Sweet Summertime!!

 Last week was a busy one and it continued into the weekend. No complaints here though...we have been having SO MUCH FUN! I wish I could freeze time right now and live in this summer forever. LOL! Not really because I do enjoy watching them grow but goodness it's happening SO FAST!!!

We got to pick up a friend of Wyatt (and Sloane's) from a VBS she was attending last week. The plan was to swim but the weather wasn't cooperating so we opted for Steak n' Shake and to play at our house instead. ;) They had such a fun time together. I love to see these new"ish" friendships growing into something I hope is a forever!!!

Tuesday was my mom's b-day. We didn't get to see her on her actual birthday but we cheers to her by stopping at a lemonade stand. Growing up my mom never passed a little stand without stopping...there are lots of things I want my kids to remember about growing up but I love that I can pass this fun little memory on...;)

Sis is still my little shadow. I think I step on her toes 5,083 times a day because she DOESN'T leave my side...her and I had to take a quick selfie Thursday morning while we were out  running errands.

This cracked me up when I saw it on Instagram! I had to repost!!! LOL

 This was a crazy week for cookies too! I had 12 dozen to bake/decorate. That's actually been a pretty normal week but it seemed they all fell on the same day.

Saturday morning Mark's mom called and asked to take the kids to see white tigers. They were at a little petting zoo place south of us. They were so excited! The had so much fun even though it was hot!!

I just had to share this picture...she was so little!!! and CUTE!!!! 

 Saturday night Mark and I attended an engagement shower for his cousin. Wyatt and Sloane are the flower girl and ring bearer in the wedding. *LOVE* We are so excited for Caitlyn and Chris!!

The cake and some more cookies that were part of my 12 dozen, LOL!! 


Sunday morning we got up and headed to church. After church we spent time swimming and eating lunch at Mark's parent's with them and his sister and her husband. It was supposed to rain but it held off and we had so much fun in the SUNSHINE!!!

After swimming we came home for dinner and a fun summer treat....Smores!!! (in the a.c.) LOL!! We had such a fun filled weekend!!! Bring on Monday....

Hippity Hoppity Frog

Sloane completed her dance year earlier this week. She started at her current studio all the way back in Sept. Dance is something she is LOVING right now!! The class she was in performed a tap and a ballet number. 

She was front and center and LOVED every moment...let's say she is FAR FROM stage fright!!! 
After the recital it was dark outside so there wasn't any where good to take pictures. ;( We did the best we could....LOL

(we snapped a photo with my mom before because she had to drive 2 hours back home after the recital so she wasn't there at the end) 

Lifestyle photo shoot

We have used the same photographer pretty much since Sloane's newborn photo shoot. We love Angie (Simpli Photography) so much!!! She recently contacted me and asked if she could use us a "models" for a special lifestyle photo shoot. It was perfect timing as I have been wanting a new family picture and this particular shoot was perfect. It was a "faith based" lifestyle shoot. I can't even begin to tell you how amazing she is at capturing special moments...

Life Lately

We have only had a few weeks of summer but we are LOVING it! We can't get enough...sleeping in, staying up late, swimming, and lots of friend time!! YAHOOO!!!! 

A few weeks ago we were doing some yard work and the kids were playing together! Mark decided to take a break and play a little hop scotch with Sis. ;) It's the little sweet moments like this that I want to freeze in my memory FOREVER! 

This was the first swim of the season. It was a few weeks ago and the water was FREEZING!!! They didn't care...it's as if they didn't even skip a day of swimming...and I love it!!! 

A dear friend of mine past away recently and I spent a few days in Jackson with these awesome friends. It had been way too long since we had all been together. We spent 2 days enjoying each others company while remembering our dear friend.  It was a reminder to be thankful for each day...and also a reminder that no matter how many miles, children, jobs, etc keep us separated some friends are forever. I couldn't be more thankful for mine. 

This girl...no words needed. 

We celebrated Wyatt turning 6 with family a friends. He wanted a Scooby Doo party and that's what he got!! ;) It was so fun!! 

Caroline (and Kelley and Tyler) we going to be out of town on the day of Wyatt's party so Kelley took off work and we celebrate Wyatt together! We had so much fun spending the morning together. Wyatt loved it...and so did Sis and I!! ;) 

After a weekend of lots of swimming, partying, and late summer night we were all SUPER tired! I snapped this picture one day before lunch. LOL! For a little girl who doesn't take naps she was worn out!! We love SUMMER!!!

Later that afternoon the kids and I needed a pick me up...we picked something we can all agree on...Smoothie King!!! We love that place so much!!!

Mark's mom bought the kids a board game the other day. It was something Wyatt saw on T.V. and had told Maw Maw about. Go figure! He is a total sucker for commercials and she is a sucker for him! LOL!!! Once we got home and settled and were about to play "Googley Eyes" the "right" way we had SO MUCH FUN!! We did have to improvise a little because they can't read  but it was still so cute! Totally a fun family game night game....;)

My sister is 35 weeks pregnant so the kids and I decided to spend a few days in Jackson last week. Wyatt had another b-day celebration with my family. My mom always does a themed dinner and this year it didn't disappoint!!! One of the days we were there I picked up my 2 nieces from day care early...It was a surprise and the LOVED IT!! I have to say...I did too! I get to spend time with my sister and her girls together but to get these 2 littles all to myself was so fun! I love the relationship we have and can't wait to see how much it continues to grow through the years!!!

When I say my mom goes all out I wasn't lying...this was the table for dinner the night we celebrated Wyatt!! 

While we were all outside playing we had surprise visitors!! My sister posted about how it's no wonder we love to entertain/have parties as much as we do...we get it naturally I guess!!! LOL!!!

This weekend Mark's cousin asked Wyatt and Sloane to be in her wedding. The are so excited and Sloane even asked if she could do her "diva walk" down the aisle. We have her dance studio to that for that comment. LOL!!!

A few pool pictures....

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