Last day of preschool - Wyatt

Last day of's already May! Next year we will have 2 children in "school." We are so lucky to be attending a place that is so amazing! We have had nothing but awesome experiences so far...

Wyatt's actual last day would be next week but we are LEAVING ON VACATION! The amount of growth from Aug to May has been astounding! Wyatt truly loves to learn. It was been so neat to watch his little brain learn new things. It's totally true when they say kids are like sponges. They really do soak it all in!

He will be in Pre-K next year and Sloane will be in the class Wyatt just finished...back to back in school?!!? Fun right?!!?!? I think every year I get more and more excited for Summer to begin. I am loving where the kids are right now and we have so much fun. Are there tough times? Yes. Crazy times? Yes, but it's all worth it!


It Works...the "announcement"

I made an "announcement" yesterday regarding a BIG decision we have made. To some this may seem silly or like it's not a big deal but to us it's HUGE...for so many reasons. If you have been following for any amount of time you know Mark and I had a "side business." After much prayer, thought, and many conversations I decided to join the team as an Independent Distributor.

This is will be not only my way of helping within our family but also sharing these GREAT products with my friends and family. I have been using products for about a year! There are so many options depending on the person.

*Personally* I am in love with the stretch mark crème. It's my current favorite product! I carried twins 36 wanna talk about stretch marks!?!?! I have had them! We were blessed with our son Wyatt but Ryder is in Heaven...the stretch marks and my stomach are a very self conscious area for me. I have been VERY skeptical to try anything because of the emotional pain. I always said "it would be different if I had 2 twin boys and our little girl here on Earth (21 months apart) with would be obvious why my body looked the way it does...but I don't." Needless to say it's a sensitive area/subject. I used the crème and IT WORKED!!! Some would probably call it vain but I didn't want to make a big deal about the crème...then I finally decided I needed to tell others!

Please believe me when I say they have a product for you! It won't disappoint! Follow this link HERE and take a look around. If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me @

Thanks for joining me on this amazing journey!!

It's happening...


After a lot of prayer, consideration, and discussions with Mark we made a decision we think will be AMAZING for our family at this time in our lives.  One chapter of our lives is closing so we decided to open another...

*stay tuned....

Frog legs and puppy dog tails...

May only seems right to show off our boy. May is his b-day month...and lucky for him it's not until the 30th so he gets to celebrate all month! Being honest May is a tough month for me. I have prepared ahead this year with constant prayer, remaining in "his word," and breathing. 

Some would say I am setting myself up for this to be tough...but until you have been there it's not true. Trying to "be tough" and push through the month of May is one of my biggest regrets. While yes, I am being honest when I say I am sad, well...sad doesn't do it justice but I also want to be there celebrating Wyatt! I don't want to just "push through." 

We couldn't be more proud of this boy. He is growing so much every day. He soaks up so much ALL. THE. TIME. I am VERY thankful to get one more year at home with him before he starts school. He enjoys his time at school but he sure does love his Mama! 

Enough about May and more about this boy ;) ...

We have been working hard at Maw Maw and Paw Paw's house to get the pool "swim" ready. Wyatt found a frog while we were there the other day...he wanted so badly to bring him home as "his new pet."

He kept saying..."he is following me every where I go." ;) We didn't bring him home. We discussed that would be taking him away from his little family. Wyatt didn't want to separate his family so we played with him for a while and then put him back where we found him. 

*just for the record-when it jumped I think China could have heard Sis scream. ;) 

The Weddin' (in Sloane's words)

April 18th...the day many of us had waited for...Kirsten the most! LOL! We all spent Friday night at the hotel so we could be ready to begin getting ready by 7am Sat. morning. It was so fun to all get hair and make up done together in the Bridal suite.

After all getting ready together we headed to the church...I don't have many pictures from the ceremony but after the wedding party loaded on the HUGE amazing bus! 

The reception was breathtaking...literally! Everything was perfect. Kirsten and her dad danced as soon as they arrived. It was so sweet. We all had a blast!! 

Congrats Kirsten and Kurt!!! 

Aunt Kiki's Rehearsal Dinner

April 17th was Mark's sister's rehearsal dinner...she finally got married April 18th! ;) Her and Uncle Kurt have been together so a very long time. He has been around long before our kids and was here for Mark's and I's wedding so we couldn't wait to officially call him family! It was a FULL family affair. Bridesmaid, groomsman, ring bearer, flower girl...busy, but crazy fun!!!

Friday morning Mark's mom and sister came to pick me up..we ran last min. errands and finished a few tasks. We met some of the other women in the wedding to get mani/pedi's.

Friday evening the rehearsal dinner was hosted by Kurt's parents at Norwood Hills Country Club. The weather was perfect and it's such a beautiful place!

Cousins ;) 

The wonderful gum showing in the pictures is due to a bribe to get them to walk the aisle. ;) 


Disney World pt. 6

Sunday was our last day at the "Happiest Place on Earth."  We had to be ready for Magical Express by 4:30 so we didn't get to spend the entire day in Animal Kingdom. We did start the day early so we could get the most time as possible inside the park!

Sis was really not feeling well by the time we got back to the resort. We put both kids in their pj's since the flight wasn't until 7:40pm. She fell asleep while at Animal Kingdom and MIGHT have been awake a total of 1 hour that evening then slept through the night.

Talk about a rude awakening...falling asleep at Disney and waking back up in good ol'MO. ;/ You can imagine how well that went over Monday morning for the 3 year old. Thankfully Monday started Wyatt's Spring Break so we had all week to enjoy him being off school.

*Wyatt was asleep before take off as well...

We had a great time and can't wait for our next trip!! Great memories!!!