Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Saturday and Sunday were filled with parties for us! Saturday we celebrated "Granga's" 80th B-day. There was lots of food and family....

Saturday night Mark and I went on a double date with Kelley and Tyler. They wanted us to try this nice restaurant on "The Hill." It's fun to get dressed up and go out with Mark and friends...such a blessing that we have "babysitters" and that we both make such an effort to still have "our time" even though we have Wyatt now.

I didn't do a very good job of taking pictures that night. It was too fancy to be snapping photo's inside but I did manage to take a few before we left Kelley and Tyler's to head to eat....

They have a Great Dane and I just can't get over how big he is. Picture's don't even do him justice, such a good looking dog. ;)

Sunday was another busy day for us too! We went to church and rushed home to try to get Wyatt to take a nap. Mark's cousin is visiting from Arizona and we haven't seen her in over 2 years. She has a little girl named Kylie. Too cute!!! Wyatt loves her....and she loves him....
Kylie turns 4 this summer so we had a birthday party for her while she was in town.

She opened presents from the family too! She was so cute and polite as she opened. Most of us got her gift cards because they will be flying home and won't have lots of room.

It was at Mark's parents house...so we swam too!!

All the cousin's got together for a picture too!

We had a great time with family! Wyatt slept GREAT last night!! I don't think he was ready for it to be Monday either. We have more fun times planned this week hanging out with Laruen and Kylie. We can't wait!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Fun filled Family Weekend

Mark had Thursday and Friday off so we enjoyed it just hanging out together. Last weekend we traveled to IKEA and our past few weekends have been really busy. We were looking forward to a few family parties and just being together.
Mark went golfing EARLY Thursday morning for some "guy time" with his brother and a friend. Wyatt and I went over to Maw Maw and Paw Paw's to swim. ;) Mark met us there after he finished playing. We had a few EXPEDITEstl errands to do and just hung out.
Friday morning we got up early and went to a Dr. appointment for Wyatt (separate post to come). After the appointment he was so tired. We had a few pick ups for EXPEDITEstl at home but also planned to see "Cars 2" Friday afternoon. It came out Friday but I didn't really know how Wyatt would act.
 He has been to a movie before but he was way to little to watch or even look at the screen, so this was really his "first real movie." He is so into "Cars" right now too! It was so fun to see him stare at the screen. He did pretty well at the movie too! He wanted to stand and watch so we sat where he could do that and Mark did hold him for a bit too!


He loved it so much!!! After the movie we stopped by Mark's parents and his Aunt cut Wyatt's hair. I really didn't want to get it cut but it was time. I didn't want to cut all the curls off the back! We let him lick on a sucker while she cut it.....

He looks so handsome and grown up now. ;(

Call us crazy but later that night Mark and I went on a date....and saw a movie. LOL! 2 movies in one day....that was tough for me people....I don't sit still well at all! My brother-in-law gave us vouchers to see Pirates of the Caribbean movie and they expired soon so we wanted to use them while we still could. ;) It was a long movie but was good so I made it through without falling asleep. Ha! Our friends Kelley and Tyler watched Wyatt. We are so lucky to have great friends living SO close to us!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Look and Find....

A few days ago I was telling Mark how much fun Wyatt has been lately. (which reminds me I need to post his "1 yr. post.") I told Mark how much I enjoy finding random things in random places. The life of having a toddler around the house is so much fin! I should really start taking pictures of the things I find but for now I will just post about it:

1. marker found in my under the sink storage basket (I don't even know where he found the marker)
2. annie fruit snack stuck to the headrest of the seat in the car (another wonder because he is still rear-facing)
3. a cheez-it in Wyatt's diaper
4. a pair of Wyatt's shorts in the dog food storage container

I am sure there will be many more but that's it for now. I love the age where Wyatt is now. It's a bit trying at times, as he had started throwing MAJOR fits, but nothing we can't handle. It's so fun and he has such a great personality!

I pray all our children are this good...if so I will never want to stop having babies! HA! Just kidding.....;)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my mom's birthday! She is xx years old...hahaha!!! ;) My mom is an amazing woman. I always knew she was great but since I have become a mother myself I my appreciation for her has grown a lot. 
My mom taught me the importance of "family dinner."

My mom helped me "guard my heart" through so much. 

My mom was/ is my rock EVERY time I need her to be there. 
My mom is the best cook I know.

My mom is a strong Godly wife and taught my sister and I how to be one by example.

My mom can juggle LOTS of tasks at a time and still manage to complete ALL of them w/out complaining.
(no one know how much she really does on a daily basis)
My sister and I's weddings were both done by ONLY my mom and each of us. 
We were the "wedding planners."

I am so sad I can't be with my mom today but it's because she is having lunch with my g-pa. She knows the importance of family...ALL family. 

My mom sends cards to LOTS of people. She is famous for her "care packages." So much so she sent a care package monthly to over 30 of my friends their ENTIRE freshman year of college monthly. 
My mom created so many family traditions and instilled in us the love for them. She never forced us to take part because we wanted too. ;)

My mom cooks dinner pretty much EVERY single night. 
(excepts Sundays)

She NEVER does laundry on Sundays. 

She is an example of a follower of Christ. 
My mom showed me how to be a mother....

If I am half the mom she is Wyatt is going to be SO BLESSED!!!
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear mom, 
Happy Birthday to you!


The Queen

Monday, June 20, 2011

Splish Splash....

I prety much grew up in water...LOL! My grandparent's had a neighborhood pool where we spent A LOT of our summer days. My parent's had a boat so the weekends consisted of the lake. When I was old enough to have a job I became a lifeguard. While I college I managed the country club pool in my hometown and swimming lessons. I loved it so much! Being around water and NOT being afraid is so important to me. I want Wyatt to enjoy it as much as we did and learn to be safe about it!

We have spent a lot of time poolside this summer already...every free sunny moment we have we are at the pool. ;)

AHHH!!!! I can't get my other pictures to load so those will have to be for another day. ;(

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day #2 (MR.DADDY!!!!!!)

   Happy Father's Day. Can you believe this is already your second one? I can't!!! 
(Remember your first?)

There are MANY males who are fathers, but it takes a MAN to be a good one! Over the past year (or so) you have been more of a man then most will ever have to be.....

A little over a year ago you drove me to the hospital with the anticipation of not only becoming a father to one son but to two! For almost nine months you prayed, thought, read, and talked over and over about you becoming a daddy. There were so many emotions but you were ready!

For most becoming a dad is an amazing experience...the first cry...being there in the room....the emotions....etc. That's not the way it happened for you....that's not the storybook "becoming a FIRST time daddy" you had. You say that night in the hospital was not only the best night of your life but the worst. You were alone when the Dr. told you. ALL ALONE. You had to tell me, your parents, and my parent's the news. You were "supposed"  to be the strong  one...and you were. The word strong doesn't even do you justice. You were a rock...You had to tell us Ryder, your SON...didn't make it.
Those few days in the hospital were a HUGE growing experience for us as a couple. You demonstrated what a Godly husband, son, and father should be. It was as if a switch was flipped...you could see it on your face and in your eyes. 

There was/is a love...a deep love. 

My Mr. You are an amazing father. The daily example you set for Wyatt is outstanding. The way you show him the importance of family, the way you demonstrate your love for me, and the way you speak to your son all are a representation of you as a real man, a FATHER.

You work hard at what you do but still always have time for Wyatt. You always have just the right words to say. You always know what we I am feeling. You never hesitate to help meet Wyatt's needs, ALL of his needs. 

 You are a MAN. A Christian father...

who wants nothing but to be there for his son....
to experience ALL his "firsts"

You show Wyatt what is important in life...

You always include him in whatever you do...

You make him smile SOOOO BIG....

Babe-I love you! Thank you for being such a great daddy...I can't wait to watch you with Wyatt as he grows and even as our family expands! Thanks for being the MAN that you are!

WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

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