Friday Favorites

I am loving this season of Valentine's. We haven't gone all crazy but it's been so sweet to involve the kids in festive fun! We have been working on a family Valentine's dinner that I will post about in a few days but this Friday Favorites includes 3 things...I am keeping it short and sweet! ;) Join the fun and link up with Erika, Andrea, and Narci...

1. Valentine's Card...I made a goal for Wyatt and Sloane to work on signing their cards over a few days period to hopefully minimize any frustration. It worked! We had fun doing it together, with only 1 minor moment but nothing a little chocolate couldn't fix. ;)
* You can find Sloane's card HERE                  *You can find Wyatt's card HERE

2. Our has been a LONG process for us to update our kitchen but we are working on the finishing touches. I will post on this as well but I can leave you with this picture and where ever your imagination take you with horribleness, let it because it was that bad!

3. Cleanse!!!! Everyone needs a fresh start sometimes and I am LOVING our new product!!! Mark and I both tried it and LOVED it!!! Perfect way to finish the week STRONG!!

Father/ Daughter Dance

Last weekend Sloane had her Daddy/ Daughter Dance at school. I was a little late to the game in realizing preschool was included in this activity but it ended well. She asked almost everyday for 2 weeks "how many more wake-ups to my dance." She was SUPER excited!

Aunt Shelly came over and fixed her hair...

Mark got her a corsage to wear....she was REALLY excited!!! 

When they got to the dance they had a picture taken. So cute!!! Mark did well sending me pictures throughout the night. Wyatt and I were busy partying with other moms and boys that weren't invited to the event. ;)

February Goals

You will have to excuse the wet spot on the paper...just keeping it real! ;) I am excited to hang these where I will see them everyday as a simple reminder. I wanted to keep them simple and obtainable but still push myself a little.

1. Begin preparing clothes for vacation...we were in Orlando last March and wore shorts and short sleeves. Assuming this is the case again this year we are in trouble. Well, the kids are ;( I have no shorts for Wyatt at all- like NONE. I want to have a list created (not in my head) of what I am going to pack because if I am honest I will have the suitcase open and gathering items about a week before we leave....

2. Have a slumber party/movie night with the kids...they have been asking to camp for a while now. Since it's winter that's not happening anytime soon. We love having family movie nights so I added that to the evening. I thought it would be fun to eat camping type food and snacks as we enjoy the movie...all while in the warm living room cuddled together. LOL!

3. Get more sleep...this one is a must! Mark and I got in such a bad habit of staying up SUPER late, like 11:30 or so. This might work well for some but I get up by 6am each morning and my children do not sleep through the night. So....need I say more!?!?!?

4. Finish Valentine's Day cards early..Sloane and Wyatt picked out some really cute craft/Valentine's card this year. They can both write their names now as with that comes writing it 22 times!!!! I cringe just typing that number. I know they can't do it all in one sitting so I plan to space it out a bit. I am hoping this will make it more a little more enjoyable for all of us! ;)

5. Run 3x a week and drink my daily H2O...I was doing really well with my running in November and the beginning of Dec. then the holidays came...and went....;/ I need to get back outside again. I feel so much better when I have a routine that involves exercise. Drinking water is something I have always struggled with...I know, terrible! The past month I have been doing really well though and I want to keep it up!

- I challenge you to come up with at least 5 goals for the month of Feb. and WRITE THEM DOWN! I would love to hear what is important for you all. ;)

Weekend Recap

Monday again?!?! We had a great weekend with family and friends. Friday after school we traveled to Jackson. We celebrated my sister's b-day and had our annual "framily Christmas" dinner.

We got to Jackson around 2pm so we pick up Zetta and Nora from school was so fun! Since we don't live in the same town surprise pick ups isn't something that gets to happen often. It is so fun to spend special time with them. The time with them and Uncle Mark and Aunt Em is priceless and so special to us. We took them to Sonic happy hour as a special treat! These 4 are so cute!

After our Sonic treats we hung out at Eesie and Poppies until everyone got there for dinner. The girls enjoyed spending time together. They are all growing so quickly!

Saturday morning we ran a few errands for my mom to help prepare for the evening festivities. The weather was AMAZING! We took advantage of the sunshine and visited a new park that was nearby.

Saturday evening was the annual Curtis Christmas dinner. (My mom found documentation of this dinner back to 2005 and displayed all the years pictures around as decoration.;)) Whitney posted on Instagram Saturday evening and said it so well..." What started as 5 couples, turned into 10 kids, and now those 10 kids are married and have 19 kids and counting!! Three generations of family!!!"

She said it perfect...I love this night every year. I also say it every year but this picture speaks volumes. There is over 30 years of friendship didn't fade with time...these people have remained together through think and thin. This is something I will treasure forever. I will not take for granted these people-because not many people can say they have these relationships. We have that "first generation" to thank for their AMAZING examples of TRUE FRIENDSHIPS.

We left Jackson late Saturday night to come back home. (We keep the road HOT!) Wyatt and Sloane had an open house at school we had to attend for next year information. Sunday was also the first day of the book fair at school. There was a spot for students to take selfies and enter to win some books from the fair. Wyatt and Sloane loved it!

We finished quickly at school so we could attend baby dedication for Mark's cousins family. They have adopted sweet little Addie into the family! The service was great and we all headed to lunch after....

Mark went golfing Sunday afternoon. The kids and I spent some time at home "unwinding" from a busy but fun weekend!
I have made my February list and I can't wait to share it tomorrow! Happy Monday everyone!

Extra, extra, read all about it...

Friday Favorites....reading!!! 

I really do enjoy reading! When we took our "adult trip" to the beach in October I had lots of opportunity's to read. I took something light-hearted and easy to read.  I decided when I came home from vacation I was going to continue to read. I was going to make time to do it in my daily list of things I do...

I love the way Melanie Shankle writes. She super easy for me to relate to and makes me LOL, like for REAL! She talks about being a mother to young children and the stuff that comes along with it. ;) 

Because I liked Sparkly Green Earrings so much I immediately got on Amazon and purchased this one. It didn't disappoint! I can't wait to pass this book on to a friend who loves to read and values friendship as much as I. 

We were traveling again when I finished Nobody's Cuter Than You and I was totally ready for a new book. I knew during travel I was going to have quite a bit of time to read. I have a list of books I want to read saved in my phone...this one was next on my list. It was GREAT! I have read of few of the other Duck Dynasty books and this was a lot like the others. If you haven't noticed I enjoy light, easy to read, books that relate but have great story lines to them...;) This one Jep and Jessica discuss where they started and how far their relationship has come...I enjoy reading about family's who have God in the center of there life. 

I started this one on our trek home from CA. I need a highlighter!!! It's a little different than the others I have been reading but it's great. If you are caught up in the everyday things of life but find yourself afraid of stopping because you don't want to face the "small stuff" this is for you. Another book to add to your list no matter your age. ;) 

That brings me to current read: stay tuned for my thoughts ;) 

What's Up Wednesday

I am super excited to be linking up with Shay, Mel, and Sheaffer (she is sitting this one out due to her HILARIOUS Bachelor recap) today! I am participating in "What Up Wednesday." It's hump day people...which means tomorrow is MY FRIDAY!!!! YAHOOO!!!

 Here are the questions and this month's bonus question is "What is your favorite Valentine's Day treat?"

What we're eating this week...
So far this week we have enjoyed some pretty great dinners! 
Monday: pretzel covered chicken w/green beans, salad, and crescent rolls
Tuesday: Chicken fried rice and egg rolls...yum!!! 
Wednesday (tonight): Pizza (because Mama isn't home) 

What I'm reminiscing about...
Our snow days last week. We had the best time playing and sledding in the snow together! 

What I'm loving...
We are headed to Jackson for the weekend to spend time with family and friends. These people:

What we've been up to...
School, dance, and family fun...our last few weekends weren't too crazy but it seems the next few are jam packed! Spring is coming...

What I'm dreading...
We are getting a new kitchen floor but we have opted to do the demo of the old floor. ;( It will save a little $$ but I am DREADING it!! LOL! 

What I'm working on...
I got a silhouette for Christmas. I finally had time to get it out of the box and play with it. I am working on all sorts of fun projects!!! It's so fun! 

What I'm excited about...
I currently have my Valentine's Day cookie boxes for sale. I am so excited to get started making them...

What I'm watching/reading...
I recently posted about what we are currently watching HERE and to read about my current "read" check back in to my Friday Favorites this week. ;) 

What I'm listening to...
I know, call me crazy but I enjoy listening to ESPN radio when I am alone in the car...which doesn't happen very often. Ha ha!

What I'm wearing...
Well, what I am wearing isn't really anything to speak of so how about this...I wish I was wearing this:

What I'm doing this weekend...
We are headed South, to J-town. We have our Framily Christmas dinner and a birthday celebration dinner. I am SO excited!!! We haven't been to Jackson since Christmas. 

What I'm looking forward to next month...
Sloane and Mark are attending their first Father/Daughter dance at the beginning of February. I can't wait for this evening. I am so excited for them! 

What else is new...
I think I posted about it all. ;) 

What is my favorite Valentine's Day treat...
Each year with the kids be do a fun "love" themed family dinner. My favorite treat is the chocolate fondue we have each year! 

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