Hot Chocolate 15K

Last weekend I ran the Hot Chocolate 15K with my parent's. I have been training since Oct. and was super excited to run. My parent's participated in this event last year and had a great time!

Sat. afternoon we went to the expo. to pick up our packets and to enjoy some chocolate! It was so fun! The kids had a blast as well.

There was hot chocolate and marshmallows for everyone. Obviously the kids loved it...

Before the run...

After the run...

I can't wait to run another race! It was so fun! The weather was great and we all had fun. Bring on the running in 2015. ;) 

Wyatt's Preschool Christmas Program

I love that Wyatt's preschool does a Christmas program. It's such a special time! The families and friends gather to watch them sing their cute little songs. Wyatt talks about it for weeks before...I really think it helps him understand more about putting the CHRIST in Christmas. (I know that sounds so cliche, but it's true) Afterall, he attends a preschool who bases everything they do around Christ and we love it!

Such a handsome boy! He was so excited...much different from all the tears last year! This year he knew all the words and stood from and center to sing. It was so sweet!

And just because I love to compare from year to year...

Christmas PJ Party and cookie contest...

A few weekends ago we attended a FUN Christmas PJ party as well as a cookie contest. It was such a fun party. It was fun to be with friends and the kids had a blast! All the cookies were super yummy too!

There was a fun table set up for the little's to create. There was ornaments and coloring paper too!

There was a photo booth set up and it was so cute! We all had a blast taking pictures...I love that we also set a timer and we got a group picture! ;)

We are enjoying the 2014 Christmas season so much! This time of year is so fun to spend with family and friends...and we are doing JUST THAT!


Last weekend, among many other events, we attended Jacob's 5th b-day party. The kids were SUPER excited for this party. It was at the bowling alley! They could NOT WAIT! Wyatt knew exactly what day we were going...according to the advent calendar of course. ;/

The had a blast. It was so cute and they love being with all their little friends!

They had bumpers and Mark even got the ramp for them so they all thought they were soooo cool...and good!! LOL!!! It was so cute!!!

There were lots of kids there and the adults joined in the fun as well! We had our fun bowling before heading into the party room with Jake! He opened presents, we sang to him, and they all even got to color!

Thanks Jacob for a GREAT party...we can't believe you are FIVE years old!!!

Milk and Cookies...

Our AMAZING photographer hosted a little mini photo shoot this weekend. She asked me to make a few cookies for the shoot. I was so excited! The pictures turned out SO CUTE! I say this all the time... I know I am bias but our kids are so stinkin' cute. LOL! Thanks Angie for the awesome pictures! Also I can't go without mentioning the unbelievable embroidery done by A Cute Little Gift as well! Shawn is so great and always so timely with me. This is the second year I have ordered the Hanna Anderson jammies and taken them straight to her house. love being able to tell her my "ideas" and being able to trust her as she runs with the idea to make their clothes so cute and personalized! So grab a cookie and a glass of milk and enjoy these cute Christmas pictures...

Tiny Taiga- Green stripe

Yesterday was a big day for our Buddy! He had his "green stripe" promotion test. He started Taekwondo a few months ago and is LOVING it so much. I can't get over how well he has done. It's so fun to watch him enjoy something and perform so well. ;) 

Family can watch the test being taken but it's such a strict atmosphere. They mean business! LOL! 

Wyatt was so happy after the test! We let him choose where we went to dinner. He can't wait until practice on Tuesday to wear his new belt!

Frozen Parrrtttyyyy

A few weekends ago we celebrated our friend, Liv! It was a super cute party and the kids had a blast!! It was at a bounce place...the same place as Sis's 2nd party. Such a fun place!
Happy 5th B-day Liv!!