Saturday, July 31, 2010

It hurts...

I still don't know how I feel about posting about our recent loss. I want this blog to be about our life but I want it to be the true us, though I don't want to create a magnifying glass into Mark and I's personal life. On the other hand I do want to be able to look back and see how far we have come. (I know I kinda rambled, I hope you'll understand what I am saying here)

 Simple sentences is all I have:

It's been 2 months yesterday since the WORST and BEST day of my life occured.
I gave birth to 2 boys.
I brought one home.
One is in Heaven.
I still cry everyday.
We still have both names hanging in the nursery.
It hurts to say his name.
I want to hold him again.
I want to look at his body and rub his hair.
I want to sit in a room with Mark, Wyatt, Ryder, and me...I want to be our family of 4 that we planned for for so long.
I want Wyatt to grow up with his brother.
It hurts my heart to know others have also had to feel this pain.
Yes,  it's a physical, mental, and emotional pain.
It feels like it will never get easier.
Wyatt smiled today, he knows what his mama needs.
Wyatt is a perfect baby.

I know God has plans for us...plans to prosper not to harm....we cling to his WORD daily, without faith in Jesus Christ I could not deal with this pain.

He Smiled.....

He smiled for REAL!!!! (right at Uncle Billy) 

Friday, July 30, 2010

What we have been doing...

It seems as if we have been running a hotel. Ha, just kidding...and if you are reading this and have stayed with us recently DO NOT take offense to it. We enjoy our company. :)

Tuesday my mom came...her regular day. I LOVE TUESDAYS!!!!! Tuesday night my dad came from the evening and spent the night. I love when my parents visit. When I first moved here I was concerned my children would not get to see their grandparents, well my parents, much. Boy was I wrong! It means so much to me the effort they have put into coming to visit Wyatt. Thanks family! :)

Wednesday we had some visitors from home. It was so fun! I used to babysit these girls and now they are holding my baby. :)

Mark and I have a business now called Expedite STL, more on that in another post, and we have friends who are also a part of it. They come and stay with us once a month for a few days too! They left today and have been here since Wednesday! Fun fun fun!

(I know you said "no" Leigh but I just had to) Sorry!

Today my brother and his friend were going to a Cards game and decided they wanted to stay the night with us. Uncle Billy just counldn't pass up seeing Wyatt...they are here today/tonight! (the game had a LONG rain delay so they came home)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

A few "housekeeping" items

Ok, so I have a few housekeeping items to address. First, I have to admit something to all my blog followers out there. I haven't started working out. :( Last week when I was going to start I couldn't get the USB drive to work where I had the video saved so that same day I decided to go run. My mom was visiting that day so I went to run around our started pouring down ran when I was in the back of my nneighborhood. I was soaked! I decided it wasn't my day...I haven't worked out since...not even tried. So now I have the workout program on DVD and plan to start Monday. We shall see, no promises though.

Next, the Bible/Book study...I am still waiting for my book. :) NOT COOL! Has anyone else received theirs? As soon as I get it we will get started.

Last, I am going to complete a "30 Day Blog Journal." I am going to start on Sunday, due to my OCD I can't start until the 1st of a month. It would be fun for you all to join...I am going to try to get a button created and see if in the next few days I can learn how to "link-up" and you all can participate each day of Aug!!!!

That's all I have for now...tomorrow is FINALLY FRIDAY! LOVE IT!!!!! (Mark's last weekend of board reviews, then Wyatt has his Daddy back!!!!)
Look at precious!
I updated my "101 in 1001" today...go check it out!
(I couldn't get it to copy and paste in a post)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cousins and Fried Green Tomatoes

Last night we went over to Mark's brothers. Wyatt was able to hang out with his cousins. It's so fun to see them all interact together. We made fried green tomato's, chicken, zucchini and brownies for dessert. SUMMERTIME!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Where have I gone?

Last week some of my friends came over and brought us dinner. It was so sweet and Wyatt wasn't to fussy.
We went home to Jackson this past weekend. There is a sushi restaurant called saffron at home...SO GOOD! My sister, Mark, Wyatt, and I went to lunch on Saturday. My mouth is watering just thinking about it now...

Saturday we went to a wedding. My mom's best friend from high school was getting remarried. So pretty....
While we went to the wedding Wyatt was watched by his GREAT-grandma. He had a great time, so did she! :)
Sunday one of my very best friend's had her bridal shower. It was at my parent's house with the wonderful help from my mother.

Malerie and I have been friends since middle school. She has spent many days and nights with my family. She knows our cookie jar is always full of oreos. Still to this day when she visits the first place she goes is the cookie jar. :) My mom found a cake pan at William Sonoma that looked like an oreo. I don't have a good picture of the cake so I didn't want to put it on here. My mom deserves better than that...:) The cake was GREAT! She made it for the shower and then gave Malerie the pan.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Wyatt has been pretty busy. LOL, when has he not been right!?!? Monday Wyatt had his first chiropractic adjustment. :) Daddy was so proud! Wyatt was the star of the pediatric club at was so cute.

Since being adjusted he no longer favors one side when he breastfeeds. (it's easier for him to turn his head both ways) He is also digesting better too!
Today Mark didn't have class so we took our first family trip to the zoo. The zoo is a special place for us...that's where Mark proposed!!! :) We had a great time and Wyatt loved it. He told us...Ha!

This picture is so sweet..."only separated by time." This is the spot Mark proposed during the "Wild Lights" display at Christmas time. We have a picture here every year we have been together. We have a picture of us while I am pregnant too! Now we have one of our family.

When we got home Wyatt rested to Veggie Tales...he loves Larry!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 1: Insanity Workout

Today is the day. Today I being the "attempt" to get my body back. I have never been one to use video's to workout but now that I am at home most of the day it seems appropriate. This workout is a 60 day plan. It consists of 6 days a week. That is not possible with the busy life we lead and having a 7 week old baby so...I have decided to adapt it to my life. :) Every Monday I will post an "Insanity Update."

We do not own a scale. Mark has always been a firm believer that weight doesn't matter. A healthy lifestyle...eating right and exercising. He always said "use you clothes as a judge." Ha, that doesn't work well for me.

Before I got pregnant, LIKE EVERY WOMAN, I was always a bit worried about how I would carry a child. Even more I was worried how my body would react AFTER having a child. (Let me say I do not say these things to be vain AT ALL, this is my own journal. ) :) I have never been a person who has had to worry about my weight or what I eat. It's runs in my family. I am a snacker!! I love to snack and boy do I LOVE my FOUNTAIN diet cokes too! With that said I have always been a bit concerned...what if I have to watch what I eat and start REALLY actually working out for a reason other than social or because it's good for me. YIKES!

Well, so the other day I was visiting a friend. I went into her bathroom only to find a scale YELLING my name. Ha! (Let me say I only looked at the scale at the Dr.'s throughout my pregnancy MAYBE 5 times. Remember I went double the normal person too!) I know how much I weighed when I got pregnant and much to my disliking I know pretty much how much I weighed right before I gave birth...thanks to the rude nurse that checked me in.

With that said...God didn't bless me with a pregnancy where I carried one child but I was double blessed I carried twins for 36 weeks! So...I am pretty sure I gained about 55 pounds from start to finish. I listened to the scale the other day at my friends and 7 weeks post c-section I have 5 pounds to lose!! Now, I am not really working out to lose weight...I just want my body to be like it was before. Ha, I know..I know (my mom is laughing as she reads this...) I don't think my body was some crazy great thing but I was comfortable. I want to get there again...I am going to work to get there it's Monday and HERE I GO!!!!!

Monday, July 19th 2010
My plan: Insanity-Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Cardio: Walk, run, or swim: Tuesday,Thursday
Saturday and Sunday=REST!!!!

Ready, Set, Go.....

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Swimming Sunday

Ha, I am so cleaver right!?!? LOL! I have decided Sunday's will be the day I/we discuss the book. I haven't received it yet so today will just be a trail run. If you are anything like me now would be a good time to think about setting aside time everyday to complete this study. It doesn't have to be the same time every day, just whatever works with your schedule. Just a though! :)

Friday Wyatt and I went swimming with some friends. We met Mark for lunch since he had another LONG day at school. (7am-8pm) I didn't get any pictures of us at the pool...:(....but I took this one while he was getting a bath after. Look at that cute Cardinals paci!

It's so fun to see how Wyatt is growing. Just recently he started staring at things for long periods of time. He can see more now...yesterday morning after he ate he looked at the T.V. for such a long time. Then...just like his daddy he fell asleep.

We met Mark's mom, Aunt, & cousin for lunch & a quick Target run yesterday so we had to get dressed up. While I was at Target I got....

I am really excited about reading this. Some of my friends are also reading it so we can all go to the movie together!!!!

Last night Mark and I went on a date!!! What-What...can you believe it? I left the 7 week baby at home. :/ Mark's parents watched Wyatt. We went to dinner with Mark's brother and his wife.

We ate at P.F. Changs....Mark and I LOVE this place. I am pretty sure we ate here after almost every appointment while I was pregnant. :) After we ate Mark and Kyle wanted to go to "Golf Galaxy." (Mark just HAD to have a new club) Shelly and I ran into Pier 1!!!
When they finished picking up the club...they came to meet us....this is what they did in Pier 1. What did we do before we all had iPhones?!!?!?

Today Mark is gone again..he finishes at 5 pm. We already can't wait. His has next weekend off from this board review...we are traveling to my hometown for a BUSY weekend. We have a wedding to attend and we have a bridal shower at my parent's house for one of my best friends. I am her Matron of Honor in Oct!!! We can't wait!!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Bible/Book Study

Alright ladies...I have had a few questions about how this is going to work. To be honest...I don't know yet. I know I will be receiving a leader copy with my book. This is a 6 week study and I have decided to start on a Sunday. (It's my OCD coming out) I will post the information/reading on Sunday's of each week. Sunday's will also be the day we can discuss/comment about the book. As we leave comments on the post, if you would like to include e-mail addresses with your comments that may make it easier to talk to each other also. I am really excited about what God has in store for us. This is my first time doing this on a blog to it will be  a learning experience for all! Hope you all have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


I have been a bit MIA the past few days. Wyatt and I have been keeping pretty busy. (I don't think he has had a day in his 6 weeks of life that haven't been "busy." LOL!) We have had a few visitors...what would we do without visitors!?!?
This is my dear friend Katherine. She recently got engaged!! Can't wait for the's in November! :) Wyatt is looking for once. Ha ha!

Wyatt and I also visited Frankie and Erin yesterday. Last week they came to our house so...this week we joined them at theirs. LOL! I think it's still a bit more fun for the mom's. Frankie and Wyatt are about 2 weeks apart.  This picture looks like Wyatt is smiling....

Today Wyatt and I met my mom and Great Aunt Glenda at P.F. Changs! I love that place...he was really good too. Aunt Glenda is making something for Wyatt...I will keep you posted when I get them back! :)
After lunch we went to Maw-Maw for our daily 2 hour swim. Well, I laid out and Wyatt hung out with Maw-Maw. Mark and I have a date planned with his brother and sister-in-law on Saturday night, Wyatt gets to stay with Maw-Maw. She is so excited!

Now.....on to some news....

Here is the link to order the book: click here

I order my book today I will keep everyone posted on when I am going to start. I will try to begin the book on a Sunday. (it's my OCD personality) If you haven't ordered and are interested in joining it would be best to order within the next few days. It's only $15!!! I looked on Amazon and other places and the actual website is the cheapest place I found it. Right now there are about 8-10 people interested in it. I think it will be great! I am sure there will be a few more before we get started! Send you friends to the blog to get the info. if you think they may be interested...the more the merrier

Monday, July 12, 2010

What a great boy!!!

Today was such a good day. Wyatt was a great boy! We were didn't do much but he was such a fun guy to have around today. Wyatt woke up so sweet today...
My grandma, 2 aunts, and a friend (pretty much family member) came for a quick visit this morning. They made the 2 hour drive today to see Wyatt and do a little shopping. Wyatt was pretty good most of the time even though this picture says otherwise.

We went to Maw-Maw's today too! I laid out for a bit (crazy...I know) while Wyatt slept inside. :)
Maw-Maw brought him outside for a bit...he is so popular! Little Jane got to hold him for the first time today.

We came home just in time to eat and take a nap (so Mama could shower) before Daddy got home. We ate dinner together then Mark had to start studying again so we went on walk.

He loved it until.....I stopped!!!!

When I got home I checked the mailbox...only to order of BabyLegs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wyatt played dress up for a bit...he didn't mind much :)
What a great Monday...I needed a day like today!
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