Tuesday, December 29, 2009

As soon as I found out Mark and I were having twins I started searching the web. I didn't really know what I was searching for....just information about TWINS! It has been so fun...I joined a blog called 'Multiples and More." It has been so interesting reading about all the families that have multiples! Recently they challenged reader to post their New Year's resolutions. This year is going to be unlike ANY year I have ever had. Our family is going to be changing...for the better...but from 2 to 4! I wanted to set a realistic goal but still something challenging. After much thought...I decided on my resolution.
New Year's resolution for 2010: Begin/complete all photo scrapbooks
~I have decided this includes: 1 family album hand scrapbooked, a photo book (Kodak Gallery) recapping the year (universal, so I can use it as gifts and save a copy for each child), begin their "B-day Albums" (a idea I got from my sister-in-law), begin each twin's "Baby Book" (this will be a hand scrapbook of their first year personalized to each child
WOW, that sounds like a lot after typing it out. In my head it did not sound like that much. :) I can do it! I love to scrapbook and have completed 1 a year since Mark and I met. that is 5 completed scrapbooks since the first date we had. They are so fun to look back on! Good luck with your resolutions, if you'll have any ideas or fun places to get twin scrapbook stuff please let me know. Just become a follower and leave me a comment! Happy New Year!!!

Christmas Time Memories

I didn't get to post on the actual day but it's better late than never. (I have started saying that more and I am NOT liking it) The day after Christmas is such a special day for Mark and I. It's the day he proposed! I have recently posted about the "Wild Lights" at the St. Louis Zoo. It's a family tradition for us and I can't wait to have a picture of our family of 4 next year! (even if it means paying just to walk in and get a picture and leave...LOL) I found some pictures of years past of our "Wild Lights" evenings. It was so fun looking back at us...it wasn't even that long ago...Mark has changed the most for sure!

Engagment Night 2006

Wild Lights 2007 (about 1 week before we got married)

Summer Visit 2008

Wild Lights 2009

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Festivities in a nutshell

Phew...Christmas eve and Christmas day are over. It comes and goes so quickly! This year went so smoothly, Mark and I enjoyed every minute. We kept looking at each other and saying "Can you believe next year we are going to be doing this with TWO 6 month olds?" WOW! We spent Christmas Eve with Mark's family this year and Christmas Day with my family. (next year we swap) I have quite a few pictures, I tried to pick a few of the best!

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve morning...waking up at Mark's parents...

We got a Wii......(and Wii Fit Plus)

Christmas Eve evening dinner....

Mark with his brother and sister....

Christmas Day

Mark and I at my Grandma's

My siblings and I....

My family...with a soon to be member (more to come later)

All of us...my dad's side of the family!

Christmas Day my immediate family left for vacation in CO to snow ski, because of my "health risks" with the babies, we could not attend. :( It was REALLY sad to watch them leave but there will be more vacations. side note: everything is going really well with the scare we had in early Dec. but we go back Jan. 7th for a complete "release." I more news to post...but for now...the Wii is calling my name!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve!

What a busy time, but so fun! Mark and I have really tried to enjoy the Christmas season this year. We have made such an effort to stay focused on the real reason we all celebrate Christmas. This has been one of the most relaxing Christmas's so far. (I know...it's not over yet) Last night we went to the "Wild Lights" display at the St.Louis Zoo. It's a tradition for us! (it's where Mark proposed...more on that later) Here are a few pictures from the night...

Monday, December 21, 2009

Just my boys and I...

Mark has been out of town and comes home today! I can't wait to see him. It's been just me and the pups...they are always looking around the corner to see if he shows up. The miss him so bad and so do I! It's weird not have him around this time of year. I have 2 full weeks off from teaching and Mark has more than that off school so we have this time to spend together! It's so much fun. Mark has been helping a friend that has his own business. (check it out here...Expedite STL) Yesterday I woke and went to church by myself. Times like this make me so thankful for my husband. Yesterday my heart was heavy for single and widowed women. My grandpa just passed away recently and my heart aches for my grandma. I anxiously await Mark getting home...my grandpa is not coming home anymore. (Though he is in a MUCH BETTER home...HEAVEN!) Church was the Christmas service and I just cried the entire time, I would love to blame pregnancy but I don't think I can. It's just so emotional. After church I went to Sonic for my "sweet raspberry tea." I love it and have to be thankful there isn't one to close to my house, I would go everyday. (At this point the babies may come out a raspberries...LOL) Today I was able to go with my sister-in-law to pick up my niece from school. It was so precious. We went back to her house and ate lunch. She is five and so just so fun to be around, she is turning into such a sweet young girl. I also made a stop at my mother-in-laws for a bit and ended up at Kohl's with her. GUESS WHAT...she bought me my first real pair of maternity pants. Yup, I took the plunge. Who knows what tomorrow has in store...I am just enjoying each day of this season. It always seems to go by so quickly. Mark and I will never have another Christmas like this one (meaning, just him and I) so we plan to just enjoy each day together! (I am not saying next year will be bad, just different with a set of 6 month old twins) Eeeeeee.....I just can't wait!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Praise the Lord...a good report from the Dr.

Yesterday was our appt. with the Dr., finally we were able to talk to him face to face! Mark and I waited in the waiting room for what seemed like forever, but it really wasn't that long. (Praise the Lord) I had to have another ultrasound for the Dr. to be able to see everything for himself and...the placenta has already moved! He is now calling it a "low-lining placenta!" PRAISE THE LORD! I don't have to go back until Jan. 7th (maybe we will find out the sex by then!?!?) and at this point he is saying "you have nothing to worry about, AS LONG AS YOU lay low over this holiday season." That right there was the clinker...that's right, Mark and I no longer get to go on vacation with my family for Christmas! :( I know there will be many other chances and the babies are our #1 priority right now but it definitely doesn't make it easier. I pray my family enjoys the trip and doesn't miss us too bad. :( Thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers...I will upload some new ultrasound pictures later!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Still in bed...

Well, things are getting better! I am still in bed but I think I am on the uphill. So many friends and family have been praying for us! Thank you all. I recently received an e-mail from one of my students mom's and she gave me this verse
Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee. I pray that her thoughts would remain on You and Your goodness, and that she would then be held by your perfect peace.
Isaiah 26:3
I have been clinging to this verse anytime the devil tries to get in my head. He has no place in our house or in any part of this amazing part of our life. Mark and I know this is all in God's plan, it doesn't make it easier but we do have comfort in leaning on our God. I pray and hurt for all the lost husband and wives out there that go through terrible things and don't rely on God.
Today my mom, sister, and grandma are coming up to visit me...in bed! I am so excited. My mother-in-law has been here the past 2 days helping SO MUCH! She is great. We have a full pantry and frozen home cooked meals to last forever. (well, not forever but it feels like it)
Mark has been in the middle of finals week through all this, and he has been amazing! I could not ask for anything better. He has been studying for HOURS...and I mean HOURS...he has done so well and is almost finished...as of noon today!! Yahooo for him!!!
Tomorrow we go to the Dr. I think it will ease our minds to finally sit down and talk to him face to face after being told by phone the issues. (maybe...just MAYBE they will be able to tell the sex!?!?) Happy Wednesday everyone!

Monday, December 14, 2009

First Hurdle...

A lot has been happening since Saturday around the Schmitz household. This post is simply to journal major events in pregnancy and to ask for prayer. I know I have many fellow "Multiples and More" blog readers out there. After an emergency room visit Saturday night I have been diagnosed with placenta previa. For those of you who don't know...I have a low lining placenta, right now the placenta is covering my cervix. This is frightening! Mark and I are doing our best to follow doctors orders (well, I am) which is bed rest. We know God is in complete control over this situation and he is watching over the babies more than I could ever! We go back to the Dr. on Thursday for a check up. I thank you all in advance for your prayers. This is a season of joy and we will not allow the devil to "steal our joy."

Friday, December 11, 2009

Diary of my pregnancy...

I really wanted to do better than I have so far with journaling events throughout my pregnancy. I am already almost 12 weeks! Wow, how time flies! At the end of 12 weeks I will be finished with my first trimester! At my last Dr. appt. I was told at 28-32 weeks I will be the size of a 40 week pregnant woman. This really scares me...a lot! This morning was so annoying...I couldn't find any nice dress pants to wear. My class went on a field trip today to sing Christmas carols in a few nursing homes in our area. We wanted to look nice, but I just felt frumpy! I know...it's only the beginning of this feeling. It's part of it and I will deal :)
I been so blessed to no "morning sickness." Just recently I did have to miss my first day of work due to a 12 hour terrible migraine, other than that I have been GREAT! Mark and I visited his "maw-maw" in the nursing home last weekend and I have to admit I did get sick there. (It was dinner time and smells REALLY get to me) This weekend I am going home for a night. I am so excited to spend time with my family! Mark doesn't get to go because he has to study for finals ALL weekend! (keep him in your prayers) I can't believe Tri-2 is almost over!
I hope everyone has a great weekend and keeps in mind "the reason for the season!"

Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Cards...

I have been so "out of the loop." I have so much going on...like many of you, though I LOVE CHRISTMAS TIME! This is by far my favorite time of the year. I just read a post from my friend Ashley and I thought I would continue the discussion on my post. Christmas Cards!?!? (I love them just as much as you, Ashley!) Growing up we received Ashley's family Christmas card in the mail every year. It was one I looked forward to. I love reading the letter about their family, when they moved away it was always so sweet to hear about the wonderful things God had done in their lives throughout the year. When Mark and I get married I decided I would write a letter each year as an addition to our Christmas card. This year I get to write about the twins and so many other amazing things that have happened in our lives this year! In the past I have sent the Kodak (or some sort of photo) card with the letter. This year I have the honor to send homemade Christmas Cards. Don't even think the pregnant woman sat down and made 100 Christmas cards...nope, HER MOTHER DID! She is amazing...she hand makes greeting cards and we "made a deal" this year and she is making my cards!!! Thanks mom! So if you are a lucky one (LOL) take a second to view her wonderful work. I will post a picture of my card soon...:) I can't before they go in the mail!
My mom sells her cards to many women she knows. I almost have her talked into starting a blog selling her cards...maybe after the Holiday season is over...we shall see!?!?

Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Yesterday afternoon was amazing! Words can not even begin to express the love I have for these babies...and they are only inches long! Yesterday we had another ultrasound. (10.2 weeks) This was to determine if the babies are identical or fraternal. Both my mother and mother-in-law came along for this visit! It was so fun having them there. The Dr. didn't do this ultrasound so the tech was giving us all the information. You can't see it in this first picture but it's there...there is a LITTLE membrane separating the 2 babies. We immediately thought fraternal! We went back to the waiting room and text/called everyone. Then Mark and I were called back to meet with the Dr. His words were "Well, we don't have to talk about anything scary today, you are having identical twins but the are SAFE in a sac with a little separation so they can't get tangled together." We got the best of both worlds. GOD is so good, yesterday reminded me (because I am aware) that God is in COMPLETE control over this. Below is the picture with Baby A and Baby B in it...

This is Baby B, he/she was facing us yesterday...
This is a picture of Baby A, perfect side profile.
The babies were EXACTLY the same size again...down the the millimeter! They measured 6.5 cm. One heart rate was 178 and the other was 182. Mark and I were also able to hear the heartbeat yesterday. When I say heartbeat it's because they can't separate them right now. Reason being, they are so close together and almost beating the same.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Identical or Fraternal...that is the question?!?!

Alright everyone...today is the big day. Today at 4:00 Mark and I will find out if the twins are identical or fraternal. I honestly have NO CLUE. I have never even been pregnant before so this is all so new to me. I was 10 weeks on Sunday and am growing bigger every day! It's such an exciting time right now. I have been looking at so many websites, reading so many books, and searching for information about twins I wanted to show you a few of the pictures I found. They are just so cute...

So...until next time...when I have the BIG NEWS...Farewell!!!
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