Thursday, March 31, 2011

"Bye Bye Big Bugs.....@ the Little Gym!"

This Thursday is our last day as a "Bug" at Little Gym. We are already signed up and ready to become a "birdie" though! We always have so much fun at the Little Gym. The "bugs" class is 4-9's so neat to see how far they have all come since the beginning. When we started Wyatt wasn't even rolling over....WOW! Now I can barley keep up with him during the class. He crawls ALL OVER the place! 

The colorful balls are for sure one of his favorite activities! 

The parachute is his FAVORITE by far....last week he was crazy during the activities with the parachute. 


He did not want to sit on my lap...or even sit at all for that matter...."I like to move it, move it!" HA! 

They have some special bubbles at Little Gym (Santa brought Wyatt some in his stocking...all the cool kids have them) They are the neatest thing! They take forever to pop. The bubbles hang in the air forever too! Wyatt just stares for about a second then he is off trying to pop them all.

This is a friend that has been in the class since we started. They are only 3 days apart. It's so fun to watch them grow together. Wyatt is taking a little breather here....

Fun fun fun! Look at that face. ahhhhh!!!


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

An afternoon at the park...

We live near a fun park that has lots of things to play on. One of the areas has a few baby swings. We haven't really had many nice warm days but I have tried to take advantage of the ones we have had! Wyatt and I have such a great time on the swings....he is such a big boy! I have so many memories with my mom and siblings at parks. We always had so much fun.....I want the same for Wyatt! HE LOVE THE SWINGS! 

Mark got out of class early so we decided to go. Mark hadn't seen Wyatt in action...;)

Such a big boy.....

We had some great family time! I know that park is going to be a special place for us! 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Baby Brynn

A childhood friend just had a baby last week. Wyatt and I made a day trip to see baby Brynn, Ryan, and Whitney! Brynn is so cute and has TONS of hair. Praise the Lord everyone is great!
Baby Brynn

Wyatt didn't really know what to think about the baby!

I am sure these 2 pictures (above and below) make our mom's want to cry! I remember when Whit and I were 5 and having slumber parties now look at us....holding our own children. 

Monday, March 28, 2011

I missed an entire week ;(

I can't believe it's been about a week since I last blogged. Just a lot going on I guess....but who doesn't right!?!? I have been trying to enjoy the small things and not get so stressed about the little stuff. I tried to not to cram my days full and in the evenings I tried to sit on the couch with Mark instead of just next to him with a computer in my lap. So....with that said....I didn't get much blogging done. I have been keeping up with my reading of blogs though. I have google reader on my phone so I still keep up with "my girls." Ha! Last weekend (March 19 & 20) Mark and I went home to visit my family. We celebrated my brother and my cousin's b-day while we were there. Also Saturday morning I went to a bridal shower for a childhood friend. (I am in her wedding this summer!)

While we were at home we also went back to Discovery Playhouse to show Daddy how much fun it was!

The Discovery Playhouse is SO much fun! Wyatt had little rug burns on the tops of his feet (because you have to take off socks and shoes) from crawling around SO FAST! LOL! 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St.Patrick's Day & Happy Birthday Uncle Billy

Today is not only St.Patrick's Day but also my brother's 19th B-day! Yesterday I drove down to see my parent's for the day and we were able say "hey" to Uncle Billy at work. We are going to Jackson for the weekend too so we will get to celebrate with the family then. ;)

Look at Uncle Billy's dirty hands ;/

We had such a fun day hanging with the family...there is this fun place downtown called Discovery Playhouse. Wyatt LOVED it! Hopefully we get a chance to go back this weekend. I really want Mark to see him there.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I can't control myself.....

Easter candy has hit the's almost as bad, if not worse, for me than Halloween candy. Yikes! I have a sweet tooth for sure. ;) I am pretty sure I ate the entire bag of chicks and ducks in a day...;(

Then just a day later I followed up with a bag of these puppies...WOW!

I really need to start going to the gym again. Ha! Happy Tuesday everyone! Tomorrow I am visiting my parents for the day.....can't wait!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

IKEA fun!

Last weekend Mark and I made our monthly run to IKEA. It's getting easier each time...I always seem to come back with some fun items. ;0 I can't go without sharing my goodies!
I surprised my niece and got her this easel! It's only $14.99 and she LOVED it!! The other side has a chalkboard on it. There is also a spot to use the big roll paper I purchased last month. So fun! We My mom and dad are getting Wyatt this for his 1st b-day. ( I want to use it at his b-day party...ha!)
I got this fun chalkboard for our kitchen table/living room area. I am excited to hang it!

And duh...can't ever come home empty handed....we had to get this for Wyatt. He is really into hammering things. It was a success, now if only we can get him to only him the nails. Ha! We have to play this toy WITH him. ;)
I think that was the extent of my items this month. Pretty control huh!??! There is a really neat small indoor tree that I think I might get next month....only if I can find a place for it BEFORE we go. We also looking for some lamps for our bedroom. (since I moved our nightstand lights to the living room...oops)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Leisure Time...what's that?

Last week we got some pretty devastating news about a family member. (I will share more when I can) Just like every family when they get bad news it ROCKED OUR WORLD. My mind has been so full and my heart so heavy. I honestly can't remember a time I have ever felt like this. There are so many things going on in my head, my mind goes in 1,000 directions. I (We) are still grieving the loss of Ryder but I am trying to sit back and see all the things we have learned through this and all the blessing we have had too! Being a part of and watching such trying situations this past year I feel like I have learned a lot but I know there is so much the Lord wants to teach me. Sadly death, sickness, and other "tough stuff" brings out the worst in people. That hurts. my. heart. BAD. I look at our situation and I know with my WHOLE heart we could NEVER make it through a day without the Lord helping us through.  When bad things happen we have to remember to have faith in the Lord our God. I find myself watching/listening to people and in my head I am saying "really, really, you think you have it rough." I know that thought it so wrong and I get so mad at myself for thinking such a thing( I also know people have it "worse" than us too)....I do not wish bad upon anyone (I hope no one reads this as such) but I do wish sometimes people would take a step back and all this drama needed? I am by no means pointing fingers because this is something I personally am working on. This is something the Lord has REALLY been tugging at my heart about. It's tough people...I try to tell myself over and over "it could be worse right?!?"  I think a lot of times it bothers me to think that something has to happen for people to act correctly or even "put themselves in another person's shoes." I guess our experiences is what molds us into the person we are...I guess that how we grow right? Hmm......just remember next time someone has an attitude toward you or next time you think you don't have time for someone....they might be going through something pretty big, take a step back, put yourself in their shoes and breath....

The whole reason for this post was because of some amazing words of wisdom from the good ol'mama dept. She e-mailed me these words this morning:

"God wants us to have leisure time to renew and relax, but with so many options today, we can unwisely fill our lives with activities until they begin to drain us. If you identify, ask God how and what to say no to, and be obedient to what He shows you.

There is an occasion for everything, and a time for every activity under heaven. Ecclesiastes 3:1"

Monday, March 7, 2011


It seems like it's been forever since I wrote a post...yikes! We have had a lot going on around the Schmitz household but who doesn't right?!?! It's "normal" to be busy these days. Hmm...sad but true. ;(


1. Business is going great which means we are super busy. PRAISE THE LORD! We usually travel to IKEA once every 5 weeks, well we had to go last weekend because our orders were has been 3 weeks since the last trip. WOW! Can't complain about that though....

2. Wyatt turned 9 coming soon. He has been "growing up" so much these past few weeks. He is eating more table food now. We are still no where near solids replacing ANY meal but oh well he is at least opening his mouth. Ha!

3. We feel like we have been going non-stop and it is only getting worse. We have something EVERY.SINGLE.WEEKEND. in March. When I say every weekend I don't mean the normal "we have plans on Saturday" I mean like EVERY FRIDAY SATURDAY and SUNDAY...JAMMED FULL!!!! It's fun and Spring will be here soon but come on people....;(

4. I am already planning, well I have been planning for a bit...Wyatt's first b-day party! I can't wait to decorate. I told Mark the other night I think I might start setting up now...just 3 months early, no big deal right!!?! HA HA HA!!!

5. I am finished starting things to have to keep up with on my blog. So sorry, I wish I could keep up with the picture a day thing but it just seems it's becoming a  task/chore to upload everyday. I don't want my blog to become a chore so I am stopping the picture thing. I have been having some issues lately about getting everything just perfect and not stopping until I do so I feel it will be easier if I have less I need to "keep perfect." Does that make sense? Hope so.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoy your Monday. Mark and I are going to the St.Louis Blues Hockey game tonight. We were given tickets by the man who does our EXPEDITEstl radio ad. Bill and his crew will be there too! Should be a fun time!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Magic House

Some friends of ours (Kelley is a friend of mine since 1st grade) recently moved to our area. We are so excited to have them so close to us now. She is expecting in Aug. and I can't wait. It's such an exciting time and I am so glad we get to be apart of it with them. :) Last week they asked us to go to the Magic House with them....we had a great time! It was Wyatt's nap time so he wasn't a ball of fire. Ha! He did really well, I just think it would have been a little more fun had he been rested. Oh well.....

It was a fun family Friday!!
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