Instagram dump #3

Another Instagram dump...;) 

Jamberry Nails ;) 

A daddy taught trick...

One of the last lunches with Daddy and cousins before Summer was over...;(

Even though you can't tell...they really enjoy family bike rides. Ha! 

Remember a few posts back...when I talked about how well she has been playing alone while Wyatt is at school?!?!?! Here is a perfect example. ;) 

And when I mentioned she still cries every day when we drop "her Wyatt" off at school, I wasn't lying. 

Don't judge...

Halloween Practice Run 2014

What else to do on a rainy dress up and try to decide what you want to be for Halloween. ;)

Girls Lake Trip

Back in July a few of us headed back to Table Rock Lake to enjoy a girls weekend! We had a blast together! We enjoyed the sun, relaxing, and being together. ;) 

I had to be sure I "still had it." Ha ha! I do...

Sunday Funday...

A random Sunday after church the kids were being funny...they were posing for pictures as we ate lunch at our usual Sunday lunch spot. ;) McAlister's

They were so cute...

October 15

Tiny Dancer

Sis had a small break from dance between the Summer and Fall session. It started back a few weeks ago...this time Lolo and Sloane are in the same class. ;) I am pretty sure they keep the teacher on her toes! (no pun intended, haha!) 

This year the class does tap, ballet, and also has a few mins. of gymnastics as well! During dance we can't really watch what's going on but during the gymnastics time they are where we can watch. It's so cute! 

It's so fun to watch Sloane participate in something she really see her shine! ;) 

Happy Birthday Emme!

In late Aug. we celebrated one of our little friend's b-day. She is loving Paw Patrol right now so the party was so cute! Poor Wyatt was the only boy...he didn't seem to mind. ;) 

They had such a great time! There was even a little photo shoot at the party as well...

Happy Birthday Emme! We love you!