Saturday, April 23, 2011

We leave tomorrow!!!

It's finally here....we board our plane for Disney World tomorrow morning! If you can't tell I can hardly wait....we have so much planned while we are there. Our trip is full of much needed family time at the "happiest place on Earth." I didn't schedule any posts so it's going to be pretty boring around here until next weekend. So sorry....I tried really hard to not get into "mom freak out before vacation mode" so writing blog posts while I was gone didn't make the to-do list. Hope you'll have a great week. I know you are probably getting tired of  me talking about our trip(Sorry) but I can't wait recap our trip.  I am already looking forward to all the fun pictures and memories we are going to come home with.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

Easter/Spring time this year is really tough for Mark and I. It's such a "God thing" we are leaving for Disney on Easter Sunday. Earlier this week Mark and I had an accidental date night. (Funny story-we were supposed to meet some friends for his friends b-day, so we thought. We had the wrong night. We went ahead and had dinner together...first date night in a while....oops) The alone time sparked conversation about Ryder. Conversation that doesn't really happen a lot. We have both been having so many thoughts lately.

This time last year is so vivid in my memory. I remember being REALLY pregnant. I remember traveling to see my family. I remember Mark's g-ma getting to see my belly since she was brought from the nursing home for Easter. I think it's hard because I don't remember much from the hospital/birth experience so the last few weeks leading up the the birth is all the memories I feel like I have.

Mark says each year this time will get easier. I hope so. I do believe him....I just wish it was easier now, easier already. 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Friday night friends ;)

Last Friday night we had some friends over for dinner. We ordered Buffalo Wild Wings take-out and had a great timing chatting and watching the boys play. Wyatt and Jacob did so well playing together. It was so fun to watch them play together next to each other. (even the daddy's....such a precious picture)

Look at that face.....;)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Swimming Lessons

Last week Wyatt started swimming lessons. It's a mom and tot group class at the Riverchase. It's such a neat place and Wyatt has had a great time so far. Last week Mark couldn't make it so I did it with him.

He had so much fun. He is such a little fish. Wyatt loved the water...I hope it stays like this! This week Mark actually got to do the class with him. :) Wyatt hasn't been feeling well but he still had a great time....

4 days until Disney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday to our pup Ely!

****WARNING-picture overload***Mark and I got a puppy as an early wedding gift from his Aunt and Uncle. We "shared" Ely for the last 6 months before we got married. I still remember the first night Mark had him at his apt. in Carbondale...he slept on the floor next to him because we were dead set on not allowing him in the bed with us. That didn't last long....he slept with us until I was about 3 months pregnant. (at one time we had two 100 lbs. dogs sleeping with us in bed...yikes!)
 This was when he was still with his momma, brothers and sisters. Ely was 1 of 10 puppies! He was born at 13 oz and was 13 lbs. when we took him home at 7 weeks.
 This is Ely the day we took him home....
 1st vet appt....

Happy 4th B-day *B*Y* We love you!!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


This past! Doesn't it seem like every time we decide we are going to "work on" a certain area in our life the Lord puts us to the test? Sometimes I just have to sit back and chuckle. The past few weeks have been a little trying to say the least.

I am trying to cling to the nice weather, to remember Spring is here, we leave for Disney in 7 days....and there are so many more blessings. With this comes so many many tough thoughts. Thoughts about Ryder. Thoughts about how our life would be. Thoughts about what I would be doing. Thoughts about how he would act. (not thoughts about what he would look like because I have his identical twin looking at me ALL DAY EVERY DAY)

This past week a groomsman from my sister's wedding took his own life. 27 and recently's just horrible. I try not to say the famous "I can't imagine" words anymore because I am pretty sure I said that I couldn't imagine losing a child and now I am living that "I can't imagine," but wow. When these things happen they just stop you in your tracks. They make you try not to "sweat the small stuff" and be thankful.

As this week approaches I am going to be thankful. I am going to try to be content. I am going to sit back and breath the Spring air. I want to enjoy what the Lord has blessed me with here on this Earth.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Under the Sea

 Last weekend was our niece's Spring program. My parent's were in town and they watched Wyatt while Mark and I went out to eat together and to the program. It was "under the sea" themed. So stinkin' cute!!! She is so precious.....I LOVE HER!!!!
 Our famous "silly face."
Uncle Mark in her hat.....;)
We had a great time! She sang so stage fright there!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wyatt 9 & 10 months....oops

I am so terrible. I hate that I slacked and didn't post 9 month and now 10 month of  Wyatt's life. ;) I guess if this is the worst thing I do as a mother....ha ha ha!!!


You have been so busy these past 2 months. You are  now pulling up on things and even "dive bombing" from one piece of furniture to the next. I don't know if you will be walking by your 1st b-day but I think it will be really close. Who may surprise us!?!? It seems so funny someone so small could be walking soon. As of month 9 you are still pretty much on breast milk only. During month 10 we are really pushing the food and offering lots of variety. You are such a picky eater. (I can't believe I am saying that. I always thought I would be that mom that keeps offering and trying different techniques...nope you actually HATE some foods and I believe it with all my heart!)

At your 9 month check up (it was a little late) you weighed 19.2 lbs. (14%), you were 30 inches long (79%) and your head measurement was 18 (69%). You were not sleeping well when we went to the Dr. and found out it was because you had an ear infection. You were showing NO signs of one. ;( Dr. said 2 ear infections in 10 months isn't bad. That's good to know. The weekend before you woke up from a nap with hives and we didn't know why. The Dr. did an ENTIRE allergy panel (which I had to HOLD you down while they drew A LOT of blood, it was awful!) We just found out today you are not allergic to ANYTHING. We are lucky to have such a great pedi. to know at 10 months we should have to worry to much about any allergies-inside, outside, food and even pets. I got the go ahead to begin weening you and starting whole milk. I pray this is an easy transition for you. We are leaving for Disney in 13 days and it would be AMAZING to not have to worry about carrying a pump around! ;) We shall see!

Wyatt-your dad and I love you so much. It's crazy that we actually thought we were busy before we had you. LOL! We love having you around. You are so good at giving kisses, you play the "so big" game and are almost waving bye bye. We love our evening dance partys, sing alongs, and even watching you play rock band with your daddy! (you really play the drums) You are such a great little boy Wyatt Mark Schmitz!!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

A Birthday weekend.....

A few weekends we attended 2 birthday parties! ;) Wyatt was such a great boy while we were there...he smiled at everyone. One party even had Cinderella! I was anxious to see how he acted considering we will be at Disney in 13 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday the birthday party was for Jack. He turned the big O-N-E.....
 (He was NOT having the cake)

We had a great time! There were SO MANY babies. It was fun being around mom's with babies the same age.

 Sunday was the Cinderella party....Wyatt was so sweet! He even tried to crawl under her dress. He was amazed! I can't wait to see him at Disney!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Lake of the Ozarks

This is the second time I am creating this post....there was an "error!" :( It might not be as detailed....bummer! Last weekend, yes...I am almost caught up, we went to the Lake of the Ozarks with Mark's brother (and his family) and his sister. ;) We had a good time despite the terrible cold weather! There are quite a few's hard to pick a few now that there is the CUTEST BABY IN THE WORLD INVOLVED! ;)

Ariel was taking a picture of Mark and I and Cruz wanted in. ;)

Cousin Kisses 

Ice Cream stop :) He tried really hard to "lick around the edges."

She missed ice cream, she shopped herself out! ;)

The mess!!! 

Ariel and Aunt Kiki (Mark's sister)

Cruz & Mommy (Shelly) Ariel's new shorts...hmmmmm

Mark grilling in the sleet. ;(

There was only 4 small bowls in the condo...Mark had to eat cereal out of the large mixing bowl.Wyatt wanted some! ;)

Such a big boy...let's hope he is this good in a month at the Disney character dining....?!?!?! 

Sing time!!!

What great family fun...many memories were made! :) 

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