Kitty Kat goes to China

"Make new friends, but keep the old; Some are silver but the others gold." -Joseph Perry

Last weekend a group of close friends got together for the day. One of the crew is moving to China for mission work and will be there for 2 years. It was such a great day to catch up and relax with each other.

We started the day at my inlaws pool with husbands and kids...we ordered lunch at the pool and spend time all together!

When we finished at the pool we all headed back to get ready for a fun dinner. We went to an amazing resturant in a cute little part of STL. It was great conversation together. I am so glad even though time and distance keep us all from talking every day it's nice to know we can pick up where we left off...good friends are tough to find and I am glad I have them!

Just a spoon full of sugar...

Sloane had her 2nd dance recital a few weekends ago. It was so cute, as usual. She really enjoys her dance class...who am I kidding...she enjoys dancing ALL THE TIME! Any time she hears music she is asking if it's ok to dance. It cracks me up. I wasn't and still am not a at all. I have no rhythm and can't "move my hips." LOL!

She had 2 dances, a tap and a ballet. Both the dances were to Mary Poppins songs...

She had family and friends come watch her perform. She was right in her element leading the class. I can't wait to see how she grows in something she enjoys so much!


I don't think there have been many periods of time in my 7+ years of blogging I have gone this LONG without posting. There has been so MUCH going on around this Schmitz house lately. It's been the good, bad, and ugly to sum it up! May ended and June BEGAN...and now June is almost over.

A few months ago I was asked to teach summer school at the charter school where I USED to teach. After much thought and prayer Mark and I decided we could do it...the timing was good as we have been in the process of CLOSING our "side business" and this would be the first official month in 5 years we didn't have to travel.

Today was my last would tough. I CAN'T even begin to write about it, I am NOT ready. It's an inner city school, my kids/family isn't used to this SAHM not being at home, I still had to maintain my SAHM duties as well. I. am.tired.

It wasn't all bad. There were so many POSITIVE things about it as well...I plan to hang on to those and begin to MOVE ON from the rest. Tomorrow we have a play date scheduled with friends. It's MUCH needed time...I can't wait!!!

Time passes...

Last Friday...June 5th, marked 5 years since we buried Ryder. It's always an emotional day. We received so many kind words from people who choose to remember our sweet boy. We can't be thankful enough for those people. It means so much to us. 

(June 5th, 2010)

5 years ago...

Five years ago today Mark and I did one of the hardest things we have ever (and hope to have to) EVER do...we drove home from the hospital with 1 baby when we were expecting 2. We came home to a house that we had been preparing for 9 months...a house prepared for 2 baby boys.

Wyatt as so tiny he was dressed in a Build-A-Bear Cardinals outfit...something so tiny but sooooo loved!!!! We spent 4 days in the hospital. Personally, I thought I had come to "terms" in hospital. It was like a safe bubble. It's when we entered the outside world it became more real than ever. I still get short of breath thinking about going through all the clothes and baby items. There are items we left in their room, items and d├ęcor that is still there today...5 years later.

Then I think about how far we have this beginning of the year the Lord revealed this verse to me and it's been one I have claimed for 2015:

"To those who mourn, he will give a crown of beauty for ashes, a joyous blessing instead of mourning, festive praise instead of despair." Isaiah 61:3

We are so thankful for the perfect healthy baby boy that we have been given to raise here on Earth. The boy who brings so many people joy. He puts a smile on the faces around him all the time!

Wyatt changed our lives forever...Life is so much sweeter with him in it!

Vacation pt. 4 *Final*

Wednesday Mark and Wyatt went to Lego Land. It's about an hour away so left left pretty early. They wanted to be there when the park opened! They were SO excited!!! Mark sent me pictures throughout the was so fun to see them together doing something so special. I love the one on one time we spend with each of our's so important to us!

Before they left...

A text after they rode a ride and got SOAKING wet!!!!

They opened and closed down the park that day! Wyatt LOVES rides so it was so fun for them to do all the "big" stuff as many times as they wanted. We were in Orlando the last week before "peak" season so they could literally get off a ride and walk right back on again. SUCH A BLAST!!!

Meanwhile...the Lou and I held down the fort ;)

 One of my new favorite pictures...

One of the evenings after dinner the g-parent's got to babysit. ;) It was after bedtime so all was well! My sister and I had adjoining rooms so it was nice to be able to go back and forth. It was also convenient for date night as well! LOL! 

The last night we were there we tried to snap a few family photos. Always so fun right?!!? We used a cell phone and a timer...I think we got some pretty good ones. ;)

 After family pictures we all loaded up and went to dinner. We ate at downtown Disney. They kids had so much fun showing family around. It's amazing how much they remember from the last time we were there.

Friday morning at 4:30 am we were back in the car...this time not as excited. ;( We had a full 16 hour car ride ahead of us. It wasn't as bad as we thought...with 3 bathroom/gas stops and a stop to sit down and eat lunch we all made it home safe and sound! Not to bad with a 3 and 4 year old!?!?!? I have to was SO NICE to see the arch again!!

Another AMAZING vacation in the books...we love making memories with family! 

Vacation pt. 3

We spent Monday morning in the car again...we were keeping the road hot! LOL! We only had a 6 hour drive into Orlando from Atlanta. We were ALL ready to be there! It didn't take long to unpack and head to the pool.

We all took turns cooking dinner each night. It was so nice to be so relaxed! Wyatt and Sloane would literally live at a pool if I let them so this was a perfect vacation for us! As you will see in pictures Sloane pretty much carried a bag of goldfish around the entire time... haha!

My mom got us matching shirts...LOVE!!! 

Tuesday was my dad's birthday...we cooked dinner that night and it included cake/cupcakes as part of the b-day celebration! It was so fun being together that evening. 

There was a few playgrounds on the resort property. In the evenings it was nice to run off what little energy they had left...there were huge shade tents over the top. The evening breeze made for perfect temps. ;)

 There were 5 different pools to choose from so...we visited them all! We usually spent the morning at one, went in for lunch, then headed to a different pool for the afternoon.