatt, and I 
 Trying to pet the horse-Wyatt had no fear and the horse wanted to lick his hand. 
 Spend time being a farmer...
 Played on the playground... I am pretty sure Wyatt could have done this ALL day! 
 He would have done this y himself if I would have let him. Thanks Little Gym! ;) 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Easy Canvas Prints

A few weeks ago I was asked if I wanted to do a review for Easy Canvas Prints. Well, I jumped on the opportunity to get a free photo canvas! I am loving them right now. I sent in my photo and filled out the info. picture I choose wasn't the right quality. Their customer service was so helpful...they could have just used the picture and it not be amazing...but they didn't! Once all was sorted out with the picture we had our canvas on our doorstep in NO TIME! We all know any picture with Wyatt in it is going to be precious but Easy Canvas Prints did a great job. The look and even the feeling of this canvas is great quality! I would use them again for sure.
Here is our print:

You can use the link from this post or even the link on my sidebar...go see for yourself! ;)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Unified in OUR mission

Wyatt is about 16 months and I truly have seen "mom-wars" in those 16 months. I can't actually even say I haven't judged other moms about different things they choose for their children. I am sure moms have had their fair share of comments about me too! ;/ Though, most of the time I do well of keeping my comments to myself it still doesn't make it right. I have vented to my mom a few times and she sent this blog post to me yesterday and it was WAY to good not to share.

I feel this applies to all moms, whether their children are grown or even moms that are preparing for children. Just because it's the way we do it...doesn't always make it right...

I really hope you take a second to read the post HERE.

So after reading the post I have challenged myself....hoping you will do the same, to take a step back and be there for another even though she doesn't "mother" the same way as you!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall Bucket List

We traveled to IKEA this was "that weekend" we have once a month. If you have been reading for any amount of time you know the week before the trip is pure craziness. LOL! Anyway, I have read a few blogs that have created a "fall bucket list." I thought it was such a fun idea so I decided to join in:
-finish decorating our house for Fall
-visit a pumpkin patch and join in on the fun!
 (Eckerts and Stuckmeyers are the 2 local ones I hope to visit. 
-carve/decorate pumpkins with my family 
-enjoy a Sunday afternoon with Mark doing nothing but watching football and eating chili
-going to Sam A. Baker state park with my family
-make homemade caramel apples

That's a few fun Fall activities I would love to do this Fall. What's on your bucket list for Fall 2011?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Took the plunge and ordered a beauty!

 I took the plunge and ordered the double stroller. This was a really emotional thing for me to do. I know it sounds dumb but I have already prepared for 2 children before so I was a little hesitant to hit the "place order" button again. We decided to go with a different stroller/car seat combo this time too! We had a Graco last time and to be honest I couldn't keep the infant seat and just buy the double stroller that we put together and pushed around, loaded in our car, and practiced have twins with. It just wasn't going to happen. So...therefore I began to research....and research it what I did! I have a friend who has this stroller and loves it! I have heard nothing but great things about it too! Since I am babysitting a friends baby 3 days a week this will be perfect to use even now! Jacki let me borrow her stroller yesterday to make sure I would like it...and it didn't disappoint! I feel like it's Christmas...I am so so excited I can hardly even wait. I might run out the door to the FedEx man. LOL!

I mean look at this has 14 different ways it can be used! LOVE IT! Even better...right now when you buy the stroller you can get the infant seat FREE, now that a deal! We ordered the green color. Did I say I can't wait....haha! I will for sure be posting a picture of Wyatt and I modeling the new ride soon! (maybe even today)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Gearing up for Fall....

The weather has changed around here and I think it's safe to say it officially feels like fall. LOVE IT!! I don't ever remember being this excited about the change of seasons. (Does that mean I am getting old?) There is no better way to welcome the cool weather than to do a little fall clothes shopping! Wyatt and I have been trying to stock up on Fall/Winter and even a few spring clearance clothes. I like to be prepared so since the baby is coming in March it would be nice not to be freaking out because Wyatt doesn't have any Spring clothes. I got a great deal the other day..The Children's Place (MY FAVORITE PLACE TO SHOP FOR WYATT) was having a sale online and it was FREE shipping! LOVE IT! I stocked up on all his shorts for next Spring/Summer. They hold up so well and fit very nice too.
What a crazy small picture right?!!? I couldn't get it any bigger. ;( I did get one in every color...they are so stinkin' cute on. 

I am loving all the dinosaur stuff too! We found some cute tops at Walmart, Target, and even Sears with Dino's. I got some of the nice thick Carter long-sleeved onesies to put under all his t-shirts for Winter. He looks so cute! 

Today I found this...

When we tried it on he really looked like a little boy...not much baby left. ;( I also took the plunge and got Wyatt's winter coat. It took lots of thought and research because of his love for sleeves and pants *NOT* I didn't know what to do. I wanted something light but WARM! We finally decided on this:
And let me tell you...I am gonna have to keep the ladies off my 16 month old when he is wearing this. Ha! Cute doesn't even describe. Ha!

Ok, enough about fall clothes and the cuteness of Wyatt! It's finally Friday. Mark has boards today and tomorrow so it's just Wyatt and I again. ;/ Hopefully the weather is nice to we can go to the park. Hope you'll have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

You know you are from Southeast MO when....

You know you are from Southeast MO when...your brother competes in the Demolition Derby! 

Sept. 2011
(phone fuzzy ;(....)

Sept. 2010

Here are some pictures from the night....he didn't take home #1 this year but it was still a GREAT time!!!

We had special pit passes so we got hit with mud a few times. We were so get showered with mud close. LOL! It was a blast but always so nerve racking....;/
 Mom and Dad
 Us, and the baby bump ;)
 Sister and Pete
My mom and Mrs. Robyn, she is a long time family friend. Her daughter Sarah and I were best friends growing up. She came to cheer Billy on! 

*This post can't go without mentioning how thankful I am to have such a great husband. (He doesn't read this so this isn't for him. It's so I always remember how lucky I am...) Mark never ceases to amaze me. He has National Boards coming up this weekend. (pt. 2) and he still made it a point to come with my to support my brother. We drove there and back in the same evening. (almost 2 hr. drive) He never once complained. He has been studying crazy hrs. along with school and treating patients at the clinic. It means so much to be that he is willing to stop for a bit to support family. Not many family member would even make the 2 hr. drive but that we will do it the week of boards and not get home until almost 1am means a lot to me. Again, it makes me proud how he is such an example to Wyatt on not only making our "family of 3" important but also our extended family. Ok *gag* I know but I had brag a bit on him. ;) Thanks for listening! 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

12 weeks pregnant....

The baby is the size of a "large plum...."

How far along? 12 weeks and 3 days....

Size of the baby? A large plum

Maternity Clothes? I can still wear own clothes though I learned last time maternity clothes are way more comfortable. :) I have been wearing a few of the tees I have from last time. They are just so be honest though I am in the wrong season and some of the clothes I wore last time have so many memories (and even smells when I got them out of the box) I can't even think about putting them on EVER again. 

Weight Gain:  I go to the Dr. tomorrow...we shall see!?!?! 

Stretch Marks? This is a touchy subject for me. I didn't have any visible stretch marks DURING pregnancy last time but once I came home and my stomach "went down" I had some. They are the same color of my skin but just weird looking...;( I used Palmer's last time and now CAN NOT STAND the smell and don't really believe in it anymore. Ha, I don't think anything would work when a little stomach grows over 48 cm. YIKES! All that to say I am trying a new kind and I couldn't tell you the brand but it does smell amazing! 

Gender? We obviously DO NOT care, we just want a healthy baby! If I HAD to choose right this second I would say boy. I asked Mark the same question and he said boy too! ;) We shall see....We are planning a gender reveal party and the Dr. appt. has been made. (Oct. 6th, as long as the baby is nice enough to show us...yes, I will be 15.5 weeks but my Dr. loves me) 

Movement? I know it's probably not medically possible but I know I felt something the other night while getting ready for bed. It was the weirdest thing to "feel it again." Who knows!?!?! 

Sleep? Normal sleep with a 15 month old in the house and I can still sleep on my stomach, dont' ask me how!!! 

Food Cravings? This time has been so weird. I didn't really have any cravings last time. Don't get me wrong there were things I loved and couldn't get enough of but this it!! Ha! I seriously  can't eat enough vegetables. I have gone to the grocery just to buy green peppers. Weird I know....

What I Miss: I would love a huge ceasar salad and maybe a small glass of red wine. ;) 

Symptoms? Tired all the time…and I am not a nap person at all. It doesn't work out well so pretty much I go to bed about 8:30pm. 

Best Moment of the Week? Reaching the 2nd trimester and getting to go to Dr. tomorrow!!! 
 (Funny story about this shirt. I saw this picture online and thought it was a really cute idea. I got the supplies and got right to work. Well the directions said it was time consuming. I was so confused as to why....until I took this picture. I am seriously loosing my's time consuming because you have write all the # backwards so they show up the right way in the mirror. Obviously I didn't do that. ;/ So mad!!! Oh well, I am not redoing it so hope you can read backwards. HA HA!) 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wedding Weekend....

Last weekend Mark was a groomsman in a wedding. It was such a cute wedding too!

The wedding was at 7pm Saturday evening, sunset along the Mississippi River bank. It was so pretty....

The girls all had different color dresses with matching TOMS and the guys were in all black with their ties matching the girl they walked with....

The reception was also outdoors under a huge tent. It was decorated so cute....

We had a great evening with friends!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Baby Weaver's shower...

Sunday afternoon a few of us hosted a baby shower for our friend Elyse and Baby P (and Daddy Austin too). Ashley, Brittany, Elyse in the middle, me, and Kayleigh

They aren't telling the name until she is born....all we know is "P."
We had served lights foods.There was cupcakes, chocolate covered pretzels, fruit kabobs, cheese and crackers, and my personal favorite the dill dip with the rye bread bowl. 

We played a few of the fun baby shower games and had a few good laughs.
She opened gifts....such cute little girl things.....;) 

*If our baby #2 is a girl....Mark is in for some major trouble...I may need a second job. ;/ Little girl stuff is just so much cuter than boy stuff. (That's so my opinion) 
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