Monday, December 5, 2011

101 in 1001

*It's been a while since I have done a "101 in 1001" update...I updated it this weekend so I think it's all up to date. Honestly I am not doing well...good thing it's not over yet. Ha! 

101 in 1001

I have been thinking about creating a "101 in 1001" list for awhile now. It's 101 goals for myself to be completed in 1001 days (that's about 2.75 years). This was challenging, because our lives are going to drastically change in the next few months and years. We will be adding identical twin boys a baby boy to our family, Mark will complete Chiropractic School, and I will making the transition to a SAHM (stay at home mom), to name a few! For this reason, I tried to set realistic goals for myself. Some of these I will accomplish, and some will show that I'm very human! Worth noting: some of my goals are borrowed from Ashley (she did a great job!). Go look at her blog to see what her list is. I really appreciate the idea!

Start: April 2010
End: January 2013


Here are my 101 in 1001:

1. Complete my 101 in 1001
2. Always remember tomorrow is a new day
3. Memorize at least 1 Bible verse a month (0/33)

For my Kitchen:
4.Aquire a spring form pan 
*May 2011
5. and a double boiler
*I sell Pampered Chef and they recently came out with one. I got it in May!
6.Use the kitchen aid mixer we received as a wedding gift
*it now sits on the counter, one step closer ;/
7.Learn 10 new recipes (0/10)
8.Paint the backsplash
*I painted it white-hated it. I painted it navy and LOVE it!
9.Practice using fondant
10.Make the boys Wyatt's 1st b-day cake using fondant all by myself
*So...I didn't make it but I did have one made using fondant. Does that count?!!?
11.Make 5 different cupcakes from my fun book (0/5)
12.Use my bread maker

For our Pups:
13.Buy Frontline and HeartGuard for them
14.Remember to give them both each month
15.Give them individual attention every day
16.Walk them at least once a week
17.Play with them in the yard once a week
18.Clean up their "messes" in the yard once a week
19.Get Logan groomed at least every 8-10 weeks
*I haven't been very good in the "pet" area since Mark came along. Don't get my wrong...we love our pups but they are no longer our only children. ;)

For Me:
20.Find 5 free events in St.Louis, attend them (0/5)
21. Have at least 1 Pampered Chef party every 2 months (0/16) 
*Nov 2011, got kicked out due to lack of parties...oops! 
22. Continue to take my vitamins after the babies are born
23.Become a SAHM full time :)
24.Establish a house cleaning routine (write it out and keep it displayed)
25.Join Mothers of Multiples Club
26.Buy a new pair of Ugg boots
27.Create a baby book for each boy (0/2)
28.Create a "first year" book for Wyatt each boy (0/2)
29.Keep up with my scrapbooks/pictures online each year (0/3)
*2011-CHECK ;)
30.Start Wyatt's the boys b-day book
31.Go to Disney World
*April 2011
32.Purchase a newer  iPhone
*June 2010 iPhone 3G!!!
*Nov. 2011 iPhone 4s!!!!!
*Dec. 2011 Christmas surprise from Mr. an iPad!!!!

For My Soul:
33.Make an advent wreath
34.Use it as a family
35. Donate once a month to our church's food pantry
36.Call my grandma at least once a week (0/33)
37.Start at least 2 Christmas traditions with Wyatt the boys (0/2)
38.Carry on the traditions all three years (0/3)
39.Go to New York City
40.Journal on paper more

For My Mind:
41.Develop photography skills
42.Continually be reading a book even if it's about motherhood
43.Plan a celebration vacation for just our "fabulous 4-some" when Mark graduates (I am leaving this as 4...who knows we may already have another.) :)
44.Get new towels in the upstairs bathroom
*Thank you IKEA, Sept. 2011
45.Change "the look" of the upstairs bathroom
*started July 2011-finished ?
46.Get a new car/vehicle for Mark
*We did get a new vehicle but it's kinda for us/business...we got a Yukon XLS in Sept!!! LOVE IT!
47.See my parents AT LEAST once a month with Wyatt the boys
48.Take pictures and post monthly posts about Wyatt each boy
I am saying "completed" to this one. I have pictures! ;/
49.Fit back into my pre-pregnancy clothes
*I fit back in them in 6 weeks but...they don't look like they used to so I am still working on it. :(
*I did get back into them, actually got smaller than "pre-preg" and am now growing again. Hmmmm.....
50.Neatly pack away my maternity clothes I want to keep for next time :)
*packed them away and have now gotten them back out ;)

For My Marriage:
51.Have a date night once a month with Mark (0/33)
52.Do one sweet surprise for Mark at least once a week (it doesn't have to cost money)
53.Plan a surprise vacation/getaway for just Mark and I (maybe take Wyatt the boys?!?)
54.Throw a graduation party for Mark, well....Dr. Schmitz it will be :)
55.Daily pray for our marriage while making our bed
56.Take a weekend trip, JUST Mark and I, leaving Wyatt "the boys" behind : /

For My Health:
57.Run another half-marathon, but really train for it
58.Train for a full marathon  
59.Run a full marathon
60. Join a gym as a family
*Joined and canceled....hahaha
61.Take a walk at least once a week with the dogs and/or boys
62.Get back to my pre-pregnancy weight/size in less than 6 months after giving birth
*halfway there...I fit in the size but I am not the weight * MADE IT!
63.Purchase bikes for Mark and I
*my parents brought my good bike up and dad gave his to Mark, no $$ spent ;)
64.Make riding bikes a regular routine for us
65.Drink more water
66.Do not eat fast food for an entire month 5 times (0/5)

For My Blog:
67.Complete a "30 posts in 30 days" challenge
68.Learn how to label my blog posts
*did it!
69.Label all my posts...including all my past posts
70.Keep my pictures and wording current
71.Blog about each task as completed

For Others:
73.Send a birthday card to everyone I have in my calendar (if I can get their mailing address)
74.Donate to at least 5 charities (1/5)
*Nurses for Newborns
75.Pay for the person behind me in the drive through
76.Go through my house/closet for donations twice a year (3/6)
77.Give the dogs a bath once a month (0/33)

For Our Home:
78.Keep all our picture frames updated
79.Change/add light fixture in kitchen, living room, and basement hallway
80.Finish hanging pictures in basement
81.Put batteries in guest bedroom smoke alarm
*July 2010
82.Decorate the nursery-complete by May 2010
83.Re-Do the guest bedroom and Wyatt's boys room closets (like the master closet)
84. Bury black gutter in front yard
85. Fence in rock area for dogs
*thanks to our my in-laws, completed June 2010
86.Get a new outside light
*June 2011 (Thanks Dad for changing it!)
87.Paint the shed outside
88.Plant grass in the backyard
*I married Mr. greenthumb so WE HAVE GRASS! June 2010
89.Add rock/finish rock areas
*Completed when fence was completed, Jne 2010

For Our Children:
90.Breastfeed for at least 6 months (6/6)
*made it a YEAR!!!!
91.Make Wyatt's the boys baby food
*attempted to make it for Wyatt, he decided he didn't like baby food so he was strictly boob for 12 months!
92.Start a college fund for Wyatt and Ryder
93.Set up baby dedication
*Complete, Sept. 5th, 2010
94.Get involved with a playgroup
95.Donate/find someone in need of the Wyatt's boys clothes as he grows
*I found an awesome resale store and also donate to Nurses for Newborns
96.Pack away clothes I want to keep for "memory sake"

For My Wallet:
97.Learn to use/begin using coupons
98.Make saving envelopes for our Disney trip
99.Save for "special event" in Aug of this year
100.Make 13 house payments a year (1/3)
101.Have only house and school loan debt when Mark graduates (Aug. 2012)

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