Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Working' it Wednesday

If you follow me Instagram you probably came here thinking I was posting about our amazing book club yesterday....well that's not the case. That's tomorrow. ;/ I got my days mixed up, lol! Forgive me, it's the end of the summer.

On the second Wednesday of the month I try to participate in Shay and Erika's link up: Workin' It Wednesdays. So far this year I have shared:

Today is...

------Back to School -----

I mean, take a second and look at those sweet faces. Goodness how time flies!! 

PICTURES: As we head back to school we take pictures with our chalkboard. It's such a fun tradition! It's even more fun to look back on the pictures and compare. 

Backpacks: I have always purchased their backpacks from Pottery Barn Kids. I usually do this at the end of the school year when they clearance out the "last year colors." The backpacks come by the end of June and we don't think about it again until the first day of school. It's nice to have that task finished. 

Clothes: Since they are both in the day school this is the first year they both have to wear uniforms. It was pretty easy last year shopping for boy uniforms. A few of these shorts and a few 3 button polo's and we called it a day. Dressing Sloane isn't as easy....I think we are almost finished but phew, it's been a task. She is only allow a specific plaid jumper and/or skort so finding her size was tricky. We pick all the items up from the alterations shop on Friday. Just in time! LOL! 

Shoes: They each get a new pair of tennis shoes to start the school year. Usually Wyatt needs another pair by Christmas. (Holy boys that are hard on shoes) We shall see how Sis's hold up. I was a little late to the game this year in ordering Wyatt's. I am just hoping they are here by the first day. 

Drop off: We drop off the first morning of school as a family. 

Breakfast: After drop off then Mark heads to work and I head to breakfast with friends. It's so encouraging to have a group of mom's as support on that first day...or even the school year for that matter!! 

Dinner: I always try to have some fun dinner a few nights before they go back to school. I have done THIS in the past and am looking forward to it this weekend. I am currently planning this year's Back to School Breakfast (for dinner). 

What about you? What do you do to get ready to go back to school? Link up and share...

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Magic House Monday (Tuesday edition)

Yesterday started our last week of summer...;( Both Wyatt and Sloane have a few things left they want to do. One of the places they wanted to go was the STL Magic House. It's not a place that's super high on my list but I took one for the team today. LOL!

Those sweet little faces...#insertallhearteyes Wyatt usually doesn't want to do this but today he asked...I quickly said YES! I even got a chance with both of them. It was so fun!! I remember as a kid traveling to STL and getting to touch this ball. #memories

The day actually started with Sis's Kindergarten Dr. appt. which as you know means shots...;( She did so well but goodness it's a hard appt. for Mamas.

Yes, I took a screen shot of my snap.
 I am a newbie so please come follow along:

Wyatt tagged along...and rocked the big brother status!!!

So, after the appt. we spent the afternoon at the Magic House...

I took a few video's that I am going to attempt to make a iMovie but not today...LOL! Bring on Taco Tuesday...stay posted!!

Monday, August 7, 2017

The weekend...

This was a whirlwind of a weekend but I didn't want it to end. A weekend coming to a close just means another week closer to the end of summer and that makes me sad. I am all about getting back into a routine, let's be real we ALL need one, but I am not ready to HAVE to have a schedule. ;(

Mark and Wyatt left with Jerry (Paw Paw) on Thursday night for a Father/Son fishing trip. To say they had a blast would be an understatement. They spent 2 nights there all while Sis and I had 48 hours to ourselves. When I say I had a shadow it wouldn't do it justice...she DIDN'T leave my side. It was perfect!! I know those short 48 hrs. is a time I will remember forever as the weekend before K started for our baby girl.

Thursday this guy wanted to try a new kind of was a win!! It's so fun having a kid who tries everything and even better usually like it too!! He has been counting down the days to the beach since Uncle Tyler keeps talking about a new place with the best oysters ever! LOL!! 

Friday morning Sis and I got up and tried to beat the tax free weekend crowd. We got all the school supplies needed for the school year. Phew! SO. MUCH. STUFF. Thank goodness we know Wyatt's favorite color and were able to knock out all his stuff as well.

We had lunch then went to the mall. She has been asking to go into Justice. We finally entered...LOL
She was a kid in a candy store for sure!! We left with only a little stuffed poodle with a mermaid outfit and a house for it. #bestIcoulddo #betterthanclothesatthispoint #wheredidmybabygo

The boys were busy fishing and boating the day away...

We spent the rest of Saturday running a few errands and relaxing. Chinese food for dinner, a bike ride/walk,  and it was a GREAT evening! Mark and I finished the night watching a few episodes of the Netflix show Ozark. 

Then there was Sunday...

And now it's Monday...
#sadfacehere #magichousemonday #postcomingsoon 

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The trend...

I seem to be joining the tread of only blogging M, W, and F this summer. We have been staying busy, as usual but trying to enjoy every last min. of summer!

Next week is our last full week before school starts back. Both Wyatt and Sloane have a list of things they want to try to CRAM in those 7 days and phew...we are going to be busy!

We enjoyed an #schumey adult evening last week. It was our annual Jammin at the Zoo night! It's always a blast and we love participating in things around STL. We don't want to ever take advantage of all there is to offer.  This was our 7th year in a keeps getting better each year!!

Then last weekend Sloane and I attended a Bridal shower for Mark's cousin. Wyatt and Sloane have the honor of being the ring bearer and flower girl in Oct. They are so excited!

I have been giving a lot of swimming lessons and icing cookies like a crazy woman this week!! We leave for the beach in less than 25 days....YAHOOOOOOO!!!! Bring on the sunshine and toes in the sand please!!!

Monday, July 31, 2017

Show and Tell Tuesday...on a Monday

I completely missed the boat last was a CRAZY one. I vowed to make this one better and just as I did I was awaken 3am Sunday morning to the dreaded sound of a kid with the stomach flu. I guess that's what I get for trying to get ahead of myself. LOL!!!! Last Tuesday was Show and Tell Tuesday and it was "Show what's on your phone." I love learning about others apps and things that make their life easier. I have had so much fun reading others posts on this topic.

So....what's on my phone:

*I feel like my phone is somewhat a reflection of me- or how I like to be. Ha! I have everything organized and I don't keep many things stored on my phone.

*I don't like the notifications blasting that red dot with a number in the middle either but I can't bring myself to turn them off. I need to know they are there but hate when they show up. LOL!

My main screen.... I have 4 apps on top and 4 most common used items on the bottom. I like to be able to see the picture on my home screen. ;) 1 is below:

The second page has the rest of my apps. I have some in folders but some I leave out so I can get to them easier...

Nest app: we have a camera in the kids bedroom currently. It's amazing and it's a 2 way talk! We plan to add to the nest when the house is finished. 

THINK DIRTY app: This one is somewhat new (6ish months) for me. You can scan the barcodes on your beauty items. The app rates the item on a scale from one to ten...depending on how good it is for you. It's an eye opener for sure. 

I have a few apps. separated out in folders....

Not too much to share but thought it would be fun! Hope I helped make someone's day a little easier with an app idea or 2. ;) 

Monday, July 24, 2017

Life lately...

We have been busy around here but with all fun and exciting events!! It's official...we are officially building a home!! It's been a wild ride and I know it's only begun but we are so excited. Summer seems to be flying by and we are doing our best to make the most of it. I don't want it to end. ;(

Climbing on rocks on our lot...currently their favorite thing to do. ;)

Wyatt had oral surgery a few weeks ago...there were a few objectives and one of them resulted in losing one of his front teeth. He wasn't upset about it at all, though he still isn't ready for the tooth fairy to visit?!?!!? 

We celebrated Mark's cousin last weekend...girl party at the winery. It was such a great day! Wyatt and Sloane are the ring bearer and flower girl and THEY. CAN'T. WAIT!!! (one a little more than the other ;)

The kids and I spent time in J-town earlier in the week. My parent's hosted a party with some life long friends. It's so neat how she sends an e-mail/text message about a week before for a Wednesday night party and next thing you know the pool is full. Everyone brings a side dish and we have ourselves a party....

This past weekend we went back to Jackson for the afternoon to celebrate Willa (my sister's 3rd little girl). It was her first b-day party. #youreoneinamelon It was so cute!

Keep on going summer...we love you!!! 

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Workin' It Wednesday

I am linking up with Shay and Erika today to share a little about what our summer weekends look like...I have participated in other Workin' It Wednesdays before, you can read about Keeping the Kids Entertained,  Summer Vacations, and  Keeping our marriage strong, as well.

No 2 weekends look the same in the summer. We always have fun stuff planned! We like to change it up so we feel like we have made the most of our summers. ;)

Take weekend trips...

Swim....a lot! 

Enjoy playdates with friends...

Go to Cardinals games...

Spend time with family...

Build Legos...

Go to Six Flags...

Celebrate summer holidays with friends...

And we can't leave out our fun summer afternoons swimming with cousins...

They are both enjoying camps too...

We are loving summer and don't even want to think about it ending. Thankfully the beach is in our near future as well. We are ready to have our toes in the sand!! 

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