Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Final vacation post

The final vacation post!! I am sure you are all relieved...after reading back through this post it seems we did a lot of eating. LOL!! It was rainy for a few days in the middle of the week so we did do a lot of eating. ;)

You can read about the other days of vacation:

Breakfast at Brick & Spoon 

Drinks at Big Beach Brewery 

Fun times with snap chat...

Our FAVORITE restaurant! The chargrilled oysters are AMAZING!!! I don't know who ate more...Wyatt or Mark. ;) My mouth waters just thinking about these. 

Ice cream at Matt's round 2 

Ok, so we found this place: Soul Bowlz. It was AMAZING! We ate there 2 days for breakfast. EVERYONE loved them but Sis. I have done some research and can't wait to give these a try at home. (post coming soon) 

An all time FAVORITE for anyone visiting the area: Sea & Suds 

Also one of the rainy days we visited the National Naval Aviation museum...


Monday, September 11, 2017

Apple Picking - Knowlan Family Farm

Friday night we stayed in Jackson! We had BIG plans for Saturday morning. (I will post it tomorrow.)  Before we left Saturday evening we visited Knowlan Family Farm.  If you are in the Jackson area or live there you have to visit the Knowlan's Farm. 

We took a tractor ride out to the orchards and picked our apples together! There was lots of variety, great tasting, and the weather was PERFECT! 

We were encouraged to eat as we picked....you didn't have to tell Wyatt and Sloane twice. ;) 

We had a great time! The plan is crockpot applesauce....stay tuned. ;) 

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Beach Pictures 2017

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Beach vacation 2017 pt.2

I am truly not trying to make this vacation be 1,000 posts but I just have too much fun to not share. ;) I already posted about the first few days as well as shared the seersucker sunrise pictures so today I am hoping to fit vacation into 3 parts. Hope you enjoy pt. 2...

Saturday Kelley, Tyler, and Caroline arrived! YAHOO!!!! The weather was good in the morning with a little rain in the afternoon.

Since they had traveled all day we decided it was best to just order pizza and have a low key night in the condo. Everyone was excited about it!! Papa Rocco's for the WIN!!!

Sunday the weather was PERFECT! Lots more beach time as well as some pool time in the afternoon. We seem to go straight to the ocean in the morning and stay as long as we can (usually 1-2pm) then go inside to each lunch and maybe rinse off put on new sand free suits before heading down to the pool for the afternoon/evening.


After we maximize the time in the sunshine we get ready for dinner. We try to go somewhat early just because we have "younger children" and like to beat the crowds. Sunday evening we met some friends that were vacationing at the same time at Lulu's. We had eaten at Lulu's before. There is an outdoor ropes course for the kids to pass the time. There is a sand area too! It made for a later than normal evening but all the kids had a great time...as well as adults.

Monday we woke to sunshine but knew the rain was coming. We spent the morning at the ocean but decided to try a dolphin cruise for the first time that evening. I am glad we did it but I don't know if it's something we could do again.

Before the cruise we also tried a new restaurant as well. Bluewater BBQ Company The food was fine, it wasn't terrible but not a place we would choose again. ;/ After dinner we loaded on the boat.

We spotted lots of dolphins so it was worth the time and money ....

Monday was a day that just kept going...we ended the evening crab hunting with the kids. They are new to this so it didn't last long. LOL! It was actually pretty humorous!

Phew, next up the REST of vacay!!! 

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Seersucker Sunrise

I think it's safe to say the pictures were a success. God paints such a beautiful sky and there is no doubt in my mind those rays of sunshine over the water are Ryder's way of getting in the picture too!!

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