Thursday, May 28, 2009

Field Trip: Suson Park

Yesterday we took a class field trip. The days are alway so crazy! For the most part it's better than being in the classroom but still really crazy. I had never been to Suson Park before so this was fun for me too! We had been learning about Farms and it was so fun to see them see all the animals they have been learning about. It was the first time to see cows for some of them! I do love being a part of something so neat! I sure hope they look back and remember me. LOL The was a really neat playground too. They loved it. Some of them fell asleep on the bus ride home. :) I am trying to organize another field trip to the St. Louis Zoo! I am so excited. There is a neat "class pass" for students. I am afraid it may be to expensive for some parents. ($8.00) I hope this is not the case. We shall see. Well tomorrow is Friday again....yahooo....then it's FINALLY June! Short days are getting closer.......

Monday, May 25, 2009

1st Annual Tinkle Family Reunion

Hello again! I love 3 day weekends! I actually just love weekends. I just look forward to them each Monday....only this Monday was still a part of a wonderful weekend. Friday Mark and I headed down to Cape for the 1st Annual Tinkle Family Reunion. The "Tinkles" are my mom's side of the family. Wow, what an amazing time of relaxation and jsut family! It was so fun. I posted pictures from the weekend. I added a few new items to our house. I am so excited to post the pictures. (maybe I will get to it tomorrow) We came back home Sunday afternoon. Mark and I had a BBQ at our house with some friends today! Great times!!!

I wasn't able to participate in "Kelley's Korner Home Tour" this week. I have no dining room. :( Someday I will but for now...I don't. I do already have furniture though.....right mom??!?!!? :) I actually don't know if I will be participating next week either. I think it's nursery's!?!?! NOT YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will not find a baby nursery at my house.

Well, great family, great friends, great to another week at work! God Bless!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Another week down...

I know it's been a few days since I have posted. :( So sorry....we only have 25 more days! Yahoo! This week was so busy! Tuesday I was able to meet my class for next year. I have 9 students! It's a dream! I am sure there will be challanges, like any job, but it sounds good now. I have to be honest. This week I have been creating another blog. (Crazy right?) It's for my students and parents next year. I think it will be a great way to stay in soon as it's ready I will post the address!
We will be in J-town all weekend for the 1st annual family reunion! Great times!!!!! We can't wait! I am sure I will have many pictures to post! Have a great Holiday weekend everyone!

Monday, May 18, 2009

A Quick Post

Hey everyone! i have already posted once today....look out! I was so excited to show you my new purchases for the stairwell I had to add the picture tonight. I love "The Container Store." Here you go: Also before I close I was reading my "Company Girl" newletter and became aware of this amazing photo contest. I wanted to add the link so everyone could particpate! Just visit Company Girl Photo Contest. Enjoy! Have a good evening!

It can't be Monday again already...

I can't believe it's already Monday again. This weekend was so fun. I was able to get a lot finished. Mark left on Sat. afternoon for a "guy trip." He went fishing with some friends in Perryville, MO. Before he left we were able to run a few errands, the usual Sat. morning ones. As soon as he was out the door my wonderful paintbrush came out! I began painting our stairwell. I have wanted to for a while but it just hasn't been a priority. It's REALLY high so I had to use an extender for the roller. There was SO much trim to do also. Luckily I didn't have to trim it all because some day we will be changing our floor and the trim will be taken up in the process. I hate trim with a passion! We painted the bottom navy and the top part a light grey. I love it so much. I didn't know how much I would like the navy but we had to do a dark color on the bottom. The dogs seem to wipe so much dirt on the walls, with the navy it won't show up as well. I have a few touch ups to complete but I did get to hang some new items. I will try to upload a picture later. I made a quick run to one of my favorite stores...The Container Store!!! Love it! Mark returned home Sunday afernoon and we had some friends over for dinner. Joe and Leigh had picked some funrniture up from Ikea and delivered it to us. Check out their AMAZING buisness...Expedite STL. We put together some dressers for our master bedroom. They are amazing, we love it. It gives us so much more room and we have so much drawer space it's crazy! We watched the news at 10 pm and were alseep by 11. What a great weekend!

Friday, May 15, 2009

It's Friday again...

It happened again. I uploaded the pictures in the order I wanted them and my computer switched them around! Ah! Oh well, if you have been following my blog the past 3 weeks you will find I am taking part in Kelly's Korner "Home tour Fridays." The featured room this week...the guest bedroom. When I found out this was going to be the room of chose I decided mine needed a little changing. So for those of you who haven't been to my house in a while you will see some updates. :)

This is the view from inside the room looking out. (actually sitting on the bed) This picture is from the doorway looking in. I love the bed under the window. It just fits!

I had to add this! When we moved in there where no fans. Mark and I both require fans to sleep. (every room has one now) i had to add this picture though because I am prett sure this was one of our very first purchases at HOME OWNERS! :) It's so little and cute! I love how it's black and silver.
This is avery special picture. I really worked hard on getting this framed and matted. This is a Wyland print. It's a pretty famous one too! Wyland art is something very special to Mark and I. Check out the Wyland site. It's really big and the bed used to be under this picture until my updates.

This is the nightstand. Duh! The lamp is a hand-me-down with a new shade. I love the square shade. Amazing what a little TLC will do! The picture is of my sister-in-laws, love them! There is also a John Perry turtle collectible. I love sea turtles!

Well, there you have it...our Guest Bedroom! Happy Friday!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

What a day the Lord has made...

"This is the day, this is the day that the Lord has made," I find myself singing that song so much lately. The Lord does nothing by mistake. Right now it's so hard for me to fully understand and accept that. School is so hard. The students are ready to be out for summer but for some crazy reason we go until June 30! Wow, I know it's crazy, jaw-dropping, and insane but there is nothing that I can do but keep counting down. (31 days!!!) Yesterday was one of the worst school days I have had. I am so ready to begin a new year. I am defeated and need some time to recover. I know the Lord will lift me and help carry me to the finish. I will complete this task he placed before me. Today I will sign a contract at GreenPark Christian Academy. I am so excited about what may be in store for me next year. Having such accountability and being surrounded by Godly people is something I long for.
Mark and I are taking a turn. A turn for the best. We were remind how great God is, he almost had to slap us! :) He is working in our lives together in separate. What a GREAT God he is! Well time to pick my students up from goes nothing!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Things to do:

Well, just a quick update. Last night I got to eat at one of my favorite places, California Pizza Kitchen. Two of Mark's SIU Teamates were in town. They are playing in the US Open qualifier. They met us for dinner. It's always great to visit with old friends.
Mark was invited on a fishing trip this weekend. He is so excited! I decided last night I was going to create a list of things to be done between tonight (Wednesday) and Sunday afternoon. I am a list person for sure. Some things are just easier when he isn't home. :)
To Do:
Deep clean each room
Get caught up with laundry
Continue to water grass in front yard
Touch up paint in laundry room and bathroom
Rehang shelves in bathroom
Paint stairwell (over achiever...I know)
Change sheets

I am sure there is so much more....I will add it later!

I hope everyone is haveing a great day! It's already Wednesday! Yahooooo!!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Home Tour: Living Room (only 4 days late...)

Home Tour Living Room edition is only 4 days late. I am sorry, I was ON VACATION! As you can see from my recent post I did get some pictures from CO uploaded! i have quite a few pictures from my living room and I really didn't mean to take many. Oh well. We love our living room. It is so personalized! I am pretty sure it's Mark's favorite room in the house.

Here you go:

Above: Since I am new to all this I haven't figured out how to upload pictures in the right order. It always mixes them up. This is one of our audio piers from our entertainment center! Gotta love Target! There are a few pictures from wedding time and lovley PartyLite candle holders again!
Above: This icture is kinda dark. Sorry, I didn't mean to. (bad camera I guess...!?!?) On this pier we have placed our wedding album. My sister created a really neat frame and photo for Christmas I have displayed. On the top of this peir is a small fountain...I love it! I love the noise of the water, even though it's small it does put off some.

Above: This is our kitchen table. Yes, it was in the kitchen tour also but it is in our "living room" area. So sad, I know. (nothing we can is to small..:( ) The light over our kitchen table is awesome, it was given to us by my in-laws. It works great there too!

Above: I had to take a picture of this. It is our only plant. We bought this in the dead of winter for like $5. We are trying to nurse it till summer!

Above: I added this picture only to explain the long rectangle thing to the right of the audio pier. I can put my plug in for The Container Store here. This is a coat rack. It is so cool! The hooks fold in and out when needed but doesn't look that bad on the wall by itself. Cool huh?

Above: Here is a full picture I took from the front door.

Above: This picture is the wedding picture we had blown up. Sorry it is so dark. It's us on the golf course.

Above: I wish this one would have shown up better. If we had a mantle this picture would be above it. This was my gift to Mark on our 1st Wedding Anniversary. (the traditional gift is: paper) I had this print made. It is a replica of the night sky on our wedding night in Kona, Hawaii. That is where we went for our honeymoon and Hawaii is a very special place to us and his family. The picture is AMAZING!
Above: Here is a picture of the entire entertainment center. This picture was taken from the other corner.
Above: Awesome huh....just Wal*Mart!
Above: This is from front door again. The mirror was our wedding gift from the "bible study." Great huh?!?! It's huge!
Well there you have it. It looks like in only 3 more days you will tour another part of the house. Have a great rest of the week.

Our Amazing CO Trip!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Home Sweet Home & Happy Mother's Day

We made it home safe and sound. The trip was amazing. We love CO so much! We were able to relax and spent time together. Right before we boarded the plane Wednesday night I got a phone call from GreenPark Christian. I got the job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be teaching 5th grade next year at a wonderful Christian school near my house. God is great! I will be posting pictures from the trip soon. Happy Mother's Day to all!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Are we there yet?

We leave today!!! We can't wait and are so excited. Tonight we will lay our head on a pillow in Vail, CO. Yahooooo!!! God's timing couldn't be any better. Mark and I need to have 5 days away from everyone and everything!

I can't believe it's already Wednesday. This week has just flown by! 38 days left of school. I find out today if I got the job for next year!

Monday night we went to the Cardinals game. It was so fun, they are always such a great time. (Yes, we saw him hit the wall face first) Last night we had a great time hanging out with friends. We celebrated Cinco de Mayo...good times!

CO here we come!!!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

What a weekend!

Wow, this weekend has flown by. It has been such a great one though. Friday my sister surprised me at school. It was so fun having her in my classroom all afternoon. We had so many laughs! I love and miss her so much. My mom came later Friday night and the both spent the night. Good times! Saturday we got everything ready around the house for a Pampered Chef Party. I had a pretty great turn out...thanks so much Confluence Friends! Last night we were able to fellowship with such great friends. We celebrated a brithday and also heard GREAT news. Some of our friends just found out they are having a baby!!!! Such great news! Church this morning was just what I needed too. God is so good!
I heard a little more back from the job I interviewed for.....I will know Wednesday if "the board" accepts my me as a teacher and coach (yep, I said it) for next year at GreenPark Christian Academy! We are praying for God's will....Wednesday can't come soon enough.
Also Wednesday Mark and I are going on a quick vacation. I surprised him with a trip to CO!!! I planned it about 3 weeks ago. I wanted to surprise him with something fun, just me and him, before he began Tri 1 at Logan. I kept it a secret for about a week. I was just too excited~ :)'s a beautiful day so we decided to walk the dogs in Forest Park. They love it! We do too!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday Home Tour...

After reading Ashley's post today I can do nothing but jump on the band wagon with the "Home Tour Fridays." I started this post to keep everyone up to date and I think this is a really cute idea. Each Friday I will tak pictures of a different part of the house. This week they picked the KITCHEN. Why!?!? Right now it's my #1 hated room in my house. It needs updating so bad! The cabinets are old and the yellow floor and counters need some serious help. Oh well, it will happen soon enough...patience right?!?! :( is our kitchen....ENJOY!
Our kitchen is so small we had to create a dining area in our living room. It's all we can do. :( I have treid to separate the 2 rooms as much as possible. We moved in with a huge table from Pier One and have recently bought a smaller table. We loved our other table but just had to move it to the basement. Good thing we have room downstairs!
I can't believe I just posted this...a picture of my pantry. I so badly need to go grocery shopping and I just showed the world. I have some really neat organizers from The Container Store. I try really hard to keep it looking good. Here is an upclose picture of the shelves. I just bought a new picture frame and haven't yet added a picture. I love having my cookbooks so organized and easy to reach. This is also another area of the house I change so often.

This is where our pantry use to be. After much discussion we decided to turn our pantry into a computer desk area. My dad did this all by himself. He is so good! Above there is an upclose picture of this area. The other side is a sliding door to the basement.

The first picture is of our new stove and microwave. (We are still saving for the matching refridgerator.) When we moved in there was a stove. It had to have been there since the house was built...53 years ago! It was the same terrible yellow as our floor. It was a DOUBLE OVEN. They were so nice to leave it. NOT!!! Mark's uncle helped us and built the saufet. It makes it look like it has all been there forever. I have pictures displayed on the refridgerator but I am always updating them and can't stand when the aren't straight. Weird...I know!?!?! I put up shelves in the area leading to the bedrooms. (I have a better picture of those further down in the post. ) We recieved so many amazing dishes and platters as wedding gifts after taking down my Spode Christmas Dish collection I decided to display some of the pretty ones! (Thanks Mal) I also noticed Ashley and I have the same clock!

Here you are able to see our BEAUTIFUL yellow counter tops! AHHHHHH!!! I can't stand them but all in due time. I do not like to have anything on the counter tops so they are pretty clean. You can see our cabinets need a little updating too but oh well, I am not ashamed to post!!

Here are the shelves I was talking about earlier. I love them! They were so easy to hang. The top shelf is our unity candle from the wedding. The second shelf has 2 of my favorite pictures. Left: Mark, on our wedding day, with his parents Right: Me, on our wedding day, with my parents

Then in the middle just some cute PartyLite candle holders! I love PartyLite!

Here is the rest of our counter. Not much space! :( I recently let Mark keep the coffee pot on the counter. Yes, he used to have to put it back in the box every morning. Again, I know I think there is a little OCD there. The paper plate handing on the cabinet is my wonderful "Happy May Day" flower craft we made at school today!

I love this verse. We got this from Upscale living and it was so easy to do. It goes perfect in our kitchen!

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