Pinterest wins again...

Last week we had a few rainy days and a few chilly days as well. We are really wanting Spring and are ready for Easter too so I have been ALL about the Easter fun stuff! ;) I had been gathering some fun Easter candy and such to make shish kabob's. 

 The kids thought it was super fun...anything with that much sugar involved and they are ALL about it!! Wyatt was super concentrated trying to make his look like the example picture I had showed them...

Then there is Sis...who just wanted to eat all the marshmellows...she wasn't really liking the idea of putting them on a stick. LOL!

It was a great rainy day activity and for the most part the kids had fun! We have been super busy around here lately but having fun! ;) 

A trip to J-town...

Earlier this week the kids and I loaded up and headed to Jackson for a quick 24 hour trip! We had a blast but we missed Daddy for sure! Wyatt and Sloane LOVE being with their cousin Zetta and now baby Nora too! I can't forget how much fun they have at their Eesie and Poppie's house as well! ;)

We had talked about getting to hold baby Nora ALL BY THEMSELVES and they couldn’t wait!  Wyatt got his turn first. She continued to sleep the entire time he held her. So cute! He held her hand the entire time! ;)

Then right before dinner we headed for ice cream. (that's what happens when you are at your g-parent's right?!?! Ha!) We made the mistake a few weeks ago letting the girls switch seats (Z and Sis have the same car seat) for a short ride, now they want to "switch" every time we go some where together. I don't mind it one bit...special time with my niece is priceless! Look at those baby blues...;)

After work Uncle Billy came over for dinner. Wyatt loves his Uncle Billy SO MUCH!!! Wyatt actually posed himself for this picture...which if you know Wyatt that's saying A LOT! LOL!

I also made "Spring Cake #2" for my sister. She didn't want Peeps and wanted jellybeans instead of M&M's so there you have it!! ;) 

 The next morning we headed to Discovery Playhouse together. It was so fun! I enjoy that we are so laid back and go with the flow. We don't have to worry about getting somewhere next or other plans...we just played. So fun! They kids enjoyed being together and played until we were all VERY hungry! We went to lunch together then the kids and I hit the road to head back home.

Then as I pulled in the driveway at home I knew Sis just wasn't feeling herself...checking her temp to find out she had a 102.5. ;( We unloaded the car and sat on the couch for the evening. We have been pushing the fluids and keeping the fever down with meds. Hopefully it will be a quick little bug...or back to the Dr. we go! ;(

April Bucket List

Another month flew by but thankfully we got to fly into Spring this time! ;) I love this time of year and can't wait to being enjoying time outside with the kids. Erika and I completely forgot to post our bucket list yesterday so here we are today...April 1st. 

1. Get the basement crack fixed...we have been dealing with basement issues since Halloween night and I am SO OVER it! I want that space back really bad! There have been other expenses on the list but finally April is the month for the basement so praying I can come back May 1st and say the crack is fixed because then the carpet issues will begin....;/ 

2. Take the kids to the zoo! It's been so long since we have been to the zoo. I am ready to a nice WEEKday to take the kids. The weekends are so crowded so I have to plan carefully. ;) 

3. Finish our vacation scrapbook. I am completely caught up with the family books and even caught up with purchasing them. (It's tough since my OCD causes me to purchase one for each child to have, it gets $$ and I have to space it out!) There is a vacation from 2013 I haven't finished yet so I hope to complete it. I don't plan to print in April but finish it for sure! 

4. Begin planning fun "summer" things for the kids. I do want there to be LOTS of play but the teacher in me wants to continue some sort of structure as far as educational stuff goes with Wyatt. I will add things for Sis as well so she is included too. I am in the process of this now and plan to do a separate post soon. 

5. Plan a date night in the new Ball Park Village down town. Mark and I love the Cardinals. We enjoy going to games together and can't wait to try it all out! ;) 

What's on your April bucket list?

Spring Cooking...

Thanks to Pinterest I didn't have to worry about what dessert to bring to a friend's house for dinner last night...

It doesn't look just like the picture as I didn't add "grass" but added my cookies instead. ;) It was a HUGE hit and the kids LOVED it so much! They really thought all the colors were fun. It's super easy since you can buy boxed cake in different colors now. What was a little tricky was finding bunny peeps. I could find the little chicks no problem but the peeps were a bit tough....

And because the inside was super fun...I had to take a picture! I am pretty sure I will be making this again for out April playdate! ;) Yahoo for Spring!!!!

Spring Surprise

Gotta love a good Pinterest craft. I try to take Wyatt's 2 preschool teachers and the director fun surprises on random. As soon as I saw this fun printable I knew I would use it for their "Spring surprise." Thanks My Sister's Suitcase for the FREE printable!

I couldn't decide on a fun Spring flower but I was roaming Lowe's the other day (ya, exciting I know!?!?) and found these fun little potted flowers. For only $2.98 I knew they were the ones...

I printed them on card stock and then had Wyatt sign the back. I used a little string and the label that was already in the flower to tie the card. I left the curly string for an extra cute touch. I cut and wrapped a colored piece of card stock around the plastic container the flowers came in, I thought about purchasing a pot but then thought again...It was way easier and cheaper to cover it. You could have your children color it if they were willing ;) also this makes it easier for the person to plant it later if they wish.

 And there you have it...a fun easy (like took 20 mins.) Spring craft! Thanks again Sister's Suitcase. You are amazing!

She's HERE!!!

Here we are...all walking running down the hall headed to see the NEW BABY! I love this picture so much! ;) Far ahead you can see Pete (the new Daddy), my dad, mom, and then close up 2 little cousins who couldn't contain their excitement!

Here she is: Nora Katherine;) 

1st family of FOUR picture 

Proud g-parent's to their 4th grandchild...

Getting a little snuggle time with my new niece...

The kids love her so much already! It's so cute to see how much they love that baby girl! They wanted to hold her SO BAD! ;) 

I love this picture SO MUCH! I can't wait to see how these 3 little ladies grow. They already have so much love for each other it will only get bigger! Even with 2 hours between us they don't miss a beat. (thanks to Z's love for facetime. Ha!) Praise the Lord everyone is here safe and sound, settled in at home creating a new little life as a family of 4. Love ya Sis!

WIWW- Pleated Poppy Style

Once wonderful selfies for the Pleated Poppy WIWW link-up...

 H&M sweater / Vanity long sleeved undershirt / famous Vera leggings / Jennifer Lopez boots

Old Navy cardigan / H & M leopard top  as well as the black tank underneath / mossimo jeans / Coach flats

 H & M top (I didn't realize I had so many shirts from there, ha!) / mossimo jeans / Coach black flats

xhileration sweater / old navy shirt / BKE jeans / coach flats

I am proud to say I didn't wear leggings every. single. day. LOL! What did you wear last week? Want to link up?