Swim fishy swim...

This kid literally grew up over night. He "was three and then changed to four." It's been a summer of HUGE growth with him. HE loves to swim. Actually love would be an understatement. I guess he does come by it naturally. ;)

Fear of the water hasn't ever been a issue with either of our littles. Wyatt turned 3 at the beginning of the summer and within 2 weeks was jumping off the diving, swimming to the side (without a floatation device of any kind), getting rings from the shallow, etc.  It just clicked...

About 1/2 through the summer he started asking me to teach him the "right way to swim." There weren't many places to start lesson this late in the summer so we settled for a 6 week class at the local YMCA.

He loves it! We only have 3 classes left and he is already asking for more...;)

Jammin at the Zoo 2014

Last week was the Jammin at the Zoo event we attend every year! It's always a blast! Mark I have gone for 6 years. As soon as Kelley and Tyler moved to STL we knew they would love it as well. The Zoo is closed down and only open to paying participants. There is live music, food, drinks, etc. and LOTS of people watching. Ha ha! 
The above picture is because I love comparison pictures...it's so fun to have friends to do life with! The animals are usually out as well. Mark and Tyler wore JEANS...jeans people! It's July in MO!!! That is so rare. The night was perfect with a light breeze.

It was a blast...and did I mention I am one lucky lady that this guy was my date!?!!? Yahoo for more Jammin's.

Dance Recital

I can't believe it's been this long since I have posted. Well, actually I can. It's been a busy summer to say the least. I am sure everyone is saying the same thing as Aug. gets closer. I am NOT ready for summer to end...especially since Wyatt will be heading to preschool 3 days a week. You can totally roll your eyes but I already know it's going to be an adjustment. ;)

We have stayed busy! Back in June Sis had her first dance recital. She LOVED every second of it. I wasn't sure how she would do once she got on stage but...surprise, she loves the attention. She knew lots of the moves as well! (especially being the youngest in the class;)

Arrgggg- Party #2

Last weekend we celebrated Wyatt's birthday with friends and family in STL! It was such a special time! Wyatt enjoyed himself...and had a great time with all who came to celebrate!!

The weather was perfect again and we all watch him open gift, ate pizza, and enjoyed being together! After getting home he wanted to set up all his new toys ASAP! ;) He is loving Hot Wheels and couldn't wait to set up his new tracks! Which now take up our entire basement...thankfully we are "remodeling"downstairs so it's mostly an open area or there wouldn't be space. Ha ha!!!

And this...is a sweet 4 year old boy having sweet dreams. ;)


Arrrrggg- Party #1

We had Wyatt's birthday party a few weekends ago in Jackson, at my parent's. It was a blast! We were a bit nervous about the weather but it all turned out perfect! 

He was SUPER excited to blow out his candles and Sis REALLY wanted to help as well. ;) Wyatt picked the "pirate" theme and I think it turned out so cute! 

Opening presents...

We cleaned up and packed the car...we headed back to STL after a great weekend with family and friends! Wyatt couldn't wait to get home and play with his new toys!

Father's Day 2014

I can't believe I am just now getting around to posting about Father's Day. We had a great day as a family. We went to church in the am and stopped after church to get a few pictures. ;) The kids are so cute as the get a little older and actually excited about these fun little "holidays."

There is a "kinda" new outlet mall about 45 mins. from us so we headed out there after our usual Sunday McAllister's lunch.   The kids had a cake pop and we found a few great deals! Mark actually enjoys shopping so he was happy to be together. ;)

The kids somewhat slept on the ride home. We came back to the house and regrouped. Mark watched a little golf and opened his presents from us. The kids had filled out those famous Pinterest cards about their Daddy. They were SO excited to have him read them!

We ended the day hitting a few balls at the range. I know it's all *mushy* but I love watching Mark teach the kids...like teach them about something he truly has a passion about. *LOVE*

It was a great day as a family but I couldn't forget about my dad and father-in-law. Two men who literally would do anything for Mark, myself, and our family. My dad is the first man I ever loved and my FIL taught Mark how to love his wife and family...

He's here...

Last weekend we celebrated one of my dearest friends...Megan and Baby Joshua!! It's get 2nd boy and we all couldn't wait to meet him. Saturday we "sprinkled" her with gifts and had a great time together!

 Monday Joshua entered the world...we couldn't wait to get our hands on him! (especially Sloane;) He is perfect!

*Sloane also gave her mimi's to baby Joshua...please say a prayer for everyone who comes in contact with her, or us, for that matter for the next few days. I don't think this is going to be an east habit to break. ;/

Yahoo for a new baby!!!