Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!! 

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

What's Up Wednesday

I can't believe it's almost the end of November. I feel like I saw that every month but goodness...;( I want to stop blinking. It's going by SOOOO fast!!! 

I am linking with Shay, Sheaffer, and Mel today for What's Up Wednesday. 

What we are eating this week:
Leftovers...Mark's side Thanksgiving was last weekend and he is all about turkey leftovers. ;/ I didn't want to plan anything big either because we leave for Jackson today so leftovers worked out just fine. 

What I am reminiscing about:

Schumey Christmas...we have such great times with our friends! Kelley and I decided once we had kids that instead of gift buying we would celebrate Christmas together one evening with just our families and DO something together. We have painted pottery, taken a carriage ride looking at Christmas light, etc. and alway prepare a really fun meal. After all it is about being with the ones you love! It's one of the best nights of the entire season!! This year is going to be AMAZING!!!! 

What I am loving:
I know I have said it probably 1,000 times but it's really fun to watch your house being build. Mark and I have been anxiously awaiting this and it's finally happen. We couldn't be more grateful!! Slow and steady wins the race right?!!?!? LOL! 

What I have been up to:
Lots of activities and such at Wyatt and Sloane's school. Co-chainring a Christmas event so we have been busy working on details for that event as well. Also checking on house progress every. single. day. and LOVING seeing progress!!! 

What I am dreading:
Nothing right now 

What I am working on:

Donuts with Dasher details!!! 

What I am excited about:

What I am watching/reading:

Mark and I were a little late to the game with this show but we have officially finished Season 1. We just started Season 2 last week. We watch it after the kids as asleep and can only get in about 1 show a night so it's taking us a little bit to get through. ;) 

What I am listening to:

What I am wearing:

I am loving all these fun Christmas sweaters lately! I can't wait for Nov. 24 because I am pretty sure I will be wearing Christmas sweaters WAY more than to the parties. #dontcare #decemberattire

What I am looking forward to next month:

All the fun Christmas traditions plus so much more! It's officially my favorite month of the year. I am excited to look at the calendar and not feel overwhelmed but so excited for the upcoming events. 

Extra monthly question...What are some Elf ideas: 

I have blogged before about a few of the ideas I have completed with our Elf. 

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Christmas Wishlist - Wyatt edition

I am linking up with Ashley and Erika today. It's Tuesday Talk where we can talk about anything we want...I shared Sloane's Christmas list yesterday and I am sharing Wyatt's today! It was work but so fun to create these posts! 

1. Wyatt is a lover of all LEGO's especially Star Wars ones. He has quite a few on his list so I just listed one that was at the top. The First Order Heavy Assault Walker made the list! 

2. Wyatt is going to have to find Santa in a really good mood to get this checked off his list. He has been asking for a Nintendo Switch since before his b-day. It seems there is always a new handheld device every Chrimstas. Blah! 

3. Wyatt loves to build. We have the traditional marble maze set. I can't remember the brand but my mom found this one, Q-BA-MAZE 2.0.  I can't wait to see Wyatt open it! He is going to be so excited!! The options are endless!! 

4. Like I mentioned yesterday on Sloane's wishlist we are a game loving family! Wyatt has had his eye on Chrono Bomb every time we go to Target. It looks like it requires quite a bit of work to play but I know he would love it! 

5. Wyatt used his b-day money to buy a Wubble. It broke within 15 mins. ;( He was so bummed! He has begging for one ever since. This one looks super fun because it changes colors. 

6. The ARMS game is played on the switch. It's the only game he has mentioned wanting. I have  really asked a lot of details about it incase Santa isn't in a good mood. LOL! 

7. I know...another game! We can't stay away...Gravity Maze looks right up Wyatt's alley. I read him the description and he says "mom, that totally sounds like something I would like." 

8. Mark reads Harry Potter every night to Wyatt and Sloane. Last Christmas Wyatt got the 1st two illustrated books. They are being released he doesn't have The Prisoner of Azkaban. Currently they are on book 5 but Wyatt wants all the illustrated ones for his collection. 

9. I have another LEGO on the list as well but I had to add this one. He loves Star Wars but Wyatt is also a Minecraft lover! The Crafting Box is high up on his list too!! 

10. Wyatt played basketball last year and is excited to play again this year. It's time we replace his basketball. It was left outside one too many times. ;( I think this Spalding ball is the correct size he will be playing with...

11. All boys love jokes right!?!?!? Well, Wyatt loves to draw as well. Andrea @ Momfessionals posted about this book and I can't wait to surprise him with the Laugh-Out-Loud Doodles book. 

12. And to wrap up the list...The Drawing Book of Animals is another fun book I want to surprise Wyatt with...drawing and following directions = perfect! 

Monday, November 20, 2017

Christmas Wishlist - Sloane edition

1. Sloane is starting to enjoy Lego's a lot more now. It used to be just Wyatt and Mark but as she has been a part of the Lego madness that goes on around here she has started a collection of her own. She has quite a few of the Disney princess ones but is still lacking Elsa's Magical Ice Palace.

2. We got Sloane this Barbie color and crimp last year and she wanted it to go back to the store. It totally surprised me! I think the large Barbie face scared her! LOL!! Well, it's back on the list this year and I think she will want to keep it this time.

3. Bitty can't go wrong with ANYTHING Bitty Baby! She is obsessed "blue baby" goes everywhere with us. My parent's get each granddaughter the doll for their first Christmas and they have been a HUGE hit! My mom builds on it each year. Sloane is REALLY into dolls right now so it's perfect and believe me Sloane knows the Bitty Baby clothes catalog really well by know. ;) My parent's picked up the granddaughters these Bitty Kitty matching pj sets for them and their dolls. #canyousayadorable

4. Last year neither Wyatt or Sloane really cared about a Hatchimal. I actually had 2 and ended up selling them because my kids didn't care about it. LOL! This year Sloane has mentioned this new cute little ones. There are a few different ones but the Peacat seems to be her favorite so far.

5. Like I mentioned above Bitty Baby items are hot on Sis's list this year.  She wanted this carseat last year but ended with a different one so she didn't skip a beat adding Bitty's Travel Seat on her list again this year. Every baby needs carseat right?!?!?

6. My kids go through headphones like candy. Not really, but goodness! They are so rough on them. I need to find a good set that meets everyone's criteria...which I don't think exists but I am hoping these Frozen ones for the win this year.

7. Sloane enjoys playing with Barbies and when it can be combined with bright colors and mermaids sign her up! She added Barbie Dolphin Magic to her list way back in September.

8. The Marvelous Mermaid outfit made the cut as well. There are THESE extra's to complete the outfit. She loves Wellie Wishers so anything goes!

9. We are a game loving family. We love game nights and are always on the hunt for new games! Wyatt and Sloane have both watched the commercial about this game. Soggy Doggy looks like another one of those annoying games that makes a mess but it's all fun and games right?!?!

10. My MIL got the kids both something like the Crayola dry erase pad from Costco a few weeks ago. I am glad she snagged them up! It's such a fun way to draw without a mess. I am pretty sure sight words and spelling words on paper are going to be a way of the past after Christmas.

11. I mentioned earlier that Sloane loves to craft. She also really likes to paint so I think this Kid Made Modern set would be the perfect little combo!

12. Last but not least a fun Christmas outfit for her Wellie's. I would love for our Elf to bring this to Elf outfit to her but he isn't really a "big spender."

Friday, November 17, 2017

Friday Favorites

It's been a while since I have linked up with Erika, Narci, and Andrea to share a few of my current favorites...

I shared a few of my Thanksgiving favorites yesterday. I love Christmas  but I have grown to love Thanksgiving so much as well. 

Also to start the week off I blogged about our trip to Silver Dollar City and our stop at the Wonders of Wildlife on our way home. I am still dreaming of all the Christmas fun. 

I am not big on #selfies but with a snapchat filter what do I have to lose? LOL! My MIL got me this AMAZING coffee mug. I have been using it on the daily now! Totally a new favorite of mine. 

I love children's artwork! Their little imaginations are so sweet. I snapped a picture of Sloane's work in the hallway this week. I can't wait to pull out some of Wyatt's art from K and look at their work together. Their little minds think so differently! 

This week Sloane and Wyatt both had an appt. around lunch time. I picked them up from school and we were able to have a fun lunch together...just like the old days. Ha ha!! #thesearethemoments 

I think maybe this should have been my first favorite but we have a first floor and we are so close to the second level being finished since this picture was taken. There aren't enough heart eyes for this picture. We have had so much fun watching this process  and have so much more time to watch! #schmitzhome2.0 

Yahoo for Fridays!!!
 (and a weekend with very LITTLE to do) 

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Thanksgiving favorites...

Everyone is all about posting Christmas lists and while I love Christmas WAY MORE just as much as the next person I do love the start of the Holiday season with Thanksgiving. I think Mark would say Thanksgiving is his favorite holiday. Because of him I have embraced it a little more over the past 10 years and it's growing on me. ;)

I wanted to share a few of the fun things we do during the "Thanksgiving time." Each year looks a little different but obviously the theme is the same every year. We are THANKFUL (though we talk about being thankful all year) for everything we have been blessed with...

(I thought this was actually kinda funny. LOL!) 

Bake- I love to bake! These Thanksgiving cookies are ones I sold in the past and I brought them back this year. If you need me the next few days I will be in the kitchen. ;) Sloane and I have baked pies together in the past and I think we are going to try to bake a few this year too! 

I have been stocking up on holiday books lately as well. Wyatt is becoming crazy awesome reader and it's fun to have these books just sitting around for him to read. In the car, to Sloane, etc. are just a few fun times we have enjoyed hearing him read aloud to us. 

I bought the Haunted house from Trader Joe's for Wyatt and Sloane and they had a BLAST so when I saw this last week I knew they would enjoy building this turkey. Sidenote: I purchased 2 houses but only 1 turkey. Less is more right....they will totally get along and agree on everything while putting this together. Ha ha!! 

The past few years we have been going to a movie Thanksgiving night. It's been the perfect way to close out Thanksgiving and get into the Christmas spirit! 

Bring on the turkey!!! 

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Weekend fun continued...

Sunday morning on our way home we decided to stop by the Wonders of Wildlife in Springfield...worth. every. penny. There are 2 parts: Aquarium and the wildlife part. I thought for sure the wildlife part would be pretty lame. It actually wasn't and I am totally not the person who reads everything while walking through places like that...though I was traveling with people like that. #jerrymarkwyatt #butnotcallingthemout 

It was the perfect break in the hour into the 4 hour drive home. We were able to complete the entire place in a quick 3ish hours. ;) I know we could have spent more time there but we did have a deadline to get back to STL. 

We are pretty excited about making this a yearly trip and next year I will be packing our "Santa picture" clothes for next year. The Christmas decor was AMAZING as well as the Christmas/Santa area.Unfortunately we didn't have the correct attire so it totally couldn't have counted for our visit of 2017. #goahead #callmecrazy 

It was awesome to watch the introduction video that was narrated by John Morris (founder of Bass Pro) as he closed the video with a quote about the good man upstairs and if you are too busy to go fishing you are too busy...just great meaningful words.  #warmandfuzzy

It was a GREAT ending to our weekend before we made it bak home!! If you are looking for something else to do besides Silver $$ City this is the place to visit!! 

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