Taekwondo class

A few weeks ago Wyatt started Taekwondo classes. He is really enjoying it! It's twice a week so I wasn't sure how he would handle giving up to evenings of being at home...he is a four year old homebody. ;)

It's been so fun to watch him participate and really enjoy his class. I love the lessons they teach as well! I used to think if we allowed him to take these classes it would encourage him punching and kicking more...ha! I guess I was speaking from total ignorance because it's exactly the OPPOSITE! It's so neat! The discipline taught as well is awesome!

It's a 45 min. class and so far he has done so well at paying attention! There are "younger" teachers as well as the adult and Wyatt really enjoys the big boys! ;)

Happy Birthday Lolo!

We celebrated Lolo's (Caroline's) 3rd Birthday...I can't believe it's already been 3 years since she was born! We love her like our own. ;)

Pretty nails...

Since Wyatt goes to school 3 mornings a week now Sis and I have some good time together! I thought it would be so fun to get our nails done together. She sits so still at home...

They kept saying she looked like a doll. ;) She sat so still and was very interested in what they were doing...

They painted a flower on her thumbs too! We had SO MUCH FUN!!! We are enjoying this special time together so much!!! 

Those pearly whites...

Last week Wyatt had his first dentist appt. He did AWESOME!!! It might help a bit his Paw Paw is the dentist but that doesn't overshadow the fact that we was amazing!!!!

Well, and that Aunt Jackie was the hygienist. ;) She showed him all the tools and even let him work a few on his own. Ha ha!!!

I know I say it often but this is one of my new favorite pictures! Wyatt was so proud of himself...and I think Paw Paw was pretty happy too! No cavities!!!!

Such a big boy!!! 

Fresh eggs ;)

A few weeks ago we went with Kelley and Lolo to pick our chickens. Tyler built a coop...it's so neat! It's awesome and we can't wait to have fresh eggs!! ;)

The kids LOVED looking at all the baby chickens. There were baby ducks too! I wanted to bring one of those home. Ha! Wyatt and Lolo really wanted to touch them...Sis, not so much. She was fine looking from a distance.

We visited them again earlier in the week. They are getting so big! Just a few more weeks and they will be able to go into their new coop!!! ;) Yahoo!!!

The first day...

Well, another summer is over. It's come to an end. The swimming days, play dates in the park, and sleeping in late...it flew by. I must have blinked...;(

This summer was awesome! One to remember for sure. We had highs and lows but what summer doesn't. We have grown and learned so much...and we still haven't been on our "summer vacation." (14 days until we leave, but who's counting!?!?)

Wyatt is attending the same preschool as last year but is going M,W, F this year. It's going to be an adjustment...for all of us. Ha! He is the "big kid" in class this year and his teacher has already named him her "helper." We know he is going to make great strides this year! We believe it!

   You were all smiles this morning...you didn't shed a tear. Well, you did shed a tear when we had to fix your hat and you realized you couldn't wear a hat to school...then to be honest again when you realized you had to wear your squishy shoes with socks and no flip flops...but no tears at school! No tears when you entered the classroom. We are so proud of you. I don't know who was more upset...me or Sis. She has been asking for you all morning. She wanted to go back and get you before we even left the parking lot.
   You are such an awesome boy and I can't wait to see you grow this year. Thanks for being the best little boy ever!

I love you!

Such truth...

It's been a while since I have written a post that was heavy on my heart. I love posting the daily life we live, the small things that we might someday forget, the little pictures that don't go to "big" events in a scrapbook so they are never printed, etc. but sometimes I have a heavy heart. Sometimes the Lord just calls me to type...so that's what I am going to do today.

This summer has been a summer of so much growth for me personally. I have taken a step back from so many situations. I have watched so many little "things" happen. I have been shown true love...and because of that I think I have become better at giving true love.

If you have been reading for any period of time you will remember I attended a women's conf. in March. It was perfect timing, God always knows, right?!!?!? I was shown so many things those 2 days.

Personally I have learned I am not the same person I used to be. Period. That's all. Just like everyone else I know change has happened in our daily life. We all deal with things differently. Some run, some hide, some like to act like it didn't hurt them...

I think for so long I was searching for myself...my "old" self. It wasn't until the Lord showed me I have changed...he has changed me. He made me who I am. God continues to mold me into what he wants me to become, as long as I allow him. The hard part of this (for me personally) is the "change" part. Being an honest human here...my priorities, my outlook, the way I love, my needs, all change.

After realizing this about myself I began to reflect. Then one day I woke and thought...wait, if I am not the same person neither is Mark. ;) Hmmmm....I haven't actually sat down and read blog posts all summer. Funny the first one I would come across would be THIS ONE posted over at scissortail SILK.

Please take a second and read...

Think about her words, she says this better than I ever could. Maybe this describes you with a friend, husband, family member?!!? Just pray about it...