Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Apple Investigation

If you have been reading my blog for any period of time you know we love us some apples! Wyatt eats an apple almost every night at bedtime. We go apple picking each fall and we LOVE to bake with apples as well! I have even let my love for apples leak over into a few gifts I have made for the teachers at school. We have enjoyed a few "themed" days that where we complete fun activities along with the book. 

I started talking to the kids about some things they wanted to do this fall. Last year we went to the Millstadt Ekerts and that is totally on their list again this year. We had a blast! 
Instead of a book with coordinating activities I decided to change it up and just pick "apples" to do some fun stuff with....

Since Wyatt is at school every day and Sloane 3 days we don't have the amount of time we did during the summer. We completed these activities over a period of a few days. I started with a Apple YouTube video that has great information and cute sing a long with it. 

We colored, painted, and even sketched anything that had to do with apples. Sloane loves to paint. I drew some apples and she went to town painting with watercolors...

I created a fun worksheet about apples. It asked questions about the different colors of apples. We weighed the apple. We measured how tall the apple was using LEGO's and I also left a spot for them to draw a picture of an apple too! 

Nothing would be complete without baking...Wyatt helped in the beginning but by the end it was just Sis and I in the kitchen making Mix and Match Mama's cute apple hand pies. We also have slow cooker Autumn applesauce  on the menu for this week as well. 

Wyatt and Sloane both LOVE Science experiments. They enjoyed this little erupting apples experiment...we laughed so hard!! 

Lastly there were a few more questions I didn't put on their little worksheets but I still thought they would have fun answering. We concluded our apple fun with a apple investigation...

We had so much fun learning about apples together. I am already brainstorming some fun pumpkins activites and they are looking forward to it as well!!! 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Show and Tell Tuesday

Today is a link up with Andrea where we share some of favorite blog posts. I was searching back through my archives to find some of my favorites but decided it would be fun to share a few of the posts that had the most readers...;)

One of the most read posts is this one: Our kitchen remodel

Moving on....

A fun evening filled with marshmallow activities...

And lastly a post where I shared about a few "raw emotions

Friday, September 16, 2016

Friday Favorites- Fall Decorations

 I am linking up with Erika, Andrea, and Narci again this Friday to share some of my favorite Fall decorations. I have been searching for fun ideas the past few weeks and have found so many super cute ones! Thanks Pinterest. ;) Last week I shared a few of my favorite Fall (women's) outfits and I loved reading Friday Favorites!

After gathering the pictures I liked together it seems as if there is a theme. I think it's safe to say I am loving the while pumpkins/neutral  this year. Ha ha!! I like how the antlers are set around in this arrangement. 

I love how simple this is...I am sure the basket could be used with decor for every season. Multi use is always good right!?!? 

I can't wait to try this...

I guess I am loving the gold as well...this tiered display is so pretty!! I have been wanting to get one of these tiered stands, maybe now is the time. ;) 

Everyone loves some good chalkboard art right?!?!

How about you have some fun fall decorations you are excited to try!?!?! 

Thursday, September 15, 2016

A day in the life...

It's been a while since I have done a "day in the life" post. They are always so much work but I love going back and reading how my days have changed...the days are long but the years are short, right??!!? 

This was my Tuesday....Sloane woke early and she is usually the first one up. She woke a little before 6am. She loves snuggling on the couch with me and her iPad before starting her day. We leave the lights off and she doesn't usually say much. (Note: this is pretty much the only part of the day she isn't talking) Also yes, she has on headphones. We got Wyatt and Sloane a good pair for vacation and she doesn't like to watch the ipad without them now. LOL! Sloane gets very little milk throughout the day but she does ask for a cup each morning so I got that for her and snuggled in...

By 6:16 both of the kids are awake and there my snuggles are over. I begin preparing for the day. I start to get myself ready, make beds, and get the kids clothes laid out...I get Wyatt his instant breakfast (it's what he drinks every morning) and turn the tv on for him. He needs a few long time before he is actually awake. Mark and I joke he is totally going to be that old man with coffee and a newspaper for a solid hour before he starts his day. He asks to be woken early so he has time to "wake up" instead of getting a few extra mins. of shut eye.

*I am aware the kids can make their own beds and sometimes they do. Right now it's easier for me to do and part of my routine so no judging please. ;)
The kids and I are ready for school and out the door...Wyatt is tardy at 7:25 so good thing we live close. We left at 7am the first week of's obvious it's now been almost a month since school started. I hate to think what May will look like. ;/ Wyatt eats a few bites of a Cliff Bar on the way to school as well. He has determined his instant breakfast doesn't keep him full until snack time.

It's Tuesday so Wyatt has to wear his P.E. clothes. Yes, they have to dress out even in Kindergarten. It's nice though because they get to start in their P.E. clothes then only have to change once instead of twice. (Bless the little Kindergarten teachers heart right!?!?) I love this picture. It totally sums both of their personalities up. Mark gets to go to work a little later on Tuesday/Thursday mornings so Sloane usually stays with him but she decided this morning to ride along with me. ;)

Drop off complete and now headed to grab a few items at the grocery...

By 8:30 Sis and I are home and unloading our groceries. We had to make a stop for Diet Coke as well. FYI One is for Mark...Sloane didn't get one. Ha ha! We didn't need much but a restock on our fruits and veggies and a few items for dinner. We cut and peeled everything and stored them away...Sis had to grab a few snacks first. ;) 
After unloading and putting away I made Mark and I breakfast....

and then we made a quick trip to the neck has been hurting me the past few days so I needed some help. Good thing I am married to a Chiropractor right!?!?

After the office we ran to Target for a few things before heading back to the house. I moved some laundry, made Mark's lunch, got together some things I needed to take to Wyatt's school, put together after school snacks and emptied the dishwasher.

Wyatt goes to school half day. Sis and I got to school a little earlier so what were we to do but play with some snap chat filters!?!? LOL!!!

The best part of the day!!!! 

After school we went over to some friends house that moved over the summer. They are trying to get settled and we went to help with a few things. The kids played outside for a long time before coming back inside. We left there in time to get home and changed for Sis's first night back to dance since summer break. She was SOOOO excited!! They have a fun little set up for mom's (and dad's) to take pictures of the first night! It was so cute!! Wyatt decided to hang out with Maw Maw during dance and that's never a problem. We can drop him off on our way so it's perfect!

After dance we picked up Wyatt and went home. We went through backpacks and did homework. Wyatt is doing really well and finally starting to get the hang of this school thing! Don't get me wrong there is room for improvement but it's not as bad as I thought!?!? Funny, how that works right?!?!?

After homework I made the kids dinner (turkey and cheese sandwiches, strawberries, and carrots) and they took showers. (On Tuesday and Thursday I have to serve dinner in 2 rounds because Mark gets home late.) We have been playing LOTS of UNO at our house lately and they are LOVING it! Wyatt played 1 round and watched a show on the ipad while Sis and I played the second round.

I turned Mark and I's dinner down so it was ready when he got home. Wyatt and Sloane prepared their bedrooms for bed and brushed their teeth. It was about 7pm. 

And just like that...a little after 7pm my house was silent...

I cleaned up the bathroom from their teeth brushing...I mean am I the only one with kids who seem to leave the bathroom crazy messes after brushing their teeth!?!?! I knew I had a little bit before Mark got home so I moved the laundry, unloaded the dishwasher, made Mark's lunch for Wednesday, and set the table...

Just as I sat down and got out my computer he takes him about 15 mins to get home so that's usually when I get the food out/warm. If it's a crockpot dinner I get it out so it's actually edible (and not still on fire) by the time he gets home. LOL! We ate dinner around 8pm. We cleaned up the dishes and were ready to watch some shows by 8:30 or so....

Phew, what a day!!! Thanks for making it to the end of the day with me. LOL!!! You can read a few other Day in the Life posts below:

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Deserted Island...

Today is Stranding up! This month the topic is what 3 movies would you take if you were on a stranded island. Let's be real I think it's awesome this island is going to have a DVD player much less that I get to bring movies with me. ;) If you know me at all I am not really a "movie person." My husband on the other a movie buff. LOL! I literally had him laughing out loud at my list of movies I would take to the island. Link up with Erika today with what 3 movies you would take with you to the deserted island.

My number ONE:

I am pretty sure myself, my brother and sister all 3 at some point could have recited this entire movie. We watched it ALL. THE. TIME. We loved it!!! 

Number TWO: 

I love a good Christmas/holiday movie and this one is soooooo funny! I laugh so hard no matter how many times I watch this movie. I can't wait to watch it with Wyatt and Sloane this year because they are starting to understand humor/sarcasm a little!!!

Number THREE:

I know, go ahead and laugh at me. I can't help it. I just love this movie!!! It's so fun to watch...I mean let's be real who wouldn't want to go take a tour of this candy factory!?!?! 

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Uncomfortable territory

I have been blogging for a little more than 6 years. It's been an outlet for me. It's never been something that I feel is a responsibility or that I feel behind about. The reason I blogged has changed to for various reasons at different points in my life these past 6 years. There are some times the Lord really leads me to share certain things...I could just decide "no thanks, I am not someone who shares things like that..." I could come up with a million reasons to not be honest and true but that's not me. Many times I felt lead to share because my story actually isn't mine...if there is one person reading or watching me and benefits from my sharing then there is a purpose. I share to encourage...with that said if you have been a reader for any length of time you know I have posted articles and/or things I read that I find helpful and want to pass on. I have a few that I really feel like I need to share this week:

There is struggle. We all experience it...but these words:

   "The path to a miracle often goes through uncomfortable territory."

Such good words. 

Miracles never happen in your comfort zone, when everything’s great and convenient. You don’t need a miracle when everything is settled in your life. You only need a miracle when you’re on the edge, when you’re scared to death, when you’re insecure, when you can get hit at any angle.
Are you at a place right now in your life where things are a little uncomfortable — financially, emotionally, relationally, or physically? You’re a little nervous, a little on the edge, a little insecure. Congratulations. You’re on the path to a miracle!
Just like Elijah, God wants you to obey so you can see his miracle at the end of the road.
You can read the rest of the article HERE

The Lord doesn't call us to be quiet. He doesn't ask us to sit and be where we feel comfortable. By stepping out of your comfort zone, by not creating excuses we are following God's will. 

Are you using your faith? 
Are you doing what makes you feel good? 
What makes you feel comfortable?  


Lately I keep hearing the word "intentional" over and over again. I know the Lord is telling me to be intentional...with my time, family, walk with him, friends, etc. 

Our merits merit nothing. God’s work merits everything.

You’re tired. Fatigue is not a foreign word. You know all too well its fruit: burning eyes, slumped shoulders, gloomy spirit, and robotic thoughts. You are tired.

We are tired. A tired people. A tired generation. A tired society. We race. We run. Workweeks drag like Arctic winters. Monday mornings show up on Sunday night. We slug our way through the long lines and long hours with faces made long by the long lists of things we need to do, gadgets we want to buy, or people we try to please. Grass to cut. Weeds to pull. Teeth to clean. Diapers to change. Carpets, kids, canaries — everything needs our attention.

The government wants more taxes. The kids want more toys. The boss, more hours. The school, more volunteers. The spouse, more attention. The parents, more visits. And the church, oh, the church. Have I mentioned the church? Serve more. Pray more. Attend more. Host more. Read more. And what can you say? The church speaks for God.
So good right!?!? The rest is HERE

Monday, September 12, 2016

Daytona Beach pt. 2

We woke up to rain and decided to try a breakfast place that was highly recommended...The Cracked Egg. It was a "dive" or a diner type place. It didn't disappoint! We knew at some point during the week we wanted to make the trip to St. Augustine. Since it was raining calling for rain all day we just started driving...

First stop: World Gold Hall of Fame
*We weren't really dressed for the day since we left from our diner stop but it's vacation right?!?! We just went with it and had a fun day. There is a putt putt course that is "real greens" that we were able to get in about 13 holes before the rain came...;( Thankfully the rest was inside.

After the Gold Hall of Fame we drove around the downtown city streets as much as possible. There are a lot of trolley only and one way streets in the downtown area. Since it's raining we decided walking around downtown isn't a good idea. ;(

We headed back to the condo after grabbing a late lunch. When we got back there wasn't rain..Praise the Lord so we totally took advantage and spent the evening by the pool!

The next day we knew they were calling for rain in the afternoon so we tried to get up and head to the beach early...

We spent time at the beach until lunch. We went back to the condo for lunch and to regroup. There was a lighthouse nearby they we thought might be a fun place to visit. Wyatt has been saying for a while that he wanted to go up in a real lighthouse. So that afternoon we visited the Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse. 

Yes, those are the stairs we climbed above us!! Needless to say after we made it back to the ground Wyatt said he didn't care to climb to the top of a lighthouse again. LOL!!!

King of the pool....

One evening we played putt putt and fed was so fun and the putt putt had a scavenger hunt as well! 

I was pretty bummed with our pictures. ;( Due to the hurricane and a tornado this is the best we could get...maybe next time right?!?!?
Overall we enjoyed our time together as was nice to take a break from the normal everyday stuff and vacation!!! 

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