Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Details, details, details...to catch you'll up!

So....it's true...Wyatt is going to be a BIG brother. We couldn't be more excited! We found out late July/early August and have been crazy excited ever since. I have wanted to share bits and pieces of my day/early pregnancy stories so bad but we decided to wait a bit before we "blogged/facebooked" it. We wanted family and close friends to hear it viz us instead of the Internet but PLEASE don't be offended or upset if this is how you find out.

We have so many emotions going on right now.  It's so different-so weird. I have so many separate post topics but first I want to share about when we found out and telling each set of parents.

We had been "trying" this time. (sorry for TMI) so we were expecting it this time. ;) We had only 1 month with a negative test. Praise the Lord! (I am not saying that to hurt anyone, I know there are couples out there who try and try and it never happens. I don't mean to be insensitive at all. I just had this fear that after God blessed up with a UNEXPECTED twin pregnancy that for some reason it would be all we had. So thankful the Lord has a different plan.) We took a test at the end of  July, 5 days early, because I just COULD. NOT. WAIT! We took a few days for the news to sink in with us before we started telling anyone. It was still so early.

A few night later we headed to Mark's parents house to share the good news:
We had Wyatt wear "I'm a BIG brother" t-shirt to share. It was so sweet. Mark's dad didn't pay attention and was holding Wyatt without noticing. Finally he set him down and Wyatt was walking to Maw-Maw and she read his shirt. They were so excited!!!

We had to wait until next day to tell my parent's. We wanted to do it in person and not over the phone.  Wyatt wore the shirt again...again my dad didn't notice the shirt but my mom did. ;) G-pa's just aren't very observant. Ha ha!! They were SO excited too!

I had to call my brother and sister to share the news with them. ;( We told Mark's brother and sister the same night using the t-shirt again. ;)

I called and made the normal 8 week appt. with the Dr. Around 6 weeks I had a little scare with sickness and major weakness so they had me come a little early. Our Dr. is AMAZING!!! I can't speak highly enough for him. I had so many feelings going into this appt. (even literally walking into the office, it's so hard to think back, I try to keep a fresh mind) Anyway.....so the Dr. confirmed my calculations EXACTLY ;) March 25th is the due date.
First picture of our little bean. ;) Dr. Wagner said the heart had just started beating a few days before the ultrasound. Crazy how he can tell!?!?! It was an emotional roller coaster during that appt. We talked a lot about what happened to Ryder and certain per cautions we will be taking this time and such. (another post) But for now we are living in the moment and soaking up the this FUN FUN time!!! FYI: Due to the lack of extreme tearing of my abdominal muscles (that won't even repair themselves ;( ) I started showing at 6 weeks. ;/ Another reason we couldn't hide it for too long....

Crazy, I know!?!?!? 


  1. Congrats! I've been following your blog since your first pregnancy. We were pregnant at the same time, you were due a few months ahead of me, so I love reading your blog and updates on how your little man is doing. How exciting that you're pregnant again!!

  2. You are SO right, "Praise the Lord!" No matter the path taken or the difficulty of conception ALL babies are truly God's little miracles. So excited for your family!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm a mom of twins too and have followed your blog since you were due just after I was with the boys. I am so happy for all of you!! I'm sure Ryder sent you a perfect little bundle to love!

  4. What a blessing! I too have been following your blog since your last pregnancy...so happy for y'all!

  5. Congratulations! I am so excited for you! We are pregnant at the same time...fun! I can't wait to keep reading! Prayers for smooth pregnancy and delivery my friend!!

  6. YAY!! You look awesome, as usual! I'm so happy for you!! :)

  7. Congratulations! I will def keep you all in my prayers for an easy and healthy pregnancy.

  8. Congratulations!! So excited for you guys & I'll keep you guys in my prayers for the next 8 months!


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